Undefeated God of War - Chapter 695 – Enlightenment in the Warehouse

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Chapter 695 – Enlightenment in the Warehouse

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

There are times that when you have to do things that you are unfamiliar with, and you will unknowingly realise thatyou’re not doing as terrible as you think.

Over the next few days, Tang Tian had already obtained plenty of information, for example knowing where the SinDomain was roughly at.

It truly was not in the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

But, what Tang Tian did not expect was that the Sin Domain was actually found by the Honorable Martial Continentfirst. It was said that in the recent years, the Honorable Martial Continent had always been working hard toinvestigate the Blue World, and Tang Tian guessed that they had to be looking for a pathway into Heaven’s Road.They did not find the pathway, but in one of their probings, they accidentally found a unique space. Inside thisunique space, there was no existence of energy, and what surprised the Honorable Martial Continent even morewas that any energy substance or object that entered this place would disperse at an astonishing rate. Even theHonorable Martial Continent’s powerful Gold Saints could not stay long in this place. If they stayed inside for toolong, it would cause a permanent fall in their strength.

This extremely dangerous place was then completely sealed, the Honorable Martial Continent did not have anyinterest in it.

The Honorable Martial Continent took over a few hundred years to devour the entire Western Region, the sametime that it took for them to rise. The history of the Honorable Martial Continent’s emergence was the history of thefall of many continents in the Western Region. All the big and small continents were struck by the HonorableMartial Continent’s secret plots, wars and annexes. Very quickly, the higher ups of the Honorable Martial Continentfound another problem, the captives.

All the continent’s royal families, influential figures had stuffed the prisons of the Honorable Martial Continent. TheHonorable Martial Continent was extremely wary of them, as the fallen royal families and influential figures werefilled with h

atred towards them. If they were forced into exile and accidentally rose from the ashes, there would betrouble. But the Honorable Martial Continent did not dare to kill all of them as well, as there were too many of themin numbers, with their huge population, if they killed all of them, it would incite the other continents in the WesternRegion to be more harmonious and fight against the Honorable Martial Continent.

A clan elder suddenly realised that the space that had no energy was the perfect natural prison for them.

That space was thus termed as Sin Domain, and became the land where all the royal families and influential figureswere placed.

The Sin Domain’s living environment was extremely poor, the people that were banished here had all of the energy in their bodies dissipate in a few months. They were unable to use any forms of energy, and could only rely on their physical strength. By dropping from saint rank back to a weak state, many of these banished people could only last for a few years before dying. Those who had a strong will to live worked hard to survive, they created cities and worked hard to suit the Sin Domain, taking root in this exile and gradually reproducing here.

The Purple Cuckoo City was built by the Purple Cuckoo Family, which were the royal family of the Purple CuckooContinent. That year, when the Purple Cuckoo Prince and his other subjects were exiled, they landed on the sameplace and built the city, and even continued

to hold the position of the royal family.

After hundreds of years, the current day Sin Domain people were all born here. All the infants born here did nothave any energy in their body, and had adapted much better to living in Sin Domain.

As the exiled people were all higher ups of the various continents, they were people who had received an excellenteducation, and with the natural elimination of people who only knew how to drink and enjoy, the remaining peoplewere filled with determination and the will to live, people brimming with talent. They continued to test andexperiment, bringing all of their martial techniques and knowledge to be used in the Sin Domain.

The Sin Domain gradually became something that belonged to them.

All of this was just ordinary and common knowledge, unable to directly aid Tang Tian in resolving his currentsituation, but it granted him knowledge of the Sin Domain nonetheless. All of this knowledge allowed him toassimilate and familiarize himself with the Sin Domain, furthermore, understanding and familiarising with thebattlefield was the first thing any soldier should do.

Tang Tian held many suspicions in his mind, but was also enlightened.

Previously, he realised that the Sea of Energy in his Gemini Furnace was continuously shrinking, but now heunderstood why.

The Sin Domain did not have a sun, but still followed the day and night time. In the day, the sky would be a dim bluecolor, it was said that it was the Blue Sea. The Sin Domain citizens had said that the Sin Domain was like a big bubblein the Blue Sea. And because the Sin Domain repelled energy, it could continue to survive in the Blue Sea of Energy.

In the night, the sky would have brilliant dazzling lines of light, like auroras.

Tang Tian’s job was simple, he was to guard the warehouse. The Xue Family engaged in the weaving business, whenthe ancestors of the Xue Family came in, they hid many cloud silkworm seeds in their clothes. The energy inside thecloud silkworm seeds quickly depleted, and the silkworms that came out were completely different from the originalintended silkworms. And after three generations of grooming of the Xue Family, these cloud silkworms transformedinto the golden steel silkworms, which was a completely different species.

The Sin Domain was sparse in vegetation, but had numerous ores. The Golden Steel Silkworms evolved to be able toswallow ores. The Golden Steel Silkworms that swallowed ores could spit out extremely fine golden steel threads.These golden steel threads were not golden steel rocks, their internal diameter were hollow, had a soft texture, andwas as light as feather yet extremely tough and durable to the point which swords and blades had difficulty cuttingit.

Using this niche for their business, the Xue Family was able to sustain themselves.

The manufacturing of golden steel threads was extremely complicated and had many processes, thus its costly price.The warehouse which contained the golden steel threads became the haven for bandits and thieves, and theyfrequently lost stock. From the start, the Xue Family had more females than males, and 20 years ago, the situationbecame even more extreme. Everyone started to give birth to females, and from then on, this strange realitybecame the Xue Family’s lineage, a line without males.

And for some unknown reason, the females of the Xue Family, without exception were extremely weak. The XueFamily had to spend a lot of their wealth to hire protection. But wealth moved people’s heart, and theft oftenoccurred. There were many times that the protection even bullied the main family, colluding with outsiders andplanned events to steal the golden steel threads.

There was once where they were arrested on the spot, but the protection made bogus accusations. If not for the XueFamily and the Purple Cuckoo Family having a friendly relationship, their estate would had been given away.

Despite having repeated theft, the Xue Family kept quiet and did not reveal anything.

So Tang TIan’s first task was to guard the warehouse. To other people, it was an extremely difficult mission, but toTang Tian, it was exactly what he wanted.

Ever since he knew that the Sin Domain was able to repel energy, a brazen idea lingered in his mind.

~Isn’t this the best place to train Zero Energy Bodies?~

He had suffered greatly from a loss in strength, and if he did not recover, even if he had information on everyoneelse, he could only watch on helplessly. He knew that he was not a person that could plot and plan, he could onlytake things head on. Since he had to take things head on, he required strength, without tyrannical strength, he wouldjust lose.

Although Old lady Xue made many promises, but how could Tang Tian entrust the lives of his companions toanother person? He had thought through the warnings from the old lady. Her words were true for the most part, butif it truly reached a bad situation, he had no other choice but to search for them house by house.

~Whoever doesn’t hand my companions over will be trampled on!~

Tang Tian swore in his heart.

After clarifying his idea, Tang Tian settled himself. ~Regardless of anything, I need to recover my strength, sowhether or not there is information or if I need to save everyone, at least I can do something about it.~

The night turned quiet, in the corner of the warehouse, Tang Tian started to train in fundamental martialtechniques, a warm up that he was consistent with.

Upon punching, Tang Tian felt a strange emotion.

In that moment, he had returned to Andrew Academy, returning to the mountain top where he trained infundamental martial techniques for months. That familiar unfamiliarity enveloped him. In the past, his fundamentalmartial techniques had support from True Power, after that he had the power of blood meridians, which then led toDevil Flame and at long last transformed into the Null Flames.

But at the moment, all of the power in his body had disappeared, and he was purely using physical strength.

It was a completely different feeling, all of those movements that he had performed countless amounts of times, hadalways been extremely simple, but at the moment, even the last layer of its brilliance had been torn off.

Tang Tian’s movements became slower and slower, perfecting every movement, as though he was partitioning theentire movement into different segments, leaving marks in the air. There were no sounds of movements, even theundulation in the air had disappeared, one after another, fist afterimages, leg afterimages, formed in the air aroundhim, and stayed for a long time.

The afterimages superimposed over each other, but there was no chaos or messiness in his movements.

In his immersed state, all of the instinctive movements started to transform, like dried up branches forming outgreen sprouts, showing signs of life. The frames of afterimages around him seemed to have come alive, as thoughthere were many of him punching and kicking.

Tang Tian’s movements started to transform, becoming increasingly free and fluid.

Like a painter, every stroke was succinct yet not following the same pattern, the patterns of the strokes were hardto predict, the ending positions unfathomable.

To reach the peak of succinctness was not easy, not abandoning variations but instead reaching the peak as well, hismovements became clearly expressed, brimming with variations.

Tang Tian’s eyes grew bright, inside the pitch black warehouse, it looked like two stars. He seemed to be enlightenedwith the perfect wisdom, his entire body emitting joy from his innermost heart, through his actions, there was anincomparable enjoyment. Space, time, power….all of these invisible forms, in his eyes were like different colors ofpaint that were completely different with each other on the same plate, and his movements was the brush that usedthese paints.

In that moment, he finally knew that he had finally found the dao path that belonged to true powerful martial artists.

~A dao path that truly belongs to me, a law that truly belongs to me.~

(TN: He just upgraded himself in a few hours. what?!)

This was the transformation that he had always dreamt of, finally able to glance upon a strength of an even higherrealm. On this point, he was late compared to others, like Jing Hao who had long been enlightened on swordconcepts. Tang Tian relied even more on his domitable body, and his innumerable series of movements to defeat hisenemies. In terms of his enlightenment, he was far from others.

Until today, inside the warehouse, he broke through it as easy as breaking through paper.

He stopped moving, the freeze frames afterimages around him did not dissipate, he closed his eyes, and recountedthe feeling. He had not recovered the Null Flames, the Cross Door remained dim, but he felt as if he had rebirth.

Just at that moment, Tang Tian felt something.

He gradually opened his eyes, like a pitch black room that suddenly opened its windows, boundless of starlight shotin. One after another of tiny streams of airflow swept past, the freeze frames of afterimages disappeared like dust.

Tang Tian laughed silently.

~I never expected for anyone to visit on my first night of guard duty.~