Undefeated God of War - Chapter 750 – Scythe

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Chapter 750 – Scythe

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The black death wires locked Tang Tian firmly down. He could clearly feel the power released from the wires, andthe skin numbing corrosive feeling felt like countless worms digging into his body.

Under the immense pressure of the Death Wires, Tang Tian felt as if his bones were about to be broken off.

In front of him, the Death Aura was so condensed that it congealed into a scythe, releasing an extremely biting colddeath feeling, as though it was the scythe specially used by the Death God to claim lives. The strength of the KingPuppets were forever incomparable to Death God, for him to unleash that technique, he had to give up an arm.

With the broken arm, the King Puppet’s death aura all over its body quickly dropped, becoming extremely dim, like amist dissipating.

~Suicidal attack?~

Tang Tian’s ice cold mental state did not jump at all, his eyes like molten iron releasing a palpitating feeling.

Time seemed to stop to a crawl.

The surging red light continued to emit out from the Demon Figure, as though the Demon Figure itself was fire. Themuscles and flesh in Tang Tian’s body burned quietly, the red light was like the furnace for steelmaking, and his bodywas like the materials being refined, continuously being burnt and reformed.

Strange changes occurred extremely quickly inside Tang Tian.

The Death Aura that infiltrated Tang Tian’s body was destroyed upon touching the red light.

An indescribable power was quietly being formed inside his body. Origin Force formed when the power of thephysique was ignited, and Tang Tian’s strength came from between the muscles and flesh, upon layers and layers ofoverlapping, and although the power moved at lightning speed, it still needed time to be formed.

But it was different now, Tang Tian felt that the inside his body contained a majestic ocean that waved whenever hewished for it, and he could hear the endless power churning from its vastness.

It was like a churning ocean, no, it was like a blazing ocean, it stirred endlessly,

and any small movements wouldcause a tsunami.

~Is this the true essence of the Angry Fist Seal?~

Tang Tian’s ice cold mental state finally had a change, suddenly, a thread of understanding rose in his mind, ~TheDemon Six Seals is not a martial technique used to fight, but methods to refine the body?~

This thought flashed past his mind, but it was not the time to ponder about it.

Without doing anything, the powerful ocean in his body suddenly screamed, Tang Tian’s eyes blossomed withdazzling red light, his arms stopped moving, his waist suddenly erupted with a large amount of power as he turned.

The tight death wires were extremely sturdy, and the powerful force passed through the death wires, caused theKing Puppet’s body to immediately lose balance.

They felt as if they became light, their bodies soaring into the sky and subconsciously held onto the death wirestightly.

The four Death King Puppets were actually spun into the air by Tang Tian.


One of the flying Death King Puppet was flung like a short put, and smashed onto the King Puppet Scythe.


The tough and durable Death King Puppet was easily sliced into two. It did not reveal a drop of blood, the blackscythe seemed to have eaten a meal and became even more dense and pitch black, and continued to fly towardsTang Tian.

Tang Tian’s heart trembled, he did not stop his spin, and he started tiptoeing.


The ground beneath his feet crumbled, Tang Tian who was still spinning looked as though he was skating on ice, andsuddenly slid a few meters to the side.


Another Death King Puppet was sliced by the King Puppet Scythe easily like paper, splitting into two. The KingPuppet Scythe continued to absorb the death aura, becoming even more dense and black, and strangely revealing astrand of metal gloss.

It flew in a strange arc in the air, producing a whistling sound and continuing to shoot towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian did not expect the scythe to be so bizarre.

Without thinking, he tiptoed again, and slid further away.

Halfway in the air, his hands suddenly shot out, his palms moved like lightning as he grabbed onto the throats of twoDeath King Puppets, crack, their necks were instantly broken. But the Death King Puppets were like cockroaches,despite their necks being broken, but they still moved to attack him.

The sense of danger surged in Tang Tian’s mind.

Without thinking, he grabbed onto their palms and swung them, and then throwing them far out.

Bang, bang!

The two of them exploded into black mists in the sky, strangely, the two regiment of mist did not dissipate, andsquirmed around like living things, it was bizarre and horrifying.

Xiu, the scythe was like a shark that caught the scent of blood, it swerved and swept through the two black mists.The two clouds of mist immediately disappeared without a trace left. The black scythe suddenly stopped and floatedin the air quietly, completely changing its form, the broad blade body revealed many sinister and distorted faces, inan order of smallest to biggest. The scythe’s edge was even more terrifying, it was a row of teeth with blooddripping. The broad blade body was not compatible with its look at all, with its extremely long handle, it made peoplesuspect that it would break when coming into contact with force.

He Xin who was in the dark had his vision full red, two blood streaks falling from his eyes. Blood also flowed from hisnose and mouth.

But his face revealed a strange smile.

[Death God’s Scythe]!

~Who would have known that I would be able to unleash this technique before I die.~

He Xin laughed bitterly, at this point of time, he no longer had any chance of living. But his mental state was already at the brink of craziness, his expression was one of a maniac, the consecutive death aura of the five Death King Puppets and the combustion of ⅘ of his Law Surface allowed him to unleash this technique. It was an undisputed ultimate technique for the Martial Artists who trained in Death Laws, and was one of the strongest killing technique in the Death Laws system.

~It’s beautiful.~

~At least I can die in content, you ants….~

~To die from this technique, be glad.~

~How fortunate am I, to be able to die for this technique.~


He laughed crazily, he no longer concealed himself, all his entire life, he worked hard, he hid in the darkness, all hislife he remained extreme viewed other people’s life as grass, at this moment, he finally stepped out to a thought thathe never would have considered, a place where he never thought he would step to.

All living things were meant to die, like all the ants in his eyes, he himself was not excused from it, he was just a speckin the world, the eternal darkness in his mind, had always been his path and his reason for living.

~Burn my body, return me back to the soil.~

His entire body kept on flowing with blood, suddenly, the drops of blood all lit up with strands of black flames, hisfanatical face regained tranquility, the current him looked extremely at peace.

He wanted to embrace death, the biggest and everlasting final destination of the world.

The black flames engulfed his body.

This happened extremely quickly, to the point that when everyone heard his fanatical laughter, they could not reactin time before He Xin was engulfed by the flames. He Xin’s body dissolved in the flames, but his face maintained apeaceful smile all the way.

The strange scene caused everybody’s hairs all over their bodies to stand.

The black flames burned quietly in the air, squirming and wiggling like it was living, suddenly, it transformed into ablack fiery light, and entered the Death God Scythe.

The scythe remained unmoved.

Just at that moment, a hand formed at a speed visible to the naked eye, when it reached its peak, it stopped.

In the air, this single arm grabbed onto Death God Scythe.

The arm was not bulky, but instead was extremely skinny, with pale skin, its five long and slender fingers grabbedonto the Scythe’s hilt.


The air around suddenly turned extremely cold, causing everyone’s face to turn white.

The single arm grabbed onto the scythe, looking as though the arm and scythe was cut off from somebody’s body,and was continuously leaking with blood. The scythe’s blade had many many spirit faces that seemed to demand forvengeance, wailing out on and off, no matter how one tried to stuff their ears, they would not be able to stop hearingthe voices. The tooths on the edge of the scythe were moving slowly like a ravenous wild beast, somewhat impatientto draw blood.

Tang Tian’s face finally changed expressions.

He could feel that when the broken arm became complete, the death aura emitting from the scythe suddenlydisappeared.

If he did not have his eyes on the arm and scythe, he would think that it did not exist.

In his mind, the Demon Figure that always remained indifferent had also sensed the immense threat.

In the distance, Xu Dong Xiang quietly looked on, lightly biting on the bitter fruit, where the black juice wasextremely bitter.

~Uncle He….~

He kept quiet, he could have made a move, but he did not. ~Uncle He has already become a public enemy, the entireEast Immortal City wants him dead, If I were to go out, the entire Xu Family will be deemed as the enemy too.~

He could not do that.

He watched as his Uncle He burnt his own Law Surface, watched as his Uncle He burnt himself, and watched the armof the Death God.

He knew what it was, the arm of the Death GOd, when He Xin burnt himself, he finally glanced onto the figurebehind [Hell]. Although it was just an arm, but although it was incomplete, the Death God’s Arm represented ahigher power.

~Ghost Face Mask will definitely die.~

He did not have much hatred for people, and felt no sense in hating a person who was about to die.


He reminisced about the past as images flashed past his eyes, from him being a toddler and learning how to walk,crying out and calling for his Uncle He, to when he was a young child looking at the man who always hugged him andlaughed.

When he was 12, Uncle He left.

20 years later, the Uncle He who had killed countless of people brought the Infamous name back, brought his viewof other people’s lives as grass back, brought the angry spirits back, he concealed his identity and became the UncleHe who smiled once again.

~He is the devil, while I am the Angel.~

~I can’t make any move….~

Xu Xiang Dong looked up into the sky, two tears rolled down his cheeks, and mixed into the juice of the bitter fruit.

After a few moments, he wiped the tears away, and ignoring the stains formed from the bitter fruit juice, his gazeturned sinister and emotionless, reinstating his indifferent expressions. He glanced at Ghost Face Mask, who to him,was already a dead man.

~I can’t let Uncle He’s sacrifice go to waste.~

~Purple Cuckoo City!~

Before others could do it, he wanted to take down Purple Cuckoo City.

~Only by taking Purple Cuckoo City and taking all the Null Division Prisoners will the Xu Family become stronger.~ Purple Cuckoo City that does not have Ghost Face Mask protecting it, to him, it was like a beauty who had no guards, an extremely enticing and alluring meat.

His eyes immediately blazed up.