Undefeated God of War - Chapter 704 – Reflection

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Chapter 704 – Reflection

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

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Han Bing Ning only felt an indescribable undulation binding her as they disappeared, she felt extremely relaxed andthe scene before her dimmed. But with Han Bing Ning’s eyes, darkness did not affect her as she looked aroundcautiously.


There were many goods placed all around, but there were no one else. Han Bing Ning relaxed, as it meant that it wassafe.

Faint voices came out from outside.

“Ming Zhu Jie is so pissed by the guy with last name Tang, I don’t even know what old granny is thinking, spending200 thousand to buy that trash.”

“That’s right! That guy is too lazy, too fall asleep like a pig while guarding the warehouse. When Young Master Qinwas here, he still snored out loud! You should had seen how bad Ming Zhu Jie’s face was!”

“Our Xue Family is still a family with face, to keep such a disdainful person, it truly provokes ridicule onto us.”

“Eh, don’t talk so loudly, Ming Zhu Jie and Young Master Qin went to watch some interesting things outside, theyshould be back soon.”

“It was such a huge commotion, god, will the entire city collapse? It scared me just now!”

“That’s right, it was like thunder….”

The footsteps went further away.

Han Bing Ning turned and looked at Tang Tian, Tang Tian’s expression was awkward, luckily he still had his mask onand she could not tell. He had actually scolded the two ladies in his heart, ~to actually talk behind the back of thegodlike young lad, you two assholes!~

But it was not the right time for them to talk, he whispered: “Hide here first, I will be back tonight.”

“Alright.” Han Bing Ning did not hesitate, the warehouse was extremely big, with so many stacks of goodseverywhere, it was like a maze, and it was extremely easy to hide a person inside.

Tang TIan gave the mask and flag to&n

bsp;Han Bing Ning: “Find a place to hide these.”

The two objects were the most offensively conspicuous items, if anyone else saw it, they would be in deep trouble.~What can I say, that stupid flag that I waved all over the city is too ugly, sigh, too embarrassing, tooembarrassing….~

Tang TIan nodded at Han Bing Ning, and quietly opened the warehouse door and left.

Seeing that familiar face, Han Bing Ning calmed down, the few days of panic, worry and fear, and vanished without atrace. Thinking about the battle just now, even for an ice queen like her could not refrain from feeling emotional.

She controlled her state of mind and became calm again.

She knew that the battle was but just the prologue. When Tang Tian took action, he would never stop. Her ice pupilsflashed with a look of determination, ~Isn’t this what you always wanted, the opportunity to fight by his side?~

~I have finally chased up to you.~ Her state of mind was extraordinary calm.

She sat down cross legged and started to recuperate her strength.

She was naturally quiet, although her strength had been shackled for a few days, but she never gave up being hardworking. She trained in the

zero energy body, and with her sharp mind, she sensed the uniqueness of Sin Domain.She quietly observed and felt the laws that were everywhere.

She had recovered her freedom, a big battle was about to begin, she threw out all the thoughts and focused ontraining.


Tang Tian carefully dodged passersby and finally returned back to his residence without alarming anybody. Helooked down at his own clothes, the wind blades from Ben Sen had caused his clothes to be tattered and torn.

He felt lucky, the Xue Family was rather generous with clothes, and prepared many sets for him, although they weresimple cloth, but Tang TIan felt pleased.

After changing, Tang Tian realised that the wounds on his body had already started to form scabs.

Tang Tian knew that his zero energy body had improved yet again, after removing all energy, purely by relying on hisphysique, it had caused all the muscles and bones in his body to become vigorous and vibrant. In the future, as longas Tang TIan’s vital parts were not injured, his wounds would heal naturally.

Tang TIan shook lightly, causing all the scabs to flake off, revealing clean and uncut skin as before.

Feeling extremely pleased, Tang Tian started to reflect on the battle. It was his first time crossing paths with a strong martial artist of Sin Domain, and he had reaped a lot of rewards. He had to admit that the Sin Domain martial techniques had truly walked on a new dao path, one that led straight to laws and the body.

Thinking about it, Tang Tian had already witnessed three completely different types of martial techniques systems.Heaven’s Road, Sacred Saint Galaxy and Sin Domain were all different. Sacred Saint Galaxy had dense energy andformed natural saints with the ability to utilise energy at an inconceivable level. Sin Domain was the completeopposite, they did not have any energy, and laws were everywhere and clearly visible. Heaven’s Road was the mix ofthe two, with suitable energy concentration and able to produce the miraculous spirits.

Three different types of martial technique systems, they each had their own unique points and were difficult todifferentiate their merits and drawbacks.

The path of Sin Domain was the most suitable for Tang Tian.

Ben Sen’s enlightenment on his laws was much more powerful and profound as compared to Ping Xiao SHan. TangTian could use spacial laws to handle the fiery red spear, but against Ben Sen’s wind blade, it was useless.

The combat between laws were completely different from the combat between energy.

The standoff between energy rested more or less on the contest of quantity. The more abundance and dense theenergy were usually the crux of victory. The standoff between laws, were in fact competing in terms of quality, themore profound, deeper and comprehension of the laws, the more power it would give.

Tang Tian was slowly experiencing and learning, his situation was different from the rest. His zero energy body hadthe capacity to improve in Sin Domain, which was by strengthening through laws. This point was not easy regardlessof whether it was Sacred Saint Galaxy or Heaven’s Road, as the two had energy. But in Sin Domain, it was not aproblem, Laws scattered around the riverbed that had no water, naked and bare, one could pick one up by bendinghis head.

Now the problem was, the large riverbed that was scattered with countless of these laws, which law to pick. Thatwas the biggest question.

Give an example with spacial laws, the Ping Family stealth technique’s spacial laws had countless of variations, inwhich Tang Tian had thought of a few methods that produced good results. But Tang TIan also knew, he could easilyuse all these laws was because he was taking advantage of the zero energy body. But his enlightenment on each lawwere extremely shallow, and with such a mix, he could only use them to cheat others, Ben Sen’s wind blade could notbe considered as any minor law, but he could easily dispel all of his attacks.

Tang Tian had his finger on his lips while he pondered, although the null flames is powerful, but its might have beengreatly reduced in Sin Domain. Since there was no energy in Sin Domain, the energy destructive capability was ofnot much use. But instead, the zero energy body could be improved, meaning that the power of his physique couldbe greatly strengthened.

The power of physique, was the true foundation of Sin Domain.

Laws were rules of Heaven and Earth, rules itself have no power, and were just a know–how, by grasping on thisknow–how, it would allow a person to save effort, but if one did not even have the initial strength, no matter howprofound and deep a person had been enlightened with laws, he would not be able to move a pebble.

In Sacred Saint Galaxy and Heaven’s Road, Laws were frequently used to manoeuvre energy, causing the usage of energy to be more efficient and become stronger.

But in Sin Domain, there was no energy. To pry open laws, Sin Domain citizens could only think of another way touse them, and that was through the power of their physiques.

For example, Ben Sen’s control over the wind blade was by using his body. He had tempered his body to become incomparably strong.

That was also why when Old Granny Xue saw Tang Tian’s strong body, she decided to buy him.

Tang Tian’s physique was extremely strong, zero energy bodies were much more powerful as compared to Sin Domain people, because it was through the tempering of bodies. But Tang Tian was still not Ben Sen’s opponent, because the disparity between their comprehension of laws were too great.

Tang Tian naturally was not discouraged, the boundaries of high and low were never the only factor to decide thevictor and loser, if not he would not had rushed into the Mu’er Family to seize Han Bing Ning.

From his fundamental martial techniques, he was enlightened to his own dao path. This could not be termed as alaw, but to be exact, a thought process, or a thought path, a thought path towards laws. But to Tang TIan, it was themost appropriate dao path for him.

Not all laws were pure, some branches out that diverged out into other laws, while some laws were formed by mixing a few laws. Like Spacial, Time, Life and Death Laws, they were the main trunk of the world tree, with millions of branches that spanned out, which were all other laws.

Tang TIan’s mind suddenly stirred.

~Aren’t Laws just like a martial technique system? The gigantic martial technique system is just like the main trunkof a tree. But, all martial techniques, when traced back to its origins and disassembled, would still fall back tofundamental martial techniques.

~Fundamental martial techniques is the starting point of martial techniques, and the so called origin of all martialtechniques.~

~So wouldn’t laws have fundamental laws like fundamental martial techniques?~

When this thought surfaced, Tang Tian became extremely excited, ~If I can achieve this idea, it will be verypowerful!~ But he quickly calmed down, although the idea was good, but to him, it was unrealistic, to changesomething complicated to being simple, he needed to first understand what was complicated.

~And, why am I clinging to these laws around me? Laws exist in me too, Every punch i release has some sort of lawembedded in it.~

Tang Tian had a thought, and suddenly began to practise fundamental martial techniques.

His fundamental martial techniques, were through hard work and numerous revisions to finally reach where he was,and was refined through countless of battles.

He suddenly thought of a question that he had previously overlooked, ~if fundamental martial techniques are theorigins of all martial techniques, then why will there be higher ranking martial techniques? If the origin is even morepowerful, then wouldn’t training in the origins be enough?~

~Why will there be higher rank martial techniques? A High rank martial technique have even more variations in itcompared to a fundamental martial technique, so it can utilise even more energy, thus the might produced will bemore powerful…..~

The martial techniques that Tang Tian was practising started to change, all of if which he had mastered throughrough practise, were put to use continuously, analyzing the transformations between them. He had trained in manymartial techniques, and by practising them, he started to have some understanding.

~That’s right, fundamental martial techniques is the starting point for all martial techniques, but, the reason for theadditional higher ranking martial techniques, is because we need variations. All these variations are derived fromthe fundamentals, and if they are not derived, no one will know of such variations.~

~But if they already know of these variations, is it possible for these variations to be integrated into fundamentalmartial techniques?~

Tang Tian suddenly started to train backwards, he started from the high rank martial techniques and dropped rank.

An indescribable feeling was birthed in his mind.

~All these variations do exist in fundamental martial techniques, but it’s just invisible. Only by training through thehigh rank martial techniques can one grasp it, the possibility of variations do exist in fundamental martial techniquesthemselves.~

Tang Tian’s fundamental martial techniques started to rarely break out with variations.

Because he suddenly realised, by inferring from top down, his fundamental martial techniques had some fine slipups and mistakes.

He became immersed in training his fundamental martial techniques, not giving a care about his physical strength, which had no brilliance at all. If any strong martial artist saw him, they would be overwhelmed with shock, Tang TIan’s fundamental martial techniques had suddenly become unfathomable and unpredictable.

~The apex……~

~What can be considered the apex?~

Tang TIan who had completely become unaware of everything around him, started to grow.

(TN: This so called variations, i suppose, would be how one can give a kick. A kick can be produced by many styles,but what determines a real kick, a muay thai kick and a karate kick? All the fine movements are the variations, andhigh rank martial techniques would be like flying kick, through refining the differences in high ranking martialtechniques, one can break down and find out what is the best way to do the flying kick, which can then be inferreddown to doing a simple kick.)