Undefeated God of War - Chapter 732 – Honorable Martial Invasion to the South

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Chapter 732 – Honorable Martial Invasion to the South

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“These guys, I wonder where they went, to throw all this mess on me, why can’t they be a bit more responsible? As a leader, he is actually so absurd, I seem to fail in recognizing people, and sought this punishment myself….”

Bing mumbled to himself as he puffed out a smoke ring, complaining to himself. He and Tang Tian had a unique connection, and he knew that Tang Tian had not died, so he was not worried. ~As long as he was not dead it is fine, as for other things, how can I demand for more? That guy is never reliable.~

In front of him, everyone stood straight without making a sound, they were all filled with respect towards Bing. Furthermore, they knew that although Bing was complaining, but the relationship between him and Tang Tian went beyond deep, if anyone were to agree with him at this time, they would truly not know the line between life and death.

Wu Ma Tian felt unnatural, it was his first time participating in such a large scale military conference. By his side, Aya stood extremely straight up, her eyes staring at her nose.

Speaking about Wu Ma Tian, it was Aya who ran to Bing and requested for someone. Facing the determined Aya, Bing thought for a bit before agreeing. Wu Ma Tian then became part of the Skull Unit, and what surprised everyone was that Aya immediately appointed him as her deputy commander.

Wu Ma Tian became the fastest promoted high–ranking officer, causing the envy of many.

The man who sold pig trotters faded away, causing many of the armies to howl in grief.

“Where is the big army of the Honorable Martial Continent?”

Bing focused, he was somewhat excited for the incoming war.

Handling Mei Chen Xiu and the small pirates did not require him to use so much effort, and made Bing who was accustomed to large wars deflate in interest. Only the Honorable Martial Continent’s Southern Expedition could make him excited.

The Honorable Martial Continent’s Southern Expedition was announced very suddenly, as the higher ups of Honorable Martial Continent decided at the last minute, and thus even the various continents of the Southern Region did not make any preparations. Although various logistics was mobilized, causing people to feel an immense pressure and anxiousness, but still, the majority of the Southern Region continents did not believe that the Honorable Martial Continent would attempt to invade the South.

As for the few continents on the borders of Honorable Martial Continent, the generals there were unbridledly invited for dinner at Honorable Martial Continent’s encampment, which happened many times. Honorable Martial Continent’s tyrannical strength put an end to the pirates around, and the borders of Honorable Martial Continent had many ample businesses that maintained good relations with Honorable Martial Continent, but they have to do their own work. Both parties secretly maintained their good relations, and to the Continent Lords, both parties had joint interests, as they also had a share from the business profits.

At the banquet, the Continent Lords and the generals in the Honorable Martial Garrison army laughed and ridiculed about whether there would be a war, but the generals would laugh and explain that it was directed towards the armed rebellion inside Honorable Martial Continent, and thus convincing the Continent Lords.

While they indulged in their life of luxury under the pleasures and feasts, the Southern Expedi

tion Great Army braved the rain and night, like an unstoppable flood. Disguised as caravans, they surged into these continents.

The news of war erupted only after the third day, that was when the world realised.

The Sacred Saint Galaxy was shocked!

The Honorable Martial Continent’s Five Tiger Generals, other than Mu Zhi Xian who stayed to guard the Wei Ye Guan Continent and Jia Ya who stayed to defend the center, Mo Xin, Qiu Xu Hua and Gou Cheng WenDao moved out together.

Mo Xin’s troops, in addition to his direct subordinated Mo Xin Army, Yuan Wei, Shui Dong Liu, Lu Guang, three great famed generals commanded three big armies.

For Qin Xu Hua’s troops, in addition to his direct subordinated Autumn Flower Army, Zi Che Jia Jing, Wei Yue, Feng Yun Man, three great famed generals commanded their own armies.

For Gou Cheng WenDao, in addition to his direct subordinated Sky Hook Army, Cliff, Ken, Zeke, three great famous generals moved out and commanded their own armies.

Other than that, for every one of main forces, they were matched with 15 standard Honorable Martial Armies, each of them commanded by silver grade military general with at least 10 years of experience.

The Honorable Martial Tiger Generals’ personal armies numbered to a 100 thousand, while the famed generals’ armies numbered to 8 thousand, the standard Honorable Martial Armies all had 5 thousand men each, every main force fighting strength reaching a total of 110 thousand people. Adding the logistics members, each main force human count reached a terrifying 150 thousand, totalling up to 450 thousand.

It was the largest scale army movement in the history of the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

For a moment, no one knew what to say.

The various continents in the Southern Region were panicked.

Three great armies, that were irresistible forces, advancing in three different paths, no one could stop them.

“Mo Xin has arrived at the front lines near the North Dragon Continent, Qiu Xu Hua has arrived at the front lines of the Small Growing Hill Continent, and Gou Cheng WenDao is reaching the Phantom Continent.” The adjutant who was responsible for updating the movements of the enemies spoke out: “Just yesterday, the Honorable Martial Continent announced, the reason for them moving their army is due to a dispute with Shang Continent, they only want to take over Shang Continent, and if the other continents allowed them to pass, they will not be harmed at all.”

“Hehe, so we have become public enemy number one.” Bing licked his lips and said.

“Yes, yesterday, seven families announced that they were leaving the Southern Alliance. When Gou Cheng WenDao broke through the Crow Sand Continent, they were met with intense resistance, and they suffered quite a bit. Gou Cheng WenDao was furious, he ordered for the massacre of the entire city, and no one survived.”

All the generals present revealed looks of resentment.

Bing flicked the cigarette in his hand, and said: “Acting so recklessly.”

Everyone knew that Bing was angry, and the tension rose.

Bing stood up expressionlessly: “Now, I will announce the orders for the various armies.”

He glanced at the generals around, looking at their faces, some of them were still unripe and young, but he knew that the scale of the incoming war would quickly make them grow. They were all the special seeds that he chose, every single one of them wielding outstanding potential.

~This is going to be exciting.~


In the valley, Lu Tian Wen knew that he underestimated the enemy.

He did not return to Purple Cuckoo City, he felt that it was too shameful to let his own nephew see his own charred self. He found a cavity inside the mountains and started recuperating. In the past few days, he was reflecting on the battle.

Tang Tian’s final blade was extremely strange, it actually entered his spear aura before exploding.

He then thought about the swordswoman blade techniques that were exquisite, but knew that it was not a sword technique that belonged to the Sin Domain. But as for Tang Tian’s three slashes, Lu Tian Wen knew that it was a hundred percent a blade technique from Sin Domain.

~A blade technique from the Sin Domain, it is so powerful, how come I never heard about it before…..~

Suddenly, Lu TIan Wen thought about a long lost blade technique, Heavy Demonic Execution!

~That’s right, that was the most famous inheritance of Xue Family in the past, the Heavy Demonic Execution!

~For the Xue Family to rely on Ghost Face Mask, the inheritance must definitely come from them. The Xue Residence had such a consummate skill in the past that shook the entire Sin Domain, but a pity their descendants were not strong enough, and the power slowly diluted.

Lu Tian Wen frowned, he knew that his elder brother had always been scheming to obtain the Xue Family, but he was actually willing to exchange 200 prisoners, causing Lu Tian Wen to find it strange. He was thinking, ~what could Xue Family possibly have to be worth so much? Money? Is the Lu Family lacking money? That’s a joke!~

~As for the Golden Steel Thread, although they are good stuff, but similar products are purchasable in the market.~

~Heavy Demonic Execution?~

~Is Elder brother going for the Heavy Demonic Execution?~ Lu Tian Wen who witnessed the might of the Heavy Demonic Execution personally felt that it was more probable.

Lu Tian Wen’s attention focused back to Ghost Face Mask, he thought for a bit, ~Although that guy is strange, but his strength is still lacking compared to me. He is someone who has not even gain enlightenment on the Law Surface, even if he had ignited his Primordial Fire Origin, he was still being reckless.~

On the top 50 rankings, only one person had ignited his Primordial Fire Origin.

~But I was still too careless!~

He was confused with his opponent being proficient in fist techniques, but to start off with using a blade, he felt that it was just a ruse. ~Bloody cunning peasant!~ Lu Tian Wen gritted his teeth, the so called being proficient in fist technique was just a fake.

Heavy Demonic Execution consumed a lot of power, thinking back to why the Ghost Face Mask did not chase him, it must be due to him being depleted of physical strength. Lu TIan Wen felt extremely remorseful, at that moment he looked extremely terrible, but in truth he was not severely injured, if he had continued attacking, he would had been able to kill Ghost Face Mask.

~I cannot get tricked the next time round!~

Lu Tian Wen clenched his teeth and swore secretly.


Inside Echo Hill Castle.

Ah Mo Li and the rest were giving their all to train their Heavy Demonic Execution, compared to Law Threads, the destructive power was more suitable to their taste.

Their tensed muscles had perspiration dripping all over, their bronze skin looking as if they were cast in bronze, once in awhile revealing loud roars. Whenever the ladies of the Xue Residence passed by them, they hated to part their eyes away from the men, which looked to be extremely masculine.

Every person that unleashed the first slash would roar with rage and use all their strength.

By compressing their strength to the maximum and allowing the laws to refine their bodies, Tang Tian’s teachings were executed a 100%.

“Our Golden Steel Clothes have extremely outstanding defensive capabilities, its most powerful aspect is its ability to endure power and impact, to dissipate it throughout the entire body.” Ming Zhu spoke with arrogance, the Golden Steel Clothes were the most famous product of the Xue Residence, known throughout Sin Domain.

Tang Tian’s eye lit up: “I want it!”

He definitely knew the value of the Golden Steel Clothes, power focused at a spot was powerful, but dissipated power was weak, if they could dissipate the enemy’s attack throughout their entire body, it was something that could save their lives.

“We have prepared one for each of you.” MIng Zhu said: “We have found some of the blades that Master had asked for, Master, take a look to see if they are suitable.”

Ming Zhu brought Tang Tian a weapons rack, where varying shapes of blades were hung onto. Heavy Demonic Execution was the unique technique passed down in the Xue Family, and naturally, blades were the most used weapon in the Xue Family.

Tang Tian looked through them, and was immediately attracted to a blade that was the size of a door, he walked over and picked it up.

“This is the Board Guillotine.” Ming Zhu introduced: “It is currently the largest blade we have to date, weighing 450kg, it does not have edges, as such a blade no longer uses sharp edges. It was created from Black Iron Stone with Black Sand, it is extremely durable. But its demand for physical strength is extremely high….”

“It will be the Board Guillotine!” Tang Tian said without hesitation.

Ming Zhu was stunned for a moment, before speaking slowly: “Master, we only have two of them….”

The Board Guillotine was a rarely used blade, the Xue Family only used it for display, and thus prepared only two.

“So few?” Tang Tian frowned: “I wanted to give one to each person.”

Ming Zhu turned to look at the masculine men training vigorously, and thought of the scene where every single one of them wielded a Board Guillotine, and immediately quivered and said: “Master, if you need it, it is very easy to manufacture this Board Guillotine, the castle has sufficient Black Iron Stones and Black Sand, we can immediately start production.”

“Yes yes yes!” Tang Tian nodded his head: “I just want this, the faster the better, can we prepare all of it before Lu TIan Wen comes again?”

Upon hearing that he wanted the Board Guillotine to fight against Lu Tian Wen, Ming Zhu immediately replied: “I will begin now!”

She rushed off.

Manly men wielding manly blades!

Tang Tian was imagining the entire Null Division holding onto the tyrannical large Board Guillotines, it was extremely imposing, causing him to be excited.

Tang Tian waved the Board Guillotine around, and even threw it, ~This is suitable for Ah Mo Li and the rest, but not for me.~ He did not felt good wielding the blade, when a brazen idea suddenly flashed past his mind.

~Can I change this Heavy Demonic Execution into a hand blade technique?~