Undefeated God of War - Chapter 703 – Success

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Chapter 703 – Success

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The invisible wind was silent.

The air around Tang Tian became chaotic, and suddenly became extremely sluggish, the intense sense of dangershrouded Tang Tian.

Chi chi!

Two blood arrows shot out of Tang TIan’s legs, releasing two streaks of blood.


The man dressed in a luxurious gown watching from a distance had a change in emotion, he did not sense anyundulation. He glanced at the swordsman in the distance, who also revealed a look of shock.

Chi chi!

Another two blood streaks appeared on Tang TIan’s shoulders.

The man’s face turned serious, at their level, undulations formed by laws could not escape their eyes. But, Ben Sen’sattack was extremely formless and invisible, and did not release any undulations.


There was no brilliance, no sound, not even a ripple in the air. But these were things that they could achieve as well,but to not even have any undulations from laws, to be able to hide it, that was too terrifying. There was only onemethod to stop such an attack, and that was as all rounded defense domain that had no dead angles.

~Ben Sen has become so strong?~

The man in the luxurious robes was secretly shocked, his gaze was fixated on Ben Sen, ~As expected of Black BenSen! The Mu’er Family’s name will rise once again, as everyone has underestimated Ben Sen’s strength.~

He did not even look at Ghost Face Mask. Ghost Face Mask was no longer as breathtaking as before, the currentGhost Face Mask was like a docile sheep. ~The time of his death would be determined by Ben Sen, whenever BenSen wanted to tighten the noose on his neck.~

~That guy is dead.~

The man in the luxurious robes thoughts were placed more on the undulations caused by the battle. Ben Sen’spowerful display had broken the balance in Purple Cuckoo City, an element that could no longer be avoided.

In the Sin Domain, strength was king, and any strong martial artist could support a family. The Sin Domain did not have a huge population to begin with, and half was left from the harsh environment elimination. Wi

th such few manpower, it had set the path for Sin Domain, to no longer be able to have armies like the Sacred Saint Galaxy. The use of powerful martial artists rose to prominence.

The swordsman was even more direct, he turned and was prepared to leave, as he had already lost interest in thefight that had lost its suspense.

Suddenly, he seemed to have sense something and turned back.

The Ghost Face Mask pupils suddenly dimmed and became extremely bright as he was enveloped in the invisibleattack.

For some reason, the swordsman’s breathing stopped, he subconsciously tightened the grip on his sword hilt.

Tang Tian punched out, the red flames spurring forth.

~Fiery Red Spear again?~ Ben Sen squinted his eyes, ~Seems like this opponent is truly at the end of his road, he hadnever repeated his repertoire of attacks, but now he is using the same move.~

~Time to kill you.~

Ben Sen relaxed and extended out his five fingers, and suddenly closed it again.

Chi chi chi chi, blood spurted out from Tang Tian’s entire body, in the

blink of an eye, there were even more bloodwounds on him.

The green and black ghost face mask remained silent, but the cold light aura in his eyes became extremely bright.Inside the mist of blood, the young man relaxingly extended out his lower back in mid air, ignoring the additionalwounds on his body as though they had no effect.

The scene seemed to stop, the twisting figure looked like a bow string being pulled, filled with a powerful aestheticmovement as though he was about to explode forth. Contrasting with the sky filled of blood mist, this scene madeeveryone watch in appreciation, it was a sight hard to come by.

The feeling that he was filled with power shocked both the swordsman and the man in luxurious robes.

Ben Sen also had a change in expression.

~Not good!~

He was only in time to sense that something was amiss, but the punch from the Ghost Face Mask had alreadyarrived.

The punch that was executed without difficulty moved extremely naturally like an overflowing flood that burstforth with an unstoppable power.

In the next moment, his eyes constricted to the size of needles, Tang Tian’s punched had smashed the air in front ofhim.

~How….how did he find out?~

Ben Sen was overwhelmed with shock, his [Gust] was a concealed and invisible attack, it was gentle as water, and hehad even made the undulations of law invisible, this killing technique was not something that the Ghost Face Maskman could sense!

~But he found the wind gap of [Gust]!~

~How is that possible!~

~The wind gap of [Gust] is everchanging, how did he find it?~

~This guy, was he faking it all along?~

In that moment, all of these thoughts flashed past Ben Sen’s mind, but he immediately calmed himself down, he hadconfidence in himself, [Gust]’s wind gap was concealed very well, and enemies would not be able to grasp it. But heknew where his technique’s weakness laid in, so he structured a very careful design in the wind gap of Gust.

Who would had thought that, the seemingly boorish and big sized Black Ben Sen would be so crafty?

The fist made up of red flames was like a fireball, fiercely colliding into the gale.

~Wait a minute!~

~That is not red flames!~

The red flames turned grey.

Ben Sen’s face changed greatly, he was not in time to react, and the wind gap in front of him exploded.

Both of their attacks clashed head on, the initial wind gap that Ben Sen was in control of lost control, causing anuninterrupted explosion that boomed on incessantly. Boom boom boom!

A sinister and extremely cold force caused Ben Sen’s face to change, his body turned numb, he became confused,~What kind of law is this?~

The scale of the explosions were unprecedented, the terrifying sonic boom and shock wave swept through Ben Sen,causing him to feel a power that could topple mountains and oceans collide into him, causing him to lose control andfly out.

Tang Tian had awakened the Null Flames, and disguised it as the fiery red flames, merging it with the laws that hehad learnt, he threw out all of his cards in one attack.

Just for this punch.

Tang Tian who had released the punch quietly floated in the air, the green and black mask remained stoic and cold,the pair of blazing eyes dimmed down, what replaced it was an unfathomable resilience.

The shock wave had released a sound like a mountain crumbling from an earthquake.


The young man behind the mask sneered, ~Ahhhh, so painful.~

~Will a song now make me look even more handsome? Or maybe I should raise my hands up and shout ‘Godlikeyoung lad, go go go?’ Should I do something to make myself look even more powerful? If Little Xu Xu were to see this,he would definitely revere me so much that he would kowtow, right? Or Ah Mo Li would too….~

~Oh Shit! I forgot! We have no time! Annoying!~

Tang Tian who instantly felt vexed fiercely turned his body and crouched down and anticipated.

Bang, a shock wave fiercely smashed onto his back, causing the wounds on his entire body to rupture, blood gushedout. Tang Tian’s vision dimmed slightly, he groaned but held on.

He did not resist the force, not because he did not want to, but because he could not, and his body was flung far out.

The scenery around him flew behind extremely quickly, Tang Tian’s gaze never left the figure that stood atop thehighest floor of the fort.

Tang Tian’s speed was so quick that afterimages formed behind him.

Everyone was shocked by the scale of the explosion. The terrifying shock wave had collided into him directly, theentire West Route had been razed, and all the spectators were doing their best to resist the shock wave. At thatmoment, no one noticed Tang Tian flying out.

Da Lin was so frightened her face was as white as paper, from her position she could clearly see the giganticexplosion that devastated and razed the West Route, the environment was swept to nothing from the shock wave.

Suddenly, a little black dot in her vision quickly grew bigger.

~Wait a minute, that is……~

The sinister ghost face was extremely malevolent, he had his limbs spread open like a net, pouncing towards her atan astonishing speed.


Da Lin’s mind went into a blank, she was completely shocked, feeling as if she was about to be devoured.

A gust of wind swept past her body.

~Ha, got you!~

Behind the mask, Tang Tian revealed a pleased smile, he used his hands and legs to hug onto Han Bing Ning, but inthe next second, his expression froze. Han Bing Ning’s entire body was shackled, and she was extremely weak.

~Not good~. When Tang Tian realised that something was amiss, the two of them were not able to stop already.

Rumble rumble, the two of them rolled out a few metres.

Tang Tian shook his head to get rid of the dizziness and stood up, Han Bing Ning had the same ice cold expression,but from her neck up, she was blushing.

Tang Tian immediately removed the light needles on her back.


Ben Sen roared, even when comparing to the powerful shock wave, his voice was still powerful.

Tang Tian jumped in fright, he turned his head to look and noticed a black dot flying towards him at a fast speed.~Hahahaha, Ben Sen looks a bit like an enraged lion, a slightly tanned lion, hahahaha……~

Tang Tian stepped forward and grabbed onto Da Lin who was stupefied.

Seeing that, Ben Sen’s eyes cracked!


The smile on Tang Tian’s face disappeared, he exhaled out, grabbing onto Da Lin, he used every ounce of strength hehad and threw her towards the other direction.

Bang, a mist of blood erupted once more after he threw her.

Da Lin shot out like an arrow, flying out towards Tang Tian’s left.


Da Lin’s screamed pierced everyone’s ears, Ben Sen erupted with full force, suddenly changing directions in mid air,he rushed towards Da Lin.

Tang Tian heaved a sigh of relief, he used his hands and legs and crawled towards the gate and pulled out the flag.~This blood bear is truly too ridiculous~, looking at it’s terrible look, Tang Tian felt that it was unbearable to look at~No, Han Bing Ning will have to draw another one……~

The bodyguards of Mu’er residence finally awoke from their stupor, when they saw how Tang Tian pulled out theflag with his arms and legs, they knew that he had already used up all of his strength, and being aroused, they rushedin.

Han Bing Ning’s face turned cold, without adopting any stance, a powerful aura erupted around her.

With her as the center, frost rapidly formed on the ground, she stood upright loftily, although without a sword, butan extremely cold sword concept surged into the air.

The bodyguards who were rushing towards them all stopped in their tracks.

The swordsman who was observing in the air could not resist but exclaim out, his eyes lit up, As a swordsman, hewas even more sensitive to sword concepts, and his interest grew bigger.

It was a very pure sword concept, with the ability to form ice cold glaciers yet not losing the true form of the swordconcept, the swordsman’s eyes revealed a look of admiration. Many swordsman chased for power and variationsfrom the get go, adding in various laws, they can definitely increase their power initially, but as their techniquebecomes too heterogenous, it would become extremely difficult for them to improve when they reach a certainstage.

Only people who could hold fast to their core could obtain the top sword dao.

Suddenly, a hand extended out behind, grabbing Han Bing Ning by her arm, causing her to freeze, the powerful aurastarted to crumble like an ice avalanche, and disappeared.

Tang Tian grabbed onto Han Bing Ning with one hand, and the black flag in the other, he started to run, and the twoimmediately became blurry and disappeared.

What was left were the anxious bodyguards who looked at each other.