Undefeated God of War - Chapter 724 – Reporting! Reporting! Reporting!

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Chapter 724 – Reporting! Reporting! Reporting!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ah Mo Li had sensed that the atmosphere in the barracks was extremely strange, there were fewer guards, and it was extremely relaxed.

“Hey, Old Nie, there seems to be a situation.”

Nie Qiu felt rather upset, ~Why are you speaking so loudly, are you afraid that no one can hear you?~

“Yes, there seems to be a situation.” Nie Qiu replied, to such a stubborn person, if you did not answer his question, he would forever pester you until you reply. The crucial point was that this man was a senior, one from the same generation as the Master, one who was by the Master’s side even before the Master had gained recognition. This was someone that Nie Qiu could not offend.

After experiencing it for a few times, Nie Qiu tactfully responded to him. In addition, with the training throughout the road, everyone became more familiar with one another, Nie Qiu had a favourable opinion towards the bullish man, he was a straightforward, honest and passionate man, other than being slightly dumb, he was not malicious at all.

He laughed bitterly in his mind, ~And you are still thinking about achieving your goals, this is the perfect example of being sent out to die upon graduation, becoming a prisoner instead.~

The daily manual labor had tired him out, and what made him feel worse was that the True power in his body was already dispersed, and not one drip was left. He was like a truly handicapped person, unable to raise his hands, unable to move his shoulders. If not for Ah Mo Li and the rest sharing his work, he did not know how much of the whipping he would have had to endure everyday.

There was a way out, which was to willingly sign a contract to serve the master of the mines by selling themselves, excusing them of manual labor, and even obtaining benefits.

No one signed it, Ah Mo Li and the rest snorted at the contract, they all believed in Tang Tian, and did not have much emotions towards being a prisoner. ~What kind of problem is this, Crazy Tang has met with even more desperate struggles and passed through them.~ The Null Division was made up of mostly Lupus people, they were all born in poverty, with sturdy and strong characters, such manual work was nothing in their eyes.

To die for the young man who had pulled them out from the hell that was barren and lifeless, bestowed them with dignity and honor was every Lupus person’s greatest pride. This emotion was something no one else could understand.

They were uncommunicative, but they never betrayed their own beliefs.

But Nie Qiu did not have faith, for he believed that he had the grounds to prove that their way of thinking was truly laughable. He could instantly point out more than fifty talented and powerful overlords that harbored high aims but died due to it. Against the world, no matter how strong and powerful one person was, he was insignificant.

But he did not voice it out, for he was an intelligent person, saying such a thing would provoke everyone else, and no one wanted to hear such words, no one was willing to hear such words. Be it Ah Mo Li or the Lupus people, they were all obstinate people. Furthermore, he was suffering the worse compared to them. In a place with no energy, it provided Ah Mo Li and the rest enormous benefits, but he himself had become a handicapped person, a handicapped person that no one would want.

Nie Qiu was clever and realistic, he knew that no matter what, he was worth something.

Even though he

had no energy and strength, but he had never relied on anyone else to obtain food, he had the brains, and was the most intelligent person out of everyone in the group. What he did not expect was that his dantian pools actually dissipated, his meridians disappeared, but his senses had instead become even sharper.

“The number of guards outside is only a fifth of the usual.” Nie Qiu spoke softly.

“It is a good opportunity!” Ah Mo Li’s eyes lit up, he became excited, although their strength was restrained, but in the past few days, they had grasped a few ideas on how to be able to fight.

Especially Ah Mo Li, who uses brute force like a madman, the Sin Domain was undoubtedly the best and most suitable fighting grounds for him. For the longest time, Tang Tian’s pure brute force had always lost to Ah Mo Li.

Nie Qiu was a genius, if not he would not have led Lei Ang to feel the difficulty in letting him join the Ursa Major Constellation. His work was shared amongst the rest, and thus he was left with one thing, on how to save themselves. As a brilliant military general, Nie Qiu’s mind completely overwhelmed Ah Mo Li’s. Saving themselves did not mean breaking out of prison, everyone had little understanding of the Sin Domain, and he knew how dangerous that was. They needed to have self sufficient fighting power, and by relying on his sharp senses, he quickly grasped the differences of the Sin Domain.

The willing members of the Null Division became his best test subjects.

Very quickly, they worked out a few knacks that could enable them to unleash a specific amount of strength, but because he was not anxious to make a move, they chose to continue conserving their strength.

A fifth of the guards, Nie Qiu’s first reaction was, ~Is this a trap?~ But he quickly threw away that thought, he could clearly feel that although the guards were strict and their work was heavy, but the work supplied everyday were never in shortages. Other than the overseers taking out two whips, there were no other ways for them to take drastic measures.

~They seem to value our lives.~

After observing secretly, Nie Qiu confirmed his guesses. If it was a guess, then they would be dragged out but not killed, so what meaning would there be?

~Something must have happened outside!~

As an outstanding military general himself, he was extremely sharp towards opportunities in battle, almost like an instinct. Nie Qiu immediately sensed that it was a perfect opportunity.

Just at that moment, an explosion suddenly occurred from the main entrance of the mines ahead.

Nie Qiu’s face became gloomy, he quickly motioned out: “Everyone gather, we must make preparations.”

Ah Mo Li ran over excitedly, the prisoners who were working all got up and started to gather towards Nie Qiu from their respective positions. The continuous work did not dull their previous training. Their movements were quick and precise.

The overseers became panicked, they occasionally looked towards the main door, but very quickly, the actions of the prisoners caused them to be even more anxious.

“Scatter! All of you scatter! Do all of you want to die….”

The overseers bellowed.


A figure was flung like a sandbag to them, it was a guard, who was dead. The overseers were suddenly grabbed by their necks, and their shoutings had stopped.

A familiar figure appeared on the hill beside the mine, his sinister mask caused everyone to be startled.

“I’m here!”

A familiar voice resonated throughout the entire field, immediately, earth shattering cheers sounded out.

“Crazy Tang! Han Bing Ning! I’m here!”

Ah Mo Li’s loud voice overwhelmed the entire place, it was like thunder while he waved his hands high up in the air.

Nie Qiu was stunned, ~It’s actually Master Tang Tian!~

He had clearly felt a terrifying aura coming from the direction of the gates, but never expected it to be Master Tang Tian. ~Master, you truly did not die, and you’re here to save us!~ He could clearly feel the excitement in everyone else, the morale….was truly heaven toppling!

The overseers were already covering their heads and sneaking away, in which no one else bothered about anymore.

Tie Xie was stunned, ~They are Ghost Face Mask’s subordinates? Is this the rumored powerful Null Division prisoners? No, they are no longer prisoners.~ As an Infamous person, Tie Xie had seen many betrayals, annexes, betraying blood relations for benefits, but he had never seen the blazing flames in their eyes, in which he believed that if Ghost Face Mask asked them to die, they would do it without hesitation.


For some reason, the group of people made Tie Xie feel fear, as though hidden inside the blazing flames in their eyes accumulated a power that made him afraid.

~There are restrictions, we need to find the keys…..”

Ping Xiao Shan’s voice travelled into Tie Xie’s ears, causing him to awake from his stupor. He looked at it and immediately said: “I can break these restrictions.”

Tie Xie did not know whether Ghost Face Mask would bring the group of them into destruction, but he knew that, he had entered a pirate ship that was not easy to get out from. Regardless of whether it was the Lu Family or Qin Family, no one would let him go.

A black mist enveloped his palm, which quickly flew onto Ah Mo Li’s body, and the light needles were pulled out. The moment the last light needle was pulled out, Ah Mo Li felt his entire body becoming light, the binding feeling that was all over his body had disappeared without a trace.

Ah Mo Li who was overwhelmed with excitement roared!

A powerful surging aura gushed out from his body, Tie Xie was not in time to defend, and was stupefied from it.

He slowly regained from the stun, feeling overwhelmed with shock. He had fought all over the Sin Domain before, and knew of many people, solely from the imposing aura, he knew that Ah Mo Li was an extremely strong and brave man.

When he continued to remove the restrictions, all the Null Division prisoners that seemed ordinary all started to reveal auras of powerful elites, causing Tie Xie to be even more shocked. What horrified him even more was that even at such a time of joy, these people continued to maintain silence, able to control their emotions.

~How terrifying, how cold, how scary are they!~

He felt like he was a docile sheep that had fallen into a pack of wolves, alone, weak, and helpless…..~Wu wu, who is the real Infamous Men…..~

Only Ah Mo Li ran towards Tang Tian and Han Bing Ning, splattering saliva all over, his voice shouting out here and there. Everyone else stood in formation consciously, waiting for Tang Tian’s orders.

Han Bing Ning who was long annoyed by Ah Mo Li used her sword and pointed it at Ah Mo Li’s throat and snorted: “Shut up!”

Ah Mo Li became rigid, and immediately became embarrassed.

Han Bing Ning used her sword and got Ah Mo Li back into the formation, who upon seeing everyone standing straight and positioned well, revealed an apologetic expression.

The mine that had quieted down was reeking of killing intent.

Tie Xie managed to swallow his saliva with much difficulty, it was only 60 odd people in front of him, but the killing intent that they were releasing caused his heart to jump to his throat, his skin was numb all over. Ping Xiao Shan who was beside him was pale in the face as well, his lips were dry, but his gaze was filled with desire and excitement.

66 men, all of them dressed in their tattered and torn prisoner clothes, their faces and hands were covered in mud, their naked feet were soaked in mud, their hair was all messed up, those with facial hairs had dust on it, all of them were remarkably alike prisoners who had been through hardship.

But all of them stood extremely straight and still, there were no fluctuations to their expressions, all of them seemed to be dressed in the most uniformed uniforms, as though they were standing on a flat ground instead of the bumpy puddle and rocks, their gaze were extremely sharp, their expressions serious.

It was exactly like their countless training, the tight and strict formation remained silent.

Han Bing Ning walked forward, and saluted solemnly: “Ursa Major Null Division Han Bing Ning, reporting!”

Ah Mo Li’s face was equally stern, void of the usual happy–go–lucky vibe, and saluted solemnly: “Ursa Major Null Division Ah Mo Li, reporting!”

Nie Qiu was affected as well, he subconsciously stepped forward and saluted solemnly: “Ursa Major Null Division Nie Qiu, Reporting!”

One after another, the figures all stood ou.

“Ursa Major Null Division Lu Chen, reporting!”

“Ursa Major Null Division….. Reporting!”

“Ursa Major Null Division….. Reporting!”


“Reporting!” “Reporting!” “Reporting!”

Behind the mask, the young man’s eyes turned teary.