Undefeated God of War - Chapter 711 – Infamous Tie Xie

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Chapter 711 – Infamous Tie Xie

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The Qin Family.

Qin Zi Shan had his head lowered in front of Zhong Zheng Yan Mei, his hands were clenched tightly, he never expected that his Uncle would actually gift the Xue Family to the Lu Family. Thinking about how Miss Ming Zhu had fallen into the demonic hands of the Lu Family, he felt as if blades had cut into his heart, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Zhong Zheng Yan Mei looked at his nephew and laughed, ~He is still young.~

Although the Four Great Generals did not have the last name of Qin, they still held revered positions in the Qin Family, and all of the Qin Family disciples had to greet them with etiquette as younger generations.

“Zi Shan, I know that you like Miss Ming Zhu.” Zhong Zheng Yan Mei did not avoid the question, but he spoke gently: “The Lu Family used 200 of the Null Division prisoners in exchange for the Xue Family, Zi Shan, you tell me, should we do this exchange or not?”

Qin Zi Shan suddenly raised his head, he was filled with shock, his mouth was wide open, but he did not say a word.

He did not expect that the Lu Family would actually be willing to exchange 200 of the Null Division Prisoners for the Xue Family!

Ever since the Ghost Face Mask shouted out the words Ursa Major Null Division, all of the prisoners had a special nickname, the Null Division Prisoners. This group of Null Division Prisoners had bodies of outstanding qualities, and what was even more surprising was that they did not have any energy in their bodies. People even suspected that the Null Division Prisoners were truly from the Sin Domain. If not, why would they have no energy in their bodies?

Deep in the Sin Domain, there were still many places that no one dared to step in. The various families that were banished in Sin Domain, over the centuries, had merely established themselves and found a footing, they did not even have any remaining strength to set foot into the unknown.

But there was a point that could be confirmed, regardless of where the Null Division Prisoners came from, it was the best replenishment to the various families of Sin Domain. Furthermore, their bodies were extremely outstanding, with just a bit of grooming, they would all become elites.

Them being untamed and wanton was never an issue to them.

With the current price of the Null Division Prisoners, 200 prisoners was worth far more than the Xue Family. 200 of the Prisoners, as long as they took them in, it could change the strength and position of a family.

Although the Xue Family made outstandingly strong defensive products, there were always substitutes for them in the Sin Domain.

And even Qin Zi Shan could not reject such a deal.

Seeing Qin Zi Shan’s speechless expression, Zhong Zheng Yan Mei spoke: “For this transaction, we have definitely profited. Furthermore, the friendship of the Lu Family is more important to our Qin Family. With the alliance of the Qin and Lu Family, it means that the Purple Cuckoo City and the Galloping Horse City have formed an alliance, this will serve as a self preservation move if the situation becomes too chaotic. With your abilities, Zi Shan, I think you can also see the gains and losses.”

Qin Zi Shan’s mind was in a blank, his face became a mix of white and green, a look of confusement in his eyes. As a son of the great family, he himself was not a useless person, and could see the gains and losses clearly.

But it m

ade him feel more pain.

Zhong Zheng Yan Mei stood up and walked to him, he patted Zi Shan on the shoulders and consoled him: “Uncle knows, how much of an effect this has on you. Relax, no matter what, Uncle will find a great beauty for you. I heard that there is a beauty in the Lu Family who is extremely beautiful, even more than Ming Zhu, she is also a warm and gentle person, and is good at understanding others, she will be perfect for you. During this period of time, she will be at our Qin Family as a guest, Zi Shan, why not you go take a look and see if you like her. If you do, Uncle will help you speak up.

Qin Zi Shan walked out of Zhong Zheng Yan Mei’s study dispirited, his expression was one of sadness.

“This time, it is Zi Shan who bears the pain.”

Mu Ze walked out from a bookshelf, his face filled with awkwardness.

“Youngsters shouldn’t attach importance to such matters, how can they grow with matters of relationships?” Zhong Zheng Yan Mei said, he then changed the subject: “What do you think of Lu Ling Nan?”

“A fierce tiger!” Mu Ze’s eyes flashed a look of admiration: “He is extremely slippery, and in fact a wild card, and is very ambitious. That man with him, should be Tie Xie.”

“Yes it is.” Zhong Zheng Yan Mei nodded his head: “I never thought that the infamous man would be recruited under him, Lu Ling Nan is truly something.”

“A pity, compared to him, Zi Shan is still lacking a bit.”


The two of them talked leisurely, Qin Zi Shan was the most outstanding in the new generation of the Qin Family, but compared to Lu Ling Nan, the difference was so huge that it hurt.

The Infamous Tie Xie, was a truly ominous man, his hands were covered in blood after killing countless of people. In the Sin Domain, there was no good or bad, only the strong and the weak, with the strong being the one in the right. To be able to recruit a person like Tie Xie proved Lu Ling Nan’s strength.


In the entire Xue Residence, no one slept, and the lights remained on.

“That man by Lu Ling Nan’s side was Tie Xie!” Xue Yan who was in charge of obtaining information had a pale face, she had lived outside for a period of time, and her understanding of such matters was superior to the rest. She suppressed the panic in her heart: “Tie Xie is notorious for killing many people, he has always been alone, but who knew that Lu Ling Nan would recruit him. He is a B Rank Infamous person.”

“B Rank Infamous person!” Ming Zhu’s expression changed.

Everyone else’s faces were also pale white.

In the Sin Domain, a man with the word Infamous tagged to him indicated that he was a person who specialised in working in the dark business. They did not attach themselves to any aristocratic families and worked alone, they were merciless and cunning, all of them enjoyed killing, burning and stealing. They could do anything. According to their strength and infamy, they are classified under Ranks A, B, C and D. With only 12 people in the A Rank, the food chain in Sin Domain, and even the Great Families dare not make enemies out of them.

Under the 12 people would be the B Rank Infamous people.

All those able to rise to the B Rank Infamy are notorious people who have mixed in with all corners of the Sin Domain, and no one dared to provoke them. C Rank Infamous people are all experts, and it must be known, there are only 194 people in the D Rank.

The reason for their pale expressions, was because there was once a D Rank Infamous man who coveted the Xue Family’s wealth. If not for the Great General Wei Han personally acting out and chasing that person away, the Xue Family would have been struck devastatingly. Ming Zhu and the rest had personally witnessed and experienced the incident, as they had even recruited experts who died like paper dolls in front of the D Rank Infamous man.

15 Bodyguards, only one survived, it was too ferocious and terrifying.

The current strength of the bodyguards was not even comparable to that of the past.

Ming Zhu bit her lips tightly, causing them to bleed slightly, feeling the despair overwhelming her. Just Tie Xie alone was enough to sweep the entire Xue Family. In the past, she still had the protection of the Qin Family, but currently…..

~Lu Ling Nan will definitely not rest, he thinks it’s too easy to take care of Xue Family!~

“We need to recruit people!” Ming Zhu said with determination, we must bring out all of our products and Golden Steel Threads and entice experts with them!”

“Ming Zhu Jie!” Xue Yan was so surprised by Ming Zhu’s decision that she stood up.

The value of all their cloth and Golden Steel Threads was astronomical.

“At such a time, we can only rely on ourselves!” Ming Zhu recovered her steadiness, burning flames flashing in her eyes: “Even if we beg them, they will not let us go. They will make us divulge the secrets of the Golden Steel Silkworms, at that time, we will not be valuable anymore, and we will become their toys. Instead of suffering such humiliation, why not fight to the death?”

Upon hearing that, the other ladies looked at each other, the fear and panic on their faces slowly disappearing.

They knew that Ming Zhu was right, upon obtaining the secrets of the Golden Steel Silkworms, the Xue Family would be considered as worthless. They will then be separated and forced into the hands of the disciples.

“Ming Zhu Jie is right, if they want to swallow us, they have to see if they have the capabilities.” Xue Yan said.

“We can go to the other families. The Qin Family accepted Lu Family’s alliance tacitly, but they will never dare publicize that they are helping the Lu Family to deal with us. Furthermore, we are Purple Cuckoo City people, if they do so publicly, how will the other families see it?” Xiao Yao’s eyes were glowing as she recovered her calm.

“We will work from a few angles!” Ming Zhu replied: “The property is all materialistic possessions. As long as we can preserve and protect the Xue Family, protect the secrets of the Golden Steel Silkworms, the Xue Family can rise again!”

Outside, hearing the ladies speaking with such determination, the Old Granny could not help but reveal a smile of gratitude.


Lu Ling Nan returned to his hotel and closed his eyes to rest.

But as time went by, he opened his eyes, sensing that something was wrong.

~Why isn’t Tie Xie back yet? It’s been two hours, he should be back by now.~

After waiting for another hour, Tie Xie still had not appeared, Lu Ling Nan could no longer sit still. He stood up and paced around, becoming anxious.

After another hour, Lu Ling Nan’s anxiousness had disappeared, his face was now green.

He was sure that an accident had occurred!

He had never expected that the place that had the lowest possibility of having an accident, would have an accident.

He knew perfectly well of Tie Xie’s strength, and the Xue Family could not have any strong martial artist that could pose a threat to Tie Xie. ~Who can it be? Could it be other families butting in? The other families of the Purple Cuckoo City?~

~Tie Xie is not back yet, so he wouldn’t be injured, so he will either be suppressed or killed.~

~To be able to do that, it must be someone with the caliber of the Qin Family’s Four Great Generals. That must mean a Patriarch of the other families has taken action.~

Lu Ling Nan calmed down, with other families intercepting, things would become even more complicated.

~What should I do now?~

He walked to the window and looked out of it, and spotted the distant Xue Residence. The Xue Family that was broken down, currently seemed to resemble a large mouth in the darkness, as though it would devour anyone.


Back in the warehouse, Tang Tian who slept soundly for four hours finally woke up.

He yawned and stretched, opening his eyes lazily, he felt as though he had a good rest, feeling an unspeakable comfort. ~How did I fall asleep?~ Tang Tian rubbed his head in confusion.

Suddenly, he noticed a person from the corner of his eyes.

He exclaimed out loud and turned his face.

Standing before the golden steel threads, the man’s body was frozen like a statue. Tang Tian immediately knew that he was locked down by Han Bing Ning’s sword concept, and did not dare to move recklessly.

~Han Bing Ning grew stronger!~

Tang Tian then reacted, he was extremely happy. After being happy, he placed his attention on the thief.

~Seriously, this place has many thieves!~

Tang Tian muttered in his mind, he quietly headed towards Tie Xie.

Tie Xie’s entire body was permeating with perspiration, his body was extremely stiff, and he did not dare to move. He heard footsteps, and guessed that the bodyguard that was sleeping was awake, but he still did not dare to make a move. He had a very strong feeling, that as long as he moved, he would be pierced by the swords.

~The reports were wrong!~

~The Xue Family actually has such a terrifying expert!~

Just at that moment, the sword concept suddenly disappeared.

Tie Xie was overjoyed, ~Chance!~

He immediately activated his techniques to protect himself, causing a red flush to cover his entire face, and like lightning, he rushed towards the door!

~I just need to escape the warehouse…..~

A figure blocked his path, it was the bodyguard that was sleeping.

Tie Xie’s face revealed a sinister smile, ~Seeking death!~

But in the next second, his smile froze.