Undefeated God of War - Chapter 771 – Who Else

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Chapter 771 – Who Else

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Sharp Wind City was in silence.

Fu Zheng Zhi looked at the demonic figure floating in the air, his mind overwhelmed with shock. ~What was that justnow?~ The deep slash mark embedded in the ground behind him looked like a crevice that leads to another world inthe darkness, inside it hidden with endless of dangers. The temperature of the wind in the night had suddenlydropped, causing his heart to feel cold.

Ao Gu Man’s expression became serious, his eyes revealed hesitation and suspicions. He had met all sorts of expertsbefore, but the man in front of him reeked of extreme danger. He had the thought of retreating, he was invited toSharp Wind City for a favor, but if it concerned his own life, it was not worth it.

Out of the three of them, Xiao Han Guang’s expression was the weirdest, shock, surprise, and the inability tocomprehend. He stared at Ghost Face Mask for half a day, the mask that was covered with blood lines resemblingred spiderwebs gave off a strange gloss, and in the darkness, it was rather glaring.

The eyes that could be seen were red like molten steel, giving off an indifferent and emotionless heat.

~This guy…..~

Compared to the three of them, everyone else was completely filled with fear. Ghost Face Mask’s terrifying slashnot only left behind a deep scar in the ground, it even took a few lives.

The light auras formed by the annihilation of their laws blossomed like fireworks, lighting up the night sky.

All of them who were pumped up with adrenaline were completely awakened. All of their so called contributionsand favouritism were nothing in the face of slaughter.

Fu Zheng Zhi reacted quickly, he knew that everyone was stunned by Ghost Face Mask’s attack, and sensed that thesituation was not going well.

He suddenly sneered: “Just a few moves, but by using your last resort techniques, I wonder if sire can continue?”

Everyone revealed looks of shock, many of their fears lessened greatly, and once again were eager to attack, theyonce again&nbs

p;saw hope of winning. Almost everyone would have one or two last resort techniques, all of these were toaid them in preserving their lives and escaping, or killing techniques. But regardless of what last resort technique itwas, it would consume a lot of power. Half of what they had was extremely ordinary, and consuming everything theyhave had been seen before too.

That was why ordinary martial artists would never use their last resort techniques unless it was regarding their lifeand death.

Previously, Ghost Face Mask’s slash unleashed a terrifying might that caused fear in everybody’s heart, but if it wasa last resort technique, then they would understand.

It must definitely be a last resort technique!

If it were any ordinary slash, and it could cause three martial artists on the List of Powerhouses to be in such terribleshapes, then Ghost Face Mask’s strength would be too horrifying. To everyone’s understanding, how terrifying itcan be was something only the top 10 martial artists on the list of powerhouses could attain.

Top ten of the List of Powerhouses?

Haha, this joke is not funny at all.

The top 10 rankings on the List of Powerhouses in the Sin Domain were all god figures. All of them were legends,their history and stories were legends and fairytales. Every few years, the List of Powerhouses rankings would gothrough changes, but the top 10 rankings had never changed in the past decade.

If the top 10 rankings were to change, it was definitely a huge matter that would shake Sin Domain. What wouldcome after that would be the emergence of a new family and the fall of a few others.

All of these peak powerful martial artists were the true rulers of the Sin Domain, and were the real big shots of theSin Domain. They have all maintained a tacit understanding, that even the families beneath them were to maintainrestraint and rapport.

Although Ghost Face Mask was strong, and had a few spectacular fights, and might be able to be ranked in the List of Powerhouses, but it was just limited to that.

It must definitely be a last resort technique!

Almost everyone believed Fu Zheng Zhi’s guess, including Ao Gu Man and Xiao Han Guang. They were both martialartists on the List of Powerhouses, and understood what being in the top 10 meant, and knew more of howunfathomable and powerful the big shots were.

His slash being his last resort technique was the most reasonable explanation.

How many of those slashes can Ghost Face Mask unleash?

Right when everyone had reignited their fighting intent, no one had noticed that the space where Ghost Face Maskwas standing previously was empty.

Fu Zheng Zhi only felt a cold intent behind him, his face changed, ~Not good!~

His reaction was extremely fast as he moved the wooden sword on his left hand to block his back.


A powerful slash ferociously smashed onto the wooden sword, Fu Zheng Zhi only felt his palm turning hot, he nearlylet go of his sword, but he knew it would decide his life and death, and held on tightly. His throat turned sweet as hespat out a mouth full of blood, his entire body felt as if he was smashed by a sledgehammer, and flew out.

As though a few fast sword moves cutting through the water surface, countless of ripples resonated outwardsbehind Fu Zheng Zhi, a ghostly figure vaguely appearing amongst the ripples.

Xie Fei Ran was one of the Patriarch of a mid tier family in Sharp Wind City and had close relations with the FuFamily, so without Fu Zheng Zhi saying a word, he rushed forward to help him. Seeing Fu Zheng Zhi throwing upblood, he was overwhelmed with shock.

He knew of Patriarch Fu’s strength, but he was still not strong enough to handle the enemy!

~How is that possible!~

Suddenly, Xie Fei Ran regained his senses, he was startled for a moment, ~What is this?~

In front of him was a blue flower as it just floated quietly in front of him.

He did not notice how the blue flower appeared, ~What is this? Is this a spirit object of the poor fool who died?~ Aflash of greed flashed past his eyes, he extended his hand out and grabbed the blue flower.

Chi, his palm burned, the blue flower bloomed in his hand, ~This…~ His pupils widened.

Before his expression could even change, a bloody hole appeared on his forehead.

The blue flower that was now dripping with blood was floating behind his head.

Chi chi chi, effortlessly, the blue flower penetrated through more than 10 people’s head, and in the blink of the eye,all of them had a hole of blood in their foreheads. Everyone only caught a glimpse of the blue light flashing about,they unleashed their laws, but before this blue light, their laws were like paper.

Everyone only felt that the vision before them flashing for a second, and more than 10 of them had lost their lives,and losing control of their bodies, they fell like dumplings.

The blue flower that was dyed red with blood became even more excited.

Tang Tian ignored it, as Ao Gu Man and Xiao Han Guang were fighting him.

Ao Gu Man and Xiao Han Guang had no choice, Fu Zheng Zhi was sneak attacked and injured, which made theirhearts turn cold. If Ghost Face Mask had killed Fu Zheng Zhi, then they would no longer need to fight and couldsimply escape.

Ao Gu Man had a bronze loop in his hand, it released a resplendent light aura, inside the earth yellow light aura, aFlood Serpent figure could be seen swimming around.

Xiao Han Guang’s slender fingers released jade gloss, and was extremely attractive in the dark. His ten fingersmoved like water flows, and his seals changed endlessly.

A cold and dazzling sword aura flew out from his smooth changing seals. It released a ghostlike whimper, like a ladygrieving in the night, the sound penetrating into people’s hearts.

Ghost Face Mask’s bloodshot eyes finally revealed a change, the light aura in his eyes exploded.

Weeping Sword Seal!

Tang Tian recognized it instantly, the other party had used the Weeping Sword Seal.

~Could he truly be the Inheritor of Ancestor Li?~

Xiao Han Guang’s hand seals roused the interest of Tang Tian, the Demon Six Seals was something that he learnedthrough the Heavy Demonic Execution. Xiao Han Guang’s seals were extremely fast, causing people who watchedhim to be confused, and compared to his own hand seals that he polished, Xiao Hang Guang’s seals were much morebeautiful and impressive.

Tang Tian immediately noticed that Han Guang’s seals looked similar to the hand seals that he had comprehended,but there was a huge difference in terms of charm.

Xiao Han Guang’s hand seals was more quick and elegant, but Tang Tian shook his head inwardly, the WeepingSword Seal looked good, but in his eyes, it was just a facade.

~Let me show you my Weeping Sword Seal.~

His right palm formed the Weeping Sword Seal, which was different from Xiao Han Guang’s hand seals, Tang Tian’sformation of seals were as stable as a boulder without any haste, and the Undying Sword that was revolving aroundthe Demon’s palm disappeared.

Xiao Han Guang’s eyes constricted, ~That’s….Weeping Sword Seal!~

~How is that possible!~

He had trained in the Demon Six Seals for many years, and could immediately recognize the seals being formed byGhost Face Mask, it was truly the Weeping Sword Seal! Although Ghost Face Mask’s Weeping Sword Seal was theugliest he had ever seen, but he was a 100% sure that it was the Weeping Sword Seal!

~But, it’s truly ugly….~

Before Xiao Han Guang could even frown, his pupils constricted again.

A tiny bronze sword that was riddled with cracks appeared in front of Ghost Face Mask’s Weeping Sword Seal.

~That is….~

Wu wu wu!

The low resounding whimpers that caused people’s scalp to tremble, immediately suppressed his own sound, andthe sky above Sharp Wind City was void of any other sounds. Layers after layers of fine ripples resonated out of thetiny bronze sword, emitting outwards in all directions.

It was different from Xiao Han Guang’s melancholic weeping Sword Seal, the Undying Sword’s whimpers was like abattlesong in the smokes of a huge battlefield, the gloomy and desolate voice travelled out far and wide.

“Without knowing whether our army is alive or dead, how can we rest in peace!”

“Southern Cross Army, advance!”

The roars of countless Heroic Figures seemed to sound out beside his ears, and the unforgettable scene appeared inTang Tian’s mind, all the cracked faces, all of their determined eyes, all of the figures that soared into the sky.

How can we rest in peace? how can we rest in peace?

~We can’t die! We can’t die!~

An uneasy feeling surfaced in Tang Tian’s chest, it started to resonate with the gloomy and desolate whimpers fromthe sword.


~Have a taste of my Weeping Sword Seal!~

As though it could sense Tang Tian’s emotions, amidst the whimpers in the sky, the Undying Sword’s vibrationsbecame more intense, and the ripples around the sword became even more condensed and fine, the downcastwhimpers caused the entire Sharp Wind City to tremble.

The tiny bronze sword’s might caused Xiao Han Guang’s face to change.

He could not believe his own eyes, the Undying Sword became a silhouette as it collided into his sword aura.

His sword aura smashed into pieces.

Xiao Han Guang’s face turned white, his hands that had formed seals turned numb, the terrifying vibrations spreadthrough his entire body from his palms, causing his internal body to churn.


~I am actually struck with the backlash from failing to form my seal!~

Xiao Han Guang looked at Tang Tian in disbelief, the ten slender fingers kept on trembling as blood started to leakout from his mouth.

The Undying Sword that broke his Sword Aura had shot out without hesitation like an artillery shell and collidedinto Ao Gu Man’s bronze loop. The flood serpent within the light aura of the bronze loop did not even have the timeto cry out when the light aura crumbled, countless of cracks appeared on the Bronze Loop, Ao Gu Man looked asthough he was struck by the lightning of Heavens, his blood sprinkled out as his body flew out like a kite, headingstraight down to the ground.

More and more figures fell from the sky like dumplings.

In the short span of time, the original crowd was cut by half, and they started to thin out.

Unknown whether it was devouring life after life, but Xiao Lan was becoming increasingly alluring and beautiful.

With one move, Xiao Lan and Undying Sword flew back to his body.

In the oppressive silence, in the fearful eyes of the entire Sharp Wind CIty, his gaze gradually swept around.

“Who else?”