Undefeated God of War - Chapter 705 – Law Tempered Body

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Chapter 705 – Law Tempered Body

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

{DeAndreR: These chapters haven’t been edited, so please bear with it a few hours}

Tang TIan felt that his fist had become as heavy as a mountain, he clenched his teeth, every single muscle, bone andtendon were trembling at a surprising frequency, the surging physical strength emerging in various parts of hisbody.

Countless of variations surfaced in Tang Tian’s mind, all of them developed from his fundamental fist techniques,every variation that appeared would cause the strength in his body to become restless, as though it was conformingto it.

Tang Tian was extremely happy, and forcibly restricted the flow of power in his body. Even if all kinds of variationsappeared in his mind, the flow of power would be stopped, and constantly change.

Power surged throughout his entire body and gathered at his fist!

Like thousands of creeks leading back to the ocean, countless of minute power flowed on and continued toconverge, continued to grow larger, becoming a powerful current.

The vigor in his fist continued to surge slowly but surely, countless of faintly discernible variations, like brancheschopped off from the tree, the only difference was, on them, there were densely packed imprints of various sizes,each imprint distinguishing each of the branches.

The power formed from his flesh body flowed all around at a rapid speed, countless of different variation imprintscontinued to stir restlessly.

The seemingly slow punch was unrestrained, like the starry sky shining brightly in the vast sky. The air in the roomseemed to be attracted to the fist, becoming extremely viscous and gluey, causing Tang Tian’s punch to becomeeven slower.


A light sound came out, and the dark room was immediately filled with light. A bright and irregular red light beamappeared inside Tang Tian’s fist.

Tang Tian’s fist continued to move forward slowly, zzzi zzzzi zzzzi, many flickering and differing chaotic light beamslit up, as though a rainbow colored lightning was gathering on Tang Tian’s ifst. This was the appearance of Laws,

Tang Tian’s fist seemed to contain a mysterious attractive force, attracting the laws to become bright.

The light aura continued to brighten, and the number of light beams converging on Tang Tian’s fists grew more andmore. The excited rainbow colored lights were like rainbow snakes swimming around, transforming into a conicalshaped light barrier, the messy light beam branches were like a messy large net, emerging in front of Tang Tian.

Countless of variations flashed past Tang Tian’s mind, countless of laws flashing past Tang TIan’s eyes.

Suddenly, Tang Tian’s body froze, the power from his physique in his body had disappeared without a trace.


Tang Tian was not in time to even exclaim out loud, pa, the Fist barrier of laws in front of him instantly shattered.The condensed and gluey air returned back to normal. He then remembered that he had consumed a lot of hisphysical strength earlier, and had not recovered his strength, thus the power from his physique was not enough tosustain the technique.

~Damn it…..~

Tang TIan’s eyes rolled back, he instantly fell to the ground fainted. A few seconds later, thunderous snores could beheard. Saving Han Bing Ning made him extremely fatigued. The power of the physique in h

is body had beenconsumed, and thus the fist could not be completed.

(TN: I named it power of the physique, but I think it is just raw strength, or physical strength, but these sound lame.Anyone has any ideas, do share!)

But, he had just overused his body, and did not sustain any injury, the zero energy body could recover extremelyquickly, naturally causing Tang Tian to enter a state of sleep to ensure that the body recovers faster.

In the air, Young master Qin and Ming Zhu who had just observed the battle had pale faces, and remained silent fora long time.

Seeing that Ming ZHu’s face was pale white, Young Master Qin thought that she was overwhelmed by shock fromthe battle, and advised her to return to rest.

In truth, he was equally shook. The battle had impacted him greatly, only from that did he know what were thebearing of true powerful martial artists! Ben Sen who ruthless and unfathomable, along with the reckless ghost facemask, the two of them displayed bizarre variations of attacks, their might were able to destroy the land aroundthem. They had opened his eyes wide, and thus he was deeply affected.

Compared to the others of the senior generation, who all had thoughts placed on matters like children, he feltashamed. Unknowingly, although he treated Ming Zhu politely, but it was less passionate as usual.

Ming Zhu nodded her head, then turned and left. She maintained a strong front, but her heart had long been in turmoil. Because she had realised that the ghost face mask’s figure resembled the male servant Tang Tian, and they bore remarkable resemblance.

She wanted to return to the residence to see if Tang Tian was around, but she resisted.

Seeing how the ghost face mask had successfully seized the lady from Ben Sen, Ming Zhu knew that the matterwould be blown up into large proportions. No one would care much with regards to the man’s background, but afterthe matter, all the various families would be actively seeking for this mysterious guest.

For him to be able to take away his companion from the Mu’er family, it most probably meant that he would look forthe other families to take back his companions. How would the various families handle that? Ben Sen had proven hisown strength, but yet was at a disadvantage, which was a matter that could not be disregarded.

She did not know how the matter would turn out, but she knew that Purple Cuckoo City would become a mess.

But what she was more worried about was, whether Ghost face mask was Tang Tian?

If it was, then it would definitely not be a good matter for the Xue Family. She was sure that the various families inPurple Cuckoo City would be looking for Ghost Face Mask. When the Xue Family gets implicated, at that time…..

Ming Zhu shuddered, she did not dare think of the consequence.

She flew quickly and returned to Xue Residence, seeing the bodyguard at the entrance, she asked: “Where’s TangTian?”

“Tang TIan?” The bodyguard was confused: “I didn’t see him.”

Ming Zhu’s heart trembled, she bit her lips and quickly ran over to Tang Tian’s residence. The servants whom shepassed by had never seen the young miss look so dishevelled, they did not dare raise their heads and remainedsilent.

Like a gust of wind, Ming Zhu rushed to Tang Tian’s residence.

At the entrance, hearing the thunderous snores, she calmed down.

~It’s not him.~

She carefully pushed open the door and saw Tang Tian sleeping on the ground soundly. His body was completelyunharmed, clearing all suspicions.

Tang Tian who was sleeping soundly, mumbled to himself and turned his body, facing upwards towards the sky, heextended himself out flat like a pancake. Seeing that Tang Tian was sleeping so soundly, the rage that she had keptimmediately sprung back up.

~You slept while on duty at the warehouse, and even caused me to lose face in front of Qin Zi Shan, you are trulyincorrigible!~

Ming Zhu screamed: “Tang Tian! You better stand up now! You sleep at night, sleep in the day, how lazy can you be,this is ridiculous…..”

Tang TIan was completely unmoved, his snoring continued like thunder.

Ming Zhu was so angry to the point of trembling, but as a person with good education, it made her unable to speakcrude words. She had wanted to say that he would be chased out of the Xue Residence, but thinking about how theold lady had spent 200 thousand dollars on him, if she were to chase him out, wouldn’t it be to his favor?

Ming Zhu became even more sullen.

She had seen many troublemakers before, but she had never seen a person like Tang Tian that would leave herhelpless.

She heard movements behind her, but it was her subordinates that had ran over after hearing the commotion. Withthem watching, Ming Zhu resisted the urge to kick Tang Tian. She snorted and left.

Seeing that, everyone immediately scattered. ~When Ming Zhu was unhappy, it would be unlucky for us to findtrouble.~ But their eyes towards Tang Tian were filled with curiosity, for even Ming Zhu was unable to do anythingto him.

Very quickly, everyone left, and Tang Tian was alone in his room.

Of course, Tang Tian did not know of everything that happened, he slept extremely soundly.

No one had noticed the bizarre state of Tang Tian’s body. His body was trembling faintly, every inch of muscleseemed to be opening and closing, as though they were breathing. With the extremely rapid rate of trembling, hisbody was emitting a light, these faintly discernible light auras permeating into his flesh.

Gradually, the light aura grew dimmer and dimmer and finally disappeared.

When Tang Tian woke up, he felt an indescribable free feeling in his entire body. When he took note, he heard aseries of pea sized sonic boom sounds. He was startled, this situation had happened before, right after he obtainedthe zero energy body. But after that, no matter how much he tempered himself, it never happened again.

~Why is it happening again?~

He immediately inspected his body.

He was instantly stunned.

All the bones, muscles and tendons in his body had reached an unprecedented level of power, every inch of hismuscles were as durable as Black Gold Threads, his bones were even more peculiar, when he inspected his bonesinwardly, there were actually faint jade colored gloss on them. His bright red blood revealed a faint gold color, hislife essence seemed to have strengthened by multiple folds.

He suddenly noticed the remaining essence in his body.

~These are….laws!~

~A Law Tempered Body!~

Tang Tian suddenly reacted, he finally understood what had happened. A Zero energy body was naturallycompatible with Laws, and with his complete exhaustion of the power of his physique, his flesh had become a spongethat absorbed all the surrounding laws. The Laws that were extremely compatible with his muscles were absorbedin, and started to temper with his body.

There were many benefits to the Zero Energy Body, but there was always a question that poked at Tang Tian,how to improve it, until now, Tang Tian had come to a realization. ~That’s right, Using laws to temper the body! Laws are rules of the world, by using them to temper the body, how strong would the body become?~

Tang Tian opened his mouth and laughed out loud.

He stood up and started to test it out. Compared to before, his body that had been tempered by laws was many times stronger. His strength had increased by three folds. Furthermore, the state of his body had obvious strengthening.

Most importantly, the power of the physique, surged much more than previously. Tang Tian moved about, and wasable to clearly feel the astonishing strength accumulated in his body.

Suddenly, Tang Tian thought about the punch that was interrupted before he fainted, he became extremely eager,~If I were to use all my strength to do it now, what would the effect be?~

But after looking around, he had to suppress this thought, if he were to punch, the house would definitely bedemolished.

~I just saved Han Bing Ning, I have to be low key.~

Thinking about Han Bing Ning, and seeing that the sky was getting dark, he immediately rushed out straight for thewarehouse.

The servants that Tang Tian passed by all gave him looks of disdain.

XIao Yao coincidentally passed by, seeing Tang Tian, she called out to him and reminded him out of kindness: “TangTian, you better not sleep tonight, you’re always slacking off, Ming Zhu Jie will definitely punish you.”

Tang Tian was confused, he did not recognize Xiao Yao, but he still thanked her.

Seeing that Tang Tian did not seem to care, Xiao Yao could not do anything.

Tang Tian arrived at the warehouse. He pushed open the big door and after entering, he closed it shut.

Hearing Tang Tian’s arrival, Han Bing Ning quietly appeared, but what surprised Tang Tian was beside her, wasanother person.