Undefeated God of War - Chapter 757 – The Last Attack

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Chapter 757 – The Last Attack

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Nie Qiu sat steadily in the center.

Inside his gray world, the intercrossing Yin Lines and the Yang Points that resembled the stars formed an abundant and layered world.

The members that charged towards Xu Xiang Dong like torrents were the tools of the layers in his world. He calmly observed everything, the rhythm of the offense still had flaws, but was rather skillful.

Nie Qiu remained calm and composed, the majority of all tactics would always have an allowance for unpredictable circumstances. No matter how outstanding an elite was, he could not assure absolutely zero mistakes, or to perform to perfection. Furthermore, there were always changes in the battlefield, all sorts of unanticipated events would occur, and tactics that did not give an allowance would become riddled with problems.

Although Nie Qiu hoped that Tang Tian was able to obtain an extended period of time for the Null Division to grow, but as an outstanding military leader himself, he was not willing to burden Tang Tian with all the hopes, even if he had confidence in him.

~If an accident or situation occurs, are we not to fight even if we have not trained sufficiently?~

Nie Qiu had thought about that, and had long made a plan for it, for what they should do if such a situation were to occur. Nie Qiu’s plan was simple, if they had not trained sufficiently, they would make it up with numbers. In his calculation, he left a great margin of surplus power, and did not pursue efficiency blindly. The margin he left was great, at 20%, which meant that if 20% of the members were to make a mistake, the formation would not lose shape.

Of course, such a huge margin naturally affected the might of the formation. But with the current situation, maintaining the form of the formation was far more important than seeking the strongest power.

The first two heavy strikes released by Han Bing Ning and Ah Mo Li looked to be scary, but half of it was just a bluff. Borrowing the power of the Yin Yang Formation, the attack was formed by gathering all the power in the laws of the members. In Sin Domain, it could be considered a top grade technique.

But Nie Qiu only used it as a bluff, to him, the Law Threads were recently enlightened by the members, and their power would be considered extremely low level in Sin Domain, even if they had the advantage in numbers, but it was still difficult to achieve a huge qualitative change.

Since they could not achieve a huge qualitative change, they would not be able to threaten true powerful martial artists. Nie Qiu looked warm and gentle on the outside, but he was prideful inside, if not, why would he be willing to leave Leo Constellation and join Tang Tian? Since they entered Sin Domain, his target was always towards the top grade martial artists, because they represented the peak strength in the Sin Domain.

His true focus on the attack was in the slashes.

The Null DIvision Members all had powerful bodies, and their pure power of the physique were perfect for Heavy Demonic Execution, as they were able to produce powerful attacks. Such power naturally had its flaws, for example it needed the user to engage in close combat battle, or it did not have any sustainability, and was difficult to produce attacks to follow up.

Not only did Nie Qiu not demand for the members to control their power, but instead, his request was even more extreme. He requested for every member to put all of their power of the physique into their one slash.

Undoubtedly, their slashes were powerful. Even for Ben Sen, in that head on collision situation would unable to bear three consecutive slashes. The fearsome power had a strong feedback as well, but they had the Golden Steel Clothes from the Xue Family, and it could dissipate the power throughout

the entire body. That was how the Null Division Members were able to unleash such devastating attacks but not sustain to many injuries as well.

Ben Sen and the rest were speechless from shock, while Nie Qiu remained quiet.

His thoughts came from the battle with Lu Tian Wen. They were able to kill Lu Tian Wen largely due to Tang Tian, but in the end Lu Tian Wen was killed by Ah Mo Li’s slash. That meant that their degree of attack, although it was unable to pose as a fatal threat to the powerful martial artists on the List of Powerhouses, but it still posed as a threat.

The crucial thing was that they had sufficient manpower. 629 members, gave Nie Qiu sufficient breathing space.

Many ants can kill an elephant, that was Nie Qiu’s thought.

The capricious mule headed slash also had its benefits. By using force to meet force, one would lose to ten, and since they were unable to compete in terms of martial techniques, then it would be reasonable for them to use numbers. And with Gu Xue’s Screen of Yearning Strikes, it allowed this seemingly dumb formation to be utilized perfectly. Coupled with the wall of wind that sealed the sword concept with the explosive water and fire, this formation clearly showed off Nie Qiu’s brilliance.

The most difficult aspect of the formation was that they had to achieve a sufficient amount of slashes in a short ten breaths of time.

They were still far from Nie Qiu’s expectations, there were half of them that were unable to complete their slashes.

But, that was sufficient.

The Yin Yang Formation was like a huge spiderweb, and Nie Qiu was the spider waiting for the opportunity. The fine changes of the formation followed along the Yin Yang Formation towards Nie Qiu who collected the information. He could clearly feel that Xu Xiang Dong’s law was close to withering inside the formation.

He gave Han Bing Ning and Ah Mo Li three breaths of time to achieve their attacks.

In the past 13 breaths of time, Xu Xiang Dong suffered from 302 slashes, and even Nie Qiu respected him for that. As the creator of the formation, he was very clear of the might of every slash.

To be able to bear the attacks of 302 slashes consecutively and not fall, Xu Xiang Dong was truly powerful.

Ben Sen and the other three who had already completed their part were all aching and exhausted, and could only observe the battle from afar. Previously, they did not even sense the existence of the enemy, until when Gu Xue used her Screen of Yearning Strikes did they realise. Luckily, their training for the past few days was not in vain, they did not spoil their surprise attack and quickly reacted.

During training, they did not have many feelings to it, but when they truly used it in battle, they realised the power of the war formation. The gushing tides of Broad Guillotine Blades and the precision of attacks shook everybody.

Especially for Ben Sen, he had tried three slashes for himself, and immediately cut out in a sorry figure.


Their gaze all landed on Xu Xiang Dong, all of them overwhelmed with shock. He was actually able to withstand 300 slashes, although the spatial barrier around him was already covered in cracks and was about to shatter and he himself was swaying, but he did not fall.

~Too powerful!~

But at that moment, they did not have the time to feel moved, their gazes landed on the two small units that had already moved, and could not help but feel excited.

~The last attack is coming!~

They had trained in the formation many times, but the last attack had never truly been used. The four of them were extremely excited to see the last attack, especially for Ben Sen, because the twins were closely following behind Han Bing Ning.

The two small groups had 50 men each, and shot forward like arrows.

Ah Mo Li sprinted on the Yin Line, his strides were large, each step extremely heavy. Every time he stepped out, there would be a strand of heat, that surged from his footprints. They were like strands of flames that bore into his body, that were the pure power of the physique.

Every step would cause the Null Flames around his body to blaze more. The Null Flames swirled all around his body, and Ah Mo Li, inside the flames, single handedly wielded the Broad Guillotine Blade, his expression cold, like a God of War.

Behind him, each member had the Tiny Null Flames that flowed along their Broad Guillotine Blades, the Tiny Null Flames were becoming even more vigorous as well, with a tail of flames behind. They were like a horde of beasts with surging killing intent, sprinting forward together.

Han Bing Ning’s small group had a completely different style.

Han Bing Ning’s steps were small, but her frequency was extremely fast like lightning, she bent forward slightly and flashed forward. The twins behind her to the left and right were following closely behind. Further behind, the members all ran with small steps, their expressions solemn.

Bone chilling ice cold intent pervaded out of the entire group, their aura was completely sharp like a sword that had its blade polished to the point of revealing an ice cold blade edge.

On one side was a raging flame, on the other was an ice cold sharpness, two completely contrasting styles, two completely different auras, were equally fast, and equally determined.

Nie Qiu’s face flushed a slight red, his body trembled slightly as he activated his Yin Yang Formation to its maximum. All the power of the physique in the formation converged from all directions, flowing through the Yin Lines and converging onto the two groups.

The two groups’ aura continued rising, their distance towards Xu Xiang Dong was quickly closing.

The members all around Xu Xiang Dong scattered in all directions like birds startled by something.

In his vision, everything cleared up.

Xu Xiang Dong who had not recover from the attacks was in a daze. He was in a terrible situation, the spatial barrier around him was cracked, his robes were tattered and torn, his hair messy and blood at the corner of his mouth.

He had never experienced such an unreasonable offense, the torrential slashes did not allow him to catch any breath at all.

He could only hold onto the spatial barrier instinctively, and held onto his defense bitterly.

It had not been removed, for he was still afraid of the strange rainbow swords. Although he would struggle out of the thoughts quickly, but each time he had to pay a heavy price, and the spatial barrier was unable to block against all the slashes, causing some of the power to transmit to his body.

Although he was in a different league, but his flesh body was not as strong. Although it was just a portion of the attack, it still caused severe injuries to him. It had also affected his Law Surface, and increased the consumption of his Laws.

Suddenly, he felt that the stress around him had lessened, the stifling and choking presence had disappeared.

~Is it finally over?~

He was in a daze, and a joy crept up in his heart, ~I finally got through it.~

Since when did the pitiful Xu Xiang Dong ever been trampled on like that? That’s right, he was completely trampled like grapes, from start to end ,he was completely suppressed.

~A powerful martial artist on the List of Powerhouses was actually suppressed? By a group of weaklings?~

Just at that moment, he heard rumblings, the ground beneath him trembled, causing him to come to his senses.


Xu Xiang Dong who had just recovered had his pupils constricting once again, the sky before him had many black figures.

They all leapt up into the sky, the rumblings was formed by them leaping off the ground.

“KILL!” Ah Mo Li roared like thunder, the power in his body erupted, the surging Demon Slash he executed was much stronger than all that Xu Xiang Dong had faced,

“Kill!” Han Bing Ning’s voice was as cold as ice, the cold intent around her blossomed to its maximum, the bone chilling cold blue sword aura erupted behind everybody, and their auras converged as one.

A blue sword aura and a Demon Slash, smashed straight into Xu Xiang Dong’s breaking spatial barrier.

The spatial barrier immediately shattered into dust, Xu Xiang Dong could not even lift his hand when his entire body was stuck. The ice cold sword aura had froze him like an ice statue, even freezing the disbelief look on his face, followed by the slash that shattered him into pieces!

When the dust dissipated, what remained was a large pit, that had nothing in it.