Undefeated God of War - Chapter 688 – Encountering an Expert!

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Chapter 688 – Encountering an Expert!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The news in the past few days made even Tang Tian feel that he was caught unprepared.

First, it was the Aquarius Constellation, then the Taurus Constellation, and then the Aries Constellation. In the blinkof an eye, three of the Ecliptic Palace Constellations had fallen. In the entire Heaven’s Road, everyone wasdumbfounded, the Honorable Martial Group, had been a hegemon of Heaven’s Road for so many years, but neveronce did anyone felt so fearful of them.

Defeating three Ecliptic Palace Constellations were so easy as though they were red heated blades cutting acrossbutter, they did not even spare much effort.

The Winter Army defeated the Black Feathers Mount in a face to face combat, and burned down the Aries Palace.The Saint Blood Army destroyed the Bullhorn Army, and accepted the Taurus Constellation’s surrender. The twoterrifying armies cleansed the battlefield, using the beautiful victories, they showed their prowess to the entireHeaven’s Road.

Clan Elder An, the youngest Clan Elder amongst the 13 Clan Elders, shocked the entire Heaven’s Road.

The first to panic were not the smaller constellations, but the Ecliptic Palace Constellations. These largeconstellations, after being at the top of the food chain for so long, maintained a tacit understanding between eachother without any competition, they did not have any natural predators and led comfortable lives. Even if it was theMartial Group or Onyx Soul, they all lived in harmony.

Slow and without pressure. That was what described the lives in the Ecliptic Palace Constellations the best.

Suddenly, the silence and peace was broken, they realised in panic that they had become the prey. Three EclipticPalace Constellations had fallen, striking an unprecedented fear into the other Ecliptic Palace Constellations.

Almost all of the Ecliptic Palace Constellations started to prepare their armies for war. But after having peace for too long, their speed of preparing made them look extremely panicked and chaotic. Only the Leo Constellation remained the same as usual, they had fought with the Honorable Martial Group for a long time, and was the strongest. But they were surprised by the appearance of the Winter Army and the Saint Blood Army, the two brand new armies

that revealed a terrifying powerful in which even the Leo Constellation dared not be careless with.

Lei Ang had specially used a communications treasure device to ask Tang Tian about the Blood Meridians Weapons.

Other than the Leo Constellation, the only other one that was relatively calm was the Sagittarius Constellation. TheEmpress did not care about politics, but she was a Gold Saint, and had sufficient qualifications to maintain calm.Furthermore, everyone in Heaven’s Road knew that the Sagittarius Constellation had a close relation with the UrsaMajor Constellation, and unless the Honorable Martial Group had gone bonkers, they would not aggravate theSagittarius Constellation.

It was also the Libra Constellation’s first time obtaining a connection with Tang Tian, and they hoped to achieve aneven deeper level of alliance.

The Libra Constellation felt an immense pressure on them, their constellation’s general mood was advocating freedom, with all sorts of techniques and sects existing in the constellation, but their fighting ability was not that strong. The higher ups of the Libra Constellation knew their own circumstances, although their advocate for pleasure was different f

rom the Taurus Constellation and the Aries Constellation, but in the entire Libra Constellation, they were all immersed in learning techniques but did not attach any importance to fighting. When they saw the Ursa Major Constellation’s mechanical techniques sudden emergence, they felt that it was a direction suitable for the Libra Constellation to expand into, and decided to purchase the Ursa Major Constellation’s mechanical spirit weapons and the related techniques.,

ThHey had initially thought to digest these techniques and expand on their own Libra Constellation mechanicaltechniques.

Only when the real war approached did they realise that the long term academics atmosphere in the LibraConstellation produced many scholars, yet was unable to produce any Gold Saints or powerful military generals.Without experienced military generals or trained armies, all of their mechanical spirit weapons were useless.

The panic and fear spread throughout the higher ups of the Libra Constellation, and the Ursa Major Constellationbecame the only lifeline that they could think of.

There was no other ally that held such extraordinary power that made them feel much safer.

It was not only the Libra Constellation, the other Ecliptic Palace Constellations were also looking for allies. Toreorganize their military and equipment was not something that could be achieved overnight, if they wanted to formup their fighting strength, they needed more time. The current Honorable Martial Group was like a monstrous beastthat had opened its mouth wide and was looking for prey after prey.

Clan Elder An had gone through the [Honorable Martial Constellation] plan with careful deliberations, the firstwave of attacks were aimed at three targets, which were also selected through careful screening. Other than thethree constellations being weak, Aquarius Constellation’s wealth was able to help them for the following battles bysupplying logistics and money. As for the Taurus Constellation and the Aries Constellation, they were like thefrontline powerhouses of the Ecliptic Palace Constellations, and their destruction would be like stabbing two sharpknives into the Ecliptic Palace Constellations.

The battle progress far exceeded Tang Tian’s expectations.

When the Taurus Constellation and the Aries Constellation were destroyed, Tang Tian had to cancel his sneakattack. Despite that, a sneak attack on the Honorable Martial Group’s secret encampment and killing off a GoldSaint was extremely alluring to Tang Tian.

But the Honorable Martial Group’s forceful offense stance caused everyone to feel a chill in their spine.

“We are now unable to determine who their next target will be.” Tang Tian said gloomily: “They have taken overthree constellations, and their paths to engage have spread even more. Furthermore, the other constellation’sdefenses are full of mistakes.”

This judgement made everyone feel helpless.

Other than the new Leo Constellation, all of the other Ecliptic Palace Constellations spent a great deal of effort ondeploying defenses. Due to having peace for too long, they were rather unwary, and, as their deployment required agreat deal of wealth, their ordinary day defense became a problem.

Who dared to attack the Ecliptic Palaces Constellations?

This phrase always made everyone speechless. Furthermore, spending would always be far greater than what theywould expect.

Facing the machines of the Honorable Martial Group, the Ecliptic Palace Constellations could only wait like plumpand well fed livestock, waiting to be cut.

Tang Tian could not help but ask: “What is the Honorable Martial Group trying to do?”

This was what he could not comprehend, it was advantageous to the current Honorable Martial Group. As long asthe Star Door that connects to the Sacred Saint Galaxy opens, their army would continue to pour into Heaven’sRoad, and the Honorable Martial Group would be successful.

Now that the Honorable Martial Group was performing a large scale attack on the Ecliptic Palace Constellations, ifthey said that the attack on the Aquarius Constellation was for money, then why would they attack the TaurusConstellation and the Aries Constellation, could it be that they were not afraid of the Ecliptic Palace Constellationsforming an alliance against them?

As long as they formed an alliance, it would be an extreme provocation to the Honorable Martial Group.

Maybe the Ecliptic Palace Alliance would not fare well against Honorable Martial Group in the early stages of thebattle, but as time passes, the Ecliptic Palace Alliance would gradually become more suited for battle, and theirprofound and deep history within their families would be unleashed. THey held an astronomical sum of manpowerand boundless of resource, with their star treasures, if they were to put everything into the battle, they would beable to produce terrifying power.

Why would the Honorable Martial Group risk universal condemnation and take the risk?

Tang Tian did not understand.

But it was not only him, the others could not comprehend the situation as well. If it was given as the old HonorableMartial Group was like a cunning old man, then he would not be a lunatic. Although the cunning old man’s every stepwould cause everyone to be careful, but his every step was calculated and planned, while no one knew what thelunatic was doing.

If he could not understand it, he would ignore it. That was Tang Tian’s style.

To the current Ursa Major Constellation, opening the pathway to the Sacred Saint Galaxy was the most pressingmatter. As long as they formed the connection, the Ursa Major Constellation’s strength would take a qualitativeleap. At that time, he would hold advantages of both Heaven’s Road and the Sacred Saint Galaxy, and would notneed to be afraid of anyone.

~Who cares if there were a myriad of changes, they would be speared to death!~

Tang Tian handed over the defensive matters of Heaven’s Road to Tang Chou. With him around, even if theHonorable Martial Group had any secret weapons, thinking to break into Ursa Major Constellation would definitelynot be easy.

He suddenly realised that the crux of the war was him.

What he wanted to do, was not just to bring the Null Division into the Sacred Saint Galaxy as reinforcements, butmost importantly to form the connection, a race against time.

“We are preparing to move out!”

Tang Tian shouted.


Bing bit his cigarette as he read the report in his hands carefully, behind the lingering smoke, he started to frown.The Southern Alliance’s recent large scale slaughtering of pirates, at the moment had turned very slow. It was notthat the pirates in the Southern Region was powerful, but the pirates seemed to have vanished in a night.

This unordinary movement immediately roused Bing’s attention. Such a big movement was impossible to not raisethe cautiousness of the pirates. But for the pirates to suddenly disappear, it meant that there was some plot at hand.

Bing knew that behind the pirates, were the Honorable Martial Continent people. With them amongst the pirates,the matter would definitely not be so simple.

~Where did they go to? What are they planning to do?~

Bing had not even noticed that the cigarette had burned to its end. No matter how big pirates were, they were stillpirates, and they would definitely lose to a standard army in a head on clash. The advantages of pirates were that inthe ever changing sea of energy, they moved like the wind, disappearing and appearing as and when they liked.Furthermore, they were better in warship battles, and not battles inside Continents.

He believed that the commander in the Honorable Martial Continent could see that as well, and have decided toplace the battle inside the Sea of Energy.

The sudden disappearance of the pirates made Bing realize that inside the pirates camps, there was definitely apowerful military general.

“Report! The Young Leaf Continent suffered an attack, their Hong Shan City was sieged!”

“Report! Great Village Continent suffered an attack, the Yong Li City was sieged!”

“Report! Meadow Viper Continent suffered an attack, the Yang Rong City was sieged!”



In an instant, multiple reports came up, causing the atmosphere to become extremely tensed. In the blink of an eye,everywhere was enveloped in the flames of war, causing everyone to feel uneasy. 13 Cities were suddenly attacked,and seven of them that were sieged experienced a baptism, while the other six pushed back the pirates.


Upon receiving the news, Bing’s first reaction was to praise them.

~The opponent’s move was brilliant!~

The cities that were attacked were all the cities inside the small continents of the Southern Alliance. And the citieswere not the heavily guarded main cities, but were still considered important, although the loss was not fatal, but itwas still a headache. To the small continents, their resources were initially thin and they decided to join theSouthern Alliance in hopes of landing themselves in some riches. Now, they did not even receive any benefits, butsuffered heavy losses, how could the small continents tolerate it?

Such a result caused people’s heart to stir.

How will the Southern Alliance reimburse the loss of the small continents? How would they handle the pirates, andgive an account to the small continents?

If it was not handled properly, it would definitely cause endless troubles. It was like being cut by a small knife,leaving a small wound on your body. Although it is not fatal, but if you do not cover it up or bandage it up, it wouldgradually lead to a loss of blood.

Bing carefully studied the map and marked out the cities that were attacked.

He had to admit the craftiness of the opponent.

All of the cities’ positions were randomly placed with no definite pattern to their attacks. No one was able to figureout where their main body was and where they planned to hit next.

~The enemy is an expert!~