Undefeated God of War - Chapter 722 – Qin Zi Zhen

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Chapter 722 – Qin Zi Zhen

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Above the city gates on the broad city walls, there were many archers.

The Qin Family Treasured Bows, this name shook the entire Sin Domain.

The Qin Family specialized in bow techniques, and there were many martial artists that trained in it, the most outstanding one being Mu Ze, but very few people knew that there was one more person whose bow techniques were not the least bit inferior to Mu Ze, and that was Qin Zi Zhen. Qin Zi Zhen had a tall build, he had a cold expression and his gaze was sharp. He kept a low profile, and did not enjoy revealing himself, thus more people knew of Qin Zi Shan and not him.

Other than his extraordinary strength, Qin Zi Zhen had spent a great deal of time grooming his bow.

He had trained in different bow techniques using this same bow, and through the grinding, they had formed an effective rapport. Qin Zhen praised Qin Zi Zhen more than once, and gave him authority and command over the Archer Unit. Qin Zi Zhen did not disappoint Qin Zhen’s anticipation in him, although the army of the Sin Domain had already declined, but amongst the book collection in the Qin Family, there were still contents they could study and research, causing the Archer Unit to be extremely strong.

The book collection in the Qin Family was from the first generation of the Qin Family who entered the Sin Domain, recording and writing everything they could. The majority of them were not suitable to be used in Sin Domain, but they still kept it for their future generations as references, and were worth a lot of money.

The Qin Family Archer Unit were formidable and had earned many achievements.

The other families in Purple Cuckoo City who had restraining fear towards the Qin Family was towards the dauntless Qin Zhen and the Archer Unit.

Qin Zi Zhen had received the orders to immediately seal the city gates. He was filled with shock as he knew of Uncle Mu and Uncle Wei’s strength, for Ghost Face Mask to actually kill the two of them, it meant that Ghost Face Mask was stronger than everyone had expected.

But at the same time, Qin Zi Zhen was filled with anger, his archery skills were received by Mu Ze daily, as Qin Zhen did not have time to guide him, thus he and Mu Ze had a very close relationship. They were not only uncle and nephew but Teacher and disciple.

Hearing that Uncle Mu was dead, Qin Zi Zhen had decided to take revenge,.

He never expected for the opportunity to arise so quickly.

~You dare to rush up the city gates, truly not knowing what is death.~

Qin Zi Zhen sneered coldly, his archer unit elites were already in position. The archers were not using bows that would appear in the market, but were the Qin Family Tyrannical Monarch Bows. The Qin Family produced Tyrannical Monarch Bloodwood, which took extremely long to grow, were as sturdy as steel with trunks flushed blood red. With black flaming lines they were the best materials to make bows. But its production rate was extremely low, and the Qin Family considered them as treasures as well.

The Bowstrings were made of Golden Steel Threads, but they were not ordinary Golden Steel Threads. Amongst the Golden Steel Threads produced by the Xue Family there would occasionally be completely black threads hailed as the Golden Steel Black Threads. These Black Threads were much stronger and sturdier as compared to ordinary Golden Steel Threads, and as the production of it was extremely low, the majority of it was given to the Qin Family.

Thus, manufacturing the Tyrannical Monarch Bow with the Tyrannical Monarch Bloodwood as the bow body and the Golden Steel Black Threads as the bowstring was extremely expensive, but without hesitation, Qin Zhen gave all of these treasured weapons to equip the Archer Unit, showing the high hopes he had p

laced in them.

Qin Zi Zhen’s raised his head and portrayed a stance, his eyes staring intently at the incoming Ghost Face Mask who was rushing through the crowd, his eyes revealing hatred.

Each and every elite of the Archer Unit carefully opened their arrow box, and reached into the deepest layer and retrieved out a metal arrow carved with intricate designs. These arrow were the size of fingertips, the body covered with beautiful engravings that layered upon each other, there were no feathers, the arrowtip revealed an extremely cold glare, and a faintly discernible tyrannical aura coming from the arrow.

It was the extremely precious Law Cleaving Arrow.

Every arrow contained law imprints, which were formed from the archers imbuing their law aura and sealing it into the arrow every single day, and with sufficient time, it would form the law imprint inside the arrow. Law Cleaving Arrows were the archer’s life saving arrows, it was a difficult task to leave behind an imprint of their law inside an arrow, as it usually required the patience to do it for one full year. Since it was difficult to form a Law Cleaving Arrow, the archers would not use them recklessly.

As the law imprints were sealed personally by the archers, the arrow and archer complemented each other well, thus the might of the arrow was amplified.

Qin Zi Zhen did not even want to probe, initiating everyone to use their Law Cleaving Arrows. It showed the restraining fear he had on Ghost Face Mask, he did not want to leave it to chance, a person that could kill both Mu Ze and Wei Han, how could he ever leave it to chance?

Qin Zi Zhen was fixated completely on Ghost Face Mask, the treasured bow in his hand was slowly pulled, and a dazzling silver arrow placed on the bowstring. At both his sides, the Archer Unit elites all did the same action.

The Tyrannical Monarch Bow and Law Cleaving Arrows were pulled slowly.

Qin Zi Zhen’s face remained extremely cold, the gentleness in his eyes gradually dissipated. The bow was pulled into a full circle, he stood as still as a statue and did not move an inch. The Elites by his sides all had the exact same posture as him.

With the bowstring right at his mouth, he gently spoke out.

“Release the arrows!”

The bow strings twanged like thunder.

Upon leaving the bowstring, the arrows exploded with light auras which permeated out from their bodies. The dazzling light aura became more glaring, and the entire arrow was enveloped by the light aura, like a shooting star that moved as fast as lightning, it screeched through the air.

Tang Tian had already sensed the danger at the first second, the moment the other party had locked onto him. But he did not stop, but instead became even more berserk. He unleashed his offense, causing the space around him to become blank white.

10 arrow auras shot down at Tang Tian like rain.

Tang Tian’s eyes became enlarged, he could sense the destructive aura from the arrows. The light of arrows shot down from all directions, sealing any space for them to dodge. Under the intense danger, it made him resemble a cat hissing in fright, all of his hairs standing up straight. He subconsciously wanted to break the space to evade, but…..

He thought about Han Bing Ning, Tie Xie, and Ping Xiao Shan who were behind him.

They were definitely be unable to defend against the terrifying arrows!

Tie Xie’s face turned gray, he closed his eyes in desperation, he had never thought that the Qin Family would be so powerful, to the point of making others feel despair.

~Damn it, I bet on the wrong side….~

Just at that moment, a bellow came out.

Tang Tian suddenly stepped forward with his left leg with immense power, causing his footprint to be embedded deep into the ground, countless of cracks that resemble spiderwebs expanded out all around his leg. The Primordial Fire Origin from within Tang Tian’s body spewed out as though a breeze had caused it to expand, and it unexpectedly rose by a few meters.

Pulling his fist back, the young man’s Godfist appeared once more, and the frozen space around him started to expand outwards.

After fighting with Ben Sen, Tang Tian had realised that the frozen space when he activated the Godfist could be used as a form of defensive perimeter.

~Since I cannot escape, I can only use this, and help everyone block the rain of arrows!~

The more Laws Godfist pulled, the larger the space that was frozen, and the stronger its defensive capability.

Tang Tian had sensed a powerful danger coming from the archers on the wall.

Under the stimulation of fighting to the death, Tang Tian gave it his all, because he dared not do otherwise. He frantically urged all the Primordial Fire Origin from within his body, the surging and churning Fire Origin flooded Tang Tian’s state of mind, causing him to tremble, and almost lose control of the fanatical current. He forced himself to calm down, the originally excited sea of Primordial Fire Origin inside his body had been aroused so greatly, instantly becoming berserk, causing Tang Tian to feel as if his body was about to explode.

He compelled himself to discard the fear and distracting thoughts in his mind, countless fist techniques variation marks started to flash past his mind like fleeting clouds. It was as though with a thought, the thoughts would keep on transforming, and the countless variation marks would vanish. Normally, Tang Tian never dared to try using too many variation marks, because he realised that the more variation marks he used, the higher the consumption of th Primordial Fire Origin in his body.

But this time, the Primordial Fire Origin in his body was too overwhelming, it was like a raging tide attacking Tang Tian’s state of mind.

Tang Tian immediately sensed that something was wrong, if the Primordial Fire origin were to lose control, then he would not even need to die under the light arrows, but he would be disintegrated by his own power. All of the variations that he never dared to think about, came into Tang Tian’s mind.

Countless law threads started to streak across the sky, forming different colored streaks of lights, entering Tang Tian’s fist, causing the light around Tang Tian’s right fist to become bigger and bigger.

The frozen space crazily spread further outwards.

In the blink of an eye, the light arrows were about to collide with the expanding frozen space.

The moment they collided, the light arrows would explode, ping, it was like ice shattering, jolting Tang Tian’s body.

Ping ping ping!

The condensed collision sounds came out, causing Tang Tian’s body to tremble like a sieve, but his fist stance still maintained extremely stable. It was not the first time Tang Tian had encountered such a situation, he knew that his body would not sustain anything from any sorts of attacks. But once he allowed his fist stance to lose control, the surging Primordial Fire origin and the Law Threads that were being pulled in would shatter his body instantly.

Every light arrow that exploded upon colliding with the frozen space would reveal a light aura that entered the frozen space.

~These are Law imprints!~

When the law imprints entered the frozen space, they would become like fish entering water, and be extremely nimble and agile.

Tang Tian realised that he was unable to pull in those law imprints. The law imprints that were swimming like water were different from the Law threads in the surrounding space, they were strengthened daily by the archers, slowly formed layer by layer, and had almost the same consciousness as the archer, thus were unable to be absorbed.

Suddenly, a dark blue law imprint shot into Tang Tian’s body like a spirit wanting to possess him.

It was Qin Zi Zhen’s law imprint!

Tang Tian’s entire body shook, a numb sensation spreaded all over, and what caused Tang Tian’s face to change was that the Primordial Fire Origin in his body was not able to suppress the bizarre law imprint. It was like a dark blue barracuda, fighting and boring itself further into Tang Tian’s body.

~Damn it!~

Tang Tian’s face became shocked, the law imprint was drilling to his heart!

But right at that moment, Tang Tian’s fist was already filled with law threads to a maximum, if he did not release it, Tang Tian felt that it would explode on his hand.

Without caring about anything else, Tang Tian roared and released his punch!

The light regiment that was the size of a millstone was multi–colored and extremely dazzling, but did not release even a ripple in the air, bringing forth a spectacular tail of light, it flew towards the city gates.

Qin Zi Zhen who was on the city wall roared in fright: “Scatter….”

Before he could even finish his sentence, the city gates beneath his feet swayed, an absolute and terrifying power that seemed to be able to topple mountains exploded beneath his feet, Qin Zi Zhen groaned out in pain, his mouth was bloodied. Before he could react, his eyes turned dark, and he flew away.

Bang bang bang!

Stones and debris flew everywhere, each debris contained an astonishing amount of power, every single person who were struck by the debris would have countless cavities in their bodies. Countless blood spurted out at the same time, and cries and wails filled the ears.

The majestic city gates had disappeared, and what remained was a hole that was over 60m wide.

“Let’s go!”

Tang Tian picked up Ping Xiao Shan who was completely dumbfounded, he roared out and immediately rushed out.

Han Bing Ning and Tie Xie awoke from their daydream and immediately followed him.