Undefeated God of War - Chapter 700 – Hand Me My Friend

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Chapter 700 – Hand Me My Friend

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Inside the fort.

Da Lin spoke: “He’s only one person, but he is able to produce such a fearsome air, I have never heard of this UrsaMajor Null Division, but I can tell that he is not ordinary! Is he your commander?”

She had a tall stature and pure white skin, the color of her eyes resembled the ocean, her golden hair was tied up in abun and gave off an air of arrogance. She was only 24 years old, but she was much more intellectually mature thanpeople her age, and she was the one who bought Han Bing Ning.

Over the past few days, she had grasped Han Bing Ning’s personality.

Han Bing Ning did not speak, but she did not treat it as disobedience, and continued to talk: “Does he know you arehere? Maybe he does, I think your Ursa Major Null Division only has you as a female, as long as he investigated a bit,he will naturally know of your whereabouts.”

Han Bing Ning remained silent, her vision became blurry as all of the memories of the past surfaced in her mind.

She had met Tang Tian the first time at the Jaded Pond and Sea of Bamboos. Tang Tian’s angry eyes and hiscrouched figure, beating the Ink Black Iron Rhino with his hands, with all of his veins and arteries stretched taut ashe went berserk, felt just like yesterday.

~The man I’ve always been chasing after, I’ve always been looking at your back.~

“You best release me now.” Han Bing Ning suddenly spoke out, on her back, a light needle wriggled down her spine.

“Oh?” Da Lin looked at Han Bing Ning in surprise: “It seems like you have confidence in him.”

“He has never lost.” Han Bing Ning raised her beautiful chin, her speech filled with a sense of pride.

Because, he was the man she had always chased after. Countless people were willing to fight for him and werewilling to shed first blood for him. As long as he raised his flag, countless people would&nbs

p;come running&

nbsp;forward, givingtheir lives for him; as long as he blew his bugle horn, heroes would gather.

The high–spirited young man, their King!

Han Bing Ning never said those words, she did not have to explain anything.

Da Lin was not foolish, but instead, she sort of understood, she could feel the pride in Han Bing Ning, the deep,honest pride, was for the figure down below.

“Seems like she is held captive.”

Tang Tian muttered, his voice was not loud, but his words were mixed in with the fluttering of the flag, andresonated to every corner that the wind could reach. His indifference and calmness, was like the calm before thestorm, quietly gathering an immense pressure, enveloping the entire place.

Da Lin’s face became gloomy, the more carefree the other party was, the more it spoke of their confidence.

The ghost face mask turned towards her, causing Da Lin to become unsure if it was her hallucination or not.

Behind the mask, Tang Tian sneered, not wanting to beat about the bush anymore, he extended his hands out andgrabbed the flag. His five fingers wrapped around the flagpole tightly, pu, the flag was lifted off the ground.

His gaze landed on the fort, behind the mask, he licked his lips, ~it’s slightly far, huh.~

His gaze suddenly turned extremely cold, the fighting intent that he had suppressed right from the beginning, alongwith the fiery evil surging in his heart was like rumbling lava, after burning through the last thin layer of rock, thelava erupted and surged out.

His mind suddenly had a brazen idea…..~The Ping Family Stealth techniques I learned~.

With that thought, Tang Tian’s body instantly moved, the figure that was standing in the original positi

on suddenlyturned blurry.

No one could see his movements, he flashed, and the blurry figure suddenly disappeared, he had returned to hisoriginal position, as if he did not even move.


A loud sound erupted, like striking on a bass drum extremely loudly, it shook everyone’s hearts.

The big gate in front of the fort started to reveal spider web like cracks, in the middle of all of it was a black flag, theflag drooped down, making the blood bear look unbearably funny. But no one laughed, Tang Tian’s move hadshocked everyone.

No one had managed to see Tang Tian move, but only witnessed the air around him become slightly blurred.

The more bizarre thing was there were no sound of his movements in the air, no whistling screeches due to its fastspeed, the air did not even undulate, the bear flag seemed to have teleported itself and embedded itself into the biggate.

Ping Xiao Shan who was amongst the crowd looked at the bear flag blankly, his face void of blood.

~That ghost face masked man…..~

He initially had suspicions that it was the same man that had fought with him the night before, because theirphysiques were too similar. When Tang Tian made the move with the flag, he immediately confirmed his suspicions,but not only did it make him unhappy, it made him feel an unprecedented fear, he was completely shocked by thetoss, and his mind went blank.

The toss was done with spatial laws, and it was the Ping Family Stealth Technique’s spatial laws!

If not for Ping Xiao Shan being extremely familiar with the faint movements, he would had not believed his owneyes, the other party had actually integrated the Ping Family’s stealth technique’s spatial laws into his owntechniques.

The Ping Family stealth techniques had changed throughout the generations, but there was no one that hadsuccessfully grasped the spatial laws in the techniques to be used as attacks. The spatial laws that the Ping Familyhad grasped could only be used for stealth and concealment, and that was the reason why the three generations ofthe Ping Family had gradually died out. Without any ability to fight, it was extremely difficult to survive in the SinDomain.

~The ideals and hopes of the Ping Family had actually appeared in another person’s hands, and right in front of me,and he only learned it last night…..~

The impact that Ping Xiao Shan had suffered was unthinkable.

The entire west route was completely silent.

Tang Tian was completely oblivious to these thoughts, the move was purely accidental, he thought that the distanceto the fort was too far, and a normal toss would prove to be difficult to hit.

In the silence, footsteps gradually came up, the young man wearing the ghost face mask walked towards the fort.

The bodyguards subconsciously stepped back. The head of the bodyguards was the first to react, although he wasafraid, but he did not forget his responsibility, he resisted the fear in his heart and walked one step forward, andspoke with difficulty: “Sire….”

“Hand me my friend.”

A calm and monotonous voice came out from behind the mask. The ghost face mask man’s upper body did not move,his strides were leisurely, but every step that he took caused everyone’s heart to tighten.

“Did your sire get something wrong…..” The bodyguard was rich with experience and knew that it was not the righttime to admit anything.

“Hand me my friend.”

The same monotonous voice came out, the determined and slow footsteps were the footsteps of death, the invisiblecold aura was like autumn frost, permeating every corner of the entire place.

The first to move were five bodyguards, as they blocked Tang Tian at his front.

The ordinary, somber and determined footsteps, along with the terrifying ghost face mask continued to get closer tothem, and the black flag embedded in the gate of the fort that had the blood red bear, seemed to be watching theirevery movement from the back.

The distance between both parties got closer and closer, one of the pale bodyguard’s mental state finally crumbled,as he shouted and pounced towards Tang Tian.

His actions was like the fuse, immediately causing the situation that was approaching a crisis to completely losecontrol. All of his companions beside him had their mental states stretched taut, and at that moment theysubconsciously rushed along with him and pounced towards Tang Tian.

The face of the head of the bodyguards changed, but at that moment he could no longer stop them, the look in his eyes became serious, ~I might as well join them, no matter how strong the other party is, he is only one person!~

Five figures pounced towards Tang Tian like lightning.

Ping Xiao Shan’s face changed, his heart jumping up to his throat. Miss Da Lin’s bodyguards were all elites and every individual was very strong. Every year, her residence would replenish with new blood, and Ping Xiao Shan had participated in one of the tests before, but was rejected. The five bodyguards were the elites, and Captain Huo, the leader, even had a name for himself.

The five bodyguards moved out together in an imposing manner.

A clump of black raindrops shot towards Tang Tian. The black raindrops pervaded a stench, it was called lacquerrain, and was extremely poisonous. A blade and a spear flanked Tang Tian’s sides, the blade light surged like a fish inwater, bringing forth dense bubbles. The spear was like a dragon, the fiery red flames surging forth like a red dragonraising its head high and roaring out loud. A black figure appeared behind Tang Tian with unnoticeable lines thatquickly formed into a large net.

But the most vicious was still Captain Huo, his sword had disappeared, and was not in the combination of attacks.

The ghost face mask young man was enveloped and swallowed up by the attacks, but suddenly, beneath the sinisterand ugly ghost face mask, the indifferent and calm eyes suddenly lit up with splendor.

The indescribable splendor was as calm as water, yet as bright and brilliant like a spirit.

Tang Tian moved, and the splendor formed two bizarre light traces, his body suddenly became extremely weird ashe became blurred.

The harsh environment of the Sin Domain had made the citizens to feel despair. But Tang Tian felt extremelycomfortable, like a fish in the water, he was extremely free.

There was nothing as compatible to the Sin Domain like the Zero Energy Bodies.

Regardless of whether it was Heaven’s Road or the Sacred Saint Galaxy, they were places filled with energy, and allaround Tang Tian’s Zero Energy Body was an interference and repelling force, making him like a drop of oil in water,unable to assimilate into the environment. But in the Sin Domain, a place where no energy existed, a place wherethere was no repelling force, Tang Tian’s Zero Energy Body was extremely compatible.

Before, there was still a barrier between the two. But after enlightening on his laws, Tang Tian finally broke throughthis barrier, and the heartfelt congenial feeling with the environment was like how a fish finally entering water, itwas something Tang Tian had never experienced before.

It was an enjoyable feeling.

The black lacquer, blade light, spear aura and undetectable poisonous web were extremely obvious in his eyes.

His right palm clenched into a fist and punched into the air in front of him, causing a ripple to diffuse out of his hand.The lacquer rain that was flying towards Tang Tian met with an invisible umbrella and exploded in the air.

The fiery red spear had already touched Tang Tian’s waist, causing the bodyguard to reveal a look of joy, the redflames was the red lotus flames he had gained from the enlightenment of fire laws, it seemed to be ordinary butpossessed a powerful might, as long as it touched something, the object would definitely burn to ashes.


His eyes were filled with rage as he gave it his all.


A hand suddenly appeared and grabbed onto his fiery red spear.

~How is that possible…..~

The bodyguard that was using the spear could not believe his eyes.

Tang Tian held onto the spear’s body with his hand that emitted a faint ripple. The fiery red flames that could melteverything was helpless against this faint ripple, and a terrifying power surged from the spear towards thebodyguard, causing him to panic, before he could react, he was lifted up into the air.

Before him, the blade light that produced countless bubbles approached.

~Not good…..~


The two bodyguards clashed, the fiery red flames and bubbles touched and instantly exploded.

Tang Tian suddenly released the spear and with a push, the spear bodyguard and the blade user flew out like sandbags, towards the invisible web.

The web behind him instantly shattered, causing the bodyguard to spit out blood.

The shadow approached.

Beneath the ghost face mask, the pair of lit eyes suddenly dazzled. He sneered.

With his feet like a blade with the power of a heavy ax, he slashed towards the empty space on his right.

Captain Huo felt as if he was struck by a berserk wild beast, his throat turned sweet and he flew out.

Tang Tian stood alone once again.

Without even looking at the bodyguards, the ghost face mask suddenly lifted his legs and walked towards the fort.

In front of him, the black flag that was stabbed into the gate that had the blood bear dancing with the wind flutteredsinisterly.