Undefeated God of War - Chapter 743 – Bird Startled By The Mere Twang of a Bow

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Chapter 743 – Bird Startled By The Mere Twang of a Bow

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Qin Zhen looked at the rainbows in the Purple Cuckoo City from afar, his face was extremely cold, ~Who knew she could struggle free from my Bewitching Jade Illusion.~

~Furthermore, her strength seems to have broken through….~

Qin Zhen calmed down, and suddenly realised that he was oblivious to everything that was happening in Purple Cuckoo City. ~What truly happened, to let Xu Ye and the rest to dare and ambush my Qin Family?~

Qin Zhen knew his opponents in the city extremely well. Ben Sen was someone who looked crude but was extremely scrupulous, Victor was extremely fickle, Roland Su was the most firm, and Xu Ye was extremely brilliant, but at the same time, he knew of their weaknesses. Even if Wei Han, Mu Ze and Qin Zi Zhen’s Archer Unit were destroyed, he knew that they would not dare to do anything to the Qin Family.

And just as he understood them, they also knew the Qin Family well, they knew that the Qin Family was supported by the existence of Qin Zhen. as long as Qin Zhen was not dead, they would never dare to do anything to the Qin Family.

Although the four families had always been unhappy towards the Qin Family, but Qin Zhen never cared about them, in any case, would they dare to do anything?

They finally dared to.

That was what Qin Zhen could not understand, unless they were not afraid of him taking revenge. ~Maybe they have someone supporting them, or they know that their own situation isn’t doing too well~ Qin Zhen spent the past few days thinking about it, it was the biggest suspicion in his heart.

His own situation did not change much, he knew the depth of the Lu Family, and never challenged their bottom line. Qin Zhen then thought about the Qin Family, and knew that they did not have many enemies.

~That only leaves one possibility, they have someone supporting them.~

The first thought that came to Qin Zhen was Ghost Face Mask, but he very quickly rejected the idea. ~Ghost Face Mask is not strong enough, he is only just that, he surprised everyone by killing Wei Han, Mu Ze and the Archer Unit, but he is still far from comparing to me.~

The people on the List of Powerhouses of the Sin Domain were the peak existences of Sin Domain.

~Ghost Face Mask is still far from the List of Powerhouses.~

~To allow Xu Ye and the rest to have such confidence, it must definitely be an expert from the List of Powerhouses, and must be ranked higher than me, and only will those cowards be able to do such a vicious thing.~

~Who can it be?~

~Lu Tian Wen?~

Qin Zhen’s face became gloomy, ~Are they colluding with the Lu Family?~ Qin Zhen then shook his head again, ~Purple Cuckoo City is nothing to the Lu Family, they are not even neighbours, separated by Sharp Wind City. Furthermore, if the Lu Family was truly hostile towards the Qin Family, they would not allow me to return.~

~Lu Sheng Xiang’s strength is even more terrifying.~

~Then who can it be?~

Qin Zhen racked his brains but could not think of anyone, what dependance Xu Ye and the rest had. But he was clear as well, the Four Families would not be rash and impulsive towards the Qin Family, one of them might be probable, but for the four of them to do it together, he did not believe them to be so stupid.

The Rainbows above Purple Cuckoo City made Qin Zhen became eve

n more unsure. After going through the initial anger, Qin Zhen was filled with a lot of suspicion, the hands in the shadows brought a shiver down his spine.

~They are definitely accumulating their power and waiting, who knows, they might have already prepared their ambush and are waiting for me.~

The Purple Cuckoo City in the distance had become a strange beast that could easily devour anyone, and was filled with dangers. He was the only one left in the Qin Family, and could not act without careful considerations!

~I am the most important of the Qin Family, as long as I still exist, the Qin Family will continue existing.~

A look of ferocity flashed past Qin Zhen’s eyes, he suddenly thought about Lu Tian Wen, and felt that it was strange. ~Such a huge commotion occurred in Purple Cuckoo City, but why isn’t Lu Tian Wen reacting to it?~

~Ghost Face Mask is definitely weaker than Lu Tian Wen, and must have been killed.~

He thought about it, and quietly flew towards Echo Hill Castle.

He vaguely recalled the location of Echo Hill Castle, and went in that direction to investigate. When he arrived at Echo Hill Castle, it was empty. But his gaze did not linger on the castle, but at its vicinity.

~A broken mountain top, shattered boulders, big pits caused by explosions, everything points to a big battle here.~

~Lu Tian Wen did make his move.~

The remnant Law undulations in the air and the emptied Echo Hill Castle that was in perfect condition, Qin Zhen guessed that Lu Tian Wen had already brought the Xue Family away. Thinking that it was Ghost Face mask that was killed, although he could find the corpse, but it was the most reasonable ending.

~I could not see any traces of Lu Tian Wen bringing the Xue Family away.~

~Could it be…..that it is truly Lu Tian Wen in Purple Cuckoo City?~

QIn Zhen suddenly felt the possibility of it, the Lu Family did not see him as an enemy, but Lu Tian Wen was a completely different case. Lu Tian Wen had an unreasonable personality and was extremely ruthless, and could do anything. ~If Xu Ye that crafty man joins Lu Tian Wen’s side, it will definitely be much more difficult to handle.~

~The Null Division Prisoners under my Qin Family, might not make the Lu Family jealous. Lu Sheng Xiang might not be, but can they assure that Lu Tian Wen isn’t?

~If Lu Tian Wen was truly the one who did everything, what would the Lu Family do?~

~They will definitely not blame Lu Tian Wen, and will take the chance to swallow me up~ The more Qin Zhen thought about it, the more afraid he became. ~That’s right, Lu Tian Wen is waiting for me, waiting for me to be caught in his trap.

Filled with all those emotions, QIn Zhen ran away like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow, disappearing into the night.


Lu Ling Nan quietly left the tavern, planning to use the night as cover to leave.

When the four families destroyed the Qin Family, he just stood there watching and rejoicing in their misfortune. Regardless of anything, Purple Cuckoo City had no connection to the Lu Family, and Lu Ling Nan wanted to watch them kill each other. But still, he was surprised by the courage of the Four Families. Qin Zhen was still a martial artist on the List of Powerhouses.

And when the four families actually went out of the city to welcome Ghost Face Mask and the Xue Family back into Purple Cuckoo City, Lu Ling Nan faintly sensed that something was wrong. But, he did not think too much into it, ~You want to rely on Ghost Face Mask to kill Lu Tian Wen? What joke is that!~ But he thought, who knows if Lu Tian Wen was just playing around. Everyone always had a headache when it came to his uncle, and only because his strength was outstanding, everyone could only hold themselves back and recognize Lu Tian Wen.

But following the changing of sides of the four families, it made Lu Ling Nan sense an uneasy feeling. ~There is no reason for them to rely on Ghost Face Mask now, it is definitely not a good chance.~ He then suddenly thought about the Four Families killing the Qin Family, and his previous suspicion as to who the backer of the four families were. After slowly thinking about it, it became even more strange, ~Why do the four families think that Ghost Face Mask can be their backer?~

~Can Ghost Face Mask fight against Qin Zhen?~


But he quickly changed his thoughts, ~Why is that impossible? What if Ghost Face Mask is even stronger than Qin Zhen? What if he is truly more powerful, then Uncle Tian Wen…..~

The sudden conjecture caused him to shudder.

~If that’s the case, then Uncle Tian Wen he…..~

~If that’s the case, then everything can be explained…..~

This absurd conjecture kept on biting at Lu Ling Nan’s mind, caused him to be even more fearful.

~I can’t wait any longer, I need to return to report to the family, if it’s a false alarm, it would be good, but such a huge matter will sooner or later be a huge loss to us.~

He had just sneaked out of the tavern, when a figure appeared right in front of him.

Lu Ling Nan’s face changed, Tie Xie!


“What we need now is more time.”

When Xu Ye and the rest appeared, Nie Qiu said straightforwardly.

“The newly freed soldiers need the time to learn the Vacuum Plates and Heavy Demonic Execution, gain enlightenment on laws, and familiarize themselves with the war formations. All of that needs time. If we can finish all of that, we will become much more powerful.”

“Gain Enlightenment on Laws? All of them? That’s not realistic.” Xu Ye could not resist but to interrupt, the others all had gloomy faces.

~What joke are they talking about, although gaining enlightenment to produce Law Threads is not difficult, but how are they going to get everyone to form Law Threads in such a short time?~ If not for Master Ghost Face Mask’s absolute trust in Nie Qiu, they would have all suspected that the blind man was an amateur.

“That is the easiest out of them all.” Nie Qiu’s tone remained calm, without getting angry. Everyone’s look at him made him inform them of even more concrete evidences: “Previously, our 65 soldiers all gained enlightenment and produced Law Threads in less than two days.”

Everyone kept quiet, but their faces were still of disbelief, they were still not convinced. But seeing that Tang Tian did not refute, everyone became skeptical, ~Could they truly have such high talents?~

“Vacuum Plate is relatively easy as well, but considering that we might have to fight in the air, air battle formations are even more difficult, so the training time will increase.” Nie Qiu’s tone was indifferent: “The first slash of Heavy Demonic Execution is much easier to handle. Although the war formation trainings will be brand new, but as we have already gone through drilled formations and trainings on them, it will be easy for them to get used to it. But to be adept at all of them, it will take a while.”

“How long do we need?” Tang TIan asked.

“A conservative estimate, one month.” Nie Qiu replied.

Everyone were in complete disbelief, there was so much to learn, and even they felt that it was unrealistic to achieve, but one month to learn them all? It was truly a joke!

“We do not have so much time.” Victor spoke up:” Qin Zhen is a man that harbors a lot of suspicion, without gaining clarity of the happenings in the city, he will definitely not appear. But, he will definitely be hiding in the shadows, or maybe have other ideas. There is also the Lu Family, the death of Lu Tian Wen cannot be concealed much longer, I think that in another 10 days, if the Lu Family does not have any information of Lu TIan Wen, they will start questioning. Even if we consider this period of time, it will not exceed 20 days.”

Tang Tian thought for a moment and asked Nie Qiu: “If they have one month, how powerful can they be?”

“They can fight against Lu Tian Wen.” Nie Qiu’s tone was still calm without any fluctuations, as though everything he said was normal.

Xu Ye and the rest did not believe him even more.

Tang Tian asked: “What idea do you have?”

Nie Qiu’s suggestion of a month was definitely not one that was recklessly calculated, but he most likely already had a full fledged plan.

“With Master Gu Xue’s break through, adding Han Bing Ning and Ah Mo Li, they can be included in the battle formations. Adding the Four Family elites, if we are to defend our position strongly, even if Lu Tian Wen comes again, we will no longer be at the disadvantage. Although we do not know whether Qin Zhen is stronger or weaker than Lu Tian Wen, but if they are of the same standard, we shouldn’t have too many problems.”

Nie Qiu said openly.

Tang Tian sort of understood him: “Then how do we delay the Lu Family?”

“We initiate an attack and confuse the situation, increasing the time for the Lu Family to react.”

Nie Qiu replied calmly.