Undefeated God of War - Chapter 698 – Handing Over the Threads

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Chapter 698 – Handing Over the Threads

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ming Zhu’s face turned green, the old granny was already old, and the majority of the matters were being handledby her, it was a norm for her to handle the reward and punishments, especially with seeing people skiving. Uponwitnessing the messy warehouse and Tang Tian who was sleeping extremely soundly, a rage built up in her heart,along with hate towards him.

~This time, the Old Lady’s eyes were wrong~, she secretly thought.

The other sisters were all shocked, the Xue Family used to be a huge family, and had passed down countless strictrules. The ladies had long been influenced by these rules, with them deeply marked in their hearts. How could theyever stand such a scene? Even all the protection hired would never behave like that.

Tang Tian was sprawled on the ground, facing upwards with saliva drooling down from the corner of his mouth, thethunderous snore coming rhythmically from his nose.

“Xiao Yao, pack up the warehouse.” Ming Zhu said coldly.

A pretty and nimble young lady walked forward and started cleaning up the Golden Steel Threads around thewarehouse. After the initial shock, the rest quickly recovered, their eyes brimmed with disdain as they looked atTang Tian.

The Sin Domain was filled with royal and great families that were banished, all of them were families with strictrules, even the families that stemmed from military successes had been through generations of nurturing, andnaturally knew of etiquette. In the Sin Domain, even the lowest and dirtiest jobs also treated etiquette very heavily.Although they had all fallen, they still had their big and prestigious past.

It was the first time they had met with such a disdainful person.

Tang Tian slept very soundly, he had been practising laws, although the fight between him and Ping Xiao Shan wasextremely short, it had completely exhausted his physical strength. The training after that lasted for another fewhours, and being afraid of forgetting on the second day, he passionately trained for the entire night, at&

nbsp;that time, heforced himself to endure, and only after all the enlightenment had been deeply ingrained in his mind, did he stop.

The tensed feeling he had in his heart finally stopped, Tang Tian who had held on all the way finally let the fatiguewash all over him.

The moment he let it seep in, he slept extremely sweetly, he did not even sense Ming Zhu and the rest coming in.

“There is none lacking.” After packing and cleaning it all up, Xiao Yao was surprised. She turned to look at Tang Tian.

“There really isn’t any missing?” Someone asked: “There are so many Golden Steel Threads, it must be him who didthis! If there aren’t any missing, why did he tear them out?”

Xiao Yao did not refute, but said: “I did the counting previously, whoever doesn’t believe me can come and checkyourself.”

The rest looked at each other, but no one said a word, Xiao Yao was a fine and careful person, she never made amistake when taking inventory.

Ming Zhu’s expression became much better, the thieves that she hated the most did not appear, and caused herthoughts on Tang TIan to be much better. Although he was disdainful, but he was not a thief. Although she did notunderstand why there were so many Golden Steel Threads on the ground, but there was not one missing, that meantno theft had occurr


Ming Zhu snorted: “Let’s go.”

“We’re not going to wake him up?” Xiao Yao asked.

“If he wants to sleep, then we will let him sleep.” Ming Zhu said coldly.

Everyone kept their thoughts to themselves, they were familiar with Ming Zhu’s temper, and knew that she wastruly angry. If Ming Zhu was not willing, even the old lady could not force her. Since young, Ming Zhu was groomedby the old lady as a successor, if nothing came up, the future Xue Family would be in Ming Zhu’s hands.

Thinking about how they would never marry such a disdainful man, everyone exhaled at the same time. The old lady hoped to find a strong son-in-law to marry into the Xue Family, to give birth to more children and form the foundation of the Xue Family.

The living environment in the Sin Domain was extremely terrible, and the most important criteria to survive was thebody, if their physiques were not good enough, the baby would have difficulty surviving. Furthermore, the SinDomain did not have energy, and they only relied on the strength from their flesh and blood, regardless of whatsecret technique it was, it began by tempering the physical body. The body was the foundation of everything.

For their recent years, the Xue Family was lacking greatly in this department, and as time passed, they fell greaterand greater in danger. If there were no powerful martial artists appearing in their next generation, they would havedifficulty protecting their wealth and estate. If not for the protection from the Purple Cuckoo Family for the pastfew years, the Xue Family would had long been swept clean.

Ming Zhu bit her lips, she had been managing the Xue Family for so long, and she knew the plight that the XueFamily was currently in, and any slight mistake would lead them to no hope of reprieve. The Xue Family could notobtain any true allies, and having all females with not much abilities to protect themselves, to any powerhouse, itwas an irresistible attraction. If they were to be married into the tyrant great families, the Xue Family’s secrettechnique to groom Golden Steel Silkworms would be handed over, and in the blink of an eye, the Xue Family wouldbe devoured with no remnants left.

But, upon thinking about the fact that she would have to marry such a spiteful and lazy person, Ming Zhe feltextremely terrible. Even if he had a position or name, Ming Zhu still found it hard to accept.

Seeing that Ming Zhu did not look right, Xiao Yao spoke softly: “Ming Zhu Jie, today is the day we hand over thethreads.”

Ming Zhu regained her senses and ‘oh’d’ once, her complexion becoming even uglier. Xiao Yao immediately knewshe said the wrong words.

“Is Miss Ming Zhu here?” A clear voice came out.

A look of complication flashed past Ming Zhu’s eyes, she calmed herself down and recovered her calm appearanceand headed towards the yard. A handsome man with his hands behind his back walked leisurely into the yard,appreciating the flowers and plants.

“Young Master Qin!” Ming Zhu called out gently, and bowed.

“Miss Ming Zhu!” Young Master Qin returned the bow, his face revealed a smile as bright as the sun, causing MingZhu to be dazed.

She patted the fringe on her hair, covering up her mistake: “Young Master can just summon people to come down toobtain the threads, why come personally?”

“Everyone is very busy, and just right I am free, furthermore, I wanted to see Miss Ming Zhu, thus this is a pleasanttask for me.” Qin Zi Shan’s eyes lit with passion, his clear voice not only made made others feel that he was notfrivolous, but instead honest and filled with self confidence.

Xiao Yao sighed inwardly at the side, everyone knew that Young Master Qin admired Ming Zhu. Even the old ladykept quiet about this matter, feigning ignorance. The Qin Family was the Purple Cuckoo Family, and were themasters of the city. The Purple Cuckoo Family took care of the Xue Family, and if Qin Zi Shan asked for her head, itwould be difficult for the old granny to reject him, but the main decision still laid with Min Zhu.

But she did not initiate any response towards Young Master Qin’s advances.

She had been groomed as the next successor from a young age, and was used to thinking for the Xue Family’s bestbenefits. If she truly agreed to him, then other than being merged into the Qin Family, there was no other path leftfor the Xue Family.

Ming Zhu avoided Qin Zi Shan’s passionate gaze, and said: “Everything is ready, young master, please.”

Xue Family’s Golden Steel Threads were not just sold to anyone, and one of their buyers was the Purple Cuckoo Family. Not only could the Golden Steel Threads weave clothes and light armor, it could also make extremely fine bowstrings, the Purple Cuckoo Family bought the Golden Steel Threads to make strong bows.

Xiao Yao’s face changed, she was not able to stop them, and Ming Zhu had already brought Young Master Qintowards the warehouse.

“I heard that your family is buying a son–in–law?” Qin Zi Shan laughed: “I wonder if I can meet him in person?”

Ming Zhu’s face changed, she suddenly realised that Tang Tian was still sleeping in the warehouse! ~Oh my god, Iwas so infuriated with Tang Tian I became muddleheaded, to actually make such a grave mistake. I could just call forsomeone to grab the threads from the warehouse~ Ming Zhu could not imagine what would happen if Tang Tian andYoung Master Qin were to meet.

Ming Zhu forced a smile: “I never thought that the news would spread to outside, it truly astounds me. He is just aservant, the old lady saw him as a pitiful boy, and felt that since our family had so much to do but are just a group ofladies, so we needed someone to do the manual labor.”

“So it’s like that, What I heard were just rumors, It is my bad!” Qin Zi Shan apologized to Ming Zhu.

Ming Zhu forced the smile even further: “Young Master, you are too polite, you regard me too much as an outsideralready.”

The group had already walked to the front of the warehouse, where Ming Zhu stopped abruptly.

~What do I do….What do I do….~

Qin Zi Shan waited for a moment, seeing that Ming Zhu had not pushed open the door, he was confused: “Miss MingZhu?”

Ming Zhu who was extremely confused jumped in shock, she subconsciously pushed the door, causing it to rumbleopen.

The scene of Tang Tian sleeping with his thunderous snores appeared again, Xiao Yao could not help but face palmherself, she could no longer watch it, it was too embarrassing!

Young Master Qin was startled, he was speechless for a moment: “Your servant is sleeping really well.”

Ming Zhu regained her composure and replied: “He has guarded over the warehouse for a few consecutive nights,and is too tired, let us be quiet, lest we wake him up.”

Young Master Qin nodded in praise: “Miss Ming Zhu empathizes with others and is kindhearted, Zi Shan is full ofrespect for you.” He turned and told his subordinates: “All of you, move lightly.”

Previously, he had heard that the Old Granny Xue had bought a son–in–law and wanted to take a look at him, seeingTang Tian’s current image, the heavyweight in his heart disappeared. He believed that Ming Zhu would not be blindto like such a disdainful person. Confirming that the other party did not pose a threat to him at all, he became calm,and naturally did not harbor any jealousy, he could not even be bothered to be petty and lose his dignity.

Tang Tian was dreaming.

He dreamt that the Honorable Martial Group was invading the Ursa Major Constellation, the Shang Continent wascovered with flames of war and battles surged crazily. He dreamt that Qian Hui was in danger, that Bing wasbringing along everyone else and fighting to the death, dreaming that Tang Chou was prepared to die for his city,that Ling Xu no longer woke up, that Crane was severely injured. He dreamt that Jing Hao was stabbed withcountless swords, that the Lupus People were falling one after another, the waves after waves of enemies surging in,dreamt that Ursa Major Constellation was put to the torch, the flames reaching high up in the sky.

Unfathomable pain and rage enveloped his entire body, causing him to tremble from head to toe and bellowing withhis face up towards the sky.

Tang Tian suddenly woke up, and realised that he was seated down.


He was perspiring all over as he stared intently at the walls, gasping for breath. ~So it was a dream…….it was soterrifying!~

Tang Tian sudden movement scared everyone, Ming Zhu frowned and asked with displease: “Xiao Tang, what’swrong?”

Tang Tian did not hear her, he stared straight at the wall, ~Fortunately…..fortunately it was just a dream, no matterwhat, I will never let that happen!~

“Miss is asking you a question!” the servant beside Ming Zhu could no longer continue watching, she screamedloudly at Tang Tian as she had never seen such an undisciplined person.

Tang Tian did not speak about his emotions, he stood up, without looking at them, without saying a word, he walkedout of the warehouse with a black face.

Everyone looked at each other, it was extremely weird.