Undefeated God of War - Chapter 735 – Maniac

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Chapter 735 – Maniac

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

When Lu Tian Wen saw Tang Tian, his eyes immediately flushed red, his power suddenly erupted, as countless of green wind and thunder threads quickly formed around him. The continuous threads of wind and thunder rose and disappeared, they were like a wave that undulated continuously.

The low and resounding roar brought a trembling into people’s hearts, as well as the air that started trembling.

Tang Tian stood up, the Origin Force in his body surged out, the roaring of the wind and thunder caused his fighting intent to soar.

Without anything else, Tang Tian’s body flickered, he disappeared.

He appeared right in front of Lu Tian Wen, his palm maintained a blade posture, and with an imposing power, he slashed down.

Blade Devil Transformation!

A dazzling spear aura lit up right in front of him and collided ferociously with his hand blade.


A circular shock wave exploded out and swept through everything.

The two of them had stored up their power long enough, and the collision was much more intense than the previous time. A sickle shaped blade shock wave struck the mountain top, and the peak that spanned over 30 m was instantly cut through like tofu, and started to slowly slide down the mountain.

Tang Tian did not use a blade, but unleashed the technique with his hand, but the power released was much stronger than the last time.

Lu Tian Wen was once again forced backwards, he had numerous thoughts in his mind, one of them in which the other party had noticed the problem with the blade. But, to actually think of using his hand to replace the blade, that was too absurd, no matter how tyrannical a body could be, could it be compared to a treasure?

~My spear, it shouldn’t be nice to taste it right.~

Lu Tian Wen sneered in his heart.

Lu Tian Wen was always so imposing, his spear that contained wind and thunder, was much denser, more powerful and tyrannical as compared to the last time. The last time, Tang Tian was only pushed backwards, but this time, Tang Tian was flung over 20m before stabilizing himself. The dense and rich wind and thunder spear caused Tang Tian’s entire arm to be numb. Tang Tian was not surprised, but instead extremely happy. The Origin Force revolved around his body, causing the numbness in his hand to disappear. The more important thing was that from the collision, he could tell that unleashing the Heavy Demonic Execution with his hand was much more outstanding.

His self confidence grew.

Roaring out, Tang Tian shot forward again.

Dense vacuum plates formed beneath his feet like a bridge, and like a ghost, he suddenly appeared a distance away, in a split second he appeared before Lu Tian Wen, his hand slashing upwards.

Executing the Heavens!

Lu Tian Wen was enraged, he had imagined all sorts of reaction his spear, but he never expected that the battle would be exactly the same as the past.

He felt ashamed of himself, Ghost Face Mask had even unleashed the same order of slashes, exactly the same as the previous round.

~You have shamed me!~

~I was actually humiliated!~

Lu Tian Wen felt the blood boiling to his head. Without thinking, the spear in his hand trembled, he shot forth again.


Countless of wind and thunder threads, formed light auras that entered his spear tip, without any flickering of wind and lightning, his spear tip became transparent like a crystal.

Wind and Thunder Crystal Strike!

There were no wind sounds, but the transparent spear tip gave Tang Tian an unprecedented sense of danger. Without thinking, Tang TIan’s hand that had slashed out, suddenly turned into a palm that slapped beneath Lu Tian Wen’s legs.


An su

rprise shockwave suddenly exploded beneath Lu Tian Wen’s feet.

Lu Tian Wen never thought that Tang Tian would be able to change his moves at such a time! All of his focus was fixated on his spear tip, he was unable to defend, and only felt a huge burst of power from beneath, causing his eyes to be dazzled. He was unable to react, and his entire being was flung straight up into the sky like a rocket.

Seeing Lu Tian Wen flying up into the sky, Tang Tian wiped away the cold sweat dripping down, ~It was a close save.~ He himself never thought that the problem that had been hindering him for days would occur at such a time.

By using his hand to unleash the Heavy Demonic Execution, compared to using a real blade, there was space for an additional variation of movement. For this additional variation, Tang Tian never thought about how he should use it, and only managed to think of something in that urgent situation.

Tang Tian gained a thread of understanding, by leaving this space for variations, it was better than fixing a movement to it. With an additional variation, he had more leeway, more choices, and in such an intense battle, with the additional choice and margin to move, he had an additional shot at victory, for example when he smacked Lu Tian Wen up into the sky.

He had never seen the Wind and Thunder Crystal spear, but the transparent spear tip made his hair stand.

~As expected of someone ranked 39 on the List of Powerhouse….~

Tang Tian did not give chase, but instead retreated, till he was 10m away from the stone walls.

He was bitterly struggling to hold on, until now.

His trembling body suddenly calmed down, he blurted out two words, which were clear like jade, and coarse like smoke.

“Bring up your blades!”

The breathing that resembled an ancient fearsome beast suddenly stopped, 64 bronze statues suddenly came to life, they opened their eyes at the same time, the broad guillotine blades that were as tall as a full grown man was raised and carried on their shoulders.

Pa, they stepped half a step out with their left leg in unison, their bodies lowering down, the Broad Guillotine Blades still on their shoulder, their right palms firmly holding the blade hilt, their bodies bent forward.

Whoosh, regiments of gray Tiny Null Flames surged onto the blade body, enveloping the entire blade.

Every single one of them raised their heads, and looked at the back standing outside the gates.

Ah Mo Li’s eyes were blazing, ~Fundamental Tang, Ah Mo Li can finally fight with you!~

The Lupus Men were even more excited, they clenched their teeth, the veins on their arms holding onto the blade all protruded out from their arms, their zealotry that burned seem to be able to burn them to ashes, ~We are fighting with our King!~

The battle occurred so quickly that Ming Zhu was unable to hide inside the castle, she watched all the masculine figures quietly, ~Do they not know who they are facing? Do they not know that the enemy outside can use one finger to squash them like ants?~

~Why is their fighting intent blazing so much?~

The scene before her eyes had completely overturned Ming Zhu’s knowledge. Even the most elite disciples of the Qin Family, if they knew that a ranked martial artist was standing outside their doors, they would never dare to fight him, and would all escape in different directions, that was already considered loyal.


~This is the Null Division?~

Ming Zhu was caught in a daze.

Lu Tian Wen once again felt that he was toyed with, completely toyed with. He did not feel that Tang Tian’s last variation was extremely powerful, he only felt that it was done for the sake of doing so! ~That guy actually used all the same techniques, to try and trick me!~

~Once and then twice, twice and then thrice, I am completely being played with, I am being humiliated here!~

Lu Tian Wen exploded with surging anger.

Every single vein and artery of Lu Tian Wen exploded in size, he felt as though he was about to go crazy, ~You, a mosquito, want to toy and humiliate me.~

~I will never forgive you!~


~Go and die!~

Lu Tian Wen’s hair floated upwards, the surrounding wind and thunder formed a ball. It was the size of a wicker basket, the dazzling green lightning released a terrifying aura.

Lu TIan Wen looked to be in a berserk state, he wanted to kill Ghost Face Mask, he wanted to kill them all.

He was already not thinking about what technique or what style, he just wanted to kill all of them.

One after another, more wind and lightning balls floated with him towards Echo Hill Castle.

Xu Ye and the rest who were watching from the distance all had terrible expressions on their faces, they knew that Lu Tian Wen was strong, but they never thought that the martial artists on the List of Powerhouses would be even stronger than what they had imagined.

They had seen the wind and thunder before, but to use the wind and thunder to form such balls was a first for them. If the wind and lightning balls were to explode, it could instantly destroy a mountain.

And to have 100 of these such balls appearing at the same time, fear was no longer in their bodies, even their last thought to resist had disappeared.

~He wants to use that to exterminate a family?~

~No, the 100 balls was enough to devastate the Purple Cuckoo City into rubble, and less than a 100 people can survive from it.~

~So this is the ability of a martial artist ranked in the List of Powerhouses……~

All of their faces were pale white.

“What a pity….” Xu Ye muttered, there was actually fear in his eyes.

Everyone knew what Xu Ye meant, Ghost Face Mask was determined to die, no one was able to survive under the explosions of the hundred odd wind and lightning balls. Even Roland Su’s face was one of defeat, she knew that she had failed. But surprisingly, she did not feel remorseful. How could one feel remorseful losing to someone like Lu Tian Wen?

Shock, her mind only had shock.

“Hahahahaha, all of you must die!”

Lu Tian Wen bellowed while laughing fanatically, and even Xu Ye and the rest could hear his fanatical laughter from afar.

His spear revolved, bringing forth an attractive power that enveloped the sky, and in the blink of an eye, the revolving spear became a vortex, and the wicker basket sized wind and lightning balls all flew towards his spear.


The balls were absorbed by the spear, and Lu Tian Wen’s surrounding lit up with a halo of green wind and lightning light.

Zzzzi zzzzzi.

The spear was like an insatiable beast, continuously absorbing the balls, the light halo around him became denser and denser, to the point that his figure could not be clearly seen.

“Hahahahahaha, not one of you will escape from this!”

Lu Tian Wen laughed like a maniac, his mind was no longer in a clear state, he ignored all consequences as he powered up his Law Surface with everything he had, the power had already surpassed the limit that he could control. He could no longer see Ghost Face Mask anymore, he did not care, they were all ants to him.

Bang bang bang!

Every step he took, the air would tremble, the destructive pressure was like Mt. Tai falling down onto them.

The smile on Tang Tian’s face had disappeared.

Behind the gates, all the Null Division Members who were ready to attack all had ashen expressions, they clenched their jaws as they withstood the imposing might.

Tang Tian never thought that Lu Tian Wen would go crazy and forsake everything.

But at the moment, thinking further was pointless.

Tang Tian’s eyes flashed with a look of fervent, a sneer coming out on his face.


Tang Tian slowly pulled his fist, the Godfist that he had never fully unleashed, the vast variation marks, frantically swept past his mind, the sky full of flickering lights and passing shadows past his eyes, the Origin Force in his body quickly being exhausted.

Tang Tian stood there, with stars appearing all around him, every star representing one variation mark.

The sparkling star lights, grew as they flew from all different directions, 10 strands combining to become one. The newly formed light would continue growing, tens into ones, tens into ones.

The lights in the sky got smaller and smaller, thicker and thicker.

An indescribable aura pervaded out.