Undefeated God of War - Chapter 681 – The Gold Continent

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Chapter 681 – The Gold Continent

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Be alert, once more!”

De Xing’s powerful voice sounded out in the training grounds. He had a tall and sturdy stature, and was alsoconsiderably down to earth because he came from an ordinary family, making him naturally approachable to thesoldiers. Regardless of whether it was training or battle, he would always be in the lead, fighting alongsideeverybody else, he never took the superior ground, and was deeply respected and love by the soldiers.

In the Southern Region, the Rainbow Continent had an above average strength, although its location was superior,they did not have the qualifications to become a core member of the Southern Region.

The current Southern Alliance had expanded to become a major figure, with 32 continents involved, it had alreadybecome the biggest collaboration body of the Southern Region. Stimulated by the Southern Alliance, many othercontinents of the Southern Region started to form up together, and countless alliances were formed. But, theSouthern Alliance was still the biggest alliance in the Southern Region, and unexpectedly, when other alliances wereslowly expanding, the Southern Alliance closed off their applications.

To the outside, the Southern Alliance was conducting a series of reforms, after the reforms were completed, therewould be no further acceptance of new members.

The Rainbow Continent’s higher ups had always been pragmatic, they knew that other than their prime location, theRainbow Continent did not have any other advantages, and they were much weaker than the others. And in truth,after the establishment of the Southern Alliance, even their advantage in their location became pointless, and if theSouthern Alliance wanted to kick the Rainbow Continent out, they would not dare to launch an attack on thePontoon Bridge.

Amongst the core members of the Southern Alliance, the Rainbow Continent was the most cooperative towards theShang Continent’s army reforms. They had sent out almost all of their armies, and only left behind the SouthernRainbow Army commanded by De Xing.



But the result shocked the higher ups, the Southern Rainbow Army was not the strongest army of the Rainbow Continent, but Bing chose it.

To be able to hold the position as a commander of an army after being born as a commoner, De Xing naturallywalked an extremely long and arduous path. But he was extremely sharp towards opportunities. He did not haveany queries or rejections towards Bing’s requests, and did everything as asked.

From the lowest ranked soldier, he took a step at a time up the rank ladder, and finally obtained the commander position at 45 years old. De Xin did not have much talent, but he was mature and firm with a strong standard. After interacting with star treasures for a short moment of time, he was immediately attracted to it.

~I never thought that there would be a day, the extravagant spirit objects, oh, they call it the star treasures, wouldassimilate and be equipped into my army.~ Just as other armies were still skeptical about it, the Southern RainbowArmy was already training according to Bing’s plans.

The Southern Rainbow Army quickly rose above the rest in the military reform, obtaining Bing’s trust.

When the training ended, all the tired soldiers got the chance to rest and did so, but not De Xing, he needed toalways report back questions and feedback to Master Bing.

Bing would earnestly listen to De Xing’s reports. While training earlier, he stood at the side to observe, and alreadyhad answers to some questions, but needed time to slowly polish up the answers for the other questions.

Any new forces added into the army, how to be able to unleash its full potential, how to allow the soldiers to beutilized well, all of these tactics and problems could not be solved with just a smack on the head.

Bing knew of this, so he did not enforce in controlling everything, but firstly fumbled about in small scale groups.

From the current looks of it, the entire progress could not make everybody happy. Bing realised that the problem hewas facing was the unprecedented complications in the future. The core members, the White Sands Continent, theBai Family, the Rainbow Continent, were more proactive, while the Yuan Continent, the Ming Continent, and the LiHai Continent were much more passive. The Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, being a weapons trading company, did notshow any interests in the army.

But the White Sands Continent was still in its recovery stage and was not able to provide much strength. Bai Yuewas interested in the military reform, but the Bai Family was too far away, and the army still needed a few moredays to arrive.

Out of all the core members, the temporarily most compatible army was from the Rainbow Continent.

Compared to the passive members, the other 24 continents of the Southern Alliance actually had some responses.All of these continents were smaller in power and much weaker, but Bing managed to pick four armies from them.

The Yuan Continent Army of the Yuan Continent, the White Army of Center Park Continent, the Red Dragon Armyof the Great Dragon Continent and the Young North Village Regiment of North Base Continent.

The selection of these four armies instigated ridicule amongst many. These four armies, other than the YuanContinent Army which was still rather known, no one had heard of the other three armies before. Let it be that theymight be unknown, but one of them was even a village regiment!

Was it a joke?

Everyone had heard of the Precious Bright Village Regiment of the Shang Continent, but the majority treated it as ajoke and never saw it as true. To personally witness Bing choosing a village regiment, the spectating continents allfelt that Bing was messing around.

Especially the Ming Continent, the Yuan Continent, and the Li Hai Continent, the three of them were eagerlywanting to mock Bing. When they joined the Southern Alliance, they were initially not very willing, but it was theShang Continent’s forceful behavior, along with Tang Tian’s ferocious methods that shook them, and adding theimmense benefits, they finally chose to join in.

But in their hearts, they still had restraining fears towards the Shang Continent.

They were eager to watch how much Bing could joke about, if the plan failed, it proved that it was a huge joke, andwould become a huge attack on the Shang Continent’s prestige. A leader with insufficient prestige was anopportunity to others.

The armies that were not chosen felt extremely bitter. Only the chosen armies had the opportunity to equip spiritobjects. The various continents knew the usage and power of spirit objects, but they were too valuable andexpensive, and unable to be used in wars. In any place, the spirit objects could be sold for extravagant prices!

In time, all sort of rumors started to spread in the Southern Alliance.

Bing acted as if he never heard of them, and placed all of his time in the armies. To someone who had seeneverything, all these small matters were pointless. He was a strategist, and clearly understood pros and cons, so heknew that as long as he won, he could change everything.

But before that, he only needed to keep to his routine and implement his plans, and transform these armies intoelites.

As long as he had 5 elite armies, the Shang Continent’s control over the Southern Alliance would increase, and thattime would be the true decisive transformation. As to his ability to train armies, Bing had definite self confidence.

In the midst of the suspicions and ridicule, the five armies started to test our brand new tactics.

The five armies were not from any big continents, or held high positions in their continents, and naturally had lowself esteem. They cherished opportunities more, although it was a bumpy road, but they still gave it their all to train.

Bing gave it his all, and in half a month, the situation had changed for the better. Bing believed that he only neededhalf a year for the strength of the five armies to surprise everyone.

Furthermore, his enemy was also well versed in strategies.


Lady Rou looked at the report in her hand, her expression was calm, but the hall was silent, and all the militarygenerals standing straight could feel a formless pressure on them.

The Lady had already read the report for ten minutes, and had not spoken a word. The delicate face did not have theusual charm and gentleness, but was releasing a cold might, causing all the military generals to stand extremelystraight, their eyes staring at their noses, they did not even dare to breathe loudly.

“I never expected that they would have come to the Sacred Saint Galaxy.”

Lady Rou’s mutters was like the autumn breeze bringing along an unspeakable killing intent. She raised her head,her beautiful face appeared in everyone’s vision, only for them to realise that those beautiful eyes were actuallyshining like the stars.

“What I am going to say next, is the deepest and most delicate secret of the Honorable Martial Continent. Those notwilling to participate can choose to leave this meeting.”

Everyone’s heart froze, but no one moved.

Lady Rou revealed a satisfied look: “Very good, all of you did not disappoint me. For this plan, the Honorable MartialContinent has already worked hard at it for 500 years.”

Everyone’s heart shook.


On a black mountain range that penetrated through the clouds, there were densely packed mechanical spiritpuppets travelling back and forth like ants. All of these mechanical spirit puppets were extremely strange and queer.Some of them dragged large cloaks filled with ores, whimpering as they moved. Some resembled insects, easilydrilling into the sand and every time they resurfaced, they would spit out ores. And there were some that hadextremely large stomachs, that would heat up and produce steam, and with a loud bang inside the stomach, the oreswould be shattered into powder in their bellies.

This was the Gold Continent, the land where mechanical techniques were the most advanced, and such things werea norm.

The usage of mechanical puppets had reached an astronomical level in the Gold Continent.

Xiao Yao looked at the burning grounds, although he had seen it many times, but every time he saw it, he would beoverwhelmed with emotions. The power of mechanical techniques always had that effect on others.

But he did not slow down, he needed to return as quick as possible.

The scene of the ore mine beneath him gave him some strength, lessening the fatigue in his body. Two days later, hefinally reached the Mountain Pass City.

The Mountain Pass City was the Gold Continent’s capital city, and was the most flourishing city of the EasternRegion. High rise bronze buildings were densely packed together, it was a bronze forest. Many mechanic puppets ofdifferent shapes and sizes flew in the air, like the birds of a forest.

Xiao Yao did not stop, he flew directly to the highest black structure, which was different from the bronzestructures. This black structure’s highest floor was pitch black, made from a unique metal, the structure looked likea crow’s head.

This was the most prestigious structure and the famous mark of Gold Continent, the Black Crow Building.

It was made to commemorate the Gold Continent’s Saint Creature, [Black Crow]. Gold Continent’s mechanicaltechniques origin stemmed from the Saint Creature [Black Crow], in which when the ancestors were exploring, theychanced upon an unknown mechanical puppet remains of the Black Crow. Although this saint creature was badlydamaged, it gave the ancestors of the Gold Continent enormous enlightenment, and from there they expanded onthe Gold Continent’s unique mechanic techniques.

The descendants later built the Black Crow building as an indication to never forget their origins.

It was said that the saint creature was placed inside the building, but the Black Crow Building never publiclyannounced it, and being the most heavily guarded location, whether the rumors were true or false, no one coulddetermine it.

After inspecting and verifying Xiao Yao’s identity, the patrolling soldiers brought Xiao Yao in.