Undefeated God of War - Chapter 696 – Ping Xiao Shan

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Chapter 696 – Ping Xiao Shan

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ping Xiao Shan was very careful.

The matter of the old lady of the Xue Family spending 200 thousand dollars on a son–in–law had long spread out.200 thousand dollars was a huge sum of money at any place, and the resolution of Old Lady Xue was clear as day.

The Xue Family have had too many females and too few males for far too long, and everyone knew of their hope toturn the situation around. He was secretly envious, all of the ladies in the Xue Family were beautiful and had gentlepersonalities, ~That guy is truly fortunate!~

Dropping into such a tender place, Ping Xiao Shan did not believe that anyone could struggle out of it, and would justenjoy the loveliness of the ladies. Old Lady Xue’s eyesight had high standards, many people had sought the XueFamily for marriage, but they were all rejected by the obstinate old lady. ~What does that unknown man have to bechosen by that old lady?~

But, those who entered the Xue Family would not get out easily, the old lady was extremely afraid of leaking thesecrets of the Golden Steel Silkworms, and thus only accepted for males to be married into the family, and thus anyman with ambitions would naturally not be willing.

Ping Xiao Shan wanted to marry into the family, and was filled with jealousy. His attention went back to thewarehouse. He had chosen this specific day as he thought that Xue Family were too busy at the moment.

~Humph, you can have the beauties, I will take the Golden Steel Threads~ Ping Xiao Shan was secretly pleased. It was not his first time entering the Xue Family Warehouse, and thus was familiar with the place. He was cautious by nature, and did not steal much each time. He knew that since he did not have any strong backing behind him, if he were to take too much golden steel threads, it would attract the attention of others. If they were to investigate, he would not be able to escape. As long as something was amiss, he would rather stay passive and not take any risk.

In the darkness, he waited patiently, quietly listening for any movements.

The warehouse was pitch black and silent.

Ping Xiao Shan did not dare to be reckless as he stealthily crept in, his movements were silent and careful. The PingFamily

;used to b

e a big family, their ancestors were all spies and scouts with great merits time and time again, andthus were bestowed a fiefdom for themselves. The Ping Family held unique stealth and concealment techniqueswhich were passed down generation to generation. But it was a pity, the elites of the Ping Family all died in thebattle against the Honorable Martial Continent, and there were only nine people banished to the Sin Domain.

After three generations, only Ping Xiao Shan was left.

But the hard work from the three generations were not for nothing, the stealth techniques of the Ping Family hadbeen through countless revisions, all those techniques that required the use of energy were given up, and whatreplaced it were techniques requiring the strength and power from the physical bodies, they started to explore thepotential of the physical body, and this tradition passed on within the Ping Family.

The Sin Domain had many thousands of families, all of them with their own legacies, but only one out of ten hadsurvived to this day, and all of them disappeared within the Sin Domain. But the remaining families that continued tosurvive were the fortunate survivors of the cruel and gruesome past, and their legacies all suited the Sin Domain.

Ping Xiao Shan had extreme control over his every movement in his body. Every muscle of his could be as light asfeather, every inch of his body obeyed his every thought.

His movements were extremely slow, moving with a speed close to a statue, the cavity in his eyes did not e

ven havea flicker of light, as though there was no breath in him. No heartbeat, no warmth, no breath, he was like a lifelessrock, being as still as the surroundings around him. Every movement he made, every muscle in his body moved withextreme minute movements, merging with the movements of the air.

If air was a pool of water, Ping Xiao Shan was one with the water, not instigating any external ripple or flow.

When his feet touched the ground, the dust on the surface would not even move.

Ping Xiao Shan had extreme confidence in his stealth techniques, he had once swept past a famous and powerfulmartial artist within a distance of only 3m, and the martial artist did not even sense him. To use his techniques tosteal was truly like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Ping Xiao Shan knew the positions of the golden steel threads like the back of his palm.

He quickly reached a corner that had a bunch of Golden steel threads. In the short distance, he cold even smell theunique scent of the golden steel. Golden Steel Threads were basically scentless to ordinary people, but Ping XiaoShan had acute and extremely sharp senses, Golden Steel Threads did have a scent, but it was extremely faint. Andthis extremely faint scent, regardless of how one tried to remove it, would never go away. Relying on this, he wasable to discern between the real and fake products.

The seemingly lifeless finger suddenly became extremely alive, quickly opening the bag and retrieving out theminute golden steel threads, then sealed it back, making it look like it had not been touched. When the Xue Familytook stock, they would not even sense the loss.

After obtaining it, Ping Xiao Shan turned without hesitation, ready to leave.

Ping Xiao Shan who had just turned, eyes immediately constricted.

An unfamiliar man had unknowingly appeared behind him.

Ping Xiao Shan’s heart jolted, the other party had appeared behind him without him knowing!

Any expert specializing in stealth would definitely be experts in countering stealth and deceit. But he did not evensense the other party, so he knew right then and there, expert!

Ping Xiao Shan was an experienced lone ranger, in that moment, his hand trembled, and the golden steel threads inhis hands shot towards Tang Tian, the soft golden Steel Threads released ‘xiu xiu’ sounds in the air, followed withexplosions in the sky, which was the sparks induced by the friction between the high speed golden steel threads andthe air.

Tang Tian was surprised, the opponent’s attack was rather powerful.

~This is a copycat of Fire Scythe Ghost Claw.~

Golden Steel Thread’s concentrated strength were extremely tight packed and could not dissipate, the accumulatedpower was able to drill a few inches into steel boards.

Right at that moment, Tang Tian’s eyes constricted, amongst the sparks and flames, a golden steel thread hadquietly slipped through, not inducing any sparks.

This golden steel thread released an extremely faint undulation, concealed within the dazzling flames and sharpsounds, it was like an assassin in the shadows.

An extreme sense of danger enveloped Tang Tian.

Tang Tian took a deep breath and punched out.

This punch looked extremely slow, but a faint build up of power enveloped the entire warehouse, the air seemed tohave congealed to a stop.

Tang Tian’s fist caused Ping Xiao Shan’s face to change completely, he knew for sure that he had encountered anexpert!

Without any hesitation, he leapt up and like a spirit, he flew out.

The chaotic sparks raged in the air, and the seemingly unnoticeable ripple all stopped in time in Tang Tian’s eyes, hisfist drawing an unusual arc, as though he had gone through countless planning for it, as though he knew hisopponent’s attack completely. The dancing sparks and the sharp screeching sounds, even the concealed golden steelthread was revealed, the faint ripple was as apparent as a ripple being produced in water.

But in front of this punch, they served as the perfect background. It had no light aura, no sound produced, noundulations, no changes, it was a punch that he had trained countless of times, but it had completely captured PingXiao Shan’s attention.


It was as slight as a bubble rupturing, the sparks in the entire area, the ear piercing sounds and the undulation fromthe terrifying thread, disappeared like smoke.

The sky full of light disappeared, everything lost focus, only the fist that seemed to have frozen in the air.

Ping Xiao Shan that was flying out revealed a shocked look, there was only one thing on his mind, escape!

Even though he was completely spooked by the punch, his body was still able to react. Like a fish swimming, a thinripple resonated out from his body, his body was like a mirror that reflected light, the air around him suddenlybecame blurry, and his body quickly became faint.

One palm suddenly swept across the air through the ripple.

Ping Xiao Shan felt his neck tighten, his body that was disappearing was quickly pulled back.

Tang Tian felt as though he was pulling on a sandbag as he pulled the figure out. Suddenly, Tang Tian’s face changed,he immediately retreated away from Ping Xiao Shan. Pa, the afterimage of Ping Xiao Shan suddenly shattered.

The shattered illusion rapidly collapsed, forming a tiny vortex, finally becoming a black hole the size of a grain.

Tang Tian looked at the small silent black hole with a shocked expression, he was surprised. ~Spatial Law, that guyactually used a Spatial Law!~

He could not believe his own eyes, the crumbling space was extremely dangerous.

Tang Tian felt the fear in his mind. Previously, he had taken action without thinking. But now that he knew that theopponent could use Spatial Laws, he would not risk the danger. The crumbling space would ultimately form a spatialblack hole.

Spacial black holes were the strongest weapons in Spatial Laws. With Tang Tian’s current strength, if he had even touched a small bit of it, he would definitely die.

Tang Tian had not been in such a dangerous situation for a long time, causing all the hair on his body to standstraight.

He never thought that the Sin Domain would be so dangerous, a small thief would actually be able to use SpatialLaws. Space, Time, Life and Death were eternal laws of the world, and were the top and most powerful laws, theywere the three great laws that formed the base of all worlds, and were the foundation of any world, when the threeinterweaved with each other, they made up everything, and formed up countless of branches. There was a saying,the tens and thousands of laws were birthed from the three great laws. The three great laws were the core of alllaws.

Although the three great laws were great, but at the same time they were extremely difficult laws to train in, theywere not just one law by itself, but three huge law systems. Countless people had pursued them, but there wasnever anyone that dared to say that they were familiar in all the profound and unfathomable mysteries in any of thelaws.

That was why Tang TIan was shocked.

~Spatial Black Hole, that was definitely a high level spatial law.~

For a high level law to appear on a thief was too inconceivable. Tang Tian then realised that the danger he felt fromthe golden steel thread was because of the spatial laws imbued into it.

~Damn it, what kind of monstrous place is this!~

Tang Tian who had just been enlightened on laws felt as though an ice bucket of water had drenched his entire body,the joyous feeling he had in his mind had completely disappeared. He suddenly realised that his understanding ofthe Sin Domain was extremely pitiful.

~If Laws here are left unchecked, then it will not be easy.~

Tang Tian felt a pain in his head.

In the darkness, Tang Tian’s face changed, but he did not know that in his hand, Ping Xiao Shan was alsooverwhelmed by shock.

Ping Xiao Shan felt as though his neck was grabbed by metal pincers, he could not budge an inch, all of his limbs werestretched out wide, his entire body was frozen and did not react to his thoughts, like a frog in a lab.

He looked at the ground that was less than half a meter away from his face in shock, Ping Xiao Shan’s mind wentblack.

~This guy…...who is he……~