Undefeated God of War - Chapter 687 – Light of Winter

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Chapter 687 – Light of Winter

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

In the distance, a gigantic light pike stabbed right straight into Jerome’s chest.

Ah Lun and Chen Zi Lin kept quiet as they stared intently at the battle that had concluded.

Beside them, Bradley’s face turned pale white, his entire body was trembling, and tears covered his entire face.

The Frost Mountain Army that was protecting Sai Lei as they exited the Taurus Constellation met Jerome’s scouts,and immediately sprinted away. When they saw the battle, it had already concluded, and they were already 20 liaway from the battlefield, and was the limit of how well they could see.

The ground was filled with corpses, in front of the large Saint Blood figures, the Bullhorn Army soldiers were asweak as infants.

“Those are blood meridians weapons!” Chen Zi Lin said gloomily, from Immortal Martial, he was well versed andknowledgeable, and could instantly see through the backgrounds of the white monsters.

“Blood meridians weapons!” Ah Lun was shook: “How can the Honorable Martial Group have blood meridiansweapons?”

The existence of blood meridians weapons was not a secret to any mechanical army. Master Bing had once gave it ahigh valuation, and even specially brought it up as a hypothetical enemy in classes. But no one had seen the realblood meridians weapons before, so when Ah Lun realised that those white monsters were actually blood meridiansweapons, he was completely shocked.

Ah Lun frowned: “Honorable Martial Group’s blood meridians weapon is far more powerful than what Master hadsaid. It seems like that is their secret weapon.”

“Ninth grade Snow Ape King.” Chen Zi Lin said indifferently: “Purely with its own strength, it can hold its ownagainst a gold rank martial artist. Watch the white light, that is the light aura formed with the resonance ofHonorable Martial True Power. The Honorable Martial Group’s martial techniques, spirit techniques, are even morepowerful. It should be transplanted from some unique blood meridians. Our opponent has appeared.”

r /> Ah Lun understood Chen Zi Lin’s last sentence, from the start, mechanical armies never had any opponents. In themechanical techniques domain, there were no place that could contend against Three Spirits City. The other familiesthat produced mechanic spirit weapons were at least two generations away from them.

In the mechanical techniques domain, they had always been the greatest with no possible formidable opponents insight.

Their old enemy had finally appeared, the blood meridians weapons pushed out by the Honorable Martial Grouppossessed power and might.

“Very good.” Ah Lun said those two words, then turned and left.

Bradley clenched his fists tightly, his veins protruding out of his skin, his entire body trembled incessantly, his tears continued to flow, all of his friends had died in the battlefield, it was truly cruel. Bradley so badly wanted to wipe away his tears, but no matter how much he tried, his vision would always be blurred by the water. He was the Prince of the Taurus Constellation, and held the hope of his home on his back, he wanted to be as strong and unyielding as the Taurus Army commanders in the past, but why…..

~Why were there still be people that would be willing to give their lives for that corrupted and despairingconstellation?~

“You guys….will you all

be like Jerome?”

For some reason, Bradley asked.

Ah Lun stopped, his stone like face became proud: “Be like him? No! We are not like you guys. Anyone who dares intrude us, from the frontlines of the Ursa Major Constellation to our Palace, every inch of land and grass will become a battlefield, become the place where we bury the bones, and become the land of the dead. Any Lupus citizen, regardless of man, woman, young or old, regardless of where they are, regardless of who they are, regardless of whether they are strong or weak, will run to the battlefield and fight till they die.”

Chen Zi Lin looked at him and said coldly: “If you say it like that, the Crane Sect, Draco and Immortal Martial will allbe unhappy.”

“Maybe.” Ah Lun said indifferently, but he obviously did not care. He did not think that any of their loyalty couldcompare to the Lupus citizens. But he was a person that disliked quarrels.

When he saw Bradley crying, he only said one sentence: “Take revenge for them.”

Sai Lei’s gaze landed on the Saint Blood Army in the distance, in her eyes was an indescribable excitement.

~We finally have worthy opponents?~

~That’s exciting!~


Shan Mao did not use the light hammer, but a light spear to pierce into Jerome’s chest.

He was a worthy opponent that should be left whole even if dead.

“You guys should be the Taurus Constellation’s last courageous soldiers.”

With that, he turned and left Jerome’s body which was already void of life.

Liu Ya Zhi stared at Shan Mao with an unkind look, he screamed with an indistinguishable voice, like a venomousenraged snake:” Not only did we not take them down with one assault, we only killed 6 of them!”

“They have saints.” Shan Mao shouted loudly: “Stop caring about all these little things, look, we have destroyed the Taurus Constellation’s strongest army, now they are all so afraid they’re shivering.”

“There’s enemies!” Suddenly, a scout shouted, he pointed to the distance: “There!”

Liu Ya Zhi’s eyes lit up: “Isn’t that Sai Lei? Capture her!”

Shan Mao stopped him: “We cannot afford to engage with the Ursa Major Constellation at this time.”

“That is Sai Lei! As long as we grab her, the Ursa Major Constellation is finished, no one else can fight against us interms of mechanical techniques, she is even more valuable than Taurus Constellation!” Liu Ya Zhi became so excitedhis face became distorted.

“But this will affect Master’s [Honorable Martial Constellation] plan.” Shan Mao did not cower back: “If you touch Sai Lei, the Ursa Major Constellation will never rest to fight us, and we will only initiate a war. They are much stronger than the Taurus Constellation!”

Liu Ya Zhi stared at him with bloodshot eyes and said hatefully: “Are you going against me?”

“It’s for your own good.” Shan Mao said indifferently: “Master will not allow anyone to spoil his plans. Anyone.”

The two stared at each other, the atmosphere extremely tense.

Liu Ya Zhi’s forehead twitched, his eyes glaring ferociously, but said with anger and dissatisfaction: “We will let heroff this time, but the next time you go against me, I’ll kill you first.”

“Relax man, I hate to butt into other people’s matters.”

Shan Mao said languidly, he suddenly raised his head, a layer of faint light aura had lit up in the sky.

The activation of the Treasure City!

On the gravel plains in the distance, a dense light barrier had formed.

Shan Mao did not care and gave the order: “Inform the city there that they have half an hour to surrender, if not,they will not be spared.”

The Saint Blood Army moved forward with powerful momentum, rumbling on towards the Pristine Gravel City.

10 minutes later, the Pristine Gravel City released their light barrier and surrendered to the Saint Blood Army.

Ouyang Shi and Zhuo Yan stopped, they raised their heads to look, the fiery lights enveloping Aries City in the nightsky. The ancient city that had last through ages was burning in battle.

Everyone was crying or in pain.

Although their eyes were red, but they did not cry.

Ouyang Shi shouted: “There will be a day where we will take it back once again!”

Zhuo Yan maintained calm: “We need to be quick and take the chance while it is still chaotic to leave the AriesConstellation. I do not believe that Master Ling Xu will do nothing while watching Honorable Martial Group takeover the Aries Constellation.”

Zhuo Yan’s words gave everyone a glimmer of hope. The soldiers whose morale were rock bottom became slightlyinspired, carrying their injuries and supporting each other, they disappeared into the night.

For the sake of reviving the Silver Frost Mount, the two of them had snuck back into the Aries Constellation andfound many youths who had the same beliefs and cause. When the Aquarius Constellation had fallen into HonorableMartial Group’s hands, they became worried, and knew that Aries Constellation was weak, as the Black FeathersMount had completely degraded.

The Honorable Martial Group had come earlier than they had expected.

Although they had a group of people, they were not strong and did not have any coordination, facing against the army of the Honorable Martial Group, they were completely helpless. Due to that, Ouyang Shi and Zhuo Yan could only bring the group out of Aries Constellation under the chaos and return to the Ursa Major Constellation.


Sean observed the Aries Palace in the flames, sighing in sorrow at the volatile human’s life, at the fickle world.

He had spent countless effort, cautiously and conscientiously, to finally climb up to the Branch Master position ofthe 10th Gold Branch. At that time, the young and sturdy him was extremely ambitious, wishing to do a great deal ofthings, he built up the Red Leaf Army and managed to stand his ground despite everyone being against him to putJones in charge as the commander. After that he spent his time creating the [Light of Autumn] secret technique,producing a large scale of gold rank martial artists with limitless potential.

But In the blink of an eye, Jones was dead, and the 10th Army was completely destroyed.

He was directly plunged into hell. It was not only him, his adjutant, the main members of the 10th Gold Branch, noneof them were spared. And just when he thought that his life was over, he was saved by Clan Elder An.

To prevent even more talks, Clan Elder An hoped that he could remain in seclusion for a period of time.

Sean was then sent to a mountain far away, where he met his old adjutant, and the old backbones of the 10th GoldBranch. They had all accepted one mission, which was to continue researching on strengthening the [Light ofAutumn].

And their test subjects were on gold rank martial artists.

Clan Elder An requested for them to use the [Light of Autumn] to quickly allow the gold rank martial artists to stepinto the saint rank as soon as possible.

This request that went against common reasoning made Sean and the rest see some hope. They immersed themselves in their passion and effort, and finally created the [Light of Winter], which was far stronger than the [Light of Autumn].

It could allow the dantian pools of the gold rank martial artists to transform and form into a special state similar tothe spirit domain, and then allow them to grasp some spirit techniques.

All shortcuts needed a price, and the [Light of Winter] was no exception, it allowed the dantian pool to transform,and the initially stable True Power structure would be broken, becoming extremely susceptible to being devoured.For the sake of controlling to devourment, Sean had no choice but to create a corresponding pill which had manyusages.

Furthermore, the “Winter Spirit Domain” was not a true spirit domain, it could not be sustained long in battle. Onone side, it was because its structure was not stable enough. The other being the True Power of a gold rank martialartist was unable to support spirit techniques, and when the True Power is insufficient, it would combust the martialartist’s life force. So, after they go through an intense battle, the martial artist would become extremely weak.

But this weakness did not affect the power of the Winter Army.

An army completely made up of saints, how long has the Heaven’s Road not seen that?

Although they could erupt for a short time, but the Winter Army’s strength was formidable.

To attack the Aries Constellation, they did not need to exert much force, only sending out a small unit, they resolvedthe battle quickly.

Without question, although the Winter Army was made up of malpractice, but it was still the current strongest army.

But for some reason, seeing the Aries Palace that was being engulfed in flames, Sean did not feel any happiness, butinstead became emotional. The Silver Frost Mounts had once swept everything in Heaven’s Road, but who knewthat the Aries Palace would one day be destroyed in the flames of war?

~I guess this would mean that I have made an impact in Heaven’s Road history.~

Sean self mocked himself.

(TN: I have to admit, Light of Autumn was supposed to be Light of Autumn Leaves, but it sounded ridiculous, as 红叶is autumn leaves, light of autumn sounded better, thus i went with that. And now they have white leaf, but to make itas a successor of Light of Autumn, I have decided to name it Light of Winter, instead of Light of White Leaf or Lightof WInter Leaf.)