Undefeated God of War - Chapter 754 – In Training

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Chapter 754 – In Training

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Shang Bei’s information brought a great shock to Mu Zhi Xia, but what truly provoked Mu Zhi Xia was when Shang Bei was speaking, his gaze was like daggers, piercing straight into Mu Zhi Xia’s heart.

At that moment, Mu Zhi Xia completely understood, to the entire Savage Continent, he would forever be an outsider. Regardless of what he gave the Savagers, no matter how much resources he gave them, how much food, as long as he attempted to advance into the internal affairs of the Savage Continent, he would receive an intense resistance from the entire Savage Continent. Even the Black Water Tribe in front of him would definitely fight him to the death at that time.

They were more willing to follow a Goddess of War from their side than accept the Honorable Martial Continent.

In fact, Mu Zhi Xia already knew it from the bottom of his heart, but after going through the 20 years, he felt some kinship with the Savagers. As such, it was difficult to stop the hopes and dreams, but upon seeing Shang Bei’s gaze, he was completely awakened from that wishful thinking.

To be able to persevere for 20 years quietly, he was not one whose determination could be swayed so easily.

He noticed Shang Bei staring at the broken knife in his hand, he sighed out loud: “Your news has greatly shocked me.”

Shang Bei revealed a look of understanding and was equally moved: “Yes, if I were to hear such news like that, I myself would definitely not believe it.”

“Yes, to be able to destroy the West Water Tribe and the even stronger Gold Forest King Court, they are truly too powerful.” Mu Zhi Xia had a look of surprise, but then he changed the subject: “What will the Southern Tribes do with the alliance between the two Northern Heroes?”

Shang Bei was affected by those words, and his face immediately became ugly.

Mu Zhi XIa’s question was not without reason, since a long time ago, the South and North of Savage Continent had great differences, and thus there was always friction between both sides.

“The two Northern Heroes are now her left and right arms.” Mu Zhi Xia’s expression remained indifferent: “We shall not talk about whether this Goddess of War is a puppet produced by them, but if the entire Savage were to be unified, then will the North side be in control, or the South?”

Shang Bei’s face became uglier.

“Now, I can say that although you guys are not living well, but you guys are free.” Mu Zhi Xia sighed: “These past few years, I have seen it all, the Honorable Martial Continent and Savage Continent have benefited each other for 20 years, and the current Black Water Tribe is living much better than before. If you guys are truly unified, will you guys live better than you are now?”

Mu Zhi Xia patted Shang Bei’s shoulder, laughed but did not say anything else.

Shang Bei left the Honorable Martial Continent’s camp with low spirits, along the way, all the soldiers familiar with Shang Bei tried to talk to him, but he only shook his head and did not utter a word.

After Shang Bei left, Mu Zhi Xia’s face became gloomy.

The sudden appearance of the Goddess of War had broken his plans. He would definitely not sit by and watch the Savage Continent be unified as one, as it meant that all his plans would fail, and that meant that the Honorable Martial Continent would lose its chance to obtain the Savage Continent.

What Honorable Martial Continent needed was the chaotic and constantly fighting Savage Continent, one that Honorable Martial Continent could plot against.

A stern look flashed past Mu Zhi Xia’s eyes. He suddenly said: “Mobilize all of our scouts, I want

to know everything about this woman.”

“Yes.” a voice suddenly sounded out from the corner, and a figure disappeared.

Shang Bei left the Honorable Martial Continent’s camp, and in the snow, his panicked look had disappeared, he looked back towards the Honorable Martial Continent’s camp that was blurred out by the snow, where did the panic in his eyes go?

He hurried back to Black Water Tribe and found his son, he spoke softly: “Get everyone to prepare, throw away the things that you do not need, we will leave with everyone tonight.”

His son was surprised: “Father, what happened?”

“We don’t have time to talk about it. Shang Bei said gravely: “Go and inform everyone now!”

In the darkness, the Black Water Tribe was in a hubbub, everyone lost themselves to the fear, but luckily, Shang Bei held a powerful position in the tribe. It was because of Shang Bei who suggested and persisted to form communication with Honorable Martial Continent, that allowed them to achieve and gain to where they were now.

As they did not have many people, they finished packing quickly.

“We are heading to the North.”

Shang Bei sent down the order, and did not explain why. The tribesmen who believed in him followed him. In the cover of the darkness, Shang Bei’s eyes were as bright as the stars, desiring for the sun to rise.


Purple Cuckoo City.

“Once more!” Gu Xue wiped away the perspiration on her forehead, her expression was determined.

All around her, the people were swaying, all of them looked to be in sorry figures. Victor was the most mournful, he was ill disciplined and not strict, causing him to feel to be unable to tolerate the loss. Roland Su was equally in a bad situation, she looked at Gu Xue with respect, they were both women, but Gu Xue was much more outstanding than her. Even the physically fit Ben Sen had suffered. Xu An Zhong was only slightly better, he was a battle fanatic, his willpower was extremely strong, although he was tired, but he gritted his teeth and persevered.

The Sin Domain had already separated itself from the army system for over a few hundred years, and were extremely foreign to the notion of an army.

The greatest improvements came from the people who no one had expected.

Two were the twin sisters, Xiao Yu and Xiao Ye, they learned extremely quickly, and protected Han Bing Ning at her flanks, the three of them formed a triangle offense formation.

The other person who improved tremendously was Ping Xiao Shan, his improvements came from continuously using his spatial laws to cut the Golden Steel Gravel daily. Victor and Ben Sen’s injuries require a great amount of Life Origin Essence to recover from, and many people who trained daily required a lot of Life Origin Essence as well. Every day, he worked to the point that he became a tired dog, but it was because of such high intensity and precise grinding that his Laws improvement was astonishing.

Although he did not breakthrough to his Law Surface, but his Law Threads were already close to perfection.

And Nie Qiu had given Ping Xiao Shan a position in his war formation, making Ping Xiao Shan extremely excited. And what caused others to become flabbergasted was that they did not know if it was because he trained in spatial laws, but Ping Xiao Shan’s positioning was extremely good, as though he did not need any lessons, but he could perfectly assimilate into Nie Qiu’s formation.

“Everyone, let us rest for abit, we will continue in four hours.”

Gu Xue still had strength, but the others were all drained, training further would prove to be pointless, Nie Qiu’s Mind State was equally drained and needed time to recuperate.

Hearing that, everyone heaved a sigh of relief and laid down everywhere.

Nie Qiu closed his eyes and rested.

Nie Qiu recovered to his peak state even before the four hours was up. Although he could not see, but he could sense all the minute changes and fluctuations in his war formation. At this time, everyone had already recovered, but he did not rush for them to begin.

He was tying up the loose ends of the experience gained from the training.

The Null Division’s adaptability for the new formation was the best, since they were used to such daily trainings, to them, it was just learning a new tactic. For the rest like Gu Xue, although they were extremely hardworking, they still needed time.

Ah Mo Li and Han Bing Ning’s command over the Null DIvision was the foundation of the formation. If Gu Xue and the others could adapt well with the formation, they could greatly increase the might of the formation, but the foundation of the formation did not revolve around them, thus it was not totally dependent on them.

Suddenly, a faint ripple touched onto Nie Qiu.

Nie Qiu lowered his head, allowing his hair to droop down, preventing others from seeing his face. No one could see it, but Nie Qu’s face flashed with killing intent.

Previously, the ripple came from Tie Xie, it was their designated call sign indicating that there was an enemy intrusion.

Tie Xie’s reconnaissance ability was outstanding, especially because his scouting abilities was completely different from ordinary sentries, he did not rely on the undulation coming from laws, but the movements in the air. Nie Qiu had specially made an undetectable line in his formation, connecting straight to Tie Xie.


Blind, Nie Qiu suddenly sneered. His senses were extremely sharp, but he did not sense the intruder, meaning that the intruder was powerful.

With such a strength, the most probable person to return to Purple Cuckoo City was Qin Zhen.

~It must definitely be him!~

Nie Qiu remained unmoved, and did not inform the rest.

Qin Zhen was powerful, and even the slightest hint of movement would shake him.

Another ripple quietly came through.

Tie Xie had grasped the location of the infiltrator, but because he was worried that the intruder might sense it, he did not dare lock onto the position.

Nie Qiu allowed Tie Xie to remain stationary, to him, knowing the location of the enemy was sufficient.

Nie Qiu laughed silently.

He acted as if nothing had happened and raised his head: “Rest time is over, everyone, let us begin the next round of training.”

Everyone stood up. Training required 120% effort from them. Especially for Victor and the others, they had never gone through such high intensity collective training. Like Xu An Zhong, his own training intensity was always higher than what they were going through, but he did not need to split his concentration onto others, he did not need to be afraid of being not in sync with his mates and break the training.

Their individual strengths were stronger than the Null Division members, and the movements of the tactics were not a problem for them, but the problem they had was rhythm. They needed to perfectly match with everybody’s rhythm, and not get everyone to match with theirs.

Gu Xue, Xu An Zhong, Roland Su, Victor, Ben Sen, all of them were facing their most difficult enemy as of yet.

Every training session, they would give it their all, and not dare to be a second distracted. They were much stronger than the rest, and their foresight was much more outstanding, thus they could see that when they have truly assimilated into the formation, the formation would explode with power.

They were able to rise above others regardless of determination or talent.

Being serious, they improved quickly.

“We are going to train the Tri–Yin Yang Transfiguration tactic, everyone try to recall the best you can first.”

Nie Qiu said calmly.

Everyone was bewildered, they were just training in the [Yin Yang Loop], which was a defensive tactic. Why did they suddenly change to the [Tri–Yin Yang Transfiguration]? It was an offensive type tactic which they had spent the entire yesterday to train.

They reckoned that Nie Qiu was afraid that they would forget, and thus wanted them to review the old tactic, so no one suspected anything.

Nie Qiu then said: “Everyone trained in it yesterday, but it was not too good, yesterday, all of you did restraint training, today, you will all perform release training, perform well.”

Everyone nodded their heads, they found it reasonable.

The so called restraint training was a language they used, it meant that they trained with restraint and not utilized their full force. For the release training, it meant that they were to utilize everything they had as though they were truly attacking.

Following the demands of the formation, everyone stood in formation.

Nie Qiu whose eyes could not see anything had a smile that was not a smile, his robes moved without any wind, and the Yin Yan Formation quietly activated.

He was like a blind pianist, gently tapping on a black line.