Undefeated God of War - Chapter 746 – Infamous He Xin

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Chapter 746 – Infamous He Xin

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“How many families received this letter?”

Xu Xiang Dong, who had his robes opened up and lying on the rattan chair, with a bitter fruit in his mouth…. Thebitter fruit came from a sort of plant, its skin was extremely thick and chewy, but its taste was extremely bitter, thejuice was as black as ink, thus it was called the bitter fruit. Xu Xiang Dong’s addiction to the bitter fruit was wellknown in East Immortal City.

Old He stood respectfully by the side: “Three Families. Our family, the Yu and the Song Family. Our family has 66Prisoners, the Yu Family has 32, and the Song Family has 23.”

East Immortal City was by the side of the mountains and not near the ocean, thus the number of prisoners they hadobtained were much fewer than Purple Cuckoo City.

Xu Xiang Dong bit the bitter fruit, the black juice staining his teeth black, but he did not seem to care, and asked:“What about the news from Purple Cuckoo City?”

“The Qin Family is gone.” Old He said with confirmation: “The Four Families had joined forces and levelled the QinFamily.”

Xu Xiang Dong’s hand that was holding the bitter fruit close to his mouth suddenly stopped, he had a look ofsurprise: “Where’s Qin Zhen?”

“He is currently at Galloping Horse City.” Old He replied: “It is said that he is doing some transaction with the LuFamily, the Lu Family are giving Qin Zhen 200 of Null Division Prisoners, and the Qin Family will sell the Xue Familyto the Lu Family. This matter has shaken the Purple Cuckoo City, the Xue Family sought help from the variousfamilies, but no one dared to help them. Qin Zhen flew over to Galloping Horse City to visit Lu Sheng Xiang. But hehad always been interacting with the other families, wanting to purchase even more Null Division Prisoners, andhave already obtained the consent of a few families. The Lu Family did not object to that.”

“Hahahaha, Qin Zhen is definitely crying now. How can he bear that?” Xu Xiang Dong’s tone had a hint of delight over the disaster:

“No matter what, he should destroy the Four Families. Xu Ye might be strong, but he is still lacking when compared to Qin Zhen. That’s not right, I’ve met that brat Xu Ye before, he doesn’t look like a foolish man, why would he do such a foolish thing? Is he not afraid of Qin Zhen coming back to kill them?”

“We do not know much details regarding the internal affairs, but many people saw Ghost Face Mask and the XueFamily entering the city, and Xu Ye and the other major figures were extremely respectful towards them.” Old Hesaid.

“This Ghost Face Mask is something huh, I wonder what did they do, to make the group of people go crazy.” Xu XiangDong said languidly: “He is most probably a cheater, the inheritor of Ancestor Li, could it be that that made Xu Yescared? Wasn’t it said that he is a very shrewd man?”

“Even a shrewd man can be fooled.” Old He laughed.

“That’s true, the more shrewd the person, the easier it is for him to be fooled, and doesn’t that mean that the PurpleCuckoo City belongs to Ghost Face Mask now?” Xu Xiang Dong thought.

“Yes.” Old He answered respectfully: “But there were rumors, Purple Cuckoo City was covered in rainbows that day,and it lasted for a long time. Everyone said it was the awakening of a powerful martial artist. Qin Zhen left GallopingHorse City, but at the moment he has not revealed himself. Qin Zhen is a man full of doubts, without clarifying thesituation, he will definitely not act, and will most likely observe in the shadows.”

“Old He, do you think that that guy’s identity as Ancestor Li’s Inheritor is real or fake? Xu Xiang Dong suddenlyasked.

“Hard to say.” Old He thought for a bit: “Ancestor Li’s grace towards the various families in the past have causedmany frauds to run out once in awhile, trying to use his grace to benefit themselves. Previously, we did not hear ofany relation between Ghost Face Mask and Ancestor Li, only knowing that he is the leader of the Ursa Major NullDivision. This shouldn’t be fake, just that this old one has never heard of this Ursa Major Null Division, afterinvestigating around, I still got nothing. For the Inheritor of Ancestor Li, that is too sudden and strange. I presumethat this man knows that it will be difficult obtaining his subordinates back, and is donning on tiger skin to scare theothers.”

“These prisoners have good qualities, and even rarer loyalty.” Xu Xiang Dong said leisurely: “Although I have nointerest in that Ghost Face Mask, but the prisoners are good stuff. Qin Zhen spent so much efforts, I presume thatPurple Cuckoo City has many of those prisoners?”

“An impressive number, as Purple Cuckoo City is near the ocean, they picked up more than 400 prisoners, addingthe Lu Family’s supply of 200, they have 600 odd of them.” Old He seemed to know what the Patriarch was thinking,but he had to admit, it was truly something difficult to refuse.

All of the Null Division Prisoners had outstanding qualities, as long as they could be groomed and absorbed, the XuFamily’s strength would definitely soar. Qin Zhen’s planning was done well, but it was a pity that he overreached,and overestimated his own control over Purple Cuckoo City, thus resulting in such consequences.

If he was instead extremely stable in his own city, the Qin Family would definitely be different.

“Go and investigate on this Ghost Face Mask tonight.” Xu Xiang Dong said: “Who knows, we might be able toswallow Purple Cuckoo City up as well.”

“This old one will find out about him tonight.” Old He complied.

Xu Xiang Dong waved his hand, and Old He bowed and retreated. On his rattan chair, Xu Xiang Dong squinted hiseyes as he started to doze off, with a sneer on his face. He was different from Qin Zhen, Xu Xiang Dong wasextremely good at concealing his strength and biding his time. East Immortal City was just a small city, and the XuFamily was just a mediocre family. Xu Xiang Dong barely managed to fight his way into the List of Powerhouses, andwas a few positions behind Qin Zhen at rank 48.

But Xu Xiang Dong’s mind seemed to have never placed Qin Zhen in his eyes.


In an inn.

“They should have received the letter already, right.” Tang Tian was excited and eager.

Xu Ye smiled: “Yes, I am afraid that our background have already been checked by the families. East Immortal City has three families, the Xu Family, Yu Family, and the Song Family. The strongest will be the Xu Family, Xu Xiang Dong is a reserved and low profile man, he rarely steps out of Easy Immortal City, is currently ranked 48 on the List of Powerhouses, I suspect that he wants people to underestimate him.”

“When do we fight them?” Tang Tian asked eagerly.

He felt that although Xu Ye’s idea was good, but there was still something missing, the straightforwardness and joyin directly killing their way up the enemy’s doors. It was a pity, if it was Ursa Major Constellation, they would usetheir great armies to apply pressure, and see who dared to not hand over the Null Division Prisoners.

“I don’t think we need to take the initiative.” Xu Ye’s gaze suddenly turned cold.

Tang Tian was startled, but he immediately reacted, sensing a faintly discernable aura. His body flickered andappeared in the corner of the room like a ghost, his hand blade stabbing into the wall, cutting through it like tofu.

A biting cold aura collided with Tang Tian’s hand blade, bang, the wall in front of Tang Tian instantly exploded,causing countless of rocks to fly. If it were any ordinary person, their first instinct would be to retract their bodiesand retreat, as the exploding rocks were like arrows, and their vision would be clouded by the dust, unable to seetheir opponents, retreating was usually the most ideal option.

But not only did Tang Tian not retreat, he instead lowered his head, and like a bull, he shot into the cloud of dust.

His body was extremely tyrannical, and was his best weapon.

Inside the cloud of dust, a cold strike launched forward.

Tang Tian was not afraid, he slashed upwards, [Executing the Heavens] swept forward silently, colliding with thecold strike, the tyrannical power from Executing the Heavens erupted immediately.

The assassin did not expect that Tang Tian’s hand blade would have such power, and lost in the collision.

Tang Tian body followed the blade, wanting to strike again to cut the enemy in half.

But a feeling of clogging came from his hand, causing his body to turn sluggish, he then rushed out of the cloud ofdust, realising that he had actually fallen into the enemy’s trap.

The black cloud of dust had a dense layer of wires, crossing each other in front of him like a spiderweb. Theextremely fine black wires had coiled around his hand to his wrist like vines, and were locking him down tightly.Tang Tian pulled and pulled, but realised that he could not break them, the black wires were extremely sturdy, andthey seemed to be tied in a unique manner that dissolved Tang Tian’s strength.

Xu Ye finally saw everything clearly, his face changing: “Death Wires!”

He immediately understood why he had sensed the opponent faster than Master, it was because the enemy trainedin Life and Death Laws, the dense death law aura caused him sensed the enemy. Death Wires was the most famoustechnique used in the Life and Death Laws, formed from the most dense death law aura, it could corrode a person’svitality without the person knowing.

Death Wires?

Tang TI=ian heard Xu Ye’s exclamation, but he had no time to think, the net in front of him was extremely strange,Executing the Heavens’ power was extremely vigorous, but when he slashed at the black net, it was actuallydissipated. Furthermore, the black mist emitted by the black wires were like worms drilling into his skin.

The big net suddenly released a ripple, the chaotic death wires distorted around, turning into a terrifying man’s face.The man’s face was ugly and sinister, it opened its mouth and released a large amount of black mist, that was likecountless of grieving spirits.

“Death Puppet! Infamous He Xin!”

Xu Ye’s face became ugly, the dense death aura pounced forward. The moment the Death Puppet appeared, itshouted out the identity of the assassin. ~Death Puppet Master He Xin! An A Grade Infamous Man from 10 yearsago!~

He was so infamous that his name could cause infants to stop crying at night!

Life and Death Laws were one of the three Great Laws, and the number of people who trained in it were the mostfew amongst the three. Life and Death was unpredictable, Life and Death Laws’ variations were the most difficult tocomprehend. And there were even lesser people who solely trained in Death Laws, because the dense law aurawould unknowingly corrode the person’s body, and even the martial artist training in it was incapable of escapingfrom it. So the majority of martial artists would train in both Life and Death Laws, to use the Life Laws to resist thecorrosion of the Death Laws, which was like Xu Ye’s [Life and Death Seal].

But if one were to meet a martial artist who specialized in Life and Death Laws, they have to be careful, becausesuch an enemy usually indicated that they were powerful, furthermore, He Xin’s Infamous name, was definitely atthe top in the circle of those who trained in Life and Death Laws.

If it were a B Grade Infamous man, they were rising top grade martial artists, but the A Grade Martial artists were allpowerful martial artists able to fight with martial artists on the List of Powerhouses.

Xu Ye did not hesitate and urged the Life Laws in his body, his palm becoming transparent like crystal, and strucktowards the Death Wire Net. A transparent palm print suddenly pressed onto the net.

Countless of the black wires churned like black worms, fervently devouring the transparent palm print.

Xu Ye’s face turned, Life and Death subdued each other, but the extremely pure Life Hand print was actually unableto cause harm to the Death Wires. The death aura was too dense and furious, and both techniques were of differentgrades.

Just at that moment, the human face illusion suddenly moved, and opened its mouth to bite towards Tang Tian’shands.

All the hair on Tang Tian’s body erected, the intense sense of danger clouding his mind, Heavy Demonic Executionwas useless against Life and Death Laws, and his own palm was firmly locked down, unable to be moved an inch.

In that anxiousness, he ignored everything else and used his left hand to form the Grasping Flowers Seal.

The aura around Tang Tian instantly changed.