Undefeated God of War - Chapter 738 – The Meeting of the Simas

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Chapter 738 – The Meeting of the Simas

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian had no time to bask in the joy of victory, he had many thoughts that required sorting out. Enlightening onthe Sacrificial Execution at the last crucial moment caused the demon figure to form, allowing the might of his fist toincrease. Tang Tian always had sharp intuition with regards to battle related things. He had the faint feeling that thedemon figure formed from the Heavy Demonic Execution was much more valuable than the Heavy DemonicExecution itself.

And he needed time to comprehend everything in silence.

It was not only him, everyone in the Null Division had benefitted from the battle.

The blood in Ah Mo Li’s body had seeped out from his skin, showing how much load he had to bear. His body was already extremely tyrannical and strong, and the load was was like the most intense of flames that ferociously refined the blood and the muscles in his body. His Tiny Null Flames had completely transformed into Null Flames, and he ignited his Primordial Fire Origin.

What was even more worth celebrating was that his state of mind had a breakthrough, the aura he gave off waseven more stable and heavy, the initial reckless vibe he gave off actually became reserved. Because of thisbreakthrough, he actually had a miraculous achievement in the third slash of the Heavy Demonic Execution, [Devil,I, Execution].

And the other person who had the greatest benefits was Nie Qiu. his senses were far stronger than everyone else, and under the immense pressure of Lu Tian Wen, he actually projected his senses out like a spiderweb across the entire field, completely observing everything. When he roared out at the last moment decisively, it caused internal injuries, but also caused his state of mind to metamorphose. What no one could ever expect was that the law he had gained enlightenment one was an extremely unique law, [Yin Yang Formation].

This unique law did not require him to use any power of the physique, but it could not form a Law Exposure, and wasunable to give him power. Upon enlightenment, it was instantly a Law Surface, and was like an invisible net thatfloated around Nie Qiu’s body.

Nie Qiu’s initially heightened senses and astuteness became even more terrifying.

Most importantly, Nie Qiu saw hope in his path towards war formations, and to a military general, nothing couldmake him even more excited.

Han Bing Ning needed time to retract the sword concept she had unleashed, the current her was, althou

gh she wasshowing off her ability, but she was still far from perfectly controlling it.

And as for the other members of the Null Divisions, all of them gained different degrees of tempering, none of themhad retreated, but they had struck out into the light aura with everything they had. Not fearing death even in thatmoment, it caused them to improve greatly. The Old Null Division was just an experimental group, they had neverexperienced real wars or battles.

Experienced soldiers and new recruits would always have very obvious differences, furthermore, after goingthrough such an intense, terrifying and difficult life and death battle, all of them went through heaven shockingtransformations.

The after battle period was extremely crucial for them. As long as they could digest everything well, their overallstrength would take a qualitative leap.

So the first thing that Tang Tian did when he woke up was to order the entire Echo Hill Castle to be closed.

Pitiful Ping Xiao Shan began his large scale special training. This time, it was truly a large scale special training, otherthan Tang Tian, every single Null Division member were all crying piteously for food.

All of them knew that time was precious, and thus no one wasted a second.

A human’s life is the same as going through a battle, while fighting, one would be fighting for himself, fighting againstthe enemy, and fighting against oneself. Maybe one will never truly win against oneself, but if one never go throughany battles, he would have no qualifications to even call himself a failure. Because only people who have truly lost ina battle are called a failure.

They were an entire group of fighting zealots.


Bright Light City.

“I never thought that we would meet under such circumstances.” Sima Xiao was filled with emotions, and revealed apensive look: “If I remember right, you are called Sima Xiang Shan?”

The two of them were of vastly different positions, if not for Sima Xiang Shan having the same last name as him, hewould never take note of such a minor figure.

Sima Xiao laughed: “How am I the Scorpio King now? We are all just lowly prisoners. I am curious, how did youobtain the trust of the Mo Family.”

“Nothing much.” Sima Xiang Shan said coldly and eerily: “A wise man submits to his circumstances.”

Sima Xiao laughed: “Don’t try and probe me. I know of you. You, Ah Mo Li, Han Bing Ning and Liang Qiu, all of youwere together with Tang Tian in Star Wind City. Others might betray Tang Tian, but you guys will never do it.”

How could the person who became Scorpio King be any ordinary person? He had obtained all the information onSima Xiang Shan quickly.

Sima Xiang Shan squinted his eyes, his mind trembling slightly, he had never thought that Sima Xiao would knoweverything about a minor figure like him, but he remained unfazed: “This is not a betrayal, who knows if he is alreadydead, I can’t follow him into the grave.”

Sima Xiao chuckled: “You think that Tang Tian will die?”

“Who won’t die?” Sima Xiang Shan declined to speak further.

“No one knows, for you to do this, aren’t you afraid of being too anxious.” Sima Xiao spoke with a bit of mockery, andasked suddenly: “What rumors have you heard?”

Sima Xiang Shan’s heart was shocked, but he was extremely shrewd, and smiled insincerely: “Did Scorpio Kingobtain any rumors?”

Sima Xiao could not help but once again reevaluate the crafty man standing in front of him, to be able to talk sofrankly with assurance in front of him and not reveal anything, even though he was not known, but he was not one tobe underestimated. ~I never thought that Tang Tian would have such a subordinate, they all have their ownrespective strengths.~

Sima Xiao knew that he would never be a part of Ursa Major Constellation, and wanting to obtain their trust wasextremely difficult, and the more he beat about the bush with the other party, the harder it would be for the otherparty to trust him. He decided to talk bluntly: “I am the Scorpio King, and am not planning to stay on this sideline. Ibelieve that we both agree to this point. I don’t believe that I alone can break out of this Sin Domain, and withoutTang Tian, none of us will be able to leave. And now that I have lost my strength, how am I a threat to you guys?”

“The danger about you has never been about your martial abilities.” Sima Xiang Shan laughed sinisterly, Sima XiangShan knew of the difference between them, the plans and trickeries implemented, Sima Xiao was able to shoot tothe position of Scorpio King with the help of the Clan Union power.

Sima Xiao laughed, he knew that his words was of some use.

“Crazy Tang is not dead.” Sima Xiang Shan suddenly said.

Sima Xiao’s attention was roused: “That is for sure, I have never thought that he would die so easily here. But whereis he now?”

Sima Xiang Shan looked at him: “This, I cannot say.”

Sima Xiao did not get angry, but continued to pursue: “What are your plans?”

“Save ourselves.” Sima Xiang Shan waved his hand at Sima Xiao and said sneakily: “We are all crude people, and noneof us are good at tricks, I never expected to meet you, who is an expert at this, so help us plot something.”

Sima Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry, he had not met anyone for a long time who would dare use such afrivolous tone to talk to him.

But he was a realistic man, he knew that squabbling over all the petty things and not think of the big picture was adefinite way to die. As an ambitious and ruthless man, he knew how to judge the hours and gauge the situationextremely well, and was always more outstanding than others.

He knew it was time for him to perform. If he did not show his usefulness, he would not be valuable at all, and hesuspected that Sima Xiang Shan might kill him.

During the period of being imprisoned, he had obtained the trust of the Li Family, and was rather familiar with thesituation in Bright Light City. As to how to take advantage of a crisis and obtaining personal gain, it was somethinghe did routinely and was an expert. If it was only him, it would be difficult to achieve much, but matching with SimaXiang Shan, the situation could be said to be different. The Li Family who was supporting him, along with the MoFamily who was supporting Sima Xiang Shan, were the number one and number two families of Bright Light City.

“Since you want to play, we should play it big.” Sima Xiao revealed a smile, his smile was extremely harmless, and hestarted to reveal his plans.

The more Sima Xiang Shan listened, the more surprised he was, ~This man is truly crafty.~

He had to admit, it was an ingenious plan, there were no flaws in it at all. Sima Xiao had used the borrowed strengthto defeat others, driving a wedge between ties, and had used his tools to their maximum. Sima Xiang Shan believedthat as long as the plan was implemented, the entire Bright Light City would plunge into chaos. No one would haveever thought that the hands in the shadows would actually be the two of them.

~At that time….~

Sima Xiang Shan squinted his eyes, ~Bright Light City has 700 Null Division Members.~

He licked his lips.


Qin Zhen sent off his guests with a face of smile, he had a huge stature, a skinny face and a sharp gaze, although hewas smiling, but it would still make others tremble.

After he returned, the smile on his face disappeared, all the servants and maids around did not dare to make asound.

Qin Zi Zhen was dead, the entire Archer Unit was destroyed, Wei Han and Mu Ze was dead, The Xue Family hadchosen to rely on Ghost Face Mask and escaped to Echo Hill Castle, these consecutive news had plunged his faceinto darkness. Ghost Face Mask’s strength far exceeded his expectations.

The Qin Family had suffered greatly, if he did not know that the Lu Family had already sent Lu Tian Wen, Qin Zhenhimself would already have returned back to Purple Cuckoo City.

He calmed down, knowing Lu Tian Wen had made his move, and focused on forming relationships and engaging withothers. The Lu Family did not seem to care about him purchasing the Null Division Prisoners from them, if not, hewould never have had the chance. He knew that the Lu Family’s focus was on the Xue Family, and knew that theysaw something in the Xue Family, but after so many years, he had never found the secret of the Xu Family, and thusdecided to sell them off.

~This price ain’t bad, to still be able to attract the attention of the Lu Family.~

He had to grasp the time, the moment the Lu Family reconsidered, he himself would not be able to obtain the NullDivision Prisoners from the other families, and that was the reason for him not returning to the Qin Family.

But, the other families were no fools either, all of them were clearly aware of the Null Division prisoners’ value, andbefore he made a reasonable offer, no one would sell them. That made all the negotiations extremely difficult, butQin Zhen still made quite a harvest.

He had negotiated with three families, although the price he had to pay would hollow out the Qin Family’sproperties, but to Qin Zhen, it was all worth it.

Many people were secretly mocking him, and think that his fervent purchase of Null Division Members was useless,as he would not be able to absorb them.

All the Null Division Members were known for being untameable and rampant, and other than the extreme minoritythat chose to defect themselves, no one else were able to subdue them.

Everyone thought that the Qin Family did not have the ability to absorb the Null Division Members, and would onlyexplode in his own face.

Thinking about that, Qin Zhen’s face revealed a sneer.

No one knew that he had a unique method to allow the prisoners to listen to him obediently, and he was not worriedabout them being rampant. He had not touched any one of the prisoners yet, because he wanted to give off a falseimpression that he was a gambler and did not care about the consequences. Only from that will others think that hewas crazy, and sell the prisoners to him.

Right at that moment, an outburst came from the outside.

Zong Zheng Yan Mei, who was bruised and tattered and torn, barged in: “Master, the Four families have formed analliance and ambushed us….”

Before he could even finish speaking, his pale face fell flat on the floor, and ceased to breath anymore.

Clang, Qin Zhen’s face was blank white as he dropped the teacup in his hand.