Undefeated God of War - Chapter 764 – No Need for Protection, Rest in Peace

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Chapter 764 – No Need for Protection, Rest in Peace

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian fought to the point where his eyes were bloodshot, he did not even need to differentiate to who was around him, as everyone around him were enemies. He just needed to continue slaughtering them, pull on the fish bones, and slash with all his might.

When a fish bone shattered, he would draw out another and continue killing.

At this point, strategy and techniques no longer mattered. The tides of gemstone blue dwarves did not allow him to have time to think, and could only slash around instinctively.

Other than his instinct to kill, there was still one thought.

One thought to move ahead.

He danced with the fish bone like a machine, killed like a machine, slashing countless of blue dwarves to death.

Bang, the fish bone in his hand shattered once again, Tang Tian subconsciously moved his hand towards the pile of fish bones, but touched nothing.

He was startled for a moment, but regained a trace of clarity, the pile of fish bones that was taller than him was completely used up.

Tang Tian who awoke to his senses realized that he was covered in injuries, like a bloodied man. His legs weighed like lead, his arms were too heavy to be lifted, his entire body was in pain, he swayed left and right, but he did not sit down. The surrounding gemstone blue dwarves, their indifferent and lifeless faces actually had a trace of fear, and they did not advance towards Tang Tian. Tang Tian turned his head back with difficulty, behind him, the corpses of blue dwarves behind him formed somewhat like a wheat field, spreading till the ends to how far he could see.


Tang Tian wanted to laugh, but he didn‘t even have the strength to move his mouth.

A familiar ripple came from above him, Tang Tian did not raise his head to look, but he knew it was Xiao Lan.

He could not see Xiao Lan, but if he could, he would definitely be surprised. Xiao Lan’s body had become crystal blue, and released terrifying ripples. Each ripple was like a rock skipping on the water surface, revealing layers and layers of movements.

The gemstone blue dwarves burst into an uproar, the fear on their faces becoming denser.

Wherever the ripple reached, strands of blue flames would rise out from the corpses of the gemstone blue dwarves.

Tang Tian was startled, he looked as far out as he could see, many of the blue flames slowly floated up like blue fireflies, in that endlessness, it was extremely beautiful.

The blue flames that were the size of thumbs were being summoned, and gradually floated towards Xiao Lan.

The scene before him was extremely magical, causing Tang Tian to momentarily forget about his own fatigue. The blue flames entered Xiao Lan’s body, at which Xiao Lan blossomed out a dazzling blue light, causing the endless gemstone blue dwarves to retreat backwards as though they were extremely afraid of the blue light.

The blue light became increasingly bright, Tang Tian felt as though there was a blue sun right above his head, the dazzling blue light made him unable to open his eyes.

He closed his eyes, and immersed in the dazzling blue light.

His fatigued body started to heal, the blue light was not warm, but it made Tang Tian feel at ease.

Unknowingly, he fell into a dreamstate.

His dream was extremely weird, deep inside the Blue Sea, grew a gigantic tree, it had millions and millions of blue leaves, and every leaf was the size of a hill. In the middle of every tree leaf were vortices, the vortices spewing out endless blue energy, and the blue energy flowed out like water.

(TN: Inception)

After every period of time, the gigantic blue tree would release countless of seeds like a dandelion. All of these seeds would fo

llow the flow of the energy and flow into all corners of the Blue Sea. But very quickly, these seeds would be eaten up by the countless living beings in the Blue Sea like snacks.

They emitted an extremely sweet aura, and were incapable of escaping the countless and numerous living beings.

Finally, there was one seed that met a middle aged man in the Blue Sea. The middle aged man found it unique, and transformed it into a unique blue aura. After the middle aged man died, he handed it over to his son. His son chanced upon a lady who had fainted, and Tang Tian immediately recognized the lady, she was Gu Xue.

The blue aura was then embedded into Gu Xue’s body.

Tang Tian then realized that the seed was Xiao Lan.

This seed had absorbed a great amount of blue flames, and like a seed, it started to germinate inside the dazzling blue light, and in the blink of the eye it grew into a small tree. The blue tree grew out a flower bud, which kept on growing, until the last trace of blue light disappeared, when the flower bud blossomed.

Tang Tian then woke up, and realized that unknowingly, his hands had actually formed the Grasping Flower Seal, and inside the seal, there was actually a blue flower.

The blue flower was extremely beautiful, as though it had just been plucked, it was gentle and brimming with life.

~This is….. Xiao Lan!~

Tang Tian was immediately stunned, ~That dream…..~

He opened his eyes wide, and realized that the gemstone blue dwarves that were all around him had disappeared without a trace.

Suddenly, the flower in his palm floated up and flew towards a certain direction.

Tang Tian sensed something, and immediately gave chase.

The Blue Flower flew in an extremely straight line, obviously it was leading the way, and Tang Tian chased after it.

Tang Tian tried to communicate with the flower on the way, but ended up failing. If not for the fact that the Blue Flower was formed from Xiao Lan, he would definitely thought that it was some bewitching thing. It truly was very bewitching, and Tang Tian never encountered any other beings on the journey. What Tang Tian felt was the most bewitching was that he had actually mastered the Grasping Flower Seal, his glass like mental state could not be broken, but inside the transparent crystal mental state, why was there a tree there?

His mental state actually had a small tree, and if this was not bewitching, Tang Tian did not know what was bewitching anymore.

If not for the fact that the small tree was exactly the same one as he saw in his dream, if not for his mentality being strong enough, he would had gone crazy. He tried many methods, but was unable to even shake the small tree in his mental state in the slightest.

After trying it out a couple of times, he did not know what to do with it, and thus no longer cared about it.

The Six Armed Demon in him did not have any reaction to the small tree that was beside it. But the Blue Tree would occasionally run up the Demon’s Palm with the Grasping Flower Seal. The Demon also changed slightly, the hands with the Angry Fist Seal and the Grasping Flower Seal had congealed further.

The other four arms were still blurred.

Tang Tian could see that the Demon had become much stronger, which was good for him.

But what made Tang Tian feel depressed was his previous interactions with Xiao Lan, although it was vague, but at least there was interaction. But after becoming a flower, the connection was gone.

Without anyone to talk to inside the silent Indigo Mirror Ocean, it was an extremely painful and lonely thing to do.

Tang Tian focused all of his mind on training, and leaving on a bit of his mind to follow the Blue Flower.

Out of the Demon Six Seals, he had completed two, and left with four.

Tang Tian quickly experienced the benefits of his glasslike mental state. Previously after flying for a long period of time, although his body could endure it, but his state of mind would feel tired. But currently, he had flown for a long time, yet his mental state did not have any sense of fatigue.

Other than that, all the fluctuations around him were clearly sensed and reflected in his mental state. He immediately experienced it, in the past, he had to observe the seals of the Six Armed Demon countless of times, but this time, just with one observation, he had gained new knowledge from it. Many of the fine details that he had never grasped before were clearly reflected in his mind.

Although it could not instantly let him master the four remaining seals, but it still brought him great help, and he started to improve quickly.

After flying for an unknown period of time, Xiao Lan suddenly stopped.

Tang Tian also stopped, and looked ahead.

There were two intercrossing lines, forming a large ‘十’ that extended far out, causing the space to be split into four regions, and all the four different oceans were placed in each different region.

The endless raging Ocean of Exile, the smooth and mirror like Indigo Mirror Ocean, the fiery Prairie Fire Ocean, and the black and silent Ocean of Peace.

They were the four seas of the Southern Cross Army.

Tang Tian was startled.

He had never thought that the four oceans would be formed out like that. The invisible barrier had separated the four oceans, it was definitely not natural but man made!

~Could Uncle BIng and them be so powerful?!~

Tang Tian tilted his head and thought, it was impossible. The Southern Cross Army was a mechanical army, they were proficient in mechanical techniques and warfare. Tang Tian could not imagine what kind of person would be able to perform such miracles!

That’s right, Tang Tian felt that it was something that surpassed the limits of humans.

Suddenly, Xiao Lan flew up, startling Tang Tian. It flew towards the Ocean of Peace.

~Ocean of Peace…..~

Tang Tian hesitated for a moment, he gritted his teeth and followed Xiao Lan and stepped across the boundary. What surprised him was he did not feel any resistance when doing so, the lines separating the four worlds did not have any resistance, merely separating the oceans and not disturbing any of them. Tang Tian could not help but smile in marvel.

Upon stepping into Ocean of Peace, The scenery around Tang Tian changed.

The black Ocean of Peace was not as dead quiet as what Tang Tian thought, the black sea water was extremely warm, and was a place fit for birthing spirits.

Upon entering the Ocean of Peace, Xiao Lan quietly went into Tang Tian’s body.

~What’s the meaning of this?~

Tang Tian did not understand the situation, but he figured that Xiao Lan must definitely have a reason for doing so. He carefully inched his way forward, the dead silent Ocean of Peace had a faint warmth, thus it was not that unbearable. The black water had great buoyancy, and Tang Tian did not even need to exert force and could float on the water.

After walking for a long time, Tang Tian realized that something was floating in the distance.

His heart moved, with a few jumps, he picked it up.

It was a bronze plate, and on it was the logo of the Southern Cross Army, while on its back was a row of words.

“Southern Cross Army’s Grade A Soldier Zhu Yong, died bravely in the battle of Mount Qing. No need for protection, rest in peace.”

Tang Tian stared at the bronze plate for a long time, an indescribable emotion surfaced in his heart.

To anyone who died, the living would pray for the dead to rest in peace and would seek blessing for themselves. But on this bronze plate, it wrote “No need for protection, rest in peace.”

He then seem to see Uncle Bing placing a bronze plate into the black waters, and pushed it gently and watched it float away, and muttered to himself.

“We don’t need your protection, we will definitely work hard, you don’t need to have concerns for us, rest well, all these battle here and what not, leave it to us, the living.”

“We will definitely win.”

“Rest in peace.”