Undefeated God of War - Chapter 767 – I am Ghost Face Mask

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Chapter 767 – I am Ghost Face Mask

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian took the opportunity when the sky was still dark to bring Xu Ye out of East Immortal City.

He no longer wanted to wait.

The heroic Spirits in the Ocean of Peace made him feel that he was in a hurry, a race against time.

The glory and faith of the Southern Cross Army that belonged to Bing, to Ah Xin, to Screw, to the undying HeroicSpirits, they had once fought alongside each other, they had once died for each other, under the same banner, theyroared and burned with their conviction.

The dazzling glory was indeed touching, but it was the glory of the past, it was his precursor’s honor and not his,even if he was the current possessor of Southern Cross Army.

He was deeply affected, despite being emotional for them, he was not envious at all.

Because he had his own glory, his own brothers who were willing to live and die with him, brothers whom he couldleave his back to without worrying, they have gone through the fires of war, through life and death, they had thesame beliefs, and fought alongside each other.

They were writing their own history, their own book, their own legend.

Only the courageous people would win.

~How much can our current setback and predicament amount to?~

~What kind of failure could compare to fighting for themselves once every century? What kind of grief could becompared to the man sealed in the ice coffin for thousands of years crying out day and night?~

Tang Tian moved ahead quickly, the ice cold wind were like blades that brushed past him, while his heart was like araging fire burning wantonly.

~Even if the entire world is against me, even if my body is tattered and torn, even if I do not have anything, I will notbe afraid.~

~Seniors of Southern Cross Army, just wait and see, we are very powerful too!~

Xu Ye was being lifted by Tang Tian, making him feel embarrassed, which subordinate would ever have theirsuperior lifting them up and moving? He tried to think of ways to get Tang

Tian to put him down, but Tang Tianignored everything.

Xu Ye was thinking “Was Master provoked or something?”

Tang Tian’s current strength had increased greatly, he had formed three seals out of the six on the Six ArmedDemon, the Angry Fist Seal would allow his entire body to become extremely vigorous, the Grasping Flower Sealwould make his mental state flawless, and yet the Weeping Sword Seal gave him a completely different feeling.

Before forming the Weeping Sword Seal, Tang Tian never expected the Weeping Sword Seal’s uniqueness to be on“Vibration”. The small Undying Sword quietly moved, slowly releasing waves after waves of strange undulations.

The undulations had extremely high frequency, which far exceeded that of what the human ear could catch.

The wounding ability of the high frequency vibrations was astonishing, Tang Tian knew of this, but he neverexpected that the vibrations to be produced from his body.

The sensation of all of his entire body vibrating made him feel numb. If not for the Angry Fist Seal’s red light that had refined his body, causing all of his organs and innards to be stronger, the vibrations would have injured him.

But, although he did not have any injury, Tang Tian still felt unpleasant.

Normally, sound attacks would have difficulty injuring Tang Tian’s internal organs, Tang Tian’s flesh and bones were too strong, and the vibrations that reach his body would be greatly reduced upon entering, thus weakening the attack.

But the vibrations came from inside his body, and directly affected his organs and innards, leaving Tang Tian with nochoice. But very quickly, Tang Tian found the miracle of the Weeping Sword Seal, it could strengthen and temper hisorgans and innards through the continuous vibrations, which was usually extremely difficult to temper.

Tang Tian knew what that meant. His power of the physique was not without foundation, they originated from hisorgans and innards, them being strengthened was like the soil being fertile for the trees, which would naturally growbetter.

Feeling the numbness from his body, Tang Tian pushed his way forward.

He swept through everything, invisible ripples undulating out like ripples on the water. Tang Tian could clearly feelthe space around him that was being broken into parts by the fine vibrations.

~My strength has improved again!~

Tang Tian increased his speed to the point of quick drawing a sword.

Xu Ye was shocked, he felt as though the Master was as fast as lightning, the wind blew on his face so hard that hecould not open his eyes.

~So fast! Isn’t master injured? How is he….~

Xu Ye was completely stunned.

In the darkness, Sharp Wind City’s outline gradually grew clear, Xu Ye’s eyes immediately widened. He suddenly felt even lighter, and the wind blowing against him suddenly became even stronger, his master was increasing his speed.

When Tang Tian saw the Sharp Wind City getting close, the fighting intent in his chest surged out. With a flick of hishand, he threw Xu Ye 300m away.

Xu Ye had to forcefully stabilize himself, his face was filled with shock, ~Master is…..~

Tang Tian increased his speed fervently, like a wick of flame, he suddenly flew above Sharp Wind City.

Looking down at the Sharp Wind City beneath him in the night and feeling the fighting intent in his chest, the ghostface mask that had blood lines all over it was extremely creepy, his black and deep pupils seemed to be burning redmaking them an extremely eye catching thing in the darkness.

~You are destined to be enemies with this world.~

For some reason, this sentence surfaced in Tang Tian’s mind, and the mouth beneath the mask kept on twitching.

~Then let it begin.~

Tang Tian raised his right arm and released an invisible ripple in all directions with his arm as the center. WeepingSword Seal’s vibration was extremely unique, unless Tang Tian purposely released it, if not a person could only feelthe vibrations upon contact.

The arm that was raised up slashed down, and a terrifying slashing aura filled with countless of minute ripples shotinto the city walls.


The slash embedded deeply into the city wall, the fine high frequency vibrations pervaded out along the walls,causing the sturdy walls to crumble like biscuit, causing countless clouds of dust to arise.

Tang Tian spectated, as though he was not the one who had unleashed the attack.

When the dust dissipated, only a third of the majestic wall remained standing, a large pit that spanned more than150m deep and over 15m long had appeared, resembling a terrifying wound.

The dark and quiet Sharp Wind City was awakened in shock, all of the houses started lighting up. A loud and sharpwarning signal was unleashed, and figures all flew out from every corner of the city into the air.

~What’s happening? Someone is attacking us?~

Tang Tian remained unmoved in the darkness, he had no intention to hide.

“I am Ghost Face Mask.”

A deep voice that sounded like thunder resonated throughout the entire Sharp Wind City, there was no joy or anger,but it covered up all the other shouts.

The entire Sharp Wind City immediately fell silent.

The martial artists from Sharp Wind City that rushed over realized that there was a figure standing proudly abovethem, and their faces changed. When they saw the gigantic slash created beneath Ghost Face Mask, all of themsucked in cold air.

Ghost Face Mask!

It was no secret in Sharp Wind City that the Fu Family wanted to get rid of Ghost Face Mask, there were manyrumors of Ghost Face Mask spreading in the past few days, but most of them were on him being a bogus inheritor ofAncestor Li, and many more were the jokes and ridicule spoken by people in their leisure time.

To a majority of them, Ghost Face Mask was a liar.

A swindler that had a glib tongue, knew how to act, but upon meeting for real, he would definitely expose his trueself.

The man must definitely a bluff!

The Majority of the martial artists stared at the terrifying slash mark in the ground, and their faces became ugly. Butthere were some of them who looked at Tang Tian with fire in their eyes.

The Fu Family held authority in Sharp Wind City, and they were the true masters. If any one of them got rid of GhostFace Mask, the Fu Family would definitely reward them heavily!

As long as there was hard work, the Fu Family would never be petty.

What kind of prey would be better than a pretentious cheater?

No one saw whether the large blade mark in the ground was made personally by Ghost Face Mask, and a few quickwitted people had already thought of a few feasible ways to cause such a deep mark. A few of them had alreadydetermined that Ghost Face Mask was a liar, and merely wanted to make the large pit to scare everyone.

What a joke!

“We have the numbers.”

No one knew who shouted those words out, but it immediately increased everyone’s courage, and even the peoplewho were initially hesitating had thrown their worries to the back of their heads. ~That’s right, we are in Sharp WindCity, we have the advantage in numbers, even if Ghost Face Mask is powerful, so what?~

In that moment, over forty figures pounced towards Tang Tian from all directions.

The Ghost Face Mask that had blood marks all over remained silent, his red eyes stared at the incoming martialartists indifferently, all of their hands released dazzling light auras that converged together, preventing him fromescaping.

Tang Tian never thought of escaping.

He formed the Weeping Sword Seal, and a tiny bronze sword floated in front of him.

He used one finger to move the sword.


A fine and invisible ripple quietly spreaded out in all directions.

Wherever the ripple passed, the space seemed to shatter like glass.

The martial artists who were about to attack him turned sluggish, their roars disappeared, the light auras formedfrom their laws stopped, and their sinister expressions froze.

A tiny trace of blood appeared on the face of one of the martial artist, after that more and more blood tracesappeared like red spiderwebs, all of them looked like broken porcelain dolls that had been put together again.


A soft sound came out, and they exploded like watermelons.

Countless of the blood traces exploded at the same time, and the Laws that had lost control exploded, the dazzlingballs of light engulfed Ghost Face Mask’s figure, and amidst the light auras, blood spurted out, making it look like ablood sun.

Sharp Wind City was lit up as though it was day time.

Everyone was glued to their original positions from fear.

The forty odd martial artists did not even unleash a technique and had been transformed into dust.

But for those of the martial artists who were regretting that they were late in reacting were currently rejoicing intheir fortune. Ghost Face Mask was actually so terrifying, in one move he had killed off forty martial artists.

~What is that weird tiny sword, what kind of technique is that? It is so horrifying!~

~But, Ghost Face Mask should not be able to survive from that intense explosion right…..~

The majority of the forty odd martial artists were all elites who had gained enlightenment on the Law Surface, fortheir laws to lose control and explode at the same time, the might of the explosion was extremely powerful, andeven for they who were spectating from afar were fearful of the explosions.

The exploding balls of lights eventually dimmed down and dissipated.

The expression on everybody’s faces froze, and immediately turned into fear.

The heat formed from the explosion had not dissipated, and inside the distorted space, a figure with a mask could bevaguely seen.

He looked down at them indifferently.

“The people who imprisoned my subordinates shall die.”

His voice was completely monotonous, as though his declaration was an ordinary matter, he did not even botherhiding his killing intent, which spreaded out the entire city like a wind, causing chills to go down their spines.

The entire Sharp Wind City fell into a dead silence.