Undefeated God of War - Chapter 693 – The Approaching Storm

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Chapter 693 – The Approaching Storm

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Are you ok?” Tang Tian looked at Sima Xiao and asked.

Sima Xiao’s entire body was trembling, his complexion was a faint blue. The Blue Sea was a sea of energy, formed bycountless energy. Tang Tian and the Null Division had Zero Energy Bodies, and were not affected, but Sima Xiao washaving difficulties. The blue sea of energy was continuously trying to penetrate into his body.

If not for Magatama protecting his body, the blue energy would have corroded his entire body and left nothingbehind. This blue energy that was never encountered or seen before was extremely strange, producing anunspeakable coldness with a powerful corrosive nature.

The vast and boundless sea of energy caused people to be in despair.

There were a few times that Sima Xiao had the impulse to transform himself into a zero energy body as well. Butevery time that happened, his eyes would land on the Magatama who was beside him.

Her delicate and beautiful complexion that did not have any blemishes, her jade like eyes sparkled like gems and herred lips as flowy as water. Her pitch black hair drooped over her shoulders that was covered with an elegant andrelaxed rainbow colored robes, also hiding her beautiful figure, her snow white slender legs were like perfect piecesof art, and one of her ankle had a red string tied around it as she walked around barefoot.

When Sima Xiao had entered Scorpio Constellation, he did not give up on the Clan Union, but instead swallowed inthe entire Clan Union. The unique spirit generals assimilation technique made by the Clan Union was also inherited,and under Sima Xiao’s energetic support, it grew.

She was the most perfect being as of the moment. When Sima Xiao first saw her, without hesitation, he placed theScorpio Constellation’s treasure, Scorpio Magatama into her body.

Her name, was changed to Magatama.

Magatama floated beside Sima Xiao, a gentle jade colored light aura enveloping him. When the jade light enteredSima Xiao’s body, the&

nbsp;blue on&nb

sp;his face would fade slightly, and he would regain the blood color. With the constantprotection of Magatama, periodically she still had to help Sima Xiao remove the blue energy from his body.

“I’m fine.” Sima Xiao heaved a sigh of relief, feeling the warmth and comfort in his body once again, he spoke withemotion: “Lucky for my family’s Xiao Yu.”

(TN: Xiao Yu is Magatama’s nickname, Magatama in chinese is Gou Yu.)

Magatama smiled gently, her beauty was something that could never be replicated.

Tang Tian looked at him in disdain: “Relying on Xiao Yu like that, you have no backbone! A man must be strong and have his own backbone, and have an indomitable spirit!”

Sima Xiao’s face was one of bless: “Are you jealous, heh, living off a woman is not something that anyone can do, itrequires talent, requires patience, it is a super grade spirit technique, do you know that?”

“I have Qian Hui!” Tang Tian said unconvincingly: “I also have a super grade spirit technique!”

“Shangguan Qian Hui huh….” Sima Xiao touched his chin: “She is quite fearsome, but compared to Xiao Yu, she is stilllacking a but!”

“Bullshit!” Tang Tian was enraged: “Qian Hui is lacking compared to Xiao Yu? You want to fight me?”

The people behind could not help but reveal helpless expressions, everyone was used to Crazy Tang’s childishness,but Sima Xiao was the Scorpio King, an unfathomable crafty, shrewd and treacherous man, to act so stupidly withTang Tian, did he not find it humiliating?

Or could he be feigning it…..

Everyone listened to the two drown in talk for the entire road, and had enough of it.

“How many days have we been travelling?” Zhong Li Bai asked, he had a cautious expression and did not dare relax.

Upon entering the blue sea, he and Nie Qiu met the same problem with Sima Xiao, but Sima Xiao had Magatama’sprotection and they did not. They only lasted for half a day before almost collapsing. But the two of them werehighly intelligent and outstanding military generals, and knew how to take advantage of the power of the army. Thetwo of them found a way to use the army to disperse the energy corrosion, but this required an outstanding controlaura used by military generals.

“21 days.” Nie Qiu replied, as a blind person, he was even more accurate with the grasp of time, and was notinfluenced by the world around him.

Zhong Li Bai frowned, 21 days was a long time for travelling, but on the fortunate side, they had not encounteredanything. There were no blue dwarves or Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, the vast blue sea was monotonous and boring.

Just then, Tang Tian slightly made out an ‘eh’ sound.

“What happened?” Sima Xiao who was already revealing unhappiness secretly became tense, seeing Tang Tiansuddenly exclaiming out, a bad premonition bore in his mind.

“Sextan Eye seems to have a bit of problem, the direction seems wrong.”

Tang Tian looked at the blue sea ahead, his expression gloomy.

“The direction seems wrong…..” Sima Xiao was frightened, in such a vast and god forsaken land, if the direction waswrong, it was the same as death. He swallowed saliva: “You guys didn’t come by here the last time? Where didSextans Eye bring you guys the last time?”

“The last time?” Tang Tian thought for a bit: “The last time, we encountered a storm, and we were flung all the way toRed Grass Beach.”

Everyone looked at each other.

JUst at that moment, a sudden slight tremble came out from an extremely far location.

Tang Tian was the first to sense it and exclaimed out again, the second was Magatama, her beautiful pupils suddenlylooked in the direction, and her face became slightly anxious. The sudden burst that made them all palpitate cameextremely quickly, and at the start, what they saw was a thin line of blue. But in the blink of an eye, the blue linebecame as thick as an arm, the rumbling continued, and the blue sea around it seemed to churn.

The buzzing sound enveloped everyone, causing all of their faces to change.

Rumble rumble!

When the trembling engulfed them, everyone then felt its terrifying might.

Magatama reacted the fastest, in the blink of an eye, her small body had pounced onto Sima Xiao’s back. She was likea boneless snake, coiling around Sima Xiao’s body, her exquisite face buried into Sima Xiao’s chest, and the jade lightsuddenly exploded, enveloping the two of them.

Nie Qiu’s reaction was barely slighter than Zhong Li Bai, he was much more sensitive to fluctuation in energy as hewas blind, his face changed, and although he was surprised, he was not panicking, and shouted: “Prepare fordefense!”

The Null division soldiers awoke from their daydream, with the shocked expressions, they immediately formed a defense formation.

Zhong Li Bai also reacted and immediately commanded his unit as well.

Everyone was prepared well, facing the surging wave that could topple mountains. In front of this heavenly might, an individual’s strength was miniscule and insignificant, regardless if it was Sima Xiao and Magatama or the Null Division that had formed their defense, they were all branches swaying with the wind.

From the explosive rumblings, they heard Tang Tian’s excited voice: “The storm….the storm is here…...we aregoing…..”

~This idiot…..~

Sima Xiao wanted to scold out loud.

But it was a pity that he could not do so in time, as a mighty force struck him from the back, he spat out blood and hiseyes went black, losing consciousness. Right before he lost consciousness, he only had one thought.

~Do you think that the storm is your carriage…..~

After an unknown period of time, Tang Tian opened his eyes in a daze, feeling pain in his head. After a short while, heregained his focal length. What entered his vision was a dusky and damp ceiling, with fungi and bacteria growing inthe corners of the ceiling, the air had a damp stink odor.

~This….doesn’t seem like Red Grass Beach…..~

~Why isn’t this the Red Grass beach…..~

Tang Tian stared at the ceiling for half a minute before reacting. ~Last time everyone was sent to the Red GrassBeach though….~

He struggled to stand up, and suddenly felt that his entire body was tied down, his hands, legs, neck, had lightneedles piercing in them. His entire body felt weak, and he could not summon any strength.

The light needles were extremely strange, causing him to have no strength. Not only that, he could not evensummon any Devil Flame.

~I have become a prisoner….~

Tang Tian was stunned for a while before reacting. ~Eh, why am I a prisoner?~ He suddenly trembled, he thought ofBing Ning and the rest, ~Not good!~

He became tensed as he struggled to stand up, plop, as he was halfway to a stand, he fell back to the ground.

“Hahahaha, look at him, even the Prisoner Needles cannot completely hold him down, such a good quality body. Helooks as though his body is made of steel, and can definitely be sold for a lot of money. I wonder which noble ladywould want him and buy him, hehe…..”

“If we get him to the top, he will be worth a lot.”

“I heard that this time, there is an ice beauty, and over ten people were fighting over her, even Wang Ma Zi wasrefused, he must definitely want them for himself. I never expected Miss Da Lin to appear, it’s a pity you didn’t get tosee Wang Ma Zi’s expression, hahhaha!”

“Haha, who asked him to owe Miss Da Lin so much favors, debts will always be repaid quickly!”

Tang Tian was startled, but very quickly he realised that they were talking about Han Bing Ning!

His blood started to boil to his head, Tang Tian started to struggle on the ground.

“Eh eh, why are you getting so agitated, could it be that you know the beauty?”

A man with a round face entered Tang Tian’s vision, allowing him to see clearly the captors. He was dressedraggedly, his expression was sinister with two fierce bright eyes, he was obviously not a good person.

Tang Tian wanted to speak, but realised that his throat could not make out any sound.

Another person laughed and walked to Tang Tian and sized him up again, before saying: “Such a good body! Hey,what do you think about selling him to the Xue fFamily?”

“Xue Family?” His companion was startled: “You mean?”

“Don’t you think he fits the Xue Family very well?”

“True! The Xue Family has always been generous if we can satisfy them, we will definitely be rich! We can definitelysell it higher than to our superiors!”

“Go go go, we are going to the Xue Family now!”

The two of them immediately picked Tang Tian up and walked out. Tang Tian tried to struggle, but realised he didnot even have an ounce of strength.

Tang Tian was thrown into a cart, and the remaining strength that he had was exhausted, causing his face to becomea strange red, feeling extremely faint, his consciousness becoming a blur. The round faced man stood guard by hisside, looking around carefully.

Tang Tian had never felt so powerless and helpless before, he felt as if the world spinning around him, and hisconsciousness became extremely blurry.

~All of you, you better be safe……”

~I…..need to save everybody……~

As he started to faint, Tang Tian could faintly hear people talking.

“He seems to be having a fever! Damn it, to have a fever now, such timing!”

“What do we do?”

“What do we do?” We are already here, we have to try it! If it can’t work out, then we will think of something!”

“Such bad luck!”

“Shut up, you better not speak later.”

Tang Tian only felt the voice becoming more and more distant, his consciousness was quickly leaving him, andsomething seemed to be burning in his body.