Undefeated God of War - Chapter 716 – Primordial Fire Origin

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Chapter 716 – Primordial Fire Origin

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Bellowing into the sky, an invisible shockwave erupted out with Tang Tian at the center, and all the wind blades around were swept away.

Tang Tian’s entire body was covered in blood, but he was oblivious to it, and only felt an indescribable contentment from the roar, as though something had broke out from within. Strand after strand of transparent gray flames surged out from the deepest parts of his body, burning at the surface of his body.

~This is….the Null Flames!~

Tang Tian raised both his hands up, and looked at the faint gray flames enveloping his entire body. The Null Flames in the past only enveloped his arms. A sense of enlightenment rose in his mind, the Null Flames were flames formed by “Combusting” the power of the physique.

~As expected, only at the moment between life and death, can I break through my limits huh…..~

Tang Tian muttered in his mind, and thought about Energy Transmutation. It was the indication of a silver saint, after going through a special transformation, the energy would transform into an even higher grade force. His own Null Flames, like Energy Transmutation, was through the arousal and combustion of the power of the physique, transforming into a higher grade power.

Tang Tian’s previous Null Flames started from the place where he tempered and trained the most, his fists. But a human body has to blend well together, and at that time the Null Flames was unable to release its true might. It wasn’t until Tang Tian’s body went through law tempering, that it reached the criteria for the Null Flames to be released to its full potential. And through the few Godfists that he released previously, it consumed all the power of the physique in his body, adding the faith of improving in the moment of life and death, it was like throwing a small flame into a pile of completely dried firewood.

With the depletion of old power, new power could be born.

A sea of fire burned in his body, thread after thread of Null Flames surged out from his body.

Compared to the berserk power of the physique, this new power was even more gentle and vast. It was like there was a sea of flames inside Tang Tian’s body, extremely pure and peaceful, yet surging and vast, he could clearly feel the amount of power accumulated in it.

~This feeling, it feels too good.~

A heavenly shaking roar that sounded like a wild beast exploded out from within the layers of mist.

Facing this loud roar, all the screeches made by the wind suddenly turned sluggish.

Ben Sen who was at the top of the building finally revealed shock, the Ghost Face Mask in the tornado was like a wild beast roaring in anger, the imposing aura from his body expanding outwards. But when he saw the gray flames surging all over Ghost Face Mask’s body, his mind instantly buzzed.

Primordial Fire Origin!

~That is the Primordial Fire Origin!~

~How is that possible……~

Han Bing Ning who was swaying roughly heard that roar, her mind was roused, and her morale instantly increased.

~Truly, he did not retreat!~

She clenched the sword hilt even tighter unknowingly, and the light around her became brighter.

She did not give up.

“Eh!” Victor suddenly revealed a look of disbelief.


;Young Master, what happened?” The beautiful servant asked.

Victor’s expression was inconceivable: “Someone activated the Primordial Fire Origin.”

“Primordial Fire Origin.” the beautiful servant started perspiring.

“Yes, no matter how much a person wants to refine and temper his body, there will always be a limit. Activating laws, and using the power of the physique, the majority of these laws abide the same set of rules, the stronger the technique used, the stronger the requirement for the power of the physique.” Victor explained: “If the technique requires power, far more than the limit of the power inside the body, what will happen? Countless of our ancestors have tried to study it, and found the solution, and that is by igniting the Primordial Fire Origin.”

He then continued: “Igniting the Primordial Fire Origin will transform the power inside the body into a brand new power. This power is of the same branch and type of the power of the physique, but it is of a higher grade and much stronger, and can easily use laws.”

“Young master, have you ignited your Primordial Fire origin?” The beautiful servant asked curiously.

Victor revealed a bitter laugh: “I have not. The Primordial Fire Origin is hard to ignite, the conditions to do so is extremely harsh. The degree of tempering on the body needs to be extremely high, my body, hahahaha. That is why people say, stupid people will ignite the Primordial Fire Origin, smart people will enlighten on laws. Your family’s young master can barely be considered a smart person, hahahaha, that’s the only reason…..”

The beautiful servant covered her mouth and chuckled.

Victor also laughed out loud, but in his eyes, he was not laughing at all.


Xu An Zhong also noticed that someone inside the tornado had ignited his Primordial Fire Origin, but his gaze never left Han Bing Ning.

The light aura around Han Bing Ning’s body gradually dimmed, like a candle in the wind that could blow out at any moment. Xu An Zhong trained in the sword himself, and knew that determination was the most important when training in the sword, to have a strong will and unperturbed heart. If she had not held on, she would had injured herself. But for her to hold on under the torrential storm, she would definitely be reborn.

Noticing the blue light around Han Bing Ning’s body becoming brighter and brighter, happiness appeared in Xu An Zhong’s eyes.

As expected, the blue light started to become more stable inside the storm, it began to release an extremely sharp aura, like a sword embryo being polished again and again, revealing an extremely sharp snow white aura.

~She is advancing.~

Xu An Zhong was secretly happy, to witness a swordswoman advance, as he was one himself, filled him with admiration. To him, the powerful martial artist that had ignited his Primordial Fire Origin will never be as important as a swordsman’s advance.

But, only a few people on the scene were capable of sharply realizing that the tide of the battle was quietly changing.

Tang Tian whose body was filled with immense power and his fighting intent soared to maximum became even more berserk.

He pulled another punch again, and the new power that was like a vast body of water immediately rumbled, the surging power flowed, the momentum was like a sprinting thunder, it flowed through his right hand and into his fist.

Tang Tian’s state of mind was in an unprecedented calmness and clearness, the inference of variations that he made before, started to sweep past his mind like a mist being blown quickly. Countless of starlight pulled forward like pages of a book flipping, big and small variation marks appeared, every single of them extremely clear.

The sounds of the wind around him suddenly disappeared, countless light beams, as though they were being sucked, entered Tang Tian’s right fist.

Ben Sen’s eyes constricted, the rainbow light regiment on Tang Tian’s right fist was swelling by a few folds, it had become the size of a wicker basket, and was releasing a terrifying aura. The dazzling myriad of colors of light auras, shining on the green and black ghost face mask, revealed an indescribable horror.

He punched out!

The wicker basket size light regiment shot into the storm, penetrating through the wall of wind blades silently, all of the surging and torrential wind blades could not affect it at all.


The thick Black Iron Stone door was covered with a colorful spider web.


A light crack sound sounded out, the Black Iron Stone door crumbled like a biscuit.

The transparent glass like eye of the storm, floated quietly in the air.

A figure suddenly appeared beside the eye like a ghost, and punched straight into it. Prrrinngggg, like glass shattering, the eye shattered and disappeared.

Bang bang bang!

The tornado pillar that shot into the sky, seemed to be pulled by something, step by step, it crumbled down as countless drops of mist cascaded down, surging and churning, it was a spectacular and astonishing sight. The entire Mu’er Residence was buried in the dense mist.

All of the spectator’s face changed, their legs turned soft.

When the mist dissipated, it revealed the outline of the Mu’er Residence.

Ben Sen who was on the top of the building was like a statue, he still could not believe that his [Gale] was broken through.

The Ghost Face Mask who was covered entirely in blood slowly walked out of the fort, the dense Black Iron Stone door had disappeared, and Ben Sen looked as if he had lost his spirit.

All the spectators held their breaths, the entire west route was in silence.

Who won?

No one could see the battle inside the crazy storm, and no one knew whatever that had happened in it.

The Ghost Face Mask looked to be in a terrible state, his entire body was covered in blood, but he stood straight like a spear.

Pa pa pa.

His footsteps broke the silence once again, Tang Tian walked to the blood bear black flag and pulled it out.

Without saying a word, he walked to Han Bing Ning’s side, carrying Han Bing Ning on one shoulder, the two figures become blurry, and disappeared without turning back.

Ben Sen who was standing still on the tower turned and walked back into the fort.

Who won, who lost? That became the question that lingered on everybody’s mind.

With the two of them leaving, the invisible pressure disappeared, everyone who had witnessed the spectacular scene immediately flew into an uproar of excitement, and started to discuss in passion.

Back in the fort, Da Lin anxiously went forward: “Uncle Ben Sen!”

Ben Sen could no longer hold on, he sat down straight on the ground, his face as pale as paper, his entire body was completely wet.

Da Lin’s face changed, she was shocked: “Uncle Ben Sen, you’re injured?”

Ben Sen gasped for a moment, and spoke with difficulty: “I’m fine.”

He had been injured, the destruction of the eye had caused him a huge backlash. Now that he had the time to think back, he felt that it was inconceivable, to ignite his Primordial Fire Origin in the midst of the battle, although it was rarely seen, but it was considered normal. But the fist technique was extremely weird, he had never seen such a fist technique before.

But what made him confused was that the Ghost Face Mask was actually able to accurately pinpoint the location of his eye!

~Did that ghost face mask train in [Gale] before?~

This guess was quickly thrown aside, [Gale] was not something that one could learn just because he wanted to, it needed an extremely profound enlightenment on wind laws. Anyone facing [Gale] for the first time will definitely be unable to accurately, without hesitation, the weakness of [Gale], and find the location of its eye.

Ben Sen guessed that, Ghost Gace Mask’s mentor was probably proficient in [Gale], and thus Ghost Face Mask would be familiar with it.

~He definitely isn’t from any simple background!~

And, Ghost Face Mask’s action of leaving without even turning back surprised Ben Sen even more.

Previously, when the Ghost face Mask announced that he would defeat him, Ben Sen’s heart was filled with caution, thinking that the other party had some sort of plot. But Ghost Face Mask had won uprightly, and left without saying a word. This made Ben Sen become somewhat convinced of his reason.

~Just to defeat me huh?~

Ben Sen laughed bitterly.

~He isn’t simple at all, the leader of the Null Division, Huh?~ Thinking about the Null Division Prisoners, he suddenly became somewhat glad, the Mu’er Residence only had Han Bing Ning, but she was already taken away.

~The other families must be uneasy now.~

~With such a powerful person lying in wait for the opportunity, it will not be a good feeling to be targeted.~

Victor stretched his back and yawned. With a tired look, he said: “Let’s go, the show is over, time to sleep. Really, to cause such a ruckus in the middle of the night and disrupt my sleep, can’t they do it in the day?”

The beautiful servant revealed a pained look: “Go back to sleep!”

Xu An Zhong revealed a look of thought, after a moment, he turned and left.

Suddenly, he spotted two familiar figures from the corner of his eyes, it was Wei Han and Mu Ze, ~So even the Qin Family can’t sit still anymore huh?~

Xu An Zhong chuckled, for some reason, he became somewhat excited for what was to come.