Undefeated God of War - Chapter 684 – Price

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Chapter 684 – Price

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


“Give me some water.”

Bradley laid in his reclining chair without a care for his image, his tone spoke of his fatigue, and his servantimmediately sprinted to fetch him water.

After drinking the warm water, Bradley finally regained some of his focus, yet the haze in his eyes did not dissipate.Thinking about the nightmarish scenes for the past few days, he felt extremely terrible.

He was not a short tempered person, he was amiable and patient, but for the past few days, he could not hold backand quarrelled many times. All kinds of rumors and slanders, all sorts of ridicule and mocking came fromeverywhere, and everyone’s gaze towards him was extremely different. He could tolerate that, when he knelt downin front of Sai Lei to beseech her, he already knew what he was getting himself into, he had already settled his peaceand would not back down.

He quietly endured, even with his revered position, he never thought to use his own position to suppress the rest.Many of them would quarrel with him, many of them would mock him, but he continued to speak and argue withthem. The majority of them would hear him and laugh, not taking him seriously or even ridiculing him, but thosewilling for change, those who were thoughtful, could hear his voice.

It was his dream.

Holding on to this dream, even if all those big bellied men, holding their gold pipes, mocking and jeering at him,puffing the smoke in his face, he endured through it all. He knew his actions were impossible to obtain their favour,but he did not care.

Until he heard his father coldly saying to him suddenly “you did not need to be so anxious”, with the gaze ofdissatisfaction and indifference, caused him to fall into an icehouse, his feet and hands turned ice cold.

But after that, an indescribable anger, like a volcano erupting, surged straight to his brain, causing him to losecontrol right on the spot. He was like an enraged bull, roaring non stop, causing the entire palace to tremble, his eyeswere bloodshot, scaring everyone else, including his father. It was the first time the Taurus King had seen his ownson being so angry and in a rage.

Bradley still remembered his father’s panic–stricken face, his loss for words. That indescribable feeling made himfeel even worse.

The world was in chaos, the leaders had become weak, the flock below wallowed in their pleasures without wantingto improve, he did not see any hope in this Taurus Constellation.

He closed his eyes, working hard to escape all of his complicated thoughts, which might be his karma. After amoment, he opened his eyes, his brown pupils becoming tranquil again. He did not like the current TaurusConstellation, all of the rotting, cancerous bodies, the officials who had been corrupted formed a large system,which even included his father, in which he was helpless against.

But it was still the Taurus Constellation that he loved, the place that he grew up in. As the prince of the TaurusConstellation, being unable to pull the Taurus Constellation out of the dredge, he had to at least leave a thread ofpride and faith in it. Even if Taurus Constellation was destroyed, even if their homeland was gone, but with the faith,with the pride, the Taurus Constellation could be rebuilt once again!

The high and mighty Taurus, its horn will always aim up high in the sky!

By finding their lost glory, by finding their lost pride, this, it was him, Bradley, the reason for him to live and fight.

Bradley clenched his fists tightly, he felt a never ending energy in his body, feeling as if his skin and flesh were astough as steel. He was not fighting alone, in the past few days, he brought a group of people together, the youthswilling to strive har

d to rebuild the Taurus Army.

Suddenly, a servant ruan in clumsily for a report.

Bradley accepted the report and looked, his face instantly changing. Without saying a word, he rushed out.

When Bradley rushed over, the Frost Mountain Army were already in security measures, only after notifying themwas he finally allowed to enter the camp. When he entered, he was shocked, because the Frost Mountain Army werealready packed up and looked ready to leave.

“What is going on?”

He found Ah Lun at the side and asked.

Ah Lun’s face was gloomy: “Didn’t you receive the news of the Aquarius Constellation being attacked?”

“I just did.” Bradley found it hard to understand: “I was just about to find you guys to discuss it, but what is themeaning of this? The Aquarius Constellation is being attacked, but what does it have to do with us? It is just aplundering, the Honorable Martial Group doesn’t have any money!”

“No, we have already discussed it.” Ah Lun said gravely: “This time, the Honorable Martial Group plans to make amove on the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, and it is definitely not just a plunder. Simply put, if it was a plunder, the HonorableMartial Group would not have killed so many of the noble families. They want to clean off all the old aristocraticfamilies and nobles, what do you think about that?”

Bradley’s face turned white.

~That’s right, if it was for wealth, they could just use their great army to pressure the Aquarius Constellation, andthe wealth and riches would be given. But to clean off all the nobles and aristocratic families, that leaves only onepossibility, the Honorable Martial Group wants to topple to original regime of the Aquarius Constellation.~

“But that is the Aquarius Constellation….”Bradley stammered.

Ah Lun looked at Bradley in sympathy, after interacting for the past few days, he knew that the Taurus Prince was agood man, and was different from all the other dirty people. He decided to explain clearly: “If the Honorable MartialGroup decides to make a move on the Ecliptic Constellations, they will definitely not just make a move on any ofthem. Because then, the other constellations can gather to fight them. Once they have decided to make a move,then, they will have more than one target. We feel that the Taurus Constellation will most probably be the next tobe hit.”

“W…..why?” Bradley was stumped.

“Because you are too weak.” Ah Lun said without caring, it was a nail to the heart: “In this period, any involvementwill prove to be disadvantageous to the Honorable Martial Group. They need to move like lightning, that way theycan get the momentum to win, and shake the other constellations, preventing them from forming an alliance.”

Bradley realised that he could not find any reasons to refute, his mind was in a bad mess.

“I am sorry.” Ah Lun said slowly: “Our mission is to ensure the safety of Young Miss Sai Lei. There is nothing else thatis more important than this. We have decided to retreat and will move out at night, if you are all willing, come andfind us.”

Ah Lun patted on Bradley the shoulders, who remained dumbstruck: “Think about it.”

He turned and left.

Bradley left the Frost Mountain Army area as though his soul had disappeared, he suddenly awakened and rushedinto Taurus Palace.

“What? The Honorable Martial Group might attack us next?” The Taurus King could not be bothered much, butthinking about how his son had raged out the day before, he controlled himself: “There isn’t any signs stating thatthe Honorable Martial Group will attack us, what do we have? We are not rich like Aquarius Constellation, and areonly ranked in the middle amongst the 12 Ecliptic Palaces. If they want to attack us after attacking the AquariusConstellation, unless they are mad, it will cause the other constellations to be uneasy, and everyone will allythemselves to go against them. The Honorable Martial Group doesn’t have any reason to attack us.”

He looked at Bradley’s bloodshot eyes and consoled him: “Bradley, I know that recently, it has been tough on you, Ithink you should take a rest. Go to Bullhorn Bay for a holiday, and come back whenever you want. You don’t have toworry about things here…..”

Bradley did not know how he left the Palace.

He gathered his courage and looked for Marshal Da, and told him about Ah Lun’s guess. Marshal Da laughed outloud, as though he had heard a joke. He patted Bradley’s shoulder, consoling him to not be afraid, saying that theTaurus Constellation could beat any enemies in terms of anything. After that, he changed his clothes and whistledhis way out as he prepared to participate in the banquet and gambling get–together.

Bradley then spoke to Jerome about it, but Jerome did not believe it as well, but he did not mock or ask Bradley torest. Jerome knew of Bradley’s ambition, and only told him that since the Frost Mountain Army was planning toleave, he should join them, and rebuild the Taurus Army, so even if he were to meet with danger, he had some senseof insurance.

Bradley finally understood that no one believed him, no one believed that the Honorable Martial Group wouldattack them.

On the contrary, when news of the Frost Mountain Army was retreating spread out, it became the most discussedabout news, everyone mocking that they were coward like mice. They thought that the Ursa Major Constellationwere mediocre, with only a small wind blowing, they would make such a huge reaction.

This widespread optimism caused Bradley to feel fear.

He was not moved by Ah Lun’s words, but from his own heart, because when he first heard of the news, he becameafraid and uneasy. He did not know why, but it was because of the uneasiness in his heart that he went to seek AhLun out.

In the Frost Mountain Army encampment, The Frost Mountain Army were already completely prepared, and wereresting and waiting for the time to move out. Because they were worried of encountering any battles en route, AhLun hoped that the soldiers could maintain their physical strength.

“He is truly pitiful.” Chen Zi Lin suddenly said.

“You’re talking about Bradley?” Ah Lun turned to ask.

“Yea, considering this beyond saving constellation, I feel that he is rather brave.” Chen Zi Lin said sympathetically:“Furthermore, he must be struggling with pain in his heart, watching the Taurus Constellation fall, being unable todo anything.”

“He is truly rather good, that was why I told him so much.” Ah Lun nodded his head, agreeing with Chen Zi Lin. Upontalking about the struggles and bittership, he suddenly thought about the old Lupus Constellation, thinking aboutthe days of hunger, poverty, being petty and low like ants, willing to be cannon fodder just for food.

~The Lupus Constellation back then…..~

Ah Lun thought about the million blood awakening plan that swept Lupus Constellation, thinking about howeveryone fought fiercely amongst each other just to obtain the quota, he thought about the Clan Elder’s strictreprimands…..

Everyone gave it their all just to eat, just to take care of their families, just to win a bit of praise, just to chase afterthe Lupus King. War after war, they transformed battle after battle, they regained their dignity, and the currentLupus citizens were well known for their perseverance and improvements, and were currently some of the elitesunder the heavens. Many people have heard of them, waving expensive paychecks for them, but every Lupus manand soldier, fought only for that one man!

“But, dreams needs a price, dignity also needs a price, the more one thinks, the more the price they need to pay,nothing can be obtained for free, right?” Ah Lun suddenly said.


The ground shook, and the both of them stood up.

Bradley had brought along a tide of scattered brave warriors, raising a shabby and old flag, they sprinted towardsthem. On the flag was a golden Bull, fluttering rapidly in the wind, as though it was alive.