Undefeated God of War - Chapter 690 – Wu Ma Tian

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Chapter 690 – Wu Ma Tian

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Wu Ma Tian stood extremely straight, which he had done for over half an hour.

~This person smoking the cigarette is the chief general of the Southern Alliance? And he is even a spirit? Can a spiriteven smoke? Seems like the cigarette tastes quite good, I should ask what brand it is later….~

At the start he was feeling afraid, he did not understand why he was picked by name to meet face to face. Althoughhe was the commander of Yuan Shan Army, but it was just a local army that was garrisoned in Yuan Shan City. It wasjust a small city, and the army was naturally not any big army, in which at times they were even sent to protectguests as bodyguards, maintain peace and order, and escorts for caravans.

~I am just a small figure, why would they know of me?~

~Could it be that something has happened? Or is it something good?~ On the road, he kept on worrying about it,although he was not afraid. He never did anything bad, and an army with such poor wages, they could never strike itrich, and could only create some profits for themselves. The higher ups would only turn a blind eye to such actions.

Wu Ma Tian could only come up with a few ideas, if the higher ups asked him about his guilt, he would first ask aboutthe one year and seven months worth of wages owed.

But being the head of a broken army, he did not care that much.

The poor and tired Wu Ma Tian calmed himself down. But the moment he stepped into the Shang Continent, thebustling activities and flourishing lives made him dumbstruck. Various trading ships traveled to and fro the ShangContinent, and all around there were many structures that rumbled with activities, dazzling line–ups of signboardsfilled the streets, each signboard more and more luxurious. Yuan Shan City’s business district was extremely pitifulcompared to this. The dense population was like dense cloud coins flowing all around.

He had never been to the Shang Continent in his life, but he kn

ew that the Shang Continent was known for itspoverty.

Along the sides of the road, many new buildings were slowly being built. This city that was buzzing with activitycaused Wu Ma Tian to become extremely invigorated.

Suddenly, he raised his head, a look of suspicion appeared on his face. The energy undulation in the air had a sense ofpeculiarity. ~It seems that the energy flow here is being controlled somehow….~

This discovery made all of his complicated thoughts disappear.

As he travelled in further, he realised that other than the flourishing businesses, there were many more armies.That’s right, armies, he had seen at least four different armies training while moving.

When he saw Bing, he became extremely suspicious.

He stood there for half a day, and Bing treated him as non existent. Wu Ma Tian at least knew what the rules were, ifthe commanding officer did not speak, he naturally would not move. Although he stood there extremely straight,but his mind kept drifting off with thoughts.

But what he did not know was that Bing was secretly observing him.

Wu Ma Tian’s stature was not tall, and was skinny. Few strands of hair drooped over his forehead, looking as thoughhe had not showered for a few days, and with his round chubby face, there was an indescribable wretchedness tohim. The expression in his eyes were one of blankness, his eyes made him look drifted. With a relaxed posture, he didno

t look taut at all, like a skeleton that was about to fall apart. On his clothes, there was a large oil stain that had notbeen washed off, and it did not seem to be recent.

~This man is definitely a crafty veteran.~

The light in Bing’s eyes was unscrupulous and shrewd.

Crafty Veterans were always trouble in the army, they were all the same, following the principles of looking after hisown hide, outward devotion but inner opposition were their most common form of treatment, all of their couragemostly grinded away. Any experienced general hated to have any crafty veterans in their troops, as the morale ofthe unit would be easily broken.

But, out of the 13 cities that had met with the pirates attack, only Yuan Shan City had chased after the pirates, andthe one who led the chase was Wu Ma Tian.

“You have any problem?”

Bing asked coldly, he noticed the man in front of him was drifting off in his mind, his expression beginning to becomesluggish.

“Problem? Oh, your cigarette seems good, can I have one?”

Wu Ma Tian who was completely dazed, did not use his brain and just blurted out his thoughts, and by the time hereacted, his face was completely pale white.

~You fool, courting disaster! Oh my god, I have just courted my own death! How can I do such a thing?~

~To think that my first words to my commanding officer was to ask for cigarettes!~

Wu Ma Tian felt that his days had gone gloomy, ~It’s over, it’s over, I will definitely be retrenched, the goddamncommander position will no longer be related to me, I have to face my own retrenchment, after I finish spending mylife savings, I will wander about on the streets, my later years will definitely be mournful…..”

Thinking about the dilapidated home of his in the future, Wu Ma Tian started to grieve to the point that he almostcried.

~A single slip that will lead to everlasting sorrow, when I go back home, I will definitely use this suffering as a lesson,and teach all my subordinates. It seems that talking from one own’s experience is the most convincingnowadays…..oh, I cannot forget to tell the old king that he owes me 20 thousand cloud coins…..who else owes memoney? They can go, but the debt must be paid…..Shuan Zi said last year that he wanted to treat me to a big meal, oh,I cannot let him go, which place should we eat at? I better think of something good, oh yes, the fried pig trotters thatMing Sheng had talked about the last time, I have not been there before, eh, I’m hungry now…..~

Bing was also startled from Wu Ma Tian’s request for his cigarette, he had met many of his subordinates, but not onehad asked for a stick before.

“Take it.”

Bing was not a miser, and instantly threw one to Wu Ma Tian.

Wu Ma Tian who was still immersed in the fried pig trotters subconsciously accepted it with his hand. ~It’s so light,what the hell.~ He immediately became enraged: “Boss, why is the pig trotters so small?”

~It’s a complete sham!~

He raised his head to look at the fried pig trotters boss in anger, but when he saw the face clearly, it was like abucket full of ice water drenching him down to his feet, he opened his mouth wide, his entire person became astatue, not moving an inch, completely frozen on the spot.

“Pig trotters?” Bing’s face was covered with the smoke and could not be seen clearly, but his squinted eyes releaseda cold aura that flickered like a blade edge: “Since you like pig trotters so much, from today on, you are in charge ofpig trotters. Although our chefs do not have such a dish, but I agree in adding this dish. You only have one task, andthat is to supply pig trotters to the entire army.”

Wu Ma Tian opened his mouth wide and stared at Bing blankly. On that spot, he did not know how to react to such aridiculous order.

~Will kneeling and begging help? Hug his thighs? Will crying be better? Should I just toughen myself up and say I amnot doing it? Will I be directly chopped up by the guards at the door and fed to the dogs…..~


When Wu Ma Tian came back from the thoughts in his head, Bing had already disappeared.

With that one order, he was transferred to the cooking department.

His life is truly saddening!

Wu Ma Tian took the order with him and headed to the door, the sunlight outside was unable to relieve the pain inhis heart, he clenched his fists, his face filled with unswerving determination, he had decided to let that smokingghost understand what ‘You can kill a soldier, but you cannot humiliate one’ meant!

Feeling that his determination had attracted the attention of the guards by the door, he walked forward.

“Big brother, where is the cooking department and kitchen?”

After sending Wu Ma Tian to the kitchen, Bing continued with his daily work. The matters regarding the pirates didnot seem to have affected him, other than reminding the various continents to raise their guard, he did not have anysubstantive actions.

In the war room, a gigantic map was plastered on the wall, with different colored lines written all over and manysmall numbers written all over, the entire map was covered with such drawings and writings, causing anyone to lookat it to become dizzy.

The smell of smoke was extremely strong in the room, as the sunlight shot in through the window, strands of smoke and dust could be seen flowing around.

Bing got out of his concentrated state of mind and looked away from the map.

Stretching his waist, he subconsciously touched the snuffbox, but he quickly stopped, the cigarettes had beendepleting quickly recently, and there were very few left in stock, so he had to hold back.

~I wonder where Crazy Tang is at now.~

~And Ah Xin and the rest, how are they.~

The situation in front of him was not any more challenging than the past, compared to the great war in Heaven’sRoad, it could even be considered relaxing. But at that time, although he was extremely busy and anxious, but aslong as he carried out the orders well, he did not have much pressure. When the sky fell, the superiors above himwould block it for him, and he did not need to do anything.

But now, all the pressure was on him.

At such a time, he would always think about Tang Tian. Although the young Tang was crazy all day and night and didnot have any time of being ordinary, but his state of mind was extremely thick like no other. He never felt that thepressure was big, and if asked if he was under stress, he would simply raise his head and say, ‘why think so much, justdestroy the enemy, everything will be fine.’

So whenever Tang Tian was there, Bing did not feel that much pressure.

~I am truly not suitable to be a leader.~

But, Bing had never wanted to be a leader, ~It is so tiring, life is meant to be enjoyed, as long as everyone is here, itwill be good, I wonder when Crazy Tang will be here…..~

In a daze, Bing sunk into the sofa and fell asleep.


Sai Lei returned to Three Spirits City safe and sound, and in the entire Ursa Major Constellation, everyone heaved asigh of relief. To the current Ursa Major Constellation, Sai Lei was definitely an important figure in their strategy, ifanything were to happen to her, it would be an immense loss to Ursa Major Constellation.

Sai Lei raised her head high, her eyes burning with flames.

The Saint Blood Army’s Blood Meridians Weapons had greatly incited her. Although she could easily count out themany malpractices inside the Blood Meridians Weapon, but in terms of the performance, the [Frost Mountain] wasnot inferior to the [Saint Blood].

But to the arrogant big sister, completely suppressing the other party was the only result she could accept.

It was the first time that she had encountered a provocation ever since she was regarded as a Grandmaster, causingher fighting intent to soar to an unprecedented level.

~Come then!~

She swore in her heart, to create a brand new mechanical spirit weapon that could completely destroy the [SaintBlood] in all aspects!

Once she returned, she did not have any intention to rest, dressed in her high heels, she stormed into the laboratory.With her killing intent, the roads split apart like the red sea for her, giving her unobstructed path. At this time,whoever crossed her would definitely die.

Passing through the training grounds, she stopped in her tracks after hearing a series of smashing sounds.

She turned her head and looked at the training grounds. What entered her vision was an extremely ugly mechanicalspirit weapon. In terms of her beautiful work, it truly was the most despicable and ugly mechanical spirit weapon, it’sobese body made it look like a swollen wild beast.

“What the hell is that?” She blurted out.

Pi Pa who was beside her looked over. She explained: “That is [Monster].”

“[Monster]?” Sai Lei’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, redesigned by Screw.” Pi Pa explained: “There is a batch of students with average results but are extremelysuitable with Monster, So Screw made them all one each. They decided to call themselves the Monster Army….”

Before Pi Pa could even finish speaking, she watched in shock that the training grounds had a red figure.

With her high heel shoes, Sai Lei was rushing into the training grounds, one step after another, she rushed towardsthe Monsters.