Undefeated God of War - Chapter 678 – Ugly Monster!

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Chapter 678 – Ugly Monster!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Colin had always felt that his talent was poor.

It had been proven in training, his results were always on the borderline, if not for Instructor Duan Mu’s patience, hewould had long since been kicked out.

Colin knew it for himself, that was why he was extremely hardworking, hoping to use his hard work to make up forhis lack of talent. He was one of the most hardworking students in the training barracks, which was the reason whyInstructor Duan Mu never gave up on him. But reality was cruel, no matter how hardworking he was, his resultswere always hovering around the borderlines of passing.

~A qualified student?~

Colin would always laugh bitterly at his own results. The competition in the training barracks was far more intensethan what outsiders could ever imagine, the years of decline that the mechanical martial artists had endured, theirpassion had become volcanoes spewing out densely. Any mechanical martial artists from any constellation inHeaven’s Road, as long as they had a bit of ambition, they would travel far and wide through difficulties to reachThree Spirits City, to achieve their dreams in this sanctuary.

The number one training barracks for mechanical martial artists!

There was no second.

Without even speaking about being on par, there were no other training barracks that could even come close toThree Spirits City. When all the other constellations were still thinking whether or not it was the time of decline formechanical techniques, it was Ursa Major Constellation’s mechanical army that prospered, killing in all directions, tothe point that they could consider themselves as the originators of mechanicaltechniques.

With the best instructors, the most advanced war tactics, the most advanced mechanical spirit weapons, everysingle mechanicalmartial artists firmly believed that the mechanical martial artists that walked out of Three SpiritsCity training barracks would be the most outstanding mechanical martial artists!

In truth, Colin was not one that had

no way out, he could graduate from the training barracks smoothly, once theywalked out of the majestic and grand bronze door, they would become the hottest mechanical martial artists in themarket. There were countless people waving their money wanting to hire them, and their salaries would definitelybe equal to Gold Rank Martial Artists. There were some constellations willing to hand out the position ofcommanders to attract them even.

Salary, position, respect, they did not lack any of these.

But every single member inside the training barracks only had one goal, to join Ursa Major Constellation’sMechanical Army!

The most prestigious and strongest mechanical army!

Only by joining one of Ursa Major Constellation’s mechanical armies would they be able to control the most advanced mechanical spirit weapons, the strongest weapons specially built by Grandmaster Sai Lei! All the cool and ruthless battle weapons, were on a totally different level than those purchasable on the markets.

Only by controlling the strongest mechanical spirit weapons will one be worthy of having the most illustrious military achievement!

No one knew who made up that sentence, it was highly toxic and fervent, frantically spreading throughout theentire training barracks.

Colin was one of those who was struck with this poison. Deeply.

But reality was truly

dejecting, every time after training, he would feel the fatigue, and feel even more depressed. His biggest problem was that he could not coordinate with the martial spirit inside the mechanical spirit weapon well. Every mechanical spirit weapon would have a martial spirit, and the stronger the mechanical spirit weapon, the higher grade the martial spirit. The forte of a mechanical spirit weapon was that it did not need the martial artist to directly control the mechanical spirit weapon, and it was through guiding the martial spirit to control the mechanical spirit weapon.

A martial spirit had its own consciousness, and it required a lot from the martial artist to want to tame it and get it tolisten to him. On the battlefield, anything could happen, and it required a martial artist to be able to make a reactionin the shortest amount of time, and this also required the tacit understanding between a martial artist and themartial spirit.

This coordination was the most important criteria for a mechanical martial artist.

But Colin had a problem in this, he was unable to perfectly control the martial spirit inside the mechanical spiritweapon, and thus, in battle, he was always be slower than the rest by a tad. Even if he made the right decision andhis counters would be simple and straightforward, but “By a tad”, made everything worse. He felt that on thebattlefield, he was like a clumsy turtle.

But, he was chosen by Screw.

Screw, that’s right, it was a very strange name, Colin heard it from others, it was said that Screw was a maintenanceofficer in the Southern Cross Army. Colin had went to investigate further, and it was said that in the Southern CrossArmy era, it was mechanical engineers that took on the responsibility of maintenance officers.

This made Colin extremely excited.

The mechanical spirit weapons that Sai Lei had created bore a striking resemblance to the Southern Cross Army’smechanical weapons, and everyone guessed that Grandmaster Sai Lei was able to create a new generation ofmechanical spirit weapons because of inheriting the legacy of the Southern Cross Army.

The era of the Three Great Armies was the peak of mechanical techniques.

~Screw must be an extremely powerful figure in that generation~, thinking about that, Colin became very excited.~Maybe Screw can resolve the issue that I am having.~ But after that, hearing that Screw had lost his memories, itmade his highly anticipated dreams disappear.

~What’s the use of a spirit general that lost his memories?~

Screw’s actions after that made him feel even worse, Screw took out a pile of trash from the components andstarted altering his mechanical spirit weapon.

Not in the legendary laboratory, but just scrap components.

Not the legendary Grandmaster, but a spirit general who had lost his memories.

No matter how one looked, it was absurd.

Colin tried to question Screw, but Screw did not speak a word, completely ignoring him. But Colin did not dare leave,because Screw did not give the order for him to leave. Screw’s position was even higher than Instructor Duan Mu,and thus Colin did not dare to be disrespectful just because Screw was a spirit general.

Ursa Major Constellation was different from other places, in the core circle of Ursa Major Constellation, spiritgenerals were important. And everything regarding military matters were completely run and commandeered byspirit generals, and they were long used to such a thing.

Just when Colin thought that Screw had long forgotten about him, Screw completed redesigning the mechanicalspirit weapon.

Colin looked at the extremely ugly mechanical spirit weapon, dumbstruck, his heart was bleeding in pain.

~It’s too ugly!~

Many large places of patches made it look like a beggar type mechanical spirit weapon. All of its streamlined beautyhad been replaced with bumps. All of its graceful joints were replaced with swollen joints that resembled steamedbuns.

When this mechanical spirit weapon appeared on the training ground, everyone’s eyes towards Colin was brimmingwith sympathy and pity. Even the kind Duan Mu used his hands to cover his eyes, he could not bear to watch it, hefelt that the previous envy towards Colin, ~Sigh, to think that I thought it was a blessing, what a pitiful child!~

Inside the mechanical spirit weapon, Colin so badly wanted to drill a hole and hide in it!

But Screw remained expressionless, waiting for him to test out the mechanical spirit weapon.

No one dared to go up and help Colin.

Colin could only numb himself as he controlled the weird monster mechanical spirit weapon, rumbling towards thetraining grounds. After walking six to seven steps, his attention was fully focused into the new mechanical spiritweapon.

Because he realised, the mechanical spirit weapon did not seem to be as cumbersome as he thought it would,although it was not graceful, but it was not cumbersome at all.

Colin then seemed to understand why, because the martial spirit had been weakened, the originally silver grademartial spirit had become a bronze grade martial spirit. The martial spirit that was weakened, although it was not asintelligent, but at the same time, the demands it required from the martial artist was also weakened.

~It’s just that…..~

~If the martial spirit is weakened, doesn’t it mean that the mechanical spirit weapon is weakened as well?~

~So I am just suited for a weak martial spirit….~

He stopped at the white lines by the side of the training grounds, and for a while, he remained in a daze.

The training grounds before him was the most familiar place to him. It was this place where he had perspired somuch under the sun, fallen for so many times, failed for upteen times, and added his own quiet training in the night.

A man without wings, but yearned to fly in the sky, is determined to fall flat on his face.

Even if he were to struggle free from the gravitational force, it would only be for a few seconds.

Colin calmed down and took a deep breath. He was familiar with the bronze grade martial spirit in the mechanicalspirit weapon. It was the familiar bronze spirit weapon that was used in training.

Ka ka ka!

The ugly and swollen monster half squatted.

There will be an ending to this.

This phrase flashed past Colin’s mind, a smile of self ridicule appeared on his lips, which soon after disappeared. Hewas not the least bit regretful, he had harbored the dreams of entering this sacred haven, and with all of his might,he had kept on working day in day out, never slacking, never giving up, that was why he did not regret at all.

~Come on, you ugly freak!~

Colin roared, he suddenly exerted force and rushed into the training grounds.


A gigantic explosion occurred behind him, but Colin did not react to it, his expression froze in that second, heopened his eyes wide, not believing what was happening.

The visor on his face had become flushed red, unknowingly a spark had shot onto the visor, like liquid steel out of thefurnace, it splashed everywhere!

~Sparks…. These are…… sparks formed by the friction in the air…..~

The extremely high speed mechanical spirit weapon dropped down from the sky like a boulder, with flames formingaround it.

The immense power had made him lose all control over the mechanical spirit weapon.

Suddenly, he noticed something bronze quickly approaching, he shuddered, ~That’s the bronze wall!~ He wascompletely stupefied, ~Bronze wall……..at the end of the training grounds, there is a bronze wall…..how is thatpossible…..the width of this training grounds…..~

~Wait a minute, the bronze wall!~

~Damn it!~

Colin’s face flushed white, if he were to clash onto the bronze wall, he would definitely turn into a pile of meat.

He forced himself to turn, transferring his power to the mechanical spirit weapon, in which a force multiple times ofhis own surged like a tide, in a moment swallowing him whole.

He had lost control once again!

The extremely ugly and huge figure, shot around with ear piercing screeches, rushing forwards through the sparks,forming a bizarre arc, smashing heavily into the training ground.


A ripple was formed from the impact, soil flew everywhere, and the sparks blossomed out in midair.

All the students training were dumbstruck, they were completely overwhelmed and shocked by the scene. DuanMu’s expression turned sluggish, his eyes filled with shock.

Lion King’s indifferent face was immediately filled with surprise, shock, disbelief. He was like a statue that stoodthere.

The ripple swept across the entire field, and the soil that dropped like rain hit onto everyone’s body. The blossomedflames in the air disappeared.

In the training grounds, the ugly mechanical spirit weapon that resembled a malevolent monster stood thereapathetically.