Undefeated God of War - Chapter 763

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Chapter 763

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian knew in his heart that showing off was not a good habit.

His mind became tense, the fish bone in his hand unleashed slashes at an astonishing frequency. Ray after ray of water blades shot out in all directions. There were endless amounts of the weird fish being sliced into two, the blue mist from their body leaked out and disrupted his vision.

His left hand was continuously forming the Grasping Flower Seal nonstop.

Xiao Lan knew that the situation was dire, and did not lay low this time, continuously helping Tang Tian to form a connection with the Demon, allowing Tang Tian’s Grasping Flower Seal to become stronger.

His state of mind was like glass, unaffected and untainted by even one speck of dust.

The scene around him was reflected in his glass like mental state extremely clear, which was extremely unfamiliar to Tang Tian. He had always thrown himself into the battle, the surging and boiling fighting intent was the way he always fought. But now his mental state and emotions pulled him to a view of a spectator, although his efficiency of battle had increased greatly, but it was something he was not used to.

Pa, the fish bone in his hand shattered, despite being extremely sturdy, the continuous stress of the heavy Demonic Execution’s powerful strike had made it brittle and it ultimately shattered.

This was the sixth fish bone Tang Tian had used, lucky for him, there were an endless supply of fish bones around him to be used.

Tang Tian’s body flickered and arrived at the corpse of a fish, drawing out another fish bone, he threw himself back into battle.

The most troublesome part of the weird fish was its ability to conceal itself inside the blue mist, even with Tang Tian’s Grasping Flower Seal dispelling the mental attacks, he still suffered under them.

Fortunately, Tang Tian’s physique was outstanding, and the damage done purely from the sound waves were small. Relying on his thick and strong skin, Tang Tian started to take things with brute force, rushing in head on. This unreasonable head on clash actually increased Tang Tian’s fatality. The weird fish suffered more wounds at a faster rate, and in half an hour, the entire place was littered with fish corpses.

Tang Tian gasped for breath, the continuous killing had consumed a lot of his physical strength.

He did not feel it during battle, but upon finishing, the fatigue would set in. The resistance inside the Blue Sea was much higher than air, and thus the consumption of his strength increased. Bruises formed all over his body, and although the sound waves of the weird fish were unable to deal real harm to Tang Tian, it still left many contusions on him.

There was lingering fear in Tang Tian’s heart, the sound waves were rather powerful, the vibration frequency was so high that it was something he could not achieve, but his body seemed to be refined to its best, and was able to survive through it. If it was another person facing such a high vibration frequency, their internal organs would had been injured. The harm brought from the vibration was always terrifying, but usually ending up to being shattered.

Furthermore, the sound waves had mental attacks in them.

Tang Tian who had the Grasping Flower Seal and his powerful body was sort of a natural enemy towards the weird fish.

All the lying corpses was a feast for Xiao Lan.

It cried out and pounced forward, with all of its might, it greedily absorbed all the blue flames on the weird fishes’ tentacles. Its’ absorption speed became faster and faster, and when the last blue flame was devoured, Xiao Lan’s body was completely azure.

It flew into the Demon’s Grasping Flower Seal and jumped about.

Tang Tian could clearl

y feel the benefits Xiao Lan had obtained, its deep azure color was extremely dense and reserved. Tang Tian regained some of his physical strength and heaved a sigh of relief, the corpses of the weird fish had dissolved into the Blue Sea, leaving the fish bones.

Tang Tian tied all of them up into a bundle.

All of the fish bones were extremely sharp and durable, making them natural weapons. Heavy Demonic Execution was not a technique that could be used by any weapons, and the fish bones were a rather good choice for the technique, other than its consumption being quite fast, it did not have other weaknesses.

The huge pile he had collected reached up to a 100, which he could use for a period of time.

~Although using my hand to unleash the Demonic Heavy Execution is powerful and even more flexible, but its sharpness cannot be compared to using it with the fish bones.~

Xiao Lan was extremely excited, no longer languid like how it was after eating, causing Tang Tian to be surprised. It’s ‘appetite’ seemed to have increased, and seemed as though Xiao Lan had become stronger, but Tang Tian was still curious about Xiao Lan’s final form.

Seemingly sensing Tang Tian’s thoughts, Xiao Lan emitted an intimate emotion.

Tang Tian laughed, he dragged the pile of fish bones and continued moving forward. The intense massacre had made him struggle free from his blank state of mind, ~I do not know what lies ahead, and I don’t know what’s awaiting me, but no matter what enemy or obstruction, I will personally destroy them.~

Through the next few days, Tang Tian met more schools of weird fish, he repeated his head on attacks and wiped them out. The amount of fish bones he had gathered had already piled up to a small hill, and he had no choice but to wrap his clothes into bundles to tie the fish bones.

Xiao Lan did not let go of any of the blue flames, and Tang Tian felt that Xiao Lan was about to break through. Xiao Lan was extremely congealed, as though it was extremely viscous and liquid, jumping was not extremely slow for it.

Tang Tian also had great improvements, his Grasping Flower Seal had become extremely pure. Other people’s mental state would be blurred, but his mental state was as clear and glossy like a crystal glass stage.

Tang Tian had a feeling that he was about to break through, and was just lacking in an opportunity.

He did not know what the opportunity was, and did not care about it as he continued swimming. He wanted to leave the sea as soon as possible, everyone was fighting, but yet he was stuck in this bizarre place.

He was unsure if it was because of killing too many weird fish, but his body was emitting an aura that appeared and disappeared every once in awhile. Tang Tian knew his body very well, and he did not have such an aura in the past.

Xiao Lan seemed to be extremely fearful of the aura, and behaved obediently in front of Tang Tian.

At the last few times, that Tang Tian met a few weird fish, just as he was about to draw the fish bone, the weird fish escaped in fright. He watched dumbstruck, as it was the first time he had met the weird fish that ran away from him.

~Could it be that I killed too many of them that I am infected with killing intent?~

Tang Tian chuckled, he did not seem to care, for he didn‘t even know how many weird fish he had killed.

Following his senses, he rushed ahead.

The deep Blue Sea became brighter, making Tang Tian excited. In such a predicament, having any change was better than no change.

The further he swam, the brighter the the Blue Sea became.

Tang Tian’s heart jumped, ~Could I be nearing the surface?~

This guess made him extremely excited, he thought about Purple Cuckoo City, which was right beside the ocean, ~Am I returning to Purple Cuckoo City?~

Tang Tian who was excited used even more strength and swam forward.

Although it was getting brighter and brighter, but it was further than he thought, making Tang Tian feel tired. When he finally saw the surface, he became joyous and gathered all of his strength, and got out of the water.

The gemstone blue like surface was extremely peaceful without any ripples, like an endless mirror extending out in all directions. The clouds in the sky seemed within reach, the white clouds were like soft cotton candy floating quietly.

Tang Tian was stunned, why was the scene in front of him so familiar?

After a while, he finally realized, it was the Indigo Mirror Ocean!

The Indigo Mirror Ocean of the Southern Cross Army!

The Southern Cross Army had four oceans.

The Ocean of Exile, an endless prison for sentenced prisoners.

The Indigo Mirror Ocean, a world between reality and illusion, a place to train.

The Prairie Fire Ocean, a place filled with energy, where millions of spirits were birthed.

The Ocean of Peace, where the dead went to, where spirits of war find eternal peace.

Tang Tian sat down on the mirror like water surface, and looked at the endless Indigo Mirror Ocean in a daze.

~Why am I in the Indigo Mirror Ocean?~

~Indigo Mirror Ocean, it‘s’ part of the blue sea?~

Suddenly, Tang Tian thought about the time where he trained the Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand inside the Indigo Mirror Ocean, and had a few doubts in which he gained enlightenment from. When he was inside the Blue Sea, he felt as if the time was flowing extremely strangely, and was unable to confirm how it flowed.

A world between reality and illusions.

~No wonder!~

~I am trapped in an even bigger illusion!~

The first reaction of Tang Tian was being relaxed. What he was most worried was being plunged into the real Blue Sea. Everyone was waiting for him to save them, but he was pulled into a completely different place, and thinking about them made him anxious.

~If this is an illusion, I just have to break it and I can return to reality.~

Tang Tian roused himself up, the most worrying question had been solved, all the grey clouds in his mind disappeared, and the young man’s battle intent soared.

After resting for a short while, he recovered his physical strength, and allowed Xiao Lan to sense the direction again, and moved.

The mirror like water surface made it look as though Tang Tian was skiing on ice, pulling onto the pile of fishbones that was even taller than him, his speed much faster than how he was swimming inside the blue sea. He was like a bird finding its nest, not knowing what fatigue was.

The scenery of the indigo mirror did not change, and after moving for a long time, Tang Tian had the wrong perception that the clouds in the sky looked to be of drawings.

Tang Tian suddenly stopped in his tracks, he took out a fish bone and stared ahead of him.

He sensed an aura that flickered in and out, ~Ambush~!

The mirror like water surface was perfectly still, with nothing in or on it. If it was any other person, they would think that it was their own thinking, but Tang Tian always had confidence and trust in his intuition. His heaven defying fighting intuition was extremely shocking, adding Bing’s training and the changes that Grasping Flower Seal was doing to his mental state, his fighting intuition had reached an astronomical level.

Time crawled by slowly, but there were no fluctuations anywhere around him.

Tang Tian remained in battle stance like a statue, not moving an inch. Tang Tian in battle mode was extremely patient.

The water surface ahead of him suddenly revealed some bubbles.

Blue figures started to slowly surface out from the water.

Tang Tian’s eyes focused, blue dwarves!

~No, they are not blue dwarves, these blue dwarves are made from blue gemstones, their bodies are extremely crystallized, their gaze has no life in them, no anger or emotions.~ Tang Tian’s gaze landed at the heart area of the blue dwarves, there, blue flames jumped rhythmically, like a heart.

All of these bizarre gemstone blue dwarves held spears in their hands, not short pikes.

They were like an army, arranged neatly in formation, their spears erecting straight up, making them look like a forest.

What made Tang Tian draw a breath was that behind the troops, endless blue dwarves continued to appear.

The army of gemstone blue dwarves took a step forward.

Rumble rumble.

The Indigo Mirror Ocean trembled, even the clouds in the sky trembled.

Xiao Lan felt an unprecedented danger from ahead, as though something was calling out for it.

The gemstone blue dwarves ahead did not look like they were good to be provoked, as the numbers were extremely despairing.

~You think you can stop me just like that?~

~Heeeee~, Tang Tian revealed a disdainful smile, he pulled out a few fish bones from the pile behind him and stuck them to his waist.

~Come then!~