Undefeated God of War - Chapter 692 – Do You Know Why?

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Chapter 692 – Do You Know Why?

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Jia Ya sat quietly, the young man in front of him, with his elegant and white face, had eyes with a gaze that was assharp as a sword, causing others to be unable to look at him, was currently extremely reserved.

Jia Ya’s gaze could not help but have a trace of admiration.

Qiu Xu Hua’s prestige had emerged and rose abruptly, faintly surpassing his own. Jia Ya, a naturally peaceful manthat did not like fighting and did not have much desire for power, was happy for Qiu Xu Hua’s transformation.

“I most probably will not go.” Jia Ya placed the cup of tea down and smiled.

Qiu Xu Hua did not reply, out of the Five Honorable Martial Tigers, he and Jia Ya had the best relationship. Everytime he came into Jia Ya’s residence, he felt extremely relaxed. Jia Ya was dressed in casual brown buddhist robes,his white socks were washed extremely clean, and looked plain and simple. He had small round eyes with lusciouseyebrows, with thin lips that always maintained a shallow smile, his peaceful temperament always made the viciouscurrents in Qiu Xu Hua’s chest disappear temporarily.

He quietly sipped on the tea with both hands. It was a crude tea, which was extremely bitter to the taste.

“I lack the will to win, and with this battle on a new ground, it’s too unsuitable for me. Boss Mu will definitely not go either, he needs to defend the Wei Ye Guan Continent. It is the stronghold that leads straight to Savage Continent’s Maw Stronghold, and recently the Savage Continent has had some unrest. I heard that some female war god is sweeping through everything there. Boss Mu is worried that as long as the Savage Continent’s tribes are completely unified, they will become a threat to us, causing Boss Mu to have a headache.”

Qiu Xu Hua listened quietly, he had rose to the ranks of the Honorable Martial Tigers the latest, and regardless ofconnections or background, he could not compare to the other four.

“The remaining people would be Mo Xin, you, and Gou Cheng WenDao, you three should be the ones going in.”

Hearing that, Qiu Xu Hua’s sharp eyebrows frowned, his eyes released a smear of light that resembled a treasuresword being unsheathed, the light

;as brilliant as snow. This result did not lay far from his guess, but to hear it fromJia Ya, his heart was still slightly stirred.

The Southern Expedition, was destined to be a great military campaign. Only through successful military campaignscould one measure the strength of a commander. Only when there was war could there be military achievements,and any commander would long for war in their hearts. Those who wished for greatness required a large scalemilitary campaign.

(TN: For those who are unfamiliar with how the army works and confused with why I interchange general andcommander, commanders are anyone in command of any more than one man. A general is a high rankingcommander, and commanders can mean sergeants to warrant officers to officers and captains and so on so forth.Generals are those with the brains and strategizes, warrant officers are those that implements.)

Wars were the platform for commanders, and where commanders fought to the death.

Feeling Qiu Xu Hua’s fighting intent, Jia Ya retracted the smile on his face, and spoke gloomily: “In truth, the decisionof the Southern Expedition was something that the Great Clan Elder hesitated with. We have never pr

epared for aSouthern Expedition before, but because there are changes in Heaven’s Road, we are forced to make this decision.The time for the Southern Expedition is set in two months, with such a short time for preparation, it is not enough tosustain such a large scale military campaign, and that is what I am worried about the most.”

Qiu Xu Hua spoke: “We only need to attack them with the speed and power of thunder, and take down the ShangContinent. I have seen the position of the Shang Continent, it is at the side of the Southern Region, but it’s not farfrom us. If we want to take it down, we only need to occupy a third of the Southern Region. As long as we control thescale of the battle to an appropriate extent, it will greatly lessen the pressure on us.”

“That’s right.” Jia Ya relaxed his expression, but deep in his eyes, a layer of apprehension was still present: “That iswhy I did not go against the decision for the Southern Expedition. A third of the Southern Region, if the three of yougo all out, the chances of obtaining it will be much higher. But a war like the Southern Expedition has never occurredbefore, thus we cannot anticipate the reaction from the various continents of the Southern Region. If they were togroup together, our attack on Shang Continent would incur a lot of losses.”

The thought of being unable to take down the Shang Continent never crossed Jia Ya’s mind. The Shang Continentmight be quite powerful, but compared to the Honorable Martial Continent, they were still far lacking, the two ofthem were in complete different levels. Furthermore, such a large scale offense involving three tigers was the firsttime for the Honorable Martial Continent in the past few hundred years. But he knew that when the HonorableMartial Continent began the Southern Expedition, they would become public enemy number one. If the variouscontinents of the Southern Region team together, it would be even more difficult for them.

“That is why we need speed.” Qiu Xu Hua returned to his main point, a flash of seriousness in his eyes: “As long as weare fast enough, they will not have the time to position themselves. As long as we are fast enough, before they teamtogether, we can take down Shang Continent, and they will naturally scatter.”

Jia Ya laughed, Qiu Xu Hua’s decisiveness was like a sharp sword, no matter how chaotic the situation was, thematter could be resolved with speed in his hands to obtain victory.

~Perhaps this battle is prepared for commanders such as us.~

Jia Ya was filled with worry, such a large scale expedition, without a long period of planning, adding that thesituation was forced, they had already lost the initial preparations.

Thankfully, the Honorable Martial Continent had faithfully implemented their ancestors’ plan. Although it wascurrently in chaos, but the long time preparation and investment was extremely sturdy. Regardless of the resourceor development of their armies, they were far more advanced than in the early days, and with the three famed gradegenerals moving out, the Honorable Martial Continent was confident on taking down a third of the SouthernRegion.

Although Jia Ya still felt uneasy, he did not think that the Honorable Martial Continent would fail.

He decided to change the topic: “When are you getting married?”

“After the war ends I guess.” Qiu Xu Hua’s white face blushed with a bit of red, he was slightly embarrassed.

It was Jia Ya’s first time seeing such an expression on Qiu Xu Hua’s face, and could not help but laugh out loud.


Wu Ma Tian pushed on the food cart filled with fried pig trotters across the training grounds. For the past few days,Wu Ma Tian’s fried pig trotters had become the barrack’s most favourite food, and the various armies would alwaysorder a mountain load of it. Wu Ma Tian also became the most welcomed food delivery man of the various armies,even the sentries that saw him would smile.

Wu Ma Tian’s gaze was always stuck towards the soldiers in the training ground.

It was not his first time watching the soldiers train, and he always had something to gain from them. In Yuan ShanCity, a place that was too poor for anything, whatever training he did, he could not improve. When he first enteredthe army, he was so eager to learn and even wanted to create an elite squad, but very quickly, he was defeated byreality. Much less training, even the daily salary was difficult to obtain.

Aside from him, everyone else had to work other side jobs to fend for themselves, and many such jobs were neverclean. But, he still tried his best to look for opportunities to practise drills, just in case any conflicts were to arise,they would not lose too miserably.

Doing dirt on other villains were common matters.

Wu Ma Tian did not avert his eyes, and continued to watch.

“How is it? Are you interested in this?”

A voice suddenly came up beside him. Wu Ma Tian regained his senses, and looked unkindly towards the otherparty. It was a lady dressed in officer uniforms, with a plate of fried pig trotters in hand, she ate and talked at thesame time.

He recognized her, every time he came to deliver the fried pig trotters, she would be the first to rush over, ~Ahungry ghost that cannot reincarnate? Humph, from one look, you are definitely a person who got in throughconnections and pulled some strings, if not why are you so carefree when everyone else is busy training?Furthermore, you are a woman, can’t you act like one?~

Wu Ma Tian thought in despise, but spoke with a curved lips: “Interest? Of course I do, no matter what, it is moreinteresting than frying pig trotters.”

“Do you want to go and train?” The female officer bit with her mouth full of oil and said: “If you send one additionalportion of pig trotters here everyday, I will allow you to train on the field and experience the beauty of our SkullUnit.”

“Not interested.” Wu Ma Tian snorted.

“Eh, didn’t you just say you were interested?” The female officer was surprised.

Wu Ma Tian replied lazily: “I am more interested in drilling other people in training.”

“Oh!” The female officer was truly surprised now, she placed down the pig trotters in her hand and sized Wu MaTian up: “I couldn’t tell, we are in the same line. So now there are even crouching tigers hidden dragons in frying pigtrotters?”

These words stung Wu Ma TIan, so he ignored the other party.

“We are in the same line, let’s discuss about it.” The female officer took another pig trotter.

“Can’t you eat less!” Wu Ma Tian stared at her: “I have an exact number here, if you eat another one, when theycome to look for me, I can only look for your commander.”

“Just because of one pig trotters, you need to report to the commander?” The female officer placed down the pigtrotters in her hand, she wished to continue, thinking that she could rope him in and become familiar with him, whoknows if he could bring in more pig trotters.

The pig trotters by the kitchen had become extremely popular, but the most wretched thing was that it’s quantitywas limited and hard to even obtain one. A person had to order early in the morning, and if he were to be late by onestep, he did not even need to think about it.

The lady officer coughed slightly: “Do you want me to explain it to you? Our Skull Unit’s tactics are really exquisite.”

“Alright, tell me about it.” Wu Ma Tian’s mind truly had a few places that he was curious and did not understand.

The female officer became attentive, she could not hold back and threw out her goal: “Then you have to bring me afew more pig trotters tomorrow!”

“You’re just that?” Wu Ma Tian looked at her in despise: “As long as you explain it to me well, I will bring you threeadditional ones tomorrow. But if your standard is too low, hehe, don’t even think about it.”

The lady officer’s self confidence erupted, ~What joke is this, my tactics cannot compare to a chef that fries pigtrotters?~

“Heh, they are now conducting the training of small entanglement, do you know what small entanglements are? That indicates groups of less than five men entangling the enemy, and why five? Master Tang Chou thinks that a battle with less than five people requires lower expectation for a group coordinated attack, but in truth, it requires the individual strength of the participating members to be slightly higher. The energy synchronization frequency in a small scale battle will not have too much of an impact. You know, the more the people, the higher demand for the synchronization frequency. Notice how they stand, that is called a wedge-shape interweaving formation, it can stop the enemy’s coordination, the sides can perform defense, and can quickly cut into the enemy…..”

The lady officer relentlessly went on and on for the pig trotters.

Wu Ma Tian’s face surfaced some impatience, and cut her: “Can you be more exciting?”

The lady officer stopped abruptly.

He pointed to the intense battle in the training grounds: “Do you know what training they are doing?”

The lady officer was startled: “Silkworm Form Entanglement.”

“Why are they maintaining a distance of 5m?” Wu Ma Tian asked.

The lady officer was dumbstruck: “Why 5m….”

She had never thought of that question before.

“Because the 5m distance allows them to maintain the flexibility of the formation, the front will produce the sword,blade, axe auras, and can confine the area they are allocated to, while the behind acts as bows and arrows, shootinginto the space.” Wu Ma Tian was already looking down on the female officer.

The female officer: “......”

“Do you know why they are paired like that?”

The lady officer spoke weakly: “To increase their attacking power.”

“Bullshit!” Wu Ma Tian scolded her: “What does this have to do with attacking power? Flexibility! Do you knowflexibility? The long distance attack is to increase their distance away from the enemy, with the distance, there willbe greater flexibility and mobility. Do you have a pig brain?”

The lady officer: “I…..”

“Do you know why their attacking method appears to be like a wave?”

The female officer continued to be dumbstruck.

“Idiot! You don’t even know this, and want to eat pig trotters? You should gnaw off your own legs! That is toincrease the area of attack, understand?”

Female officer: “.......”

“Do you know why…..”

Female officer: “.....”