Undefeated God of War - Chapter 717 – The Xu Brothers

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Chapter 717 – The Xu Brothers

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The effect brought about by the battle far exceeded that of the previous time.

Ben Sen’s shocking [Gale], was portrayed right in front of everybody to witness its might. Both parties fought extremely intensely, with so many spectators, it far surpassed the previous battle. And Victor’s casual drunk remarks on the Ghost Face Mask igniting his Primordial Fire Origin incited excited discussions amongst the others.

[Gale] was a famous technique, and the ultimate goal for all the martial artists who trained in Wind Blades. For such an ultimate killing technique to make an appearance in the Purple Cuckoo City, how could it not cause an uproar.

The last time Ben Sen revealed his strength, it caused countless people to cry out in shock, and after [Gale], it shot Ben Sen’s name to a whole new level.

Ghost Face Mask’s strength was also reevaluated by everybody. Under the power of [Gale], for him to push forward, Ghost Face Mask’s strength was tyrannical by itself. No one saw how Ghost Face Mask actually fought against [Gale], as everyone’s attention was fully on the Primordial Fire Origin.

The difficulty of igniting the Primordial Fire Origin was not easier compared to learning [Gale], it required repeated tempering of the body, and the duration it required for refining could not be overlooked. Victor was right about stupid people being able to ignite their Primordial Fire Origin, as those who were able to do so, were all of those who knew their talent was ordinary but able to bear the tedious and boring tempering.

Because of that, there had been very few people who had been able to ignite their Primordial Fire Origin.

Without question, everyone knew that Ghost Face Mask was an expert, just with the point of being able to ignite his Primordial Fire Origin was enough.

Enlightening on laws allowed for easier use of laws, but the activation of laws required the power of the physique, Ghost Face Mask’s enlightenment of laws might be shallow, but his astonishing power of the physique allowed his attacks to break through that weakness.

Of course, such a type of expert did not shock people like Victor, powerful martial artists like Victor and others, their comprehension and usage of laws had reached a level that caused others to call great.

People brimming with talent were always radiating with brilliance, using their strength to rush straight for the top.

But what everyone loved to discuss, was who actually won. At the end of the battle, both parties left without saying a word, and it was hard to determine the winner.

“Ghost Face Mask won.” Xu An Zhong was sure of it, even at home, his sword never left his body.

He always had a strong sense of trust towards his elder brother in front of him. Xu Ye had a pale white complexion, his eyes extremely black, looking as though he was sick and extremely weak. But anyone who looked down on him would only die horrible.

The two brothers sat across each other, forming an extremely strong contrast. Xu An Zhong’s figure was tall and sturdy, dressed in plain clothes and straw sandals, and his skin was rough. Xu Ye on the other hand looked like an aristocratic young master, with ravishing and luxurious robes, every action of his was graceful.

“Oh, why is that?” Xu Ye smiled and asked.

“The moment Gale was broken, Ben Sen lost.” Xu An Zhong said.

Xu Ye: “Can you break Gale?”

This question made Xu An Zhong remain in silence for a moment before replying: “It’ll be difficult.”

Xu Ye laughed, ~An Zhong said difficult and not impossible, seems like An Zhong’s strength is far stronger than I have imagined.~ He? He was happy about it, with another strong martial artist in the family, it would be of immense help in such a time.

“Why did you think Ghost Face Mask went to find Ben Sen?” Xu Ye asked.

Xu An Zhong shook his head: “I don’t know about that.”

He truly did not understand, no matter from how he saw it, there was no reason for Ghost Face Mask to look for Ben Sen at all. Unless, it was as what Ghost Face Mask said, to defeat him. But this reason to Xu An Zhong was too much of a child’s play. He did not believe that a leader would play such a game.

~Ghost Face Mask must definitely have some plan.~

Xu An Zhong knew for himself that he was not intelligent, and did not brood too much over it as he looked at Xu Ye, whose mind was a hundred times stronger than his.

“I can’t comprehend it either.” Xu Ye laughed: “But thinking about it, his final aim is definitely saving his Null Division Prisoners still.”

“We also have the Null Division Prisoners.” Xu An Zhong reminded Xu Ye.

Xu Ye laughed: “Don’t be too worried about it, now the ones who should be anxious isn’t us, but the Qin Family.”

“Qin Family?” Xu An Zhong was surprised.

“The Qin Family used the Xue Residence in exchange for 200 of the prisoners from the Lu Family.” Xu Ye’s smile was like the sun without any hidden intent: “Counting it down, the number of prisoners the Qin Family will have is about 400 to 500. You have to know, the total number of prisoners is slightly less than 5000, for the Qin Family to obtain a tenth of it, what do you think, will they be willing to give them up?”

“No they won’t.” Xu An Zhong shook his head, he had seen the prisoners before, each and every one of them had outstanding and unique physiques.

All of them seemed to have walked on Ghost Face Mask’s path, and had gone through an extremely strong tempering of the body. To any family, such an addition was a huge plus. Even if their perception was bad, with such power of the physique in their control, it was enough to display a substantial might.

If they only had 200 people, maybe the Qin Family might be willing to give them up, but it was almost 500 people, and the Qin Family would definitely not give them up, but instead think of ways to buy even more in. As long as they digested these 500 prisoners, the Qin Family’s strength will increase by a level, and if they increased the number of prisoners to a 1000, then the Qin Family would have the qualifications to become the number one family of the Sin Domain.

It was an attractive power that the Qin Family was incapable of rejecting.

“Then tell me, what will the Qin Family do now?” Xu Ye asked.

Xu An Zhong immediately understood: “They will look for him!”

“That’s right.” Xu Ye laughed: “Ghost Face Mask is able to defeat Ben Sen, that is already too big a threat. And Ghost Face Mask is the leader of the Null Division, as long as he remains alive, all the prisoners will not submit. Instead, if the prisoners are rescued by him, then Ghost Face Mask’s strength will increase greatly. Such a character, do you think the Qin Family will let him live?”

“No.” Xu An Zhong shook his head, all of these clues started linking up in his mind, and it became clear: “Then what are we going to do now?”

“What will we do?” Xu Ye laughed: “Of course we will enjoy the show.”

“Enjoy the show? If Ghost Face Mask dies, then when the Qin Family subdues all the prisoners, we will be in trouble.” Xu An Zhong frowned, to him, it was time to secretly help Ghost Face Mask.

“Relax, how can he die so easily?” Xu Ye said relaxingly: “He is able to defeat Ben Sen and [Gale], even with the Four Great Generals taking action, they might not be able to defeat him. As long as he gets some subordinates back, his strength will explode even further.”

“All of those prisoners have average strength.” Xu An Zhong said. Although they had outstanding physiques, but they did not know anything about laws, their martial techniques looked to be powerful, but without laws imbedded in them, their might was lacking.

“They are an army.” Xu Ye reminded, and then sighed: “It’s been too long since an army has appeared in the Sin Domain, everyone has forgotten about the might of an army. Truth be told, I am rather excited to see how strong Ghost Face Mask’s army is.”

“Then let us gift our prisoners to him.” Xu An Zhong said.

“Relax, there will be people who will gift him the prisoners.” Xu Ye laughed.

Ming Zhu returned to the Xue Residence, her expression extremely grave. After witnessing the intense battle at Mu’er Residence, her state of mind was greatly shaken. She finally realized, that in the eyes of powerful martial artists, existences like her Xue Family were just like ants.

The rejection from the great families had made her even more exhausted.

But the greatest impact that she received was from Ghost Face Mask. He remained arrogant and strong even when he was covered in blood, the silent and indescribable determination was even felt when he carried his female companion.

For some reason, she suddenly thought of Tang Tian.

Their figures were too similar, but their strength were worlds apart. ~If only Ghost Face Mask will help the Xue Residence…..~

Ming Zhu laughed bitterly, thinking that her own thoughts were too absurd. Even then, she could see that Ghost Face Mask was public enemy number one. She could not help but feel sympathy for him, ~Isn’t the Xue Family also surrounded by enemies?~

When she regained from her thoughts, she realised that unknowingly, she had walked to the warehouse.

Ming Zhu was speechless, ~Alright, is that last name Tang still sleeping again.~

She walked towards the warehouse.

Outside the big doors, she heard the gasps and smashing of rocks, she was extremely familiar with the sound, it was the work of breaking the Black Iron Stones.

~He finally isn’t asleep anymore, seems like I have enticed him with the Golden Steel Gravel.”

Ming Zhu consoled herself, but for some reason, a thread of disappointment surfaced in her mind. ~If it was Ghost Face Mask, he would not be enticed by such small gains.~

Ming Zhu laughed bitterly once again, it was a bad day for her. She knew that the strings of events had formed a flaw in her previous steady state of mind.

Her eyes regained the determined look once again, she did not disturb Tang Tian and turned to leave.

Inside the warehouse, Tie Xie was gasping for breath, he was giving his all to use the hammer to smash the Black Iron Stones, ~I am a B Grade Infamous person, to be lowered to do manual labor now…..~ He wanted to cry.


Han Bing Ning said coldly, causing him to tremble, he then raised the hammer and smashed it down again.

Han Bing Ning protected Tang Tian by his side, her hand remained on her sword hilt as she continued being cautious. As long as Tie Xie had any slight strange movements, she would kill him.

After returning back to the warehouse, the moment Han Bing Ning woke up and saw Tang Tian’s bleeding state, she almost took her sword to kill Tie Xie, but luckily, Tang Tian stopped her.

On Tang Tian’s body, a thin layer of gray transparent null flames flowed around, and his wounds started to heal at a rate visible to the naked eye. All around him, the Golden Steel Gravel quietly floated in the air.

Suddenly, Tang Tian opened his eyes and his ten fingers danced.


Ten threads of pitch black spatial law threads, like ten rays of soft blades cut ten beads of Golden Steel Gravel at the same time.

His current power of the physique had long gone through a qualitative change, and the previously high consumption of spatial law threads, was no longer a problem to him.

Pa pa pa.

The Golden Steel Gravel started to explode one after another, and the Life Origin Essence transformed into silver auras and entered Tang Tian’s body.

In the blink of an eye, all of the Golden Steel Gravel was broken by Tang Tian, and the great quantity of Life Origin Essence entered his body, causing Tang Tian to reveal a look of surprise.

The quiet sea of Null Flames suddenly boomed, the Life Origin Essence was like shattered stones plummeting down from the sky, and smashing into the sea of Null Flames. Every ray of Life Origin Essence seemed to be a stimulant, causing the sea of Null Flames in his body to become extremely violent.

Tang Tian never thought that absorbing the Life Origin Essence would be so different, the first time being calm, but now, it had become so violent.

But at the moment, he had no time to think, all of his focus was on the activation of the Null Flames, trying to digest the Life Origin Essence.