Undefeated God of War - Chapter 753 – Mu Zhi Xia

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Chapter 753 – Mu Zhi Xia

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

It was winter in the Wei Ye Guan Continent. The snow and gales caused the entire sky and ground to be white, looking across the horizon, it was difficult to differentiate the directions.

The Wei Ye Guan Continent was well known for its bitter cold land, its wind and snow was extremely powerful. It was a wild land located on the border of the Savage Continent, and due to its extreme cold, the Wei Ye Guan Continent only had one season. The one guarding over this place was the first of the Five Honorable Martial Tigers, Mu Zhi Xia.

Mu Zhi Xia had always been guarding over the Wei Ye Guan Continent and rarely left, compared to the other four’s achievements and military deeds, he had nothing to write about. But his identity as one of the Five Honorable Martial Tigers had never swayed.

His body released a pure white light aura, as he strolled around under the frantic snow and gales.

He donned the most ordinary armor, which was covered with many cuts and scars, it was obviously very old, but one could tell that it was maintained very regularly and carefully. Other than the pure white light around him, Mu Zhi Xia was no different from any of the ordinary soldiers. His face was covered with frost, his moustache was frozen, he has some white hair on his head, and his gaze was abstruse.

The bodyguards maintained a distance around him and looked around cautiously.

They walked into a large canyon and walked further in, where the wind was even bigger.

Bang bang bang, light barriers formed around the soldiers’ bodies. The wind in the canyon had already formed wind blades, where there were lines all over the walls of of the canyons cut by the wind blades, formed through the passing of time.

But inside the canyon, there was not a speck of snow. The winds were too strong, and snow could not land inside.

The bigger the winds, the more condensed the wind blades, which shot out like a powerful martial artist who trained in Wind Laws.

The light barriers around the soldiers had sparks periodically, and their progression inwards became slower. But that was not the most painful thing, most of the pain came from the cold intent contained within the wind. The Ice Wind Canyon was the place of origin of where all the cold air came from in Wei Ye Guan Continent, causing the continent to have winter all year round.

The bone chilling cold intent caused the energy in their bodies to plummet quickly.

Mu Zhi Xia’s target was the entrance of the Ice Wind Gap, which was in the deepest region of the Ice Wind Canyon.

“You guys just stay here.”

Mu Zhi Xia continued to walk inwards without turning back, the white light around him became more congealed, like a sun inside strong winds. The soldiers behind watched their Master who strolled in leisurely, their eyes filled with revere.

Mu Zhi Xia walked further in for another 10 minutes before reaching the location, where the power of the wind was extremely strong, and even he had a serious look on his face. The light aura around him was extremely bright, and his speed of advancing had slowed down greatly, every step he took was extremely stable. The powerful wind blades were extremely cold, but the white light continued to rise, causing the speed of exhaustion on Mu Zhi Xia to increase greatly.

He walked in step by step as though it had no effect on him, until he reached the Ice Wind Gap.

The Gigantic Ice Wind Gap appeared in front of him. It was an Ice Wind Gap that spanned across 60km, as though it was the entrance to Hell. In front of it, human beings were so minute. At this point, the strength of the winds had reached its peak, but there were no sounds, because in here, the speed of the wind had surpass that of sound. Endless gales and cold inte

nt surged out from the Wind Gap. The high speed winds shot out lines of light, which distorted in the Ice Wind Gap, making it look like a Star Door.

Mu Zhi Xia unsheathed the steel sword on his waist, which was enveloped with a dense layer of light.

The powerful winds blew out a trail of light from the white light.

~The trail of light reached a length of 1m.~

Mu Zhi Xia recorded, he sheathed back his sword and stared at the gigantic Ice Wind Gap in front of him. He had been here countless times, but everytime he looked at the endless wind gap, he would still gasp and admire at its natural state and the immense power it wielded.

He turned to leave.

Ever since he was assigned to guard Wei Ye Guan Continent and found out about the existence of the gigantic wind gap, he would visit it personally once a month. He would use his sword aura to test the wind speed, an idea that he came up with. For a full 20 years, he recorded the fluctuations of the wind gap speed.

After the long years and observations, he realized that the fluctuations of the wind speed from the wind gap followed a unique pattern.

The gigantic Ice Wind Gap was a gigantic Star Door.

And he had a few guesses on what was on the other side. From the first time he laid his eyes on the Ice Wind Gap, he had a feeling that the Star Door could be used. It was just from this feeling, that he spent 20 years of time to continuously record and observe. His guesses were gradually narrowed down.

Outstanding military generals were uncommon, but for someone with 20 years of determination, that was extremely rare.

It was also because of his conscientious attitude that made him well trusted by many of his generals and higher ups of Honorable Martial Continent. Very few people knew that Mu Zhi Xia’s station at Wei Ye Guan Continent had an important mission.

Savage Continent!

The Honorable Martial Continent had eyed the Savage Continent for very long, as it was completely different from other continents, and thus they wanted to understand them. Although the living environment of the Savage Continent was harsh and cruel, but it was not as barren and infertile as what others said. Instead, the Savage Continent had a unique product, which was able to make Honorable Martial Continent become even stronger if they were to take over the Savage Continent.

But, the Honorable Martial Continent did not make any reckless moves. There was a reason why the Savage Continent was mysterious to the other people, and that was because no one had ever successfully campaigned over Savage Continent. In history, countless of ambitious heroes had tried to subdue the Savage Continent, but no one had had ever succeeded.

Although the Savage Continent was occupied by various different tribes who fought against each other every day, but upon encountering intruders from the outside, they would band together and show off their tremendous might.

Mu Zhi Xia’s deployment to Wei Ye Guan Continent was to continuously mend the relationship between the outsiders and the Savage Continent, doing trades and business with them. Although Honorable Martial Continent’s trade was not as prosperous as the Southern Domain, but compared to the old fashioned Savage Continent, they were rather flourished.

In pursuit of the Honorable Martial Continent’s persistent embezzling strategy, his influence on the Savage Continent continued to grow more and more. Mu Zhi Xia’s infiltration to Savage Continent continued to deepen, reports and information flowed like a river to Mu Zhi Xia’s table.

The mysterious Savage Continent was being read page by page by Mu Zhi Xia, revealing the chaos, the brutality and their true strength.

20 years of persistence was a terrifying power.

He was not the most quick–witted leader, and did not have absolute genius ideas, but he held the persistence and patience to act step by step.

Returning to his camp, Mu Zhi Xia received a report: “The Black Water Tribe’s Shang Bei is waiting for you!”

He nodded his head and took large strides towards the main hall. Inside the hall was a half naked large statured man who was eating greedily.

“Have you been starving for a few days?” Mu Zhi Xia laughed, without any arrogance, he casually walked over to the other side of the table and took up the knife on the table, he cut out the leg of the goat and started eating.

The Black Water Tribe was a small tribe near them, and was one of the earliest tribes that started trading with the Wei Ye Guan Continent, and the two of them were familiar with each other. The Honorable Martial Continent’s influence continued to grow, and even started to extend towards the bigger tribes. But Mu Zhi Xia still treated Shang Bei the same, and did not mistreat him just because the Black Water Tribe was weak.

“For 12 days.” Shang Bei spoke with food in his mouth: “I almost could not make it back.”

Mu Zhi Xia carefully ate the goat meat, and after a moment, he asked: “What? Could it be that your journey was not peaceful?”

After finishing his food, Shang Bei drank down a cup of wine, before raising his head satisfyingly and sigh. He said: “We engaged in battle.”

Mu Zhi Xia smiled: “Battle? Tell me, where are there no battles? Furthermore in the Savage Continent, isn’t it normal to battle?”

Mu Zhi Xia’s words were not exaggerated, the Savage Continent was the most chaotic place, and there were always battles between tribes, it was extremely normal. That was why the trade routes in Savage Continent were all broken, any trade caravans on the road would all be plundered, and all the goods would always go missing.

But high profits came with high risks, the Honorable Martial Continent’s one caravan journey was able to give the Black Water Tribe one month of rations for the winter.

Shang Bei was in a daze, and after a moment, he revealed a strange expression.

Mu Zhi Xia immediately sensed it: “What?”

“The West Water Tribe was destroyed, I saw it myself.” Shang Bei was in a daze, his words extremely light.

“The West Water Tribe!” Mu Zhi Xia stopped whatever he was doing, his face turned gloomy. The West Water Tribe and the Black Water Tribe both have the word water in their names, but their strengths were on two different levels. The West Water Tribe was one of the large tribes in the Savage Continent, they were powerful and their Tribe Chieftain Chi Tu was ambitious.

~The West Water Tribe was a tribe with the potential to become a King Court, but it was destroyed just like that?~

Shang Bei was not himself, he spoke as if he was talking about a nightmare: “It was the Steel Mountain King Court and North Blizzard King Court, they formed an alliance to destroy the West Water Tribe.”

Mu Zhi Xia’s expression became extremely strange, he knew of both King Courts, they were the two strongest King Courts in Savage Continent’s Northern Parts. Mu Zhi Xia knew of all the powers at the back of his hand, and knew that they were mortal enemies with many years of hatred and desire for revenge against each other, ~How could they form an alliance?~

His first reaction to it was the notion being ridiculous, but he knew that Shang Bei was an earnest man and would not speak without thinking.

“How did they form the alliance?” Mu Zhi Xia’s tone became serious.

Shang Bei finally regained his senses, the battle had shook him greatly. The powerful West Water Tribe that flowed blood was imprinted deeply in his mind.

He shook his head: “I do not know. But I heard of a rumor, they say there is a woman, a godlike woman. Tie Ji and Ah Si Ming have pledged themselves to be her surbordinates. She took a great army south, they were unstoppable, they say she is like a goddess of war, every battle she engaged in, she won, and she kept on moving. The Gold Forest King Court was not willing to join them, so she beat them down, their prestige fell, and they were so afraid that they shifted west. When I was returning back, I heard that the Gold Forest King Court is no more, his subordinates turned coat, and brought the Sovereign’s head to the Goddess of War. All the people in Gold Forest King Court were swallowed by her.”

“They moved south, and no one was able to stop them.” Shang Bei licked his lips, his tone becoming excited: “She is a Goddess of War, a true Goddess, wherever she goes, no one can stop her. People say…..”

He swallowed his saliva and looked at Mu Zhi Xia, there was anticipation mixed with fear in his eyes, a light that no darkness could stop.

“That the Savage Continent will be unified, there is going to be a true King from within us.”

Pa, the knife in Mu Zhi Xia’s hand was broken.