Undefeated God of War - Chapter 745 – Military Flag

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Chapter 745 – Military Flag

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The current expanded Sin Domain was a narrow crescent shaped region. On one side of the crescent was an endless mountain range, while on the other side, an endless blue sea.

The seventeen cities of the Sin Domain were scattered within here. The Four Main Cities were located right dead center of the crescent, where the land was prosperous, fertile, and had vast fields. As they were the first to break new grounds, the flat plains where no wild beasts could be hidden, was very safe.

Purple Cuckoo City was located at the eastern tip of the crescent, not only were they next to mountains, but they were also by the sea, and which was in fact a dangerous place.

Nearest to Purple Cuckoo City was East Immortal City and Sharp Wind City; where East Immortal City was located west of Purple Cuckoo City, while Sharp Wind City was located southwest of Purple Cuckoo City.

If one wanted to travel from Purple Cuckoo City, they had to first pass through Sharp Wind City, following the shoreline and head further west. Xu Ye’s change of path to East Immortal City was after considerations.

“This subordinate has thought about it the past two days, and require changes to our previous plan. Master, since you have inherited Ancestor Li’s inheritance, Master Ghost Face Mask’s identity can be preserved. Furthermore, you can go towards the other families to request for your troops.”

Xu Ye’s words surprised Tang Tian, who asked: “They will give them to me?”

“I am afraid not.” Xu Ye laughed: “Although Ancestor Li saved the Sin Domain that year, but that was history, reckon no one will ever bother returning the debt. But do not worry, because right from the start, we have proper reason to do so. Ancestor Li’s inheritor had gone out to travel and met with misfortune, his subordinates were taken and split by everyone, to go and demand them back from the families is a natural course of action.”

“But what use does that have?” Tang Tian was clueless.

“That is the first step.” Xu Ye said cheekily, after two days of careful consideration, his planning could be considered robust and foolproof: “At this time, everyone will be ignoring Master. But no matter, we will start building our prestige.”

“Building our prestige?” Tang Tian was startled.

“Yes, Master, by calling yourself the successor of Ancestor Li, everyone will naturally not believe you. So what can we do? We have to make everyone believe us, we need to continuously challenge famous experts, as long as Master wins, Master’s Demon Six Seals will become more and more famous, and everyone’s view on your demands will change. Master is Ancestor Li’s Inheritor, that is a name that shoots to the sky, in the future you will be hailed as a hero, and many eyes will be on you. Even if they do not wish to join your side, they will not make it difficult with the prisoners, Master will just have to trade them with things that will benefit them, and you will be able to redeem every single one of your subordinate.”

“We can do that!” Tang Tian’s eyes went round, he had a look of astonishment, Xu Ye’s words had opened a new window in his mind.

“Master’s identity is revered, and yet you are willing to put yourself in danger for your subordinates, as a lord, you will definitely be supported by others. But there will be people who will disapprove of your

actions, at that time, you just have to send out your army, with that pressure, they will obediently hand your subordinates over.”

Xu Ye’s pale white face revealed an unnatural red, his eyes sparkling like the stars in the sky.

After days of consideration, he suddenly realised that there was a new opportunity for the Sin Domain. If not for Ancestor Li’s Inheritor, the Master and the Null Division would be seen as outsiders to the entire Sin Domain, and the majority of the families would never trust them. But since the Master was the inheritor of Ancestor Li, the situation has completely changed, Tang Tian would have a deep connection with the Sin Domain, and would greatly demolish the hostility by the other families.

The gold title of Ancestor Li’s Inheritor, was definitely the sturdiest title, and more important, Tang Tian’s Null Division. On the Null Division members, Xu Ye saw another strength, as long as Tang Tian obtained his Null Division back, no one would be stronger than him.

And in that, Xu Ye saw hope for Sin Domain.

~Master is young and has outstanding talent, and with the top grade inheritance, Lu Tian Wen is definitely not Master’s endgame. A strong leader, a powerful army, in terms of power and prestige, who can stop Master?~

Xu Ye became extremely excited, and had been racking his brain juice for the past two days, formulating a plan for Tang Tian.

He controlled the excitement in him and maintained a calm stance: “As long as Master fights a few times and wins, no one in the Sin Domain will go against Master’s orders. Master’s troops will quickly be back in your arms.”

Tang Tian listened till his eyes were bright, he could hear that Xu Ye’s plan had a high possibility of succeeding. Compared to fighting family to family, Xu Ye’s plan was much stronger.

“We will do as you say.” Tang TIan said without hesitation.

Xu Ye hesitated for a moment, then looked at Tang Tian: “But this plan has a flaw.”

“What flaw?” Tang Tian immediately asked.

“Master will have to bear an immense risk.” Xu Ye explained: “Because once your identity as Ancestor Li’s Inheritor is revealed, it will attract jealous parties. They will definitely think of ways to obtain Ancestor Li’s inheritance. Master will always be in danger, and with the rise of your name, there is the chance of attracting the peak martial artists. If you want to raise your popularity, you can just announce the death of Lu Tian Wen. but by doing so, Lu Sheng Xiang will definitely do everything he can to kill you. So, Master, in this period of time, your strength will definitely soar, but since you need some time for buffer, it is better that you find a few people to fight with and warm up, to increase your chances to win against Lu Sheng Xiang.”

Xu Ye finally understood how Nie Qiu felt, it was not that they did not want to formulate a safer plan, but the Master was too strong, and in everything that they could think of, the Master would automatically become the core of it all.

Such a plan always had an irresistible lure. If it was in the past, he would definitely not make such a plan. Because in the plan, it completely relied on the wager of the Master alone. Wagering that the Master could bear such a burden, wagering that the Master will get stronger through the challenges.

Lu Tian Wen’s rank would only make the title of Ancestor Li’s Inheritor a joke. Only by obtaining a higher rank, an even more eye catching existence, could they get the entire Sin Domain to curry under the Master’s feet.

He did not know whether what he thought was right, but it was the best plan he could think of.

Tang Tian snorted: “Attract their attention? No matter, even if they do not come to find me, I want to find them! They will definitely be beaten by me until they kneel in front of me.”

Ever since he stepped into Sin Domain, Tang Tian always had a raging fire in his stomach. ~My own subordinates are held as prisoners, you guys want to just hand them back? Naive! Did they suffer for nothing?~ Tang Tian had already planned to repay the huge debt.

Just at that moment, a carriage appeared behind them, and the driver sent over the Blood Bear Black Flag and the Ghost Face Mask.

“The flag and the mask, this subordinate specially got them to send it over, this time, Master’s movements must be impressive, to be able to make an impact.” Xu Ye said: “Since we have decided to build our prestige, we must make it big, make it huge.”

Tang Tian looked at the blood bear black flag that was embroidered on, his face twitched, ~Don’t you guys know how to redraw it?~

The blood bear black flag was drawn exactly to what Tang Tian had done the previous time, but it was just embroidered on, and the flagpole swapped for a sturdier and stronger metal pole, it looked to be much more imposing.

“Master, you can go for your closed door training for the next few days.” Xu Ye chuckled: “I am afraid when we arrive at East Immortal City, you will be faced with consecutive battles.”

Tang Tian laughed, his fighting spirit roused: “Hahah, don’t worry about me!”


Purple Cuckoo City.

“Is my drawing good.” Ah Mo Li was pleased: “It’s much better than Crazy Tang’s.”

His drawing was truly better looking than Tang Tian’s, at least it looked like an ordinary bear.

Han Bing Ning ignored him, and handed down the duplicated copy of the blood bear: “We will go according with this.”

Ah Mo Li could not take it: “Don’t tell me you truly want to use this ugly bear to be the military flag of our Null Division?”

A sword was instantly drawn at his neck, the cold sword tip caused the hairs on his entire body to stand, Han Bing Ning who stood beside him spoke out with a cold voice: “You say it’s ugly?”

Ah Mo Li’s skin went numb, he could tell that Han Bing Ning was angry!

~This ice girl can truly do anything when she’s angry!~

Ah Mo Li raised his hands up immediately: “We will listen to you!”

After that, he felt that he was too weak, so he asked: “Did you ask for the opinions from the others?”

Han Bing Ning turned, and Nie Qiu seemed to be know that Han Bing Ning was looking at him. He chuckled: “I have no objections.”

He truly did not have any objections, he completely had no care about such minute details. Furthermore, in Leo Constellation, the Lion King’s personally grafted flag was filled with honor and glory, furthermore, the ugly flag was personally done by the Master.

With the Xue Family’s exquisite skills in weaving, they quickly finished the Blood Bear Black Flags,

Han Bing Ning looked at the new Blood Bear Black Flags, and the battle at the west street surfaced in her mind, the man in the Ghost Face Mask carrying the flag and shouting out “Ursa Major Null Division Han Bing Ning, report!

Seemed to be right at her ears.

She clearly remembered her state of mind, if not for her forcibly suppressing herself and not wishing for Da Lin and the rest to see her weakness, her tears would had already dropped down.

In the second battle, she followed behind Tang Tian, behind the flag, and seeing the ugly blood bear on the black flag swaying with the wind, she had already made a pledge to herself, to keep the flag and use it for the Null Division Military Flag.

In that difficult times, in the dangerous times, in the times of despair, it was the figure with the flag, the pride and disdain in his eyes that let her hope.

When everyone know about how the ugly flag was what Master brought to save Han Bing Ning, when they heard about how Master walked into the battlefield by himself, when they heard of how tyrannical and arrogant he was, the entire Null Division’s blood boiled.

Until Han Bing Ning said this.

“We must take this time to become even stronger, we should not let Master save us. In the capacity of Master’s direct subordinates, this is humiliation! The time we have to train now, is obtained from Master risking his life for us. This is humiliation!”

The Null Division became silent, all of their faces were mixed with green and red, the upright Lupus Men all had their veins on their necks twitching. ~That’s right, we are Master’s subordinates, we actually needed him to save us, we actually need our Master to risk his life to obtain more time for us to train.~

~This is the greatest disgrace!~

The Lupus Men were all willing to die for Tang Tian, and such a disgrace cut their hearts to the point that they were bleeding inside.

Without needing to say a second word, the Null Division trained crazily, all of them giving it their all.

Nie Qiu who could subtly sense the changes, realised that he needed to reevaluate the Null Division.

Watching the exact same scene, Roland Su and the rest all inhaled in cold air, ~What kind of subordinates are they!~

“If you guys are able to, it’s best for you guys to participate in the training as well.” Ah Mo Li suddenly spoke to them, with a serious expression: “We will definitely leave Sin Domain, the earlier that you guys can assimilate with us, the more benefits it will bring you guys in the future.”

Everyone looked at each other.

“I will participate.” Gu Xue was the first to stand out, she could clearly feel the support that they had for Tang Tian.

Seeing that, the others also stood out.

Nie Qiu laughed, his confidence soaring up high.

What Ah Mo Li did not know was that, he would be pleased for many years for saying that.