Undefeated God of War - Chapter 730 – Devil, I, Execution

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Chapter 730 – Devil, I, Execution

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

How long has it been since Lu Tian Wen had been forced into such a situation? He could no longer remember.

He could not be bothered to, currently, his eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Tang Tian with only one thought in mind, to kill them, to kill all of them.

Crack crack.

An electric crackle came out not too far from Lu Tian Wen as a streak of light suddenly lit up.

Crack crack, the concentrated subtle booms lingered on, one after another, streaks of light blossomed in the air and in the blink of the eye, the area around Lu Tian Wen was lit up with condensed green light streaks. Wu, a gust of wind caused the streaks of light to flash.

A transparent ripple swept past the lightning, wu wu wu, a skin numbing, low resounding wind screech, gradually arose and produced athe transparent ripple rose with the speartip as the center around Lu TIan Wen.

Even in the distance, the people at the wall felt a sense of unstableness, causing them to be filled with shock.

Tang Tian remained indifferent, he was recalling the two slashes, although it was his first time unleashing them, but the two slashes had instantly made his blood boil, making him feel extremely satisfied. This was because his body was strong, adding his outstanding control over his body, that allowed him to be able to use it at the first try, and produce such an outstanding result.

The Heavy Demonic Execution had five moves, [Blade Devil Transformation], [Executing the Heavens], [Devil, I, Execution], [Sacrificial Execution], [Demonic Desolate Execution].

[Blade Devil Transformation] and [Executing the Heavens] were both extremely powerful, and even Tang Tian felt that he was almost unable to control them well, the Origin Force in his body was abundant, and it was reasonable to say that such a thing should not happen. In terms of the degree of tyranny, Tang Tian could be said to be at the apex, and for him to continue to improve, he could only strengthen himself through the Life Origin Essence. Tang Tian was confident of his tyrannical body, and firmly believed that even the ancestor of the Xue Family was definitely not stronger than him.

~There must be other profound meanings behind it~, Tang Tian realised that Heavy Demonic Execution was not as simple as he thought.

Suddenly, Tang Tian felt a powerful wave approaching that caused him to immediately come out of his thoughts, as he realised that the area around Lu Tian Wen was in a strange state, causing his eyes to constrict.

~That is…..~

Lu TIan Wen was in the Sin Domain’s List of Powerhouses, with a position of 39, and was already one of the few peak martial artists in Sin Domain, compared to Han Bing Ning with her minor achievements in terms of her law surface, his comprehension of his own law surface was perfect, and the distance towards enlightening on the Law Domain was just a step away.

A mature law surface was able to project out a vast and powerful force, it was like a layer of light that layered upon Lu Tian Wen’s body. Lu Tian Wen’s aura increased exponentially, and continued to rise, becoming extremely lofty. The spear tip released undulations that emitted outwards, interfering with the air around him, continuing to expand out and cause the air to be unstable.

~What a powerful aura…..~

The terrifying aura locked down on Tang Tian, causing him to have the misconception of being unable to move.

trong>Tang Tian’s body trembled, pa, the ripple that swept past his body was instantly shattered, causing him to become lighter. But even more ripples continued to surge out, causing the air to become extremely viscous.

Recalling back to the Heavy Demonic Execution that he used, Tang Tian remembered the movements, he tightened his grip on the blade hilt, the power in his body surging forth, all the flesh and blood in his body started to hum with excitement, and an intense aura surged forth.

The earth–shattering and imposing aura was extremely majestic, but in Tang Tian’s eyes, it was nothing. He finally understood the true essence of Heavy Demonic Execution.

Although he did not understand why it was called Demonic, but from the blade technique, he could feel the ant biting sensation all over his body, and a heaven defying determination. Even the Heavens could not subdue him and cannot make him surrender.

~Truly a decisive and desperate blade technique!~

~A good blade technique!~

Tang Tian was affected by the sensation, he suddenly faced upwards to the sky and roared, the desperate decisive fighting intent blazed like a bonfire being fed with fuel, bringing forth a wanton and reckless sensation.

He slowly raised the blade in his hand.

The Origin Force in his body gradually surged, but this time, it was different from the two previous slashes. The power of the physique in his body cycled around, hovering inside his body back and forth, the intensity of its flow caused Tang Tian’s entire body to tremble slightly.

Tang Tian did not move, he endured the pain in his body, but the light in his eyes became bright.

Why was it called Devil, I? Any person would always struggle between his inner evil desires and good thoughts. Hesitation and being confused will always be a part of human nature, as long as one was able to endure through it, as long as one was able to persist, they would be able to see the light, to see their true intentions clearly.

Bitterness and struggle, hesitation and confusion will never disappear, it is like the devil playing tricks on a human’s mind, every time a person experiences it, they will be able to see clearer, the steps they take will be more stable, and their state of mind sturdier.

The path of the demon will always be destined to defy the heavens, and this path will be even more bitter, more painful, and much more intense.

His desire entered the blade edge, bearing the pain of it all. He desire to devour the demon, he had to bear it all.

All the muscles and flesh in his body struggled with the surging tide which was endless, Tang Tian’s gaze became clearer and clearer, the blade in his hand became even more stable, and even the Null Flames that had erupted all over his body had become calmer and docile, he retracted all of his imposing aura, and there were no leakage.

The transparent ripple upon reaching near his body would quietly disappear.

Lu Tian Wen’s eyes were bloodshot, his gaze extremely ferocious, the fighting intent in his body soared even higher. He had never expected Ghost Face Mask to be powerful to this extent, the blade had not been released, but its aura was already not normal.

~Too interesting!~

~The blood of such a powerful martial artist will be even more tasty.~

The blood in Lu Tian Wen’s eyes became even more dense, he lightly waved the spear in his hand, the formless ripple retreated back like a net, the dense light streaks were all pulled back, the low resounding wind blows became even more terrifying.

Lu Tian Wen sneered, and thrusted out.

The ripple that was mixed with wind and thunder, booms suddenly converged at the spear tip, causing the entire space everywhere else to become empty.

The figure moved along with the spear, the green and silver colors of wind and thunder spear aura interweaved, forming a screeching sound, as though the spear aura had countless beasts imprisoned in it, and like a shooting star, he shot forward and appeared in front of Tang Tian.

Right at this moment, the Origin Force in Tang Tian’s body surged out intensely from its original calmness, Tang Tian’s aura suddenly erupted into a mist. The light in his eyes exploded, and he waved his blade and slashed down silently.

A slash without any hint of power.

For some reason, Lu Tian Wen’s eyes shrunk, he had seen many brilliant bladesman before, and to release a blade that did not emit any power was only something that could be done by the bladesman who had pure blade concept.

~Wasn’t it said that Ghost Face Mask used his fists?~

~Why is his blade technique so powerful?~

But he did not feel any fear, only excitement. ~Come! Come!~

The gentle slash cut into the spear aura, as though both were magnets, they clashed perfectly.

A surging power came from the blade, and immediately, Tang Tian sensed something was wrong.


The blade in his hand shattered.

Tang Tian’s body was able to bear the brute force, but the blade was unable to. The moment that he had slashed, he flickered and broke the space, disappearing from the same position. Tang Tian’s Devil, I, Execution was not normal, it looked to be simple, but when the terrifying power transmitted into the spear, it immediately exploded, causing the spear aura to swell like a balloon, becoming a ball of wind and thunder.


The ball exploded.

Dazzling wind and thunder streaks mixed with the terrifying blade aura ripple, making it look like a blade covered with lightning, spanning across the entire area.

Bang bang bang!

Every wind blade that landed on the ground would erupt into an explosion, forming deep pits. Under the endless explosions, the soil on the ground was flung in all directions, and in the blink of an eye, the ground had become full of holes.

Blood trickled down from the corner of Tang Tian’s eyes, and the right side of his body was charred black.

Lu Tian Wen’s spear was extremely formidable, even when he managed to retreat at the first second, he still suffered from heavy injuries. He looked at his body, the flesh was burnt and charred black, his bones were visible, the tyrannical wind and thunder was constantly corroding his body.

After the blade, Tang TIian was shocked to realise that the Origin Force in his body was left with less than 30%! For his abundant Origin Force to be used up to such an extent after 3 strikes from the Heavy Demonic Execution, it showed the heavy toll it required on the body.

He finally understood why the Xue Family Ancestor was able to unleash the true might of Heavy Demonic Execution, it was a blade technique completely made up after using countless Life Origin Essence.

Tang Tian’s origin force rumbled and attacked the green and silver wind and thunder. Null Flames enveloped his wounds, and his body started recovering at a speed apparent to the naked eye.

Lu TIan Wen’s entire body was charred black. He stared blankly at Tang TIan, he never expected the blade to be so strange, it could drill into his spear aura before exploding! He was not able to defend in time, and thus suffered from it.

But what made him feel even more sullen was that Tang TIan’s wounds were regenerating.

~Asshole! What nonsense is this….~

~Didn’t they say that he trained with fist techniques! Why is he able to display such blade techniques! To even use it at such proficiency is fine, but the law that he trained in, is actually Life and Death Laws!~

~Such a powerful self regeneration ability, only those people who train mainly in Life and Death Laws can do it.~

Lu TIan Wen felt hurt, an indescribable sullen emotion surged, ~It’s like we agreed to compete with strength, but you started to compete in techniques, fine, if you want techniques, I can do it too, but in the end, you decided to compare who is more suave!~

Tang Tian’s strength was nothing in his eyes. The rumored fist techniques did not appear, which Lu Tian Wen was extremely cautious about, since he heard that the fist was extremely strange. Lu Tian Wen then thought that Tang Tian’s usage of the blade was just a pretense, and his true killing technique was still the fist technique.

~A feign will always be a feign, everyone trains in one martial technique, and that is definitely difficult to change.~

And he even found Tang Tian’s weak point, noticing that the blade Tang Tian used was extremely ordinary, unable to bear too much power, instead of the spear in his hands, which was a top grade treasure. The Lu Family had spent a great deal of wealth refining and creating the Thunder Wind Blade.

He thought with that weakness, he would win.

But in the end…..

The rumored fist technique did not appear, but he was forced into such a sorry figure, seeing that Tang Tian was completely fine and regenerating but his own body was charred black, his heart turned sour!

~You just wait, I will be back!~

Lu Tian Wen who was charred black all over left in fury.