Undefeated God of War - Chapter 714 – Gale

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Chapter 714 – Gale

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Amongst the torrents of clamor, all their gazes that were filled with anticipation changed to despise, they all saw him as overestimating himself!

Ghost Face Mask’s last performance had truly surprised all of them, to be able to force Ben Sen to be in such a difficult situation, and reveal his true strength, but his last move to retrieve Han Bing Ning caused everyone to call foul. But, people who had foresight could see that the Ghost Face Mask’s strength was not comparable to Ben Sen.

If he was not weaker, why resort to such means?

The Ghost Face Mask’s public challenge appeared to them as ridiculous as not knowing the immense difference between heaven and earth.

Tang Tian stood unmoved, his gaze never left Ben Sen, and the young man behind the mask pouted.

~I didn’t lie, I really want to defeat you! Only by defeating you can I defeat people stronger than you, only by defeating all of you can I save everybody.~

~I don’t do schemes, I am not intelligent, I can only use my fist to defeat all of you.~

~I know this is not smart, but it is what I can and want to do.~

~Black Ben Sen, you are my first target~!

All the thoughts were burnt into ashes by his burning battle intent, in the young man’s eyes, there was only the figure on the roof, that stout and towering figure, was someone he had to win.

Ben Sen sneered, whether it was anger or happiness, no one could make it out from his suntanned face, and only a thread of ridicule flashed past his eyes.

~So you think after that after playing for a bit, you have the qualifications to challenge me?~

Ben Sen’s gaze turned cold, he threw all the thoughts away, regardless of whether the Ghost Face Mask had any other plans or not, but in the face of absolute strength, all schemes and plots were just thoughts.

~The new generation Steel Guards will come forth soon.~

~At that time, the Mu’er Family will only get stronger.~ Ben Sen was definitely not going to allow someone to harm the Mu’er Family’s name.

Looking down at ghost face mask, Ben Sen’s expression turned cold, he snorted: “Overestimating yourself.”

He did not shout, but his words were like thunder that exploded in the sky, resonating out far and wide.

Under the eyes of everybody, he raised his right hand and pointed straight into the sky.

Weng weng weng, the air around him trembled fiercely, and it seemed that his body had started to distort. The air started to become heavy, and a terrifying aura enveloped the entire west route.

The air was flaring up, with many air vortices appearing, they grew extremely quickly, and in the blink of an eye, they transformed into a hurricane around Ben Sen.

Inside the hurricane, Ben Sen stood there, unmoving. The size of the hurricane continued to increase, expanding and increasing its speed at an alarming rate. The rocks, trees and tiles around Tang Tian started to be uprooted and flew into the sky.

Ben Sen’s gaze remained cold, his tanned skin seemed to be moving with a strange flow on his body. The tanned color on his face quickly receded, revealing a pure white skin, and the dense darkness continued to flow towards his palm.

The blood bear black flag was being rattled by the crazy winds.


is technique seemed to be even more powerful than the last time!~

Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, the battle intent in his chest soared, and he became completely immersed in it. Like a needle, he stayed drilled at his original position without moving an inch, while the blood bear flag by his side was being blown crazily.

Ka, Tang Tian extended his hand out and grabbed the flag pole, and used strength to stab deeper in.

Upon being stabbed deeper, the flag stabilized.

Han Bing Ning’s mind trembled, although she had been enlightened on laws, but compared to Ben Sen, she was still lacking a great deal. Ben Sen’s comprehension on laws was far more profound than hers. The wind grew bigger and bigger, causing her to be unstable, her face changed, and she grabbed her sword hilt.

All around her, dim blue light auras glowed, regardless of how powerful the berserk winds blew, it was unable to shake her.

Bang bang bang!

The recently renovated west route was once again destroyed, becoming a path of destruction. All the newly placed tiles on the ground were pulled out and mixed into the tornado, the gusts appeared again, pa, the tiles were destroyed.

The tiles that were being peeled continued to fly into the sky and into the tornado.

The ear piercing wind sounds became extremely low and gloomy, causing people to become afraid.

A man in red robes became alarmed, he suddenly flew into the sky and bellowed: “Every one of you, retreat now!”

His voice resonated far out under the screeching sounds. The spectators who were completely stunned by the horrifying scene woke up from their state of blankness, and all of them started to retreat.

Xu An Zhong who was in plain clothing and straw sandals with a sword on his back was surprised when he saw Victor. ~Who knew that the sloppy person would have such a good heart.~

Victor dropped from the air, his red robes resembling a flower that just blossomed. His unruly and handsome look, did not have the casual and nonchalant expression he had normally, but was instead stern and serious.

“Let’s retreat.”

Victor murmured.

The beautiful servant stared at him in shock and disbelief: “Young Master, is Ben Sen that strong?”

She had never seen such expression on her young master face. In her heart, the young master had always been grounded and nothing seemed to move him.

“That’s [Gale].”

Victor grabbed his female servant and retreated and explained: “Wind Blade