Undefeated God of War - Chapter 765 – How Can We Rest In Peace

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Chapter 765 – How Can We Rest In Peace

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian heard a set of buzzing sounds, but before he could react, the bronze plate in his hand struggled free fromhis hand and flew into the sky.

Right at that moment, countless of bronze plates flew up from the Ocean of Peace, and flew into the sky.

All of the bronze plates flew into the sky and formed a silhouette spirit. In the blink of the eye, even more silhouettespirits flew out from every corner of the Ocean of Peace into the sky, it was extremely majestic.

“The army is in danger, requiring assistance!”

One of the spirits cried out.

Behind him, all the other heroic spirits shouted out: “Southern Cross Army, advance!”

Countless heroic spirits surged towards the sky like gushing tides. There was an invisible barrier in the sky that waslike a steel wall, the heroic spirits collided into it but it did not move an inch, countless of the bronze platesshattered, and fell into the Ocean of Peace.

Pa pa pa.

Beneath Tang Tian, it looked like it was raining. He lowered his head to look, to see that the bronze plate pieceswere falling down like rain.

But the heroic spirits continued to advance.

“The army is in danger, requiring assistance!”

“Southern Cross Army, advance!”

The furious roars resonated in the entire Ocean of Peace. Countless figures started to fervently smash onto thebarrier, and even more bronze plates shattered. But even more spirits flew up and smashed into the sky.

“The army is in danger, requiring assistance!”

Another heroic spirit ordered, it roared and rushed forward like a furious lion.

What replied him was the same roar: “Southern Cross Army, advance!”

A large group of heroic spirits rushed into the barrier in the sky.

Their bones shattered and their bodies crumbled, and they fell into the ocean.

“The army is in danger, requiring assistance!”

A female spirit cried out, she was filled with determination as she collided into the barrier.

Countless figures gathered behind&

nbsp;her: “Southern Cross Army, advance!”

“The army is in danger, requiring assistance!”

“Southern Cross Army, advance!”


Tang Tian watched with shock and suspicion, watched as waves after waves of spirits collided into the barrier, hedid not understand what they were trying to do.

After countless collisions, all of the heroic spirits crumbled and fell back into the ocean.

The Ocean of Peace regained its peacefulness.

The shattered bronze plates slowly converged, and formed bronze plates with cracks in them that floated above thewaters.

One after another, the heroic spirits floated out of the bronze plates, their entire bodies were covered with cracks,as though they were porcelain dolls that were smashed but rebuilt, and when Tang Tian looked again, the spiritswere endless once again.

Tang Tian recognized one of the heroic spirit that was covered with cracks. He was the first spirit to rush into thebarrier. There were so many heroic spirits, but none of them could see Tang Tian.

All of the Heroic Spirits had their heads raised upwards.

“It’s been ten thousand years.” The heroic spirit’s voice sounded out from the Ocean of Peace: “A full ten thousandyears, centuries after centuries, we still have not made it out. The war should have long been over, in this tenthousand years, there were no other new spirits, the army should be long dead, what we are doing now no longerhas meaning.”

The heroic spirits became silent.

“But? What if? What if the army is still fighting? What if there are still people alive? What if they are awaiting our riseto prominence? To a group of already dead people, just this what if is enough!”

He suddenly roared: “Without knowing whether our army is alive or dead, how can we rest in peace!”

The reply he received was roars that could shatter mountains: “FIGHT!”

He turned his body and looked upwards, towards the dome of sky, he opened up his arms, his cracked face that wasfilled with an indescribable determination: “One hundred years later, we can fight alongside our friends!”

The reply he obtained was other Heroic spirits floating beside him, and then roaring out so loud that it resonatedabove the black ocean: “Fight Fight Fight!”

“Southern Cross Army!”

The countless roars converged and formed a loud resonating roar above the Ocean of Peace.

“Advance!” “Advance!” “Advance!”

The sky full of Heroic Spirits flew upwards like moths attracted to flames, as though they were trying to reclaimtheir land, they frantically collided with the barrier in the sky.

Tang Tian was bawling with mucus drooping down his nose, something seemed to be stuck in his chest, and it was asthough something was burning in him, making him feel extremely unhappy and proud.

But after the ten thousand years, in the Ocean of Peace that no one knew of, that everyone thought was peacefuland loving, there would be an intense battle every century. All of the heroic spirits that had long passed away gaveup resting in peace, struggling to fight every century, throwing everything they had into it.

~Is this the Southern Cross Army? I’m the inheritor of the Southern Cross Army!~

~How can I sit still?~

~Even if it’s an illusion, even if all this is fake, even if all of them are dead heroic spirits, even if they are doing thestupidest thing.~

~That faith, that conviction, that deep camaraderie, that bravery, that sacrifice, how can I not do anything?~

Tang Tian did not even know that he was crying, or that he was roaring with them, he only had one thought, that wasto fight!

He pulled out his fist, and the calm Ocean of Peace started to surge.

Only courageous people would put in their all despite all their failures. Only courageous people will continuepersevering and believing and fight after death. Only courageous people would hold onto their hope despite life anddeath.

Only courageous people can win!

Tang Tian’s eyes were filled with tears, countless light auras surged from every corner of the Ocean of Peace andgathered at his fist.

The dazzling light aura lit up at Tang Tian’s fist, the black Ocean of Peace suddenly looked like it had a sun.

Countless Heroic Spirits looked at the rising sun, they transformed into black shadows and flew into the sun.

~Can I break through the boundaries of this illusion?~

Tang Tian did not know if he could, but he could feel the determination from the bones and spirits, their ferventfighting spirit, and the deep sense of hope and anticipation accumulated in them.

His eyes started tearing again.

Tang Tian’s fist continued to pull back, the dazzling light aura in his right fist was so bright that his figure could nolonger be seen.

The Ocean of Peace looked as though it was boiling, the waters started to churn, lightning and thunder flashing past.

All of this changes reflected in Tang Tian’s glasslike mental state, the Demon’s entire being erupted with light aura,the blue flower in the Grasping Flower Seal flew up and transformed into a bewitching and beautiful flower thatilluminated the sky as it danced and swirled. The Angry Fist Seal’s raging flames burned with power as it becamemore fiery, and like a battle drum, everytime it jumped, it would release a blazing red light.

Tang Tian gave it his all, not holding anything back.

Godfist Light Tree, the last three pillars converged into one, transforming into one large thick pillar, it grew towardsthe ground, till it was three inches off the ground before stopping.

~Just a bit more! Just a bit more….~

Right at that moment, the roars came out beside his ears.

“Without knowing whether our army is alive or dead, how can we rest in peace!”

One after another, the heroic spirits flew into Tang Tian’s body, entering his mental state and transforming intolittle light dots, advancing dauntlessly wave after wave, they cast themselves into the Godfist Light Tree, down tothe main trunk.

Compared to the majestic Godfist Light Tree, they were the size of gravel.

But more and more of the light gravel came and continued to pour themselves into the trunk of the light tree.

The Godfist Light Tree’s main trunk gradually grew downwards.

The moment the Light Tree touched Tang Tian’s glass like mental state, Tang Tian’s entire body shook, his entireface was covered with tears.

It was his first time completing the incomplete Godfist, the torrential Ocean of Peace suddenly became still, asthough there was an invisible hand pressuring down on the entire ocean.

“Break for me!”

Tang Tian launched his fist up to the barrier in the sky.

It broke.

The boundless and black Ocean of Peace shattered, broke down and disappeared.

Everything around him started breaking down like bubbles, continuously disappearing.

Tang Tian felt the world revolve around him, his consciousness was being pulled out, and right before he lostconsciousness, he faintly heard the thunderous cheers.

His face that was covered with tears could not help but form a smile.


It was nighttime in East Immortal City, the streets were quiet, it was a special period of time, and no one would leavehome at night.

Yin Wu Feng looked at the house in front of him, and quietly snuck in.

He had been in his line of work for many years, and had assassinated countless famous people, and naturally waswell versed in the skills of assassinations. He had arrived in East Immortal City a few days ago, but he did not make amove, but carefully collected information. Assassinating someone might not look difficult, but to launch an attack,one had to make sufficient preparations, the more information the assassin has, the more he could prepare.

Not only would that make it easier for him, but in the case of a failure, he could escape and preserve his life.

Everyone only had one life, the target had one, the assassin himself only had one. As long as he remained alive, hewould have another chance. For the pursuit of taking the kill with one shot, and increase the danger on himself, YinWu Feng would not be stupid to do that.

He obtained valuable information, for example the various families of East Immortal City had pledged themselves toGhost Face Mask, it was initially a huge problem, but his luck was not too bad, and heard that the various elites ofthe families had been pulled out by Ghost Face Mask’s subordinate and went out of the city.

Ghost Face Mask only had Xu Ye and the Null Division Members.

Xu Ye’s strength was considered low, not enough for Yin Wu Feng to deem as a threat, and furthermore Xu Ye wasstill injured, The Null Division members might have good quality bodies, but in the eyes of a powerful martial artist,their fighting strength was almost negligible.

All of this was not important, Yin Wu Feng’s purpose of probing was to find out if Ghost Face Mask was injured, thatwas the most crucial point.

A martial artist who could fight against the arm of the Death God and the Death God Scythe and not be injured wassomeone Yin Wu Feng would drop his head and run from, because that meant that the martial artist had alreadygrasped the highest level of power.

There were less than five martial artists in the entire Sin Domain who had stepped into the Law Domain realm. YinWu Feng knew who could be provoked, who could not be provoked, and these martial artists were people never tobe provoked.

If Ghost Face Mask was injured, it meant that he was at the peak of the Law Surface and ready to step into the nextlevel only.

Although these types of martial artists brought some fear to Yin Wu Feng, but there was still the chance of success,and injuries sustained from the highest level of power was definitely not easily recovered from.

Yin Wu Feng clarified it, Ghost Face Mask was injured!

He quietly snuck into the house, all the Null Division Members were extremely cautious, but these bodyguards werenothing to Yin Wu Feng.

Very quickly, he found where Ghost Face Mask was staying.

With Growing Yin Sword in hand, he calmed himself down, the sword was filled with extreme evil, which was themost perfect weapon for assassins. With the sword, his strength could grow up another level!

At his level, to raise his strength further was something horrifying.

He squinted his eyes, and was about to make a move.

Suddenly, Ghost Face Mask’s residence suddenly shone with a bizarre light aura.