Undefeated God of War - Chapter 739 – The Dark Blue Spot

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Chapter 739 – The Dark Blue Spot

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“The Qin Family was ambushed?”

Lu Sheng Xiang’s face revealed a look of ridicule, he had seen how Qin Zhen had been running up and down for thepast few days. He could immediately tell that Qin Zhen was an ambitious man. Although he did not stop it, but hewas affected by it. The connotation of the Qin Family could not be compared to the Lu Family, and the Lu Familywould never be so brash, they thought that Qin Zhen was overestimating himself.

Lu Sheng Xiang looked nothing special, resembling an old farmer, even the clothes on him were extremely simple.The Lu Family became an extremely simple family ever since he took on the position as the Patriarch, and only LuTian Wen continued living lavishly in the entire family, which was something that Lu Sheng Xian was helpless aboutit.

“That’s right, it is said that the other four families of Purple Cuckoo City have joined forces, and suddenly launchedan ambush on the Qin Family, completely destroying the Qin Family.” The butler reported respectfully: “Zong ZhengYan Mei was able to escape, but he suffered from serious injuries, and was only able to speak a sentence when hesaw Qin Zhen before dying.”

“Qin Zhen has become the sole survivor.” Lu Sheng Xiang’s words had a thread of joy despite the calamity.

“Yes.” The Butler smiled.

“Any news on Lu Tian Wen?” Lu Sheng Xiang casually asked.

“Not yet.” The butler continued to smile.

“Humph, who knows where he ran off to.” Lu Sheng Xian said unhappily: “Not even doing his work right.”

The butler did not speak this time, it was not something he could speak on.

Lu Sheng Xiang had always adored his young brother since young. He was different from the old fashioned Lu ShengXian, Lu Tian Wen had always been unbridled and wild since young, his behavior was always absurd, going intofights before even completing sentences, which caused a lot of trouble.

But although he was very rebellious, Lu Tian Wen’s talent was

;extremely high. Lu Sheng Xiang did not say it justonce, but if not for Lu Tian Wen’s late awakening, he would not only stop at rank 39 on the List of Powerhouses.

But even so, it was sufficient enough for the Lu Family to show disdain towards the others, as they had two powerfulmartial artists on the List of Powerhouses.

Lu Sheng Xiang never worried about Lu Tian Wen’s safety, and was also not worried about being unable to obtainthe Xue Family.

Although Lu Tian Wen was overly excessive with his desire to fight and kill, but in any place, the number of peopleable to kill him could be counted with one’s fingers, and furthermore, he had the protection of the Lu Family. PurpleCuckoo City’s families might dare to ambush the Qin Family, but would they dare do anything to the Lu Family?

This was the so called difference in connotation, and why Lu Sheng Xiang did not place Qin Zhen in his eyes. He feltthat Qin Zhen’s ambitions far surpassed his own strength.

Lu Sheng Xiang shook his head, and then threw the matter to the back of his mind.


Inside Echo Hill Castle, there was no celebration for the victory, every single person was strained and busy. Afterkilling Lu Tian Wen, the sense of victory was still far away, with Qin Zhen and Lu Sheng Xiang, another two powerfulmartial artists on the List of Powerhouses, bringing a heavy pressure on every single person.

In truth, killing Lu Tian Wen had considerable luck and things that could not be replicated. If they were to redo itonce again, their chances of failing was far higher than the chance of winning.

At the moment, it was as though everyone were stimulated by some drug, all of them training fervently.

The battle had allowed them to experience the cruelty of wars, and also showed them hope, even if they were not as strong as Lu Tian Wen, but their attacks were still able to be of substantial effect and they were not ants.

Everyone could clearly feel themselves improving, which made them even more excited.

In the training grounds, every member of the Null Division was seated cross legged, their bodies emitting the TinyNull Flames.

Seated right in the center was Nie Qiu, inside his void vision, there were thin gray lines and many bright spots. Thegray lines represented yin, while the bright spots represented yang.

The closer it was to him, the more stable and congealed the bright spots and gray lines became.

On the closest light spots, there would be a Null Division member seated, he was carefully experiencing theundulations brought by the gray lines. They were the undulations of Laws, and Nie Qiu realised that the gray lineswere extremely sensitive to the Law undulations. As for the Null Division members, as they had the Tiny NullFlames, they quickly grasped onto the Law Threads.

As a military general from Heaven’s Road, Nie Qiu’s control aura was extremely outstanding, although he was blind,he was extremely sensitive towards the undulation of energy, and this caused his control aura to be extremelymeticulous.

The undulations of the gray lines immediately made him think about control aura.

He started to test it.

As for the Null Division Members, they were all going through Law Refinement on their bodies, as long as they hadsufficient Power of the physiques, they could learn the second slash of the Heavy Demonic Execution. Afterexperiencing the might of the first slash, everyone was eagerly looking forward towards the second slash.

Matching with Nie Qiu did not affect their training, and naturally they allowed him to move around them.

Ah Mo Li who had ignited his Primordial Fire Origin meant that he was at a higher level, but there were problemstoo. He needed to once again become comfortable with his own body, the use of Origin Force had a great differenceas compared to using the power of the physique.

Furthermore, he needed to absorb a specific amount of Life Origin Essence daily. It was easy to absorb them, butdigesting them was not easy, in which he had to continuously slash and wave the Broad Guillotine Blade andcontinued to practise the Heavy Demonic Execution.

Other than that, he needed to practise utilising the Vacuum Plates.

Created by Tang Tian, it did not require the use of Laws or energy, and only required a strong enough physical force. By learning the Vacuum Plates, they would be able to soar into the sky, which was extremely important to them, as it would increase their mobility and agility.

It was not only Ah Mo Li that was required to learn it, all of the Null Division Members had to learn it as well.

Heavy Demonic Execution and Vacuum Plates were in essence extremely compatible.

Han Bing Ning sat cross legged quietly in a room, which was extremely cold, the ground and the surrounding wallswere covered with layers of frost. All around Han Bing Ning, there were rays of sword concepts that formed acyclone that revolved around her.

Sword Tempest Cyclone.

When her sword concept was released, it was difficult to control, and she just used her sword concept to temper herbody.

Many pieces of transparent sword aura glistened with cold intents that vibrated in the room. Gradually, the swordauras all started to shatter, the large pieces of sword auras became many small pieces of sword auras, and thenbecame the size of fingernails, they continued to shatter, until they were fine as granules.

The dense ice granules gathered around Han Bing Ning, and slowly spiralled.

The bone chilling cold intent and the biting cold sword concept were like countless tiny blades flying around.

Han Bing Ning bore the pain without making a sound, the entire process of tempering the body was always painful.Not only did she not stop, but continued to release the sword concept, shattering them and adding them into the icegranules.

The ice granules became thicker and thicker, the intensity of the pain rose, it was like torture.

Han Bing Ning did not make any sound, her entire body trembled non stop like a sieve, but she kept her lips closed,and did not make a sound. After the battle with Lu Tian Wen, she had been recuperating in closed door training, andshe did not rush out, causing her to feel regret.

But she also knew that her strength was insufficient, and if she were to join the battle, she would only be a burden.When she thought that the one to kill Lu Tian Wen was actually Ah Mo Li, she was unreconciled to it.

~Only by becoming stronger, can I fight alongside Tang Tian.~

She wanted to ignite her Primordial Fire Origin!

The biting cold and fine sword concept slowly and steadily grinded her flesh and her willpower, she was fearless.

For Tang Tian who had always been progressing differently from others, he encountered problems.

It was reasonable to say that he had gained a lot from the battle. Although the Godfist was not complete, but itsdistance to completion was no longer far. More importantly, he had gained enlightenment on the Demon Figurefrom the [Sacrificial Execution].

If not for the enlightenment of the Demon Figure, Tang Tian’s punch would not had been able to progress.

The Demon Figure was without a doubt extremely powerful, and Tang Tian guessed that the last slash of the HeavyDemonic execution, [Demonic Desolate Execution] should be related to the Demon Figure. After the experiencefrom the last time, Tang Tian quickly grasped how to congeal the Demon Figure, but the congealed Demon Figurewas actually extremely thin and faint, and then shattered.

Tang Tian thought that he had missed something, and after thinking for a short moment, he tried it again.

The Demon Figure appeared again, but very quickly, it shattered as well.

Tang Tian who did not believe in external influences quickly tried again and again, but every time, the demon figurewould shatter.

Tang Tian felt that he had done something wrong, so he calmed down and tested it a few more times, and finallyfound the reason. The reason for the shattering of the Demon FIgure was actually a dark blue spot in his heart.

He then thought about it, it was Qin Zi Zhen’s arrow when he was rushing out of the city gates.

The dark blue law imprint, was able to enter his body through his fist. Because it had not impeded him before, otherthan having an additional dark blue imprint on him, it did not affect him otherwise, so Tang TIan did not care.

Until now.

The might of the Demon Figure was extremely formidable, but for it to get affected, it made Tang Tian see the darkblue law imprint as something that could not be underestimated.

The Demon Figure was a crucial technique to increase Tang Tian’s fighting capabilities, and Tang Tian was unable totolerate having such a terrifying danger concealed in him.

~What is this dark blue Law Imprint?~ Tang Tian was curious, to be able to disrupt the laws of the Demon FIgure, itwas definitely not something weak.

Tang Tian congealed the Demon FIgure again, but this time, he placed his attention on the dark blue spot, to see thatit would release a strange blue light and cause the Demon Figure to shatter.

~But why didn’t it shatter my Demon FIgure that time?~

Tang Tian thought about that question but did not have any answers, and decided to use the simplest method to testit out.

He pulled his Origin Force and attacked the blue imprint. At the start, there were no changes to the spot, as thoughit was harmless as usual. But when Tang Tian continued to pour in a lot of Origin Force, the spot started to change.

It lit up with a faint blue light, causing his heart to have a blue light spot, it was extremely bizarre.

Tang Tian did not want to leave it to luck, it was absolutely dangerous, and if he did not remove it, it would strike himat any moment. He took a deep breath, and started to instigate all of his Origin Force towards the blue spot.

The blue spot became brighter and brighter, causing Tang Tian to suddenly groan, his face instantly pale white.

Tang Tian felt a thread of dangerous aura that shot from the blue spot into his heart, causing him to be inflicted witha heavy internal strike, causing the Origin Force in his body to become chaotic. The duration lasted for over 10minutes before Tang Tian recovered.

His eyes flashed with a hint of fierceness, even if he had to cut out the piece of blue spot from his heart, he needed toget rid of it.

He started to recuperate to allow him to once again reach his peak state.

After two hours, he opened his eyes and took a deep breath, he activated all of his Origin Force, but did not attackthe spot first, and instead allowed it to gain momentum as it swirled in his body. The origin force churned andchurned, accumulating more and more, until he was controlling over 80% of all the Origin Force together.


The surging Origin Force gushed in like a raging tide and struck the spot.

Bang, the dazzling blue light seemed to be forced out of his body, causing Tang Tian’s mind to tremble.