Undefeated God of War - Chapter 737 – Victory

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Chapter 737 – Victory

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

When the light aura blossomed out from the spear tip, Lu Tian Wen’s vision turned blank, but he became clear–headed again.

He was shocked to realise that the trembling in the surrounding air had disappeared, the intense wind and thunderhad disappeared, the power he had projected into his Law Surface, had actually disappeared without a trace.

He started perspiring cold sweat.

Before he could react, a powerful wind pounced towards him inside the white light.

Almost subconsciously, Lu Tian Wen brought his Thunder Wind Spear to his chest.


A powerful blade slashed onto the Thunder Wind Spear, the surprising force caused Lu Tian Wen’s palm to turn hotand almost lost control of his spear, as though it wanted to fly out. ~Why does Ghost Face Mask still have strength?This technique was the one he used before.~


Lu Tian Wen was shocked, he still did not understand how Tang Tian’s technique had broke through his technique.All of the power in his Law Surface had shot back into his body, unless the opponent had enlighten on a Law Domain,there was no way it could break through his technique.~

Clang clang clang!

The sound of consecutive strikes came out, along with the powerful wind, striking onto his spear, causing him totremble like a sieve.

~What….what the hell is going on…..~

The blood on his face slowly retreated away, causing him to become pale white, in normal circumstances, he wouldnever ever put such a slash in his eyes. But at the moment, he was already an arrow at the end of its flight, with theconsecutive slashes, he no longer had time to take a breath, and his arms were numb.

He held in one breath in his chest, but he never had the chance to exhale and inhale again.

Clang clang clang clang!

His arm was extremely numb, but he did not dare make any reckless moves, he continued to hold onto the samebreath, if he were to make a careless mistake, he would waste this single breath, and that would be when he&nb


His face was distorted, his entire body trembling, but he held on.

He no longer remembered how many slashes he had taken.

Ah Mo Li was the first to slash out, and by borrowing the recoil of the spear, he once again landed at the big gates.Seeing that his brothers were all rushing towards Lu Tian Wen, he smiled, his bloodied face revealing his pure whiteteeth.

He retreated back towards the big gates, every step he took would leave behind a bloodied footprint.

He retreated back to his original position.

There were times that we have to be pushed back to our starting point, and only then would we be able to seethoughts from then.

With the Broad Guillotine Blade by his side, the warm viscous blood flowed along the blade and dropped on theground.

Despite being bloodied all over, the pair of eyes never shed any tear or anger, only a look of determination andseriousness.

He dragged the Board Guillotine Blade and started sprinting, towards the stone castle’s gates. Towards the skyoutside, towards the light of the battle, towards his dreams and conviction, he ran with all of his might, the windwhistled past his ear, the blood stench all over him, the wounds all over him burned, every step he took was hisscream to the world

~I have never given up, come on, Ah Mo Li.~

Passing through the big gates, he ran towards the light, stepping up the stone walls, he used all of his might andthrew himself out.

~Come on, Ah Mo Li!~

Seeing Lu Tian Wen in front of him who kept on becoming larger, Ah Mo Li screamed in his heart, all of his musclestensed up, pulling the blood stained Broad Guillotine Blade from bottom up, he suddenly slashed out.

Executing the Heavens

Lu Tian Wen who was struggling bitterly, had vision extremely blurry, when a blood red figure suddenly rushedtowards him like a wild bull.

The spear in his hands no longer had any slashes towards him.


Lu Tian Wen’s eyes was filled with fear, a blood red line cut along dead center of his body, splitting him in half. Chi,blood spurted all over, and the fear in Lu Tian Wen’s eyes grew denser.


Ah Mo Li did not hold back when he flew straight towards Lu Tian Wen, exhausting every last bit of strength in him.He struck the mountain behind, and rolled into the distance like a boulder, all the way until he was stopped by a realboulder before truly stopping.

He laid on the ground, and could not even lift his finger.

He stared blankly at the sky, his face a blank and filled with disbelief.

~I did it…..I did it…..did I do it?~

Tang Tian who was floating in the eye finally calmed down, his eyes went black, and he dropped.

A sword concept flew into the sky, and in the next moment, a figure that emitted the aura of an ice mountainappeared, and grabbed onto Tang Tian. It was Han Bing Ning who had just came out from closed door training.

Han Bing Ning was currently as sharp as a cold sword, her entire being emitted an extremely sharp and cold aura,completely different from her reserved past. After sustaining injuries, she kept herself in closed door training, whileeveryone was fighting with their lives at stake, her heart brimmed with unhappiness and regret, as she was unableto fight alongside everyone else, and could not come out earlier and stop her progress.

Sssssi, her figure flashed, and immediately appeared beside Ah Mo Li, and picked him up as well.

Although it was just a slash, but all the Null Division Members had completely exhausted their physical strength,they sat down on the floor and gasped for breath.

Ming Zhu was stunned, it was not only her, the entire Echo Hill Castle was in a strange state of silence.

After a long time, cheers shook the entire sky.

They won!

The group of people who were spectating the battle, after hearing the cheers from Echo Hill Castle, were filled withshock and disbelief.

“They…..they actually killed Lu Tian Wen?” Victor’s words sounded like nonsense.

The rest were nowhere better.

“Impossible….Lu Tian Wen’s technique, how can they break…..” Xu Ye’s currently looked like a maniac. Out of all of them, he was the strongest, and thus was impacted the most.

Xu Ye’s mumbles were buried deep in everyone’s minds.

Lu TIan Wen’s last technique, was another grade technique, something they had never seen before, how could it bebroken?

Roland Su was stunned, the entire fight seemed like a dream. 65 Null Division Prisoners was definitely not a smallnumber, and this bet, to the Roland Family, would never come again. If she had not taken the position of thePatriarch for a very long time and had powerful authority, she would never have had the authority to make such adecision.

Lu Tian Wen’s fanatical display made her believe that her position had been usurped from her wrong decision, evenshe did not believe that Ghost Face Mask could hold on.

She knew that she had lost.

But no one had thought that, it was totally the opposite, not only was Ghost Face Mask not killed by Lu Tian Wen,but he even killed Lu Tian Wen. Roland Su who initially thought that she had gambled everything she had away, wassuddenly struck by a rainbow when she realised the reality, and in that time, she just felt as if she was in a dream.

Ben Sen was the first to recover from his shock, he did not hope to achieve anything, but for the sake of the twoyoung ladies to see and witness a powerful battle, but who knew that he was able to witness such a heaven defyingbattle.

The twins were void of blood as their faces as white as paper, their expressions stuck.

Ben Sen suddenly spoke out: “Xiao Yu, Xiao Ye.”

The two ladies stared at Ben Sen in a daze.

“The two of you no longer need to return to the residence.” Ben Sen said gravely: “Miss Han has suffered a lot in theMu’er family, Young Miss has always feeling ashamed and uneasy, the two of you will go to Echo Hill Castle now, andfollow Miss Han from now on, and assist her. Service Miss Han, like you have serviced the young miss.”

The two young ladies could not understand Ben Sen’s instructions at all, but as they had been groomed by him sinceyoung, they listened and executed his orders through and through.

Ben Sen did not explain, and said: “Go. Their great battle have ended, they are lacking in manpower, the earlier yougo, the more you can help.”

The two young ladies ‘oh’ in puzzlement, and turned to fly towards Echo Hill Castle.

The rest then recovered from their shock, they never expected for Ben Sen to snatch the first move again, and wereall scolding him in their hearts, the Black face looked like a fool, but was sharper than the most intelligent person. Hebrought his future generation out to see the world, and then gifted the Steel Guards over to Han Bing Ning, themoves he made were all ingenious.

Although Lu Tian Wen’s defeat was due to a gang up of Ghost Face Mask and his subordinates, but Ghost FaceMask’s strength was just slightly weaker than Lu Tian Wen, Furthermore, the Null Division Prisoner’s display ofbattle power had shocked everyone.

If Ghost Face Mask could assemble the entire Null Division, he would definitely sweep the entire Sin Domain and beinvincible.

At this time, everyone knew that Ghost Face Mask was the biggest and fattest backer they could go for, and thosewho did not jump onto him were pure dumb.

Ben Sen’s move to gift the two young ladies to Han Bing Ning was an ingenious move, as Han Bing Ning had been in abad position in the Mu’er family. In truth, no one knew of the relationship between Han Bing Ning and Ghost FaceMask, and if Han Bing Ning were to be enraged by the two young ladies, it would not be good. Gifting them to hercould be considered a misfortune as well. Furthermore, Han Bing Ning was definitely an important figure in GhostFace Mask’s Null Division, and even if they were unable to obtain the favor of Ghost Face Mask, obtaining the favorfrom Han Bing Ning was good as well.

It could be said that Ben Sen’s play was done perfectly, causing the others to be furious and jealous.

Roland Su was the most calm, she had shown her position the earliest, and faced the greatest risk and danger, andwas not like the rest to bet after the event. She looked at Victor’s bitter face, Xu Ye had no worries as well, as long ashe gift the Null Division Prisoners in his hands, naturally that would be a favor as well.

~The Thiopiate Family is truly stupid.~

She sighed in her mind, she knew of the reason why Victor sought her, as he already had thought well in his ownplans. He hoped that Ghost Face Mask would be able to see his advice towards Roland Su and his heartfelt actions,so that the Thiopiate family would not be in too bad a situation.

She secretly promised herself, if she was able to help Victor at that time, she would.

Xu Ye suddenly laughed: “I am truly curious, when this news reached the ears of the Lu Family, and reach Qin Zhen’sears, how would they look.”

“They will definitely think that it is fake.” Ben Sen who was feeling glad joked, something that was rare.

Victor suddenly said: “Say, what if we were to suddenly ambush the Qin Family now?”

Everyone had just calmed down, but were shocked by Victor’s suggestion.

Victor’s eyes flashed with a look of ferocity: “Once we choose to side with Ghost Face Mask, we will be going against Qin Zhen. Do you think that Qin Zhen will let us go? So why not just break of all ties, take the opportunity that Qin Zhen is not here, and rescue all the Null Division Prisoners out from the Qin Family. With the additional Null Division members, Ghost Face Mask will be even stronger, our deeds will be even bigger, and even if Qin Zhen comes back, so what?”

Seeing everyone’s hesitations, Victor’s face flushed red, and spoke excitedly: “Don’t tell me you guys still wish tohave some sort of leeway? Will Qin Zhen give that to us? Never! If he knows that you guys gave the prisoners toGhost Face Mask, and knows that you, Ben Sen, gave your Steel Guards to Han Bing Ning, he will definitely not let usoff. We will not stand a chance against the powerful martial artists on the List of Powerhouses. Only Ghost FaceMask can handle Qin Zhen!”

Ben Sen stood up: “Count me in.”

Roland Su stood up as well: “Count me in as well.”

Xu Ye revealed a bitter laugh: “This time, we are all boarding the pirate ship.”

Everyone looked at each other, and laughed out loud.