Undefeated God of War - Chapter 709 – Life Origin Essence

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Chapter 709 – Life Origin Essence

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The Golden Steel Gravel was around the size of a piece of gravel in any river. Quietly lying inside the golden weaved bag, it’s dark gray color made it look extremely unremarkable. Tang Tian carefully lifted one up, and used his finger to rub on it, its texture was very strong, stronger than the black iron rocks.

A spark of interest grew.

Normally, any hard object would be heavy, but the Golden Steel Gravel were as light as feathers. He raised the Golden Steel Gravel to eye level and scrutinized it, before he noticed it. The Golden Steel Gravel’s bodies were in truth transparent, but inside it was an extremely tiny grey vortex, making it appear to look gray. What made Tang Tian feel even more shock was that the tiny grey vortex was actually spinning very slowly.


Tang Tian guessed that the Golden Steel Gravel characteristics was most probably because of the tiny grey vortex. He had not grasped the use of the vortex, but as a tyrant who had seen various types of treasures, he could tell that the Golden Steel Gravel were not ordinary objects.

“Then I’ll take it.”

Tang Tian kept the golden bag casually.

Xiao Yao heaved a sigh of relief in her heart, she had an uncertain feeling dealing with Tang Tian. His manner of doing things was always out of expectation, he was difficult to understand, thus Xiao Yao did not dare assure that she could complete the task.

After completing the task, she could return to report to Ming Zhu, and she need not worry about any other things. Whether or not Tang Tian could complete it, would be a reward or punishment, and that Ming Zhu’s decision.

“Then I will head off first, three days later, the people will come to collect the food for the silkworms.” Xiao Yao smiled at Tang Tian.

“Yes yes yes.” Tang Tian who was fixated on the Golden Steel Gravel no longer cared to reply properly.

After Xiao Yao took the people and left, Tang Tian immediately took the gravel out and started to examine it again.

This time, Tang Tian scrutinized it even further, inside the transparent gravel, the grey vortex rotated very slowly, and occasionally there would be a flicker of silver light.

~To find out what the gray vortex inside is, the simplest method is to break it open!~

Without saying a word, Tang Tian used all of his strength, all of his muscles, putting everything he had to his two fingers and squeezing the Golden Steel Gravel. But no matter what Tang Tian did, it would not even budge.

Tang Tian was shocked, his current strength was extremely powerful, compared to last time, it had multiplied a few folds. Even if a silver grade star treasure from Heaven’s Road would be easily broken apart in his hands.

But, even with all of his might, he was helpless against this tiny Golden Steel Gravel.

Tang Tian did not believe it, he tried multiple methods, but he could not even cause a wound in this tiny Golden Steel gravel.

~How do i break it open?~

Tang Tian suddenly realised that he was somewhat unable to do anything.

All of a sudden, his mind shook, he thought of something, Laws!

He instantly thought about Spatial laws, the laws obtained from the Ping Family Stealth techniques, were just one branch of the many in the spatial laws. But they were hailed as one of the three great laws, even if it was just one branch, it had extraordinary might.

To Tang Tian, the Ping Family Stealth Technique’s strongest aspect was its ability to split open space. In Heaven’s Road, the only one whom Tang Tian saw could achieve a bit of it was Little Fool when he summoned the Saint Sword Ocean Prison.

Splitting space was an extremely powerful feature.

Tang Tian did not immediately test it out, but sat down and started to plan.

Time slowly crept past, suddenly, Tang Tian who sat as still as a statue moved.

The power of the physique in his body started to move, a strange law thread grew quickly along his fingernail. In the blink of an eye, it was over 30 cm, and started to wave around in the air.

His body suddenly became blurry, his dull eyes resembled the reflection of the stars on a water surface, the light auras faintly rippling.

This law thread did not have any brilliance at all, it was the Ping Family’s Stealth Technique’s law thread, one of the threads of the Spatial Laws. Inside the dimension of blurriness, Tang Tian’s eyes erupted with light, his mind fixed on that particular law thread.

Tang Tian had some admiration towards Ping Xiao Shan’s ancestor, the law thread’s grade was definitely not low, and, its aura was extremely weak, if not for it slipping out from Tang Tian’s finger, he would not have been able to sense it. Even now, as it continued to wriggle on Tang Tian’s fingertip, he still had difficulty completely catching it. On one sense, it was because of its extremely faint aura, and on the other, it was because it could move through space. One end of it was stuck on Tang Tian’s fingertip, while the other seemed to be flickering, disappearing and reappearing. Imagine, if it was swimming in the air, with its strange manners, catching it would be extremely difficult!

But it was a pity, although they had grasped on a powerful law thread, they actually chose a wrong path, and did not truly expand on the potential of the law thread.

This pity swept past in Tang Tian’s mind for a short moment.

Tang Tian could clearly feel and see the law thread, regardless of how it kept on disappearing and appearing, it was as black as ink, and thinner than a strand of hair, appearing in the air. Upon appearing, it produced an extremely faint ripple with it as a center, resonating outwards.

This ripple made Tang Tian feel an indescribable palpitation, he could clearly feel the space around him rippling.

An unstable space was the most terrifying bomb, an intense sense of danger caused all the hairs on Tang Tian to stand.

~Eh, this method isn’t bad at all!~

Tang Tian became excited, but he did not dare to test it out, Han Bing Ning was still immersed in her meditation in the darkness, if he startled her, it would be terrible. Furthermore, Tang Tian was not sure what would happen if the space exploded.

Tang Tian secretly remembered this idea for a future opportunity to test it out.

~But for now, the most important thing to do is to break open this Golden Steel Gravel.~

One Golden Steel Gravel floated in front of him, Tang Tian concentrated with all of his attention to control the law thread. The pitch black law became extremely straight and like a blade, it cut the Golden Steel Gravel.

The transparent outer shell broke effortlessly.

The black law thread, upon cutting through the shell, attacked the gray vortex.


Tang Tian only felt a thunder erupting in his mind, his entire body trembled, a violent power surged through his body as though he got hit. That power suddenly scattered within, causing Tang Tian to groan, and blood to drip out from the corner of his mouth.

Tang Tian did not even bother about the blood, he was too focused onto his front.

The Law Thread crumbled inch by inch and disappeared, while the gray vortex transformed into a fine and thin mist. Inside the mist, the silver lights flickered continuously, like countless of silver stars rumbling inside the mist. But after that, the silver stars in the mist became brighter and brighter, and very quickly, the entire mist had transformed into a silver color.

The silver mist was dense and beautiful, but its transformation had not ended, as gold lights started to blossom in the silver mist. Not long later, the gold lights started flickering in the silver mist, like gold granules being mixed into it.

This change was so fast and beautiful, it was a feast for Tang Tian’s eyes.

The gold stars and silver mist rose in spirals in the air, like a vast star river body.

The mist emitted a foreign aura and an indescribable sense of elation surged out from Tang Tian’s body. Tang Tian was startled, it was as though every muscle in his body was crying out in joy.

It was Tang Tian’s first time witnessing such a thing.

~This is…..~

Tang Tian’s mind flashed with a thought, and a look of joy appeared in his eyes.

~This aura, it is pure vitality force!~

~This is Life Origin Essence!~

Tang Tian’s mouth was wide opened, he stared at the scene in front of him like a foolish man.

Tang Tian’s power of the physique had already reached a bottleneck. The powerful Whirlpool Sword Storm had refined his body to an extremely high level, and his Zero Energy Body was by itself extremely powerful. After fighting Ben Sen, his complete exhaustion of physical strength resulted in him having a law tempered body, and his fleshly body had been refined to an unimaginable level.

Just with his tyrannical degree of body strength, even the strongest blood saint was unable to compare to him.

(TN: Blood Saints are the Onyx Soul 3 blood saints of the past that were briefly mentioned)

In terms of training, Tang Tian was having trouble improving, thus he placed all of his attention on laws, when his comprehension of laws reached a profound level, it would allow his strength to improve.

But the Life Origin Essence in front of him made Tang Tian see a new light. Life Origin Essence was an immense nourishment to any living being, it could greatly increase the vitality of the body.

Vitality is something that cannot be seen but truly exists. In every living being, the composition of the body would long be stable, all the so called tempering and refinement of the body was to remove the impurities in the body, allowing the person’s physical state to be even stronger, but never able to raise the upper threshold of Vitality.

Given Tang Tian’s body as an example, his muscle strength exceeded that of steel, his bones comparable to star treasures, even his ability to make blood from the bone marrow, his capability of gaining more muscles are much stronger than saints. But such tempering of the body isn’t limitless. His current body had been refined to close to perfection, and it was extremely difficult to improve further, and that was dictated and set the moment he was born. At this step, to want to improve further, he could only rely on Life Origin Essence.

The gray mist inside the Golden Steel Gravel was actually Life Origin Essence!

Breaking open the Golden Steel Gravel, the entire process of the gray mist changing was like a phoenix going through nirvana, it was beautiful and splendid, and brimming with the throbbing of life.

Although the strand of Life Origin Essence was weak, but its value was incomparable. Tang Tian had previously placed his eyes on Laws because compared to enlightenment of laws, raising the vitality was not as feasible.

Life Origin Essence would allow Tang Tian to improve much more substantially than anything else. Tang Tian’s body had already been refined to almost perfection, there were no impurities, and thus he would be able to absorb vitality very well.

After regaining his senses, without saying a word, he reached out for the Life Origin Essence.


A warm flow entered Tang Tian’s body, which was like a dried riverbed under a pouring rain, which sucked and absorbed all the rain cleanly.

Tang Tian closed his eyes and carefully observed the changes to his body. After a moment, he opened his eyes, filled with a desire to continue. The strand of Life Origin Essence was definitely good stuff, but it was too little. It was unable to induce a substantial change to his body.

Thinking about the Golden Steel Gravel in the bag, Tang Tian immediately became excited.

Without saying a word, he decided to repeat the process, but what he did not expect was, he was unable to congeal the Law Thread!

Tang Tian jumped in fright, but quickly found the reason, revealing a bitter smile on his face. The cut with the law thread previously actually consumed all the power of the physique in his body, and the remaining power of the physique was unable to allow him to concentrate to congeal out the law thread.

The strand of Life Origin Essence was actually able to nourish his body, but was unable to help him recover from the fatigue.

Thinking about all the Life Origin Essence that he was unable to absorb, he became very dejected.

Tang Tian who was feeling upset turned towards the pile of Black Iron Stones.

The smile on his face became even more bitter.