Undefeated God of War - Chapter 749 – Death Wire King Puppet

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Chapter 749 – Death Wire King Puppet

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Death Wire King Puppet.

Xu Ye could not believe his own eyes, ~Is that old man insane? Has He Xin gone mad?~ Death Wire King Puppet wasnot something a Law Surface could activate, Death Wire King Puppet’s formation required many harsh conditions,and one of it was a higher level of power.

It consumed an entirely different grade of power than that of the Death Wires and Death Puppets. Death Puppetsmerely required the Death Wires to go around the main joints of the body, and one could freely control the DeathPuppet to be used. But a Death Wire King Puppet was completely made up of Death Wires.

In reality, it was the Puppet Master that controlled the Death Puppets to fight through the use of Death Wires. Asfor the Death Wire King Puppet, it was able to fight by itself, the dense and powerful death aura emitted from thePuppet’s body had already transformed the human’s composition that was inside the puppet.

Other than being able to produce a dense amount of death qi from burning the Law Surface, it could also form astate between a Law Surface and a Law Space, allowing the user to borrow the power of the Law Space.

If a Puppet Master gained enlightenment on his Law Space, the Death King Puppet would transform into thegreatest form of a puppet, a [Death God].

(TN: In Sin Domain, there is four levels in using Laws, Law Exposure, Law Surface, Law Domain, and ultimately LawSpace.)

The Death Law Space was called [Hell], and [Death God] was one of the strongest powers in Hell. A Death Puppet Master’s power could never be doubted, but it had a steep learning curve, demanding a high requirement in enlightenment and temperament.

In the history of Sin Domain, no one had ever gained enlightenment on [Death God], although Sin Domain’s historywas rather short.

He Xin’s attainment in the Death Puppet could be said as the strongest amongst the martial artists who chased the same dao. For the sake of stopping Ghost Face mask, he ignited his own Law Surface without second thoughts, allowing himself to summon the Death King Puppet, which was only second to the Death God, it was extremely powerful, and hailed as the only puppet closest to the power of Death God.

When Xu Ye saw the Death King Puppet, he was stupefied, ~Does He Xin have some hatred against


But when he looked on, he then understood, Xu Residence, He Xin was part of the Xu Residence!

Xu Ye was a sharp man, and immediately connected the dots.

The present battle had reached its climax.

Tang Tian finally stopped, five black figures had brought forth countless of shadows that whistled and circledaround Tang Tian. Their movements were extremely fast, faster than the Death Puppets, with a rise in theirstrength. The most terrifying thing was their consciousness had been raised, and comparing them, the previousdeath puppets looked like mere toys.

The Five Death King Puppets knew how to use battle formations, thus increasing the pressure on Tang Tian.

But Tang Tian was not afraid, he was immersed in the Angry Fist Seal, and his body that was boiling up had formed astrange balance with his ice cold consciousness. The iron chains gripped by him felt weightless, and when he pulledon them, it brought forth extremely low resounding screeches, as though there was an ancient beast howling fromthe distance. Countless of ripples permeated out.


A smear of a shadow was flung away by the iron chains, it was a Death King Puppet that was planning on sneaking anattack on Tang Tian. Its bone shattering voice was drowned by the sounds from the iron chains, thus no one couldhear its wail. This Death King Puppet was flung out like a ball, the black figure flashed and shot out like an arrow,fiercely clashing into a courtyard.


The courtyard was transformed into smithereens.

But due to the huge commotion, all of the experienced citizens nearby had long escaped out of the area.

After a few seconds, the pitch black Death King Puppet crawled out from the pit, as though nothing had happened toit, it shot into the sky once again to battle.

One of the Death King Puppet took the chance when Tang Tian was tangled up with three of its companions, andbroke through the blockade Tang Tian made with the chains, sticking close to the ground, it quietly snuck up on TangTian.

Both parties quickly got closer, it’s pitch black eyes flickered and its body disappeared, in the next moment, itappeared right Behind Tang Tian, and what no one expected was that its blink technique did not release any rippleof laws.


A palm had suddenly appeared in its vision unknowingly.

The palm formed the shape of a blade and slashed. It had no aura, and the air around fluctuated.

Devil, I, Execution!

This blade slashed right straight into the Death King Puppet’s face. The surging power erupting suddenly.


The Death King Puppet’s head suddenly bent backwards, the Death Wires that coiled around the head tightly wereall slashed apart and scattered out in a mess, revealing a pale white face.

“Ah Xiang! No!”

Someone from the crowd suddenly screamed, the lady covered her mouth as her face turned pale white and herbody started swaying. The man was her younger brother, who was actually turned into a Death King Puppet. Thatfamiliar face that had not one thread of blood left was already dead.

The heartbreaking scream enveloped the entire street.

The crowd were in an uproar, a few ran over to console her with faces of rage.

“Death Puppet Master! Find him! He must be near!”

“That’s right, he is definitely here somewhere! He actually turned Ah Xiang….”

He Xin who was hidden in the shadows was bleeding from his nose, mouth and eyes, it was a horrific sight. ~All theseants, they think they can find me, truly overestimating themselves.~ A sinister look flashed past his eyes.

~It is your honor to be able to become my puppet.~

He squinted his eyes, and retracted all of his aura, and like a dead tree, he camouflaged himself into thesurroundings. Many people had died as his puppets, ever since he gained enlightenment on the Dead Heart Seeds,he became fearless and reckless. All of the normal humans were used by him when and where he liked, to him, itshould be their most prideful thing to be able to be his puppet.

Many people walked past him, but no one sensed his existence. He had killed countless of people and was extremelycrafty, how could he be affected by the normal citizens around him?

But he could sense that Xu Ye was looking for him.

To him, Xu Ye was bright but was too soft, and he was not liberal in how he trained the Life and Death Laws, ~Sotrain for what?~ As a man who drew blood, he was filled with disdain towards Xu Ye, whom he thought was abeautiful flower that was groomed and kept in the safety of a greenhouse.

He retracted his aura perfectly.

Ghost Face Mask’s strength far surpassed his expectations, and he somewhat believed that Ghost Face Mask wasthe inheritor of Ancestor Li. When he crossed techniques with Ghost Face Mask, he could clearly feel the changesbehind the mask. Previously, Ghost Face Mask’s strength was surprising, but now, it was of a different level.

~Everything started from when his fist changed, when that strange red light appeared.~

He Xin Carefully recalled the punch, suddenly, his heart pounded, he finally realised. Ghost Face Mask’s fist, no, itwas not a fist, it was an illusion, the fist was not real.

~That’s not a fist, that’s a hand seal!~

~That finger technique he used against my Death Wire Net that looked as though he was plucking flowers, that isalso definitely a seal.~

~Could he….really be...the inheritor of Ancestor Li….~

He Xin was overwhelmed with shock, because if it was real, it would truly be a shocking revelation to Sin Domain.~Everyone knows of Ancestor Li’s strength and grace to Sin Domain, and for his inheritor to be so powerful as well,I’m afraid….~

He did not dare consider further.

~I should only think about it after I get through this~ His eyes became even more ferocious. ~If Ghost Face Mask istruly Ancestor Li’s Inheritor, I cannot let him live. If he lives, the Xu Family will be destroyed in a night.~

He Xin was extremely loyal to the Xu Family, and at the moment, he had no regards for his own life.

~Regardless of anything, we have to kill Ghost Face Mask!~

Looking at his Law Surface that was 30% burnt, He Xin had confidence. ~With this life, I must pull Ghost Face Maskinto hell with me. He is obviously weakened as well, the red light around him had dimmed greatly, the intense battlehad taken a toll on him.~

The Death King Puppet with Ah Xiang as the medium wriggled once more, the Death Wires on his body once againenveloping his head.

Ghost Face Mask’s movements were slow, his fatigue apparent.

Just at that moment, a Death King Puppet once again arrived behind Tang Tian.

The exact same thing occurred again, another “Devil, i, Execution’ came out, as though Tang Tian was prepared forhim.


Death Wires snapped and flew everywhere, and a pale face was revealed once more.

The group wailed out, a middle aged man knelt on the ground, his entire body trembling like a sieve, he cried outloud.

He Xin sneered, if the first slash caused the Demon King Puppet’s true face to be revealed was a coincidence, then, itmade him understand what Ghost Face Mask was trying to do. ~You want to use this ant to fight against me?~


Clearly understanding Ghost Face Mask’s idea, He Xin consciously controlled the other Death King Puppets to rushtowards Tang Tian.

Bang bang bang!

The consecutive attacks from the three other King Puppets inflicted more wounds on Tang Tian.

The heart wrenching cries drilled into everybody’s hearts.

The crowd’s uproar became louder and louder, the initially spectating martial artists all revealed rage on their faces.To use live humans as puppets was too cruel, too ruthless, and it was actually happening right in front of them inEast Immortal City.

“That fucker! Even If it will take my life away, I will find this scoundrel out!” A built man roared.

“Find him now!”

“This is too cruel!”

The uproar of the crowd became louder and louder, everyone had a common enemy.

Seeing that, Xu Ye’s eyes lit up, he shouted out loud for everyone to hear: “I too train in life and Death Laws, tocontrol the Death King Puppet, he must be within a distance of 300m.”

“300m, everyone scatter, do not even leave a speck of dust unturned, dig 1m into the ground, I don’t believe we can’tfind him!” The built man roared.

At that moment, all the martial artists scattered, they hated the Puppet Master to the bones.

He Xin’s face finally changed, regardless of how perfectly hidden he was, if they were to search inch by inch, hewould not be able to escape.

If his position was revealed, he would be in danger.

~No, I can’t let them find me!~

An unprecedented fear rose in his heart, ~These damn ants, to dare go against me, I want to kill all of you! All ofyou!~

He Xin was filled with killing intent and fear. One of the Death King Puppet suddenly retreated and rushed towardsthe crowd.

~I can just use one of my puppet to kill everyone here. You want to instigate something? Look at the people aroundyou, every single person is going to die, you guys still want to act as heroes?~

He Xin’s face was sinister and blood red, he knew of the ugly side of human nature, as long as the people were indanger, he knew what all of them would do.


A skin numbing whistling sound swept across everybody’s head.

The arm thick iron chain struck onto the Death King Puppet that was rushing for the crowd, but this time, it was notflung out, but locked tightly within the chains.

Tang Tian moved his hand, recalling the Death King Puppet back towards his side.

Seeing that, He Xin’s face changed, ~Damn it!~

~But, you think you can just lock down my Death King Puppet?~

The other three Death King Puppets pounced towards Tang Tian, sou sou sou, countless of black Death Wires shotout from their bodies, aimed straight for Tang Tian’s arms, legs, and waists, the Death Wires locked tightly onto him.

~Go and die!~

The Death King Puppet that was pulled back by the chains revealed a black light in its eyes, it raised its arm thattransformed into a black mist, and suddenly slashed towards Tang Tian.

The arm disappeared and transformed into a black scythe, the dead cold death aura aimed towards Tang Tian’sneck!

~King Puppet Scythe!~

The dim pupils beneath the Ghost Face Mask suddenly lit up with a red light.