Undefeated God of War - Chapter 731 – Ping Xiao Shan’s Special Training

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Chapter 731 – Ping Xiao Shan’s Special Training

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian watched Lu Tian Wen disappear, he was too weak to chase. Although Lu Tian Wen was charred black, Tang Tian was clear that his exhaustion was not as great as his own. Lu Tian Wen’s power projected from his Law Surface was too strong, and since then, his consumption was not too great. Instead, Tang Tian did not have any Law Surface, and he had completely consumed the Origin Force in his body.

The Law Surface was like a personal base that could be nourished and replenished, that is why in the Sin Domain, martial artists who trained in laws were far more powerful than martial artists who ignited their Primordial Fire Origin.

Of course, martial artists who ignited their Primordial Fire Origin also had their own advantages. Regardless of how strong the power projected out of the Law Surface was, ultimately it was not the martial artist’s own strength, compared to someone using his own power, using it was not as natural. Origin Force was produced by transforming the power of the physique, and controlling it was simply on a whim.

Tang Tian returned back to the castle, and was instantly treated like a hero.

Who is Lu Tian Wen? A fearsome figure positioned 39th in the Sin Domain’s List of Powerhouse, such a fearsome person actually suffered under Tang Tian’s hands, if this message was passed over to the Purple Cuckoo City, it would most like shock everybody.

Tie Xie’s gaze towards Tang Tian was completely one of reveration.

People able to fight on equal grounds with Lu Tian Wen were all big figures!

~To follow such a powerful figure, my future will definitely be hard to decline even if I wanted to.~

Upon landing on the ground, Tang Tian’s legs immediately turned soft, and he fell. Ah Mo Li was shocked, and immediately supported him up: “Crazy Tang, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, just feeling weak now.” Tang Tian laughed bitterly, he did not even have the strength to lift a finger. The regeneration of the wounds on his body was from the Life and Death Laws, but it was not like what Lu Tian Wen had guessed, it was not through training, but from the absorption of Life Origin Essence. Life Law Imprints allowed his wounds to heal, but had extracted the 30% Origin Force left in his body.

“Ming Zhu, prepare some Golden Steel Gravel.” Tang Tian was seeing black, he never thought that it would be take so much of his Origin force, he could only turn to Ping Xiao Shan: “Xiao Shan, I’ll have to trouble you.”

Ping Xiao Shan was bewildered: “Wh–....what do I have to do?”

Like Tie Xie, Tang Tian and Lu Tian Wen’s battle had shaken Ping Xiao Shan to an extent that he had never felt before. He had thought that Ghost Face Mask was powerful, but he had never thought that Ghost Face Mask was able to fight with the rumored martial artists standing on the peak on equal grounds, that level was something he was unable to comprehend.

When he heard Tang TIan speaking to him, he was completely dumbfounded.

Hearing the words Golden Steel Gravel, Ming Zhu immediately sprinted away, and not long later, she brought a sack full of Golden Steel Gravel over.

In Tang Tian’s dumbstruck gaze, Ming Zhu threw the sack down on the ground and asked in concern: “Is this enough? We never sold any of the Golden Steel Gravel that was produced in the recent years, everything is her

e, if it is not enough, I will look for the buyers in the past and see if we can purchase some back.”

“It’s enough, it’s enough.” Tang Tian immediately nodded his head, he now understood why the ancestor of the Xue Family was able to master the Heavy Demonic Execution. Thinking about what Ming Zhu had said, all the few years of Golden Steel Gravel was never sold but given to him to be absorbed.

Seeing the sack full of Golden Steel Gravel, Tang Tian was sure that he must have used the Life Origin Essence to train it out!

~How will the body change by absorbing so much Life Origin Essence?~ Tang Tian used to be so sure that his own body was much more tyrannical than other people, but upon seeing the sack full of Golden Steel Gravel, he became terrified.

~How many sacks did he absorb…..~

~Wait a moment, you must be ambitious, how can you be so low as to compare with the number of sacks? We have to compare coolness!~

Tang Tian remained expressionless, he quietly imagined the look of the ancestor growing old, allowing Ah Mo Li to bring him into the castle. Ping Xiao Shan followed in quietly, he did not know what he had to do. On the other hand, Tie Xie stood by the side, filled with jealousy, thinking when the boss would be able to trouble him even the slightest, wanting the sense of being important.

After placing Tang Tian down well, Ah Mo Li and the rest were chased out, and only Ping Xiao Shan was left alone.

Seeing Ping Xiao Shan look reserved in front of him, Tang Tian coughed lightly: “Xiao Shan, let me take a look at your Law Thread.”

Ping Xiao Shan raised his head with a look of joy in his eyes: “Master, you want to teach me stealth techniques?”

The reason why he chose to follow Tang Tian was because he harbored the hopes to complete the Ping Family Stealth Techniques, from a stealth technique to a legacy that could attack and defend. The battle between Tang Tian and Ben Sen gave him that hope, and the battle on the street showed him the power of spacial law threads, which was capable of being a killing machine.

“That’s right!” Tang Tian said righteously, is expression serious.

Ping Xiao Shan suddenly jumped in fright, ~Is Master dying? At this time, he wants to hand over something to me? If not why would Master choose to teach me when he is so weak?~

~That’s right, That was Thunder Wind Spear Lu Tian Wen he fought!~ Master had fought him for so long, and most likely he is severely injured, for the sake of protecting everybody, he could only scare Lu Tian Wen away, but his body is already at the lowest!~

Ping Xiao Shan started to think about all the random thoughts, and started to feel sad, he then exclaimed out: “Master, you have best rest up first, wait until your injuries are healed, it won’t be late to teach Xiao Shan.”

“We must make use of all the time we have.”

Ping Xiao Shan became even sadder, and felt that his guess was right. ~The Heavens are jealous of him, Master is such a heroic and powerful man, his fate is too unfair! Even at this time, Master still has not forgotten about the promise he made to me~ Feeling moved and sad, tears started to flow.

Tang Tian became confused on why Ping Xiao Shan was crying.

Ping Xiao Shan wiped away his tears. ~I must definitely give it my all and not disappoint Master.~

He maintained a calm state of mind with an unswerving determination in his eyes, he activated his Law Thread, and a thin spatial law thread appeared on his fingertips.

Tang Tian pointed at the sack of Golden Steel Gravel and said: “Try and use your law thread to cut the Golden Steel Gravel, remember, cut a small hole at the outer surface of the Gravel’s wall, do not, at all cost, touch the vortex in it, it is extremely dangerous!”

Tang Tian discovered that so long as the law thread did not touch the vortex inside the Golden Steel Gravel, there would be no problems, as there was a small space between the vortex and the gravel.

~As expected, Master’s training technique is not ordinary, and inside this, there is definitely a profound secret!

Ping Xiao Shan devoutly took out a Golden Steel Gravel from the sack. He took a deep breath, and carefully pinched the gravel with his right hand, and the law thread on the other hand, he carefully cut the Golden Steel Gravel.

~Break the shell, do not touch the vortex~ Ping Xiao Shan constantly reminded himself.

Ping Xiao Shan’s control over his law thread was far more outstanding than Tang Tian, but he had never used the law thread to perform such a meticulous activity. The Golden Steel Gravel is small by itself, the vortex inside even smaller, and to cut open a small crack on the shell and not touch the vortex was extremely difficult.

Only after spending close to 10 minutes did he succeed.

When he released the law thread, he felt an unspeakable fatigue overwhelming him.

“Master, I did it.”

Tang Tian took the Golden Steel Gravel and nodded his head with satisfaction. He threw the Golden Steel Gravel into his mouth and sucked out the Life Origin Essence, His current body was like a dry riverbed, and the thread of Life Origin Essence quickly assimilated into the muscles of his body.

Tang Tian who wanted more pouted, he spat out the Golden Steel Gravel, and looked at it carefully. He noticed that the shell was still intact, and only a fine thin crack was visible. Tang Tian suddenly had a thought, ~Maybe the gravel shell has some other use.~

Seeing Ping Xiao Shan perspiring all over, Tang TIan smiled: “Was it difficult?”

Ping Xiao Shan gasped for breath and replied honestly: “Yes Master.”

“That’s right, it must be difficult to refine your usage of the Law thread.” Tang Tian was deadpan, revealing a look of recollection, he spoke with the tone of an experienced person: “In the past, when I was training in a type of claw technique, just to master it, I grinded through over 30 thousand iron slabs. Perspiration will never lie.”

~I never expected Master to actually be so hard working, but it should be like that, to be able to wield such strength today.~

Ping Xiao Shan who was greatly encouraged immediately sat up straight and said: “Master is right! Xiao Shan will definitely keep this to heart!”

With that, he took another Golden Steel Gravel and focused on cutting it.

Tang Tian’s face was filled with gratification.

~I finally found a good labourer!~

After swallowing the Life Origin Essence, Tang Tian could clearly feel it nourishing his withered body. But the process was extremely slow, but as his Origin Force had been completely exhausted, the Life Origin Essence did not turn into Origin Force.

Although it needed Origin Force, but Life Law’s regeneration efficiency was extremely useful and powerful.

Tang Tian laid down and rested, unknowingly, 10 more Golden Steel Gravel shells were piled in front of him.

Ping Xiao Shan remained focused, ignoring the fatigue, he continued to cut the Golden Steel Gravel, and his speed gradually increased.

On the second day, Tang Tian opened his eyes. Through the night, he had swallowed the Life Origin Essence of over a 100 Golden Steel Gravel, they slowly nourished his body, causing the vitality in him to be regained.

The origin Force in Tang Tian’s body quickly recovered.

Tang Tian patted on Ping Xiao Shan who was completely numb: “Xiao Shan, the special training will end here, go and rest.”

Ping Xiao Shan ‘oh’d’ as a reply. He had worked for over 10 hours, his mind was working sluggishly. He got up and headed to his room.

Seeing Ping Xiao Shan swaying to his room, Tang Tian was filled with admiration, ~We shall do it again!~

He had already made the decision, when everybody’s body were tempered enough to absorb the Life Origin Essence, he would then implement a large scale special training.

Stretching his body, he knew that although he had not fully recovered, but his Origin Force had reached a substantial level. The most difficult phase was over, and recovery after that would be much easier. Thinking about Lu TIan Wen’s last push, Tang Tian knew that the other party would not be able to recover so easily either.

~But, I should teach the Heavy Demonic Execution to Ah Mo Li and the rest first.~

Tang Tian reckoned that with Ah Mo Li’s physique, he could learn two moves, while the others could learn one.

But, thinking about the scene where a group of them would roar and brandish out [Blade Devil Transformation], Tang Tian could not help but tremble. ~Even the Xue Family ancestor will never think that there would be a person could actually form a group of powerful bodies.~

~Too terrifying!~

~I have to provide them with big blades!~

And Tang Tian firmly believed that with Nie Qiu, even if everybody could only learn the first move, they would be able to unleash the potential of the slash.

~Oh well, If they can’t do well in quality, we will overcome that with quantity~ Tang Tian thought happily.

He was suddenly filled with anticipation towards Lu Tian Wen’s second attack.