Undefeated God of War - Chapter 699 – Ghost Face Mask and Bear Flag

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Chapter 699 – Ghost Face Mask and Bear Flag

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Inside the warehouse, everyone’s eyes were wide open, it was extremely quiet.

Qin Zi Shan was the first to regain his senses, sensing the awkward atmosphere, he started to break the silence andlaugh: “Your servant has quite the character. I heard that he was someone that came out of the huge tide? I havesome over at my place too, they are truly arrogant and untamed people, I think it is the norm of their environment,after a while of polishing, they will become much better.”

Ming Zhu also regained her senses, she acted as though nothing happened and laughed: “Young Master is reallyexperienced. No wonder I frequently hear that Young Master is capable and experienced, and does not go aboutmixing with disputes and misunderstandings, it truly is real. Ming Zhu is inexperienced at this, I hope that YoungMaster does not take offense.”

Qin Zi Shan was secretly pleased, but he maintained his humble expression: “At least I managed to see Miss MingZhu smiling today.”

He felt that it was worth it, not only was he not angered by Tang Tian’s actions, but instead felt that it was perfect.

The two of them laughed and talked, and the atmosphere became better.

With an ashen face, Tang Tian walked to the backyard. Seeing a pool, he immediately jumped in. After beingimmersed in the water, the cooling sensation seeped into him and caused the anger in his mind to subside. TangTian’s pupils became calm and profound, as dark as the abyss.

That terrifying nightmare had abruptly woken him.

~What is there to fear? Afraid that you will harm the others? That you are unclear of the situation and are not ableto act? Afraid of the future?~

The young man was questioning himself.

~Is that why I’m lost? Is that why I’m hesitating? Is that why I am so anxious and desperate? Is that why I am tellingmyself that everything will get better?~

~What a shame!~

~As long as you have fear in your heart, your heart will

always conceal the cowardice and you will always find a jokeof an excuse for yourself.~

He clenched his fists so tight that his fingernails were white.

~You have a heavy responsibility, and it should not become the reason for you to run and hide. The future isunknown and has many dangers, but that should not be the reason that stops you. What does all of thatcomplications have to do with you?~

~Everyone is waiting for you to save them, they have kept you, protected you, trusted you, followed you through lifeand death, you have a duty.~

~You don’t know planning and don’t know how to lead expeditions, if you lose your courage, what do you have?~

~You’re stupid, you’re bold but not smart, you’re unreasonable, you always rush forward into danger, but so what?~

~You are Tang Tian, this is your style of fighting, this is your dao path to victory.~

In the pool, Tang Tian opened his eyes wide, ripples undulated outwards, he could feel a flame combusting in hisheart. All of the restrictions were being burnt by these flames. He felt himself brimming with power, he found backthe familiar passion, he found back his fearless heart.

~Heh~, he sneered without making a sound, his eyes burning with fire.

~Godlike young lad, Go go go!~

~The Purple Cuckoo City only have a few hundred people, I will find them first, and we can all find a way tocommunicate with the rest, that is a better scenario.~ Tang Tian remembered that Old Lady Xue had said that HanBing Ning was bought by a person called Miss Da Lin.

Tang Tian emerged out of the water, wiped the water off of his face and then leapt out of the water. A few XueFamily ladies passing by were shocked beyond words, Tang Tian ignored them and returned to his room.

He was Tang Tian, despite being young, he was still a lord, the godlike young lad that had left a trail of skeletonswherever he went, after being clear of the puzzlement, after placing down the fear in his heart, his mind wasextremely clear. His fearlessness and courage started to ignite like a torch in the night, burning the sky red.

Back in his room, Tang Tian harmonized his breathing, a minute later, he became completely focused, his mind andheart extremely calm.

~Sin Domain, so what?~

~Even if it’s the Honorable Martial Continent, I will barge in myself!~

He extended his arms, his fingers started to bend as he cracked his knuckles. The young man in the mirror had anextremely cold face, killing intent soaring from his entire body.

~Godlike young lad, you can only move forward, how can you pity yourself?~

In his mind, images of all of his friends swept past, Tang Tian smiled at the person in the mirror, the snow white teethwere laced with a layer of killing intent. He retracted his gaze and with a calm expression, he walked out of the room.His eyes glimpsed onto the few children toy masks hanging on the bamboo poles, and thought about the time inHumble Forest Planet, intercepting assassins on the young princess with Ling Xu, when he donned the orangutanmask.

Talk about coincidence, the young princess was also called Ming Zhu, thinking about that student which he had notmet for a long time, he thought about how she had grown, and the gaze in Tang Tian’s eyes became very gentle.

He walked forward and removed one of the masks.

It had a bloodied mouth and fierce, sharp teeth, with black hair and green eyes.

~Using a mask will be more appropriate.~

Tang Tian then found a black cloth that was sun drying in the courtyard, and found a dye cask in the corner, the XueFamily was in the clothes business, and all of these were common necessities. After looking for half a day, Tang Tiancould not find a pen, and could only use a broom as a substitute, and started drawing with red dye.

A distorted red bear appeared on the black cloth.

It was extremely ugly!

Tang Tian cringed, he could not bear to look at it, ~I was thinking of a magnificent and powerful big bear, but why didit turn out to be so ugly and stupid?~ He whimpered, after thinking for a bit, he knew that his drawing was nowherepassable, and very quickly gave up the urge to redraw. Looking around, he grabbed onto the pole which the blackcloth was initially hung to dry, he found some ropes and quickly grabbed the red bear black cloth and tied it to thepole.

~This art….is truly humiliating….~

Tang Tian smacked his lips, he waved it around, ~I should tighten it well, alright, I’ll have to put up with it.~

He grabbed onto the newly drawn bear flag, moving it up and down a few times, Tang Tian then disappeared.

Not long later, Ming Zhu burst into Tang Tian’s room in anger, seeing that no one was around, her complexionchanged.


Tang Tian carried the flag and walked on the streets of the Purple Cuckoo City, causing the passersby to make wayfor him. A man with a mask and a flag reeking with killing intent caused them all to be fearful.

The black flag expanded out, and the red bear appeared in their eyes, it was extremely badly drawn, the red bearlooked to be stupid and ugly, but the fresh red dye made it look like blood splattered on the black cloth, giving it abizarre sense of killing intent.

A ghost face mask and a bloodied bear black flag.

Tang Tian stopped, he suddenly realised a problem, ~Where did Miss Da Lin stay?~

He wanted to ask for directions, but all around him, there was nobody. Wherever his eyes swept, the passersbywould dodge him. Tang Tian felt a headache coming, but coincidentally he saw a person at the door of a shop, hiseyes lit up and he walked over.

Seeing the ghost face mask with the flag, he knew that it was a ferocious and evil man walking towards him. Theyoung man’s face immediately flushed white, and his legs started trembling. He held onto the wall as support, andwatched as the other party closed in on him, and his entire body started trembling. The evil looking figure was like ablack cloud suppressing him, causing his entire world to become black as he was choked in the darkness.

His mind went blank.

“Do you know how to get to Miss Da Lin’s house?”

A deep voice came out from the mask, the evil looking figure was brimming with an oppressive aura.

“West, take the west route all the w–way, t–then, t–then…”

The young man who was mind blank stuttered.

“Thank you.”

The figure dissipated, and the oppressive feeling disappeared, the young man could no longer resist and sat down onthe floor where he remained paralyzed.

Tang Tian left just like that, and headed towards Miss Da Lin’s home.

“Miss Da Lin? Could he have a grudge with her?”

“What a dense killing intent!”

“Quickly, follow him and watch!”

“Are you trying to die? What if…..”

“We can follow from a distance, it will not be so dangerous.”

Along the road, figures followed eagerly like a school of fish, they jumped on the roofs and followed Tang Tian.

Tang Tian walked on the west route, it was roughly 60m wide, with tall stone walls at both sides that had a purplerattan cascading down the entire stretch of wall. Beautiful flowers of a variety of colors were scattered all along thesea of purple.

There was no one on the street, and all the way to the end was a majestic fort.

With the black flag on his shoulder, Tang Tian walked on the broad street alone, his footsteps were obvious, hiscomplexion was livid like a tourist. The mask followed the rhythm of his footsteps, while the purple rattan gentlyswayed with the wind, and the black flag fluttered along. The blood red bear flickered in the sea of purple.

All of the spectators stopped at the entrance of the west route.

The ghost face mask and the blood bear gave off an unspeakable intent, all of the spectators subconsciously heldtheir breaths. In the silent west route, the only set of footsteps seemed to walk at a steady pace similar to aheartbeat, every step thumped with killing intent.

While Tang Tian was walking, the head of the bodyguards had already noticed him, he made it known that theincoming man had unkind intentions, causing all the bodyguards to go into alert, the loud warning system resonatedthroughout the entire fort. Inside the fort, it was in chaos, the bodyguards and soldiers all rushed out like a tide andwent into position. It was as if the entire fort were facing against an enemy.

A few figures rushed out and blocked Tang Tian’s path, one of them spoke out: “Fellow friend, this place is private.”

“Is this Miss Da Lin’s home?”

A low voice came out.

For some reason, some of them felt their body tense up, a cold feeling rose from their hearts.

“That’s right.” The head of the bodyguards became alarmed, and asked: “Can I ask who you are? Please give me yourname, and I can report your arrival.”

“That’s good.”

Tang Tian muttered to himself.

Tang Tian’s act caused all the bodyguards to become even more tensed, he did not seem to be stable, causing thebodyguards who had great experience to be able to feel the killing intent despite the silence.

An expert!

The bodyguards subconsciously swallowed their saliva, ~Is this the calm before the storm?~

Tang Tian’s eyes never stopped at the bodyguards, he looked at the fort behind them, the majestic fort was like anunfathomable giant beast, devouring anyone that enters.

Behind the mask, Tang Tian suddenly laughed, he pulled out the flag from his shoulders and stabbed it onto theground beside him. The hard sturdy rocks were pierced in like tofu, and with the wind, the black flag expanded out,causing the monstrous blood bear to look extremely sinister.

He looked up, the ghost face mask looking up into the sky, took a deep breath, and shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Ursa Major Null Division, Han Bing Ning, report!”