Undefeated God of War - Chapter 747 – Death Puppet Master

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Chapter 747 – Death Puppet Master

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Grasping Flower Seal, the most familiar seal Tang Tian knew of amongst the Demon Six Seals.

The Seal made it look as if he was picking flowers.

Tang Tian’s aura suddenly changed. If it were to be compared, previously, Tang Tian was like a heavy and powerful axe, but now, he had become extremely calm and still, as though he was picking flowers with a gentle smile, his fingers aimed straight towards the sinister face pouncing onto him.


Like a pricked balloon, the face started to deflate and disappear.

A groan sounded out from the distance.

Tang Tian felt the death wires coiling around his right hand loosen, and without hesitation, he shook it, causing an immense power to suddenly erupt, and the many of the death wires snapped.

The Death Wires were extremely hard to be break free from, upon being snapped, they became alarm like snakes and coiled even more fervently around Tang Tian.

But in the blink of the eye, Tang Tian had finished forming another seal.

Weeping Sword Seal.

An indescribable grief aura surged out from Tang Tian’s body, the seal forming out like a sword. Inside Tang Tian’s mind, the Demon Figure appeared, the sound mist flying around the palm that had formed the Weeping Sword Seal, and all of the grief and sorrow in the world seemed to have seeped into his bones.

A human has seven emotional states and six desires, all of which could form a demon.

The seal in Tang Tian’s right palm emitted a strange mist, inside the mist were countless of grieving sounds, which coiled around the Death Net on Tang Tian, immediately shattering them into black mist which retreated back into the Death Wire Net.

Tang Tian immediately pulled out his right hand.

The Death Wire Net retreated like ink, and disappeared into the darkness.

The commotion was too huge, immediately stirring the entire inn.

Tang Tian and the rest did not stay in an ordinary inn, the Xu Family was also a big family, and paid particular attention towards high quality of living, so there were no low end inns in the city. Furthermore, Xu Ye had long anticipated for such a matter, since they could not guard against any assassin’s sneak attack, why not be clear cut and open.

But what Xu Ye did not expect was that they would actually meet the Death Puppet Master, He Xin.

Xu Ye trained in Life and Death Laws, thus he knew the variations of Life and Death, which were abstruse and unfathomable. Life came from death, and vice versa. The denser the death aura, the more flesh it required, He Xin’s Law Surface was actually extremely dense with Death Aura, who knew how much bodies he had consumed.

Xu Ye trembled at the thought of it.

Martial artists who trained purely in Death Laws were not generally welcomed, and the majority of them would be Infamous people. Without the balance with Life Laws, not only would Death Laws corrode the martial artist’s body, but it would even corrode the state of mind, causing them to be ruthless and brutal.

Shouts could be heard from the outside, fires were ignited, obviously the guards of the inn had heard the commotion and were rushing over.

Xu Ye carefully checked the place, and finally calmed down, he could not sense He Xin’s aura.

“He left.”

Xu Ye’s heart was beating hard.

Tang Tian did not move at all, not relaxing himself one bit.

Seeing that, Xu Ye once again probed around extremely carefully, and then opened his eyes and confirmed: “He’s gone.”

He trained in Life and Death Laws, and was extremely sensitive towards Life and Death aura, if He Xin was still around, he would definitely be able to sense him, like how he found

out about He Xin at the start.

Tang Tian did not speak, his eyes gradually sweeping across all corners in the courtyard, his movements extremely slow.

A group of bodyguards barged in.

The leader of the bodyguards looked at the big hole in the wall and asked: “What happened?”

Xu Ye snorted: “I never expected that the East Immortal Pavilion would not be safe. But it’s fine, I doubt that you can guard against Death Puppet Master He Xin.”

The leader’s voice changed upon hearing that: “What, Death Puppet Master He Xin!”

Xu Ye could not be bothered by him, the bodyguards only had strength to deal with ordinary experts, but against someone like He Xin, they were like ants.

The leader bowed: “Do you mind if we check the place?”

“There’s no need for that .” Xu Ye said impatiently.

The leader of the bodyguard bowed: “We have a responsibility, we hope customer understands.’

Xu Ye looked at Tang Tian, seeing Tang Tian nodding slightly, he said: “Alright, go take a look.”

The leader immediately replied: “Thank you!”

With that, he lowered his head and headed towards the hole in the wall, which was behind Tang Tian. The leader bowed and wanted to walk past Tang TIan. Just at that moment, a burst of light aura shot forth from Tang Tian’s eyes, and his hand blade suddenly slashed out.


His hand struck the leader’s body, as though he wanted to kill him. Pa, the man’s body flew out like a sandbag and struck the wall straight on, causing countless of cracks to form.

Xu Ye and the other guards were startled, and immediately all of the guards revealed looks of anger.

But right at that moment, a strange change occurred.

Black Death Aura suddenly emitted out of the leader. The black death aura quickly transformed into lines of Death Wires, in the blink of an eye, all of these Death Wires formed a large net, coiling around the man.

The Death Wires intercrossed each other, making the leader’s eyes to become pitch black.

“How did you find out?”

A low and hoarse voice came out from the man’s body.

Tang Tian’s left hand secretly formed the Formless Spirit seal, but he did not release the change in aura, causing him to be clear of the situation around him. His intuition was originally extremely sharp, other than Nie Qiu with his extreme senses, Tang Tian did not find anyone who surpassed him in this aspect.

The Formless Spirit Seal heightened his intuition, and he could sense every changes in a person.

Tang Tian’s Blade Devil Transformation was powerful, enough to shatter the bones in a person’s body and destroy the entire chest bone, but at the moment, the man’s chest was completely normal, all of his bones were as before, and only his skin was a death gray color.

Xu Ye’s face turned pale white, he was overwhelmed with shock. In that moment, the vitality of the bodyguard was quickly removed, and the dense death aura surged out from his body.

~That is…..~

Xu Ye muttered subconsciously: “Dead Heart Seed….”

The Death Law Surface was the most evil and terrifying ability. Upon reaching the complete state of enlightenment for the Death Law Surface, one would begin to produce life from death, and able to produce a bizarre grayish white seed, which was the Dead Heart Seed.

Dead Heart Seeds are produced from the most dense of death aura, but it did not have any aura of death. Many people who were inflicted by the Dead Heart Seed would never know it. The most terrifying thing about the Dead Heart Seed was that upon being implanted, as long as the target’s state of mind slackened, it would quietly slip into the mind of the victim and take root in the victim’s consciousness.

Once the Dead Heart Seed were to germinate, it would start extracting the victim’s vitality and transform it into death aura. It uses the target’s most fundamental life force, transforming it into an equally dense death aura. As it takes roots in the person’s consciousness, it would never give the victim the time to react.

“Hhehehehe, I knew that I can’t escape from Patriarch Xu’s sharp eyes.”

The dry and hoarse voice came out, the leader was like a puppet, every movement he made was extremely stiff, causing the rest to tremble.

All the guards’ faces had turned white, they did not realise that their leader was strange. Everyone looked at each other, seeing the fear in each other’s eyes, they all ran away.

Death aura shot out from all of their bodies.

In the blink of the eye, they all became the same dead puppets like the leader.

Tang Tian stared at them, feeling a rarely felt anxiousness. Regardless if it was Heaven’s Road or Sacred Saint Galaxy, they all adhered to norm, but in Sin Domain where laws were unique, everything was extremely strange and unfathomable.

The leader’s arms started to swing and shoot towards Tang Tian like an arrow.

Tang Tian snorted, he did not fear at all, and unleashed Executing the Heavens!


Tang TIan’s hand turned numb, the other party’s fist was strangely powerful. And in that few seconds, a few shadows pounced forward like lightning.

Bang bang bang!

Every strike caused Tang Tian’s arm to feel numb, all of these ordinary looking guards were releasing dense death aura, causing them to be as tough as steel. All of the death puppets would not stop, and continued to pounce at Tang Tian like maniacs.

The torrent of attacks caused Tang Tian to be forced backwards, and he did not even have time to catch a breath.

All of them looked like machines, but were moving extremely quickly, as though they were not limited by the constraints of a human being, all of their joints were moving at all sorts of angles.

The rage in Tang Tian’s chest grew accumulated more and more, the enemy’s methods were extremely strange, it made him feel as if he was fighting a pile of cotton, which made him even more infuriated.

He was becoming more ferocious too, ~So your death aura cannot be slashed? Your stupid puppets are as strong as steel? You think you can beat me because of your numbers?~

~What joke are you playing at!~

~If your death aura cannot be sliced, I will destroy your puppets! Your puppets are as strong as steel right, even if they are steel, I will shatter them to powder!~

Tang Tian roared out loud, he stopped retreating, and started counterattacking and pounced onto one of the puppets.

His left palm formed into a fist, whoosh, the temperature around him suddenly escalated, Tang Tian’s fist seemed to form a layer of red light, as though his fist caught fire.

Angry Fist Seal!

With the fist as a seal, it coincided with Tang Tian’s current state of mind, the unspeakable contentment surged in as a raging tide that churned his blood. It was as though he was being boiled up by a deep fryer, the rage moved endlessly.


The flow went to his fist, the anger made Tang Tian’s figure become slightly blurred, like the blazing heat wave distorting the air.

Two fists collided head on.

A powerful force erupted from Tang Tian’s fist, the puppet recoiled and struck a wall.

Bang bang bang!

The entire wall suddenly crumbled.

Inside the rubble, the puppet’s body continued to twitch, but it could no longer stand up.

An indescribable fulfilment flushed his body, Tang Tian’s red eyes regained a bit of clarity. But the few black figures pounced towards him again. He roared once, and released his fist multiple times, the Angry Fist Seal was able to increase his power by a few folds, which was initially already powerful enough, after the increase, it had become extremely terrifying.

One punch that felt like ten, there was no technique to his punches, as there was no need for any, every punch of his was extremely heavy.

Every puppet received a punch.

Under the furious power strikes, the dense death qi continued to crumble. The bodies of the puppets were completely destroyed, and as too much death qi was shattered, the puppets were no longer able to move.

In the shadows, He Xin spat out blood, his eyes revealing a look of shock.

Xu Ye stared blankly at Tang Tian who was the only one left standing, his eyes were scarlet red, but his expression ice cold, his entire body was emitting a very high temperature, as though he was a demon that walked out from the depths of hell.

Just at that moment, Tang Tian did something that Xu Ye would have never thought of.