Undefeated God of War - Chapter 728 – Heavy Demonic Execution

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Chapter 728 – Heavy Demonic Execution

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Lu Tian Wen flew along the mountain ridge.

He received a great shock upon hearing information regarding Ghost Face Mask on the road. To kill two of the Four Great Generals of the Qin Family was nothing much, but to destroy Qin Zi Zhen’s entire Archer Unit, that had greatly shaken him.

Qin Zi Zhen’s Archer Unit was not widely known outside as they had always kept a low profile, but every family had a certain degree of fear towards the Archer Unit, which was second only to Qin Zhen. They were all elites who had been through vigorous training and were armed with powerful weapons, even Lu Tian Wen did not dare say for sure that he was able to advance towards the Archer Unit.

~How powerful is this Ghost Face Mask?~

Lu Tian Wen’s mind trembled. Upon receiving news from Lu Ling Nan, the Lu Family immediately sent out Lu Tian Wen without hesitation. The Lu Family had resources far stronger than the Qin Family, which was supported solely by Qin Zhen, and the so called Four Great Generals were from elsewhere. But the Lu Family was succeeded by generations of experts, Lu Tian Wen being one of them.

The Lu Family’s intent was quick and decisive, requesting him to use the fastest speed to bring the entire Xue Family back. Lu Family’s patience had already ran out.

Along the way, Lu Tian Wen got to know of the Xue Family joining the side of Ghost Face Mask, and the Qin Family’s heavy losses.

He felt that matters had become even more troublesome, and the only way was to kill Ghost Face Mask. But upon thinking of Qin Zhen, he could not help but rejoice at Qin Zhen’s mess. Qin Zhen was an ambitious man, upon arriving at Galloping Horse City, he started a series of plots and schemes. But most likely, the news should have reached Qin Zhen’s ears, and he would be angered to the heavens.

~But, to use me to kill Ghost Face Mask, he has gotten it cheaply.~

Lu Tian Wen did not have a good feeling towards Qin Zhen. To him, Qin Zhen was an extremely intelligent person with unfathomable strength. He was just excessively conceited causing others to dislike him. ~Oh well, I’ll just treat it as doing a good deed~ Lu Tian Wen consoled himself.

The information given by Lu Ling Nan included Echo Hill Castle’s location.

Lu Tian Wen was lazy to enter the city to meet with Lu Ling Nan, his train of thoughts was simple, to accomplish the mission as soon as possible. As long as he killed Ghost Face Mask, all of the remaining complications could be thrown to Lu Ling Nan.

In the wilderness up above a mountain top, a stone castle could be clearly seen.


Tang Tian looked around at his surroundings, in the short span of a few days, the entire place had a complete makeover, there were no longer cobwebs and dusts in the corners of the room, new rattan bookshelves were placed in the room, which was filled with books.

When Tang Tian entered, he could not help but be gentle on his feet, his entire face was filled with reveration, although he was not a well learned person, but Tang Tian still had respect to learning.

“The Xue Family has over 2000 years of history, although it is not considered much in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, but it is still something.” Old Granny Xue’s tone was filled with pride, but also with pain: “The Xue Family was a small family of the mountains, and it was an ancestor of ours

that accidentally obtained an inheritance that we started to rise. At that time, the Xue Family did not have much influence, but with this Patriarch of ours, who was fully aware of the superficial wealth accumulation of the family, he did not allow the Family to live luxuriously, but instead poured his heart and soul into looking for various inheritances. At that time, our Xue Family built a library, called the Xue Enquiries, with all sorts of inheritance records placed inside, for the disciples of the Xue Family to consult. It was because of his far sightedness, that many geniuses and talents were produced in the Xue Family, and thus the expansion of the Xue Family in the future.”

Tang Tian listened quietly. He was not able to completely understand the feelings of such a large family, but he was able to discern out the recollection of the Old Granny, one who had lived through times.

Ming Zhu sat by the side listening attentively, although she had long memorised all of this history, but listening to the old lady actively narrating it, it made her blank and entranced.

“The records here are all recorded down by the first generation ancestors who were banished into Sin Domain. Due to many of them being recalled from memory, it is difficult to avoid mistakes, the majority of them do not have any more value, but just as reference works.”

Old Granny Xue’s face did not have any remorse.

“It is not only us, the other families are the same. The Xue Residence’s most famous inheritance, [Cloud Wave], is no longer usable, many of our ancestors had exhausted their heart and soul, but were unable to produce it again in the Sin Domain. Under that helplessness, our ancestors could only look for another way in other inheritances. After a lot of hard work, our ancestors finally saw hope in one of the unorthodox inheritance. It was called the [Tri–Line Devil Body]class="copyright-obfuscation"> many , which amongst the many inheritances that the Xue Family had collected, was considered of a lower grade. But our ancestors found out that, although the [Tri–line Devil Body]class="copyright-obfuscation"> that was considered low grade in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, but its fleshly body transformation technique is exquisite, and after

Tang Tian spoke in a serious tone: "I will do my best to learn it!”

Old Lady Xue was gratified, but suddenly, she heard Tang Tian speak softly in embarrassment: "But, how do I read all these words….”

It is proven, that a fool that hardly studied would find it extremely difficult to read through a book, all the densely condensed books caused Tang Tian’s eyes to turn dizzy. Luckily for him, Ming Zhu had learned of the technique before, and passing it down was not a problem. Ming Zhu demonstrated the entire sequence once, and then started to explain about the contents from the book, but was shocked to realise that Tang Tian had already started training in it.”

~This Heavy Demonic Execution is very clearly expressed, and simple to pick up.~

Ming Zhu had only explained slightly, but he understood the gist of it. The Heavy Demonic Execution was a technique used by people who walked the path of using pure power, it did not have many variations, with only five moves, and all of it was extremely simple. Its might was completely from the Origin Force, executed from the power of the physique.

It could, in a short span of time, cause all the power of the physique to converge at one point, and its might was naturally fearsome.

Tang Tian became immersed in Heavy Demonic Execution, he did not use any weapons, but his hands as blade, slashing at the air in front of him. The Heavy Demonic Execution required the entire body’s coordination to fully utilize the power of the physique, so every single slash included a corresponding foot technique, and all the muscles in the body would be used.

One step, one slash, five steps for a definite kill!

Tang Tian’s face became gloomy, his expression serious. The Heavy Demonic Execution’s law was extremely unique, [Combustion]opyright-obfuscation"> the . It was only [CoCombustion]ht-obfuscation"> It but what it combusts was the power of the physique.

~It feels like it is an incomplete source of power….~

Tang Tian suddenly remembered that Han Bing Ning and the rest trained in [Tiny Null Flame], which was a similar technique. ~This is truly suitable for Null Division~, Tang Tian realised. The [Tiny Null Flame]s power of the physique was extremely vigorous, and after combustion, it would become multiple times stronger, and with the converging technique of Heavy Demonic Execution, the slash would contain the full power of the body.

~That slash will definitely be earth shattering!~

There were no complicated variations, but its design could be said as top rated. The Null Division’s path of [Ti as Tiny Null Flames]right-obfuscation"> them ad stopped without advancing, while the Heavy Demonic Execution could improve it, by combing them together, it would become unstoppable.

Tang Tian then understood why the Xue Family had slowly declined, the path of using pure power demanded an extremely powerful body. The ancestor of the Xue Family was talented and had also absorbed the Life Origin Essence from the Golden Steel Gravel, to be able to unleash the might of the Heavy Demonic Execution. But his future generations did not have talent comparable to him, and after losing the secret of the Golden Steel Gravel, naturally they had difficulty going back to their prime.

It was a tyrannical martial technique, if the body was stronger by a point, the might would definitely increase by more than a point, but likewise if the body was weakened by a point, the might of the technique would drop less than a point.

A five move technique, each move after move became more tyrannical and berserk. The figure in Tang TIan’s mind moved and slashed down an attack that seemed unstoppable.

It was a fearsome slash, causing Tang Tian’s blood to boil, but he had to control himself, he suspected that if he were to use all his strength, the Echo Hill Castle would be destroyed.

He so badly wanted an enemy to appear, and have a good bout.

As though as someone had sensed his thoughts, a loud alarm rang, it was an indication that an enemy was invading!