Undefeated God of War - Chapter 674 – Bradley’s Beseech

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Chapter 674 – Bradley’s Beseech

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The attack that was dissipated by Chen Zi Lin entered Ah Lun’s body, but it did not stir the man of steel.

He stood still like a statue, as though he did not care. Because of Chen Zi Lin’s existence, he could test some dangerous and powerful offense, which created the Three Steps Strike. He had absolute trust in Chen Zi Lin, allowing them to be connected at an extremely deep level. Ah Lun, the one without any fear, was like a wild beast, the tenacity and dauntlessness of a Lupus man was displayed through him in saturation.

Ah Lun observed the messy enemies in front of him, he maintained his cautious posture, while his army maintained their offensive posture, just to add pressure to the other party.

Although the other general’s face was slow and startled, but the soldiers were filled with fear and numbness, showing that this army had already lost its ability to fight.

But Ah Lun did not relax because of their expressions, if they were not in their territory, he would already had borrowed the momentum to kill them and completely obliterate them, and wipe out any possible dangers.

Ah Lun’s eyes were serene and unfathomably deep, such a reckless way of attack, but there were not a least bit of ripples of the light scars.

This was Ah Lun.

Resolute and fearless, valiant and calm, the demeanour of a great general.

Jerome’s face was pale white, his hands were weak, the temperament revealed by the enemies in front of him made him afraid to do battle, he could not find any bit of courage to go against them. At that moment, he was filled with shame and defeat, the Bullhorn Army that he had improved with utmost care, was actually not able to take a strike, and under the attack of a nameless army, had became disorderly and were utterly defeated.

For a moment, he was at a loss and did not know what to do.

No one said anything, it was a big wilderness, the entire place silent with only the sound of wind blowing, blowing and spreading the heat soaring from the Frost Mountain soldiers.

They were the same silver color, but they were entirely different, dazzling so brightly that the Taurus people felt pain in their eyes. They wanted to close their eyes, but the scene seemed to have some attractive force, they were unable to do so and could only watch on.

They were lost, afraid, overwhelmed with shock, in a daze, in a despair. Their expressions were sluggish, their lips shivering. Even the 10 saints who blocked the Three Steps Strike currently were speechless, their hands were trembling incessantly.

Suddenly, rumble rumble.

Footsteps broke the silence.

From the frozen silver, a mountainous figure stepped out.

Before the soldiers could even regain themselves from the shock, Jerome’s eyes that had lost its focal length, regained his some expression.

Ah Lun stopped 30m away from the other party, pa, he stabbed the silver broadsword into the soil.

This is……

Jerome’s heart shook.

The hand holding the silver broadsword trembled, chi, a sharp sword aura effortlessly cut through the ground, like cutting through paper, the line extended out into the distance.

A straight sword trace blocked Bullhorn Army’s front.

“Whoever dares offend the diplomacy will be killed!”

Ah Lun threw those words down, and without even looking at Jerome, he returned back to his troops.

Blood surged up Jerome’s head, his face became flushed red, almost seeping out from his pores. He clenched his fists tightly, his entire body trembling. This line had drawn into his heart. It was a warning, not to step over the line.

~But, this is the Taurus Constellation, this is our land!~

The Taurus Constellation people blew up like volcanos, they were infuriated and started scolding out loud, hooting stuffs saying they would show Ah Lun and the rest.

Bradley’s face darkened as he sought an audience with Sai Lei, in which Sai Lei did not reject this time.

“For your noble side to do this, you are clearly provoking us!” Bradley stared at Sai Lei, his tone ice cold.

“Is that so?” Sai Lei replied languidly: “They are just being responsible, protecting my safety, is there a problem with that? Wasn’t it YOUR noble side’s army that purposely started charging towards us, seemingly showing us hostility.”

“They were just thinking of rushing over to welcome your noble side, and yet were met with your attack! Furthermore, this is the Taurus Constellation!” Bradley said emotionlessly: “Whatever we do, do we need your agreement?”

“You’re wrong on one point, this is the Taurus Constellation, but for now.” Sai Lei replied lazily: “With its current look, it would be difficult to hold for another few years.”

Bradley laughed in anger: “Oh, could it be that the Ursa Major Constellation wishes to dip a finger into my Taurus Constellation? Young Miss Sai Lei, although you are our guest, but there is a limit to our patience……”

“It was you who begged me to come.” Sai Lei interrupted his words, she glanced at him, and revealed a smile of ridicule: “You want me to go now? That’s goood, time is tight for me, I still have many tests to run. If the Taurus Constellation doesn’t welcome me, I will leave immediately, let’s not waste everybody’s time.”

Bradley choked.

~Damn it!~

He felt a flame blazing in his chest, he knew of the contents of the compromises made, which at the moment was like a blazing tongue licking all over his heart.

Sai Lei’s eyes turned cold, and said indifferently: “What does it have to do with me whether or not the Taurus Constellation live or die? Don’t even start with the Yi Fan Family, I did not find any trouble with them, they should me thanking me profusely already. If you are still wallowing in your ancestors’ era, then we have nothing much to talk about, a broken home destined to wither away, let’s not waste my time.”

~A broken home destined to wither away huh…..~

Bradley’s mouth felt extremely bitter, he wanted to raise his voice to refute the other party, but when the ten thousand words reached his throat, it seemed to be lock down by something, and he could not say a thing.

“This should be one of your strongest armies already.” Sai Lei acted as though she did not see Bradley’s facial expression, and continued to speak: “To be defeated in one move, oh, I should not underestimate you guys too much, maybe you can last two bouts.”

Sai Lei’s words were like a venomous sword, stabbing right into Bradley’s chest.

“You coming here, is just to humiliate us?” Bradley spoke through his gritted teeth with a flushed face, his eyes spewing fire of rage.

“Humiliate you? No no no!” Sai Lei stood up, she stood atop the carriage, looking down with a look of ridicule: “Are you worth me humiliating? You guys are nothing, and are even beginning to dwindle down the wealth your ancestors left you. All of you are wearing patched robes, deadly earnest in lying to yourselves, telling yourselves how luxurious all of you guys are. Such people, are you worth me humiliating?”

Bradley’s face was a mix of green and red, the rashness birthed in his heart dropped.

~They are here just to humiliate us!! They are not sincere at all! Without any sincere compromises, nothing can be exchanged, if this goes on, we will just be further humiliated by them.~

“I came to the Taurus Constellation for only one purpose.”

Sai Lei’s words caused Bradley who was about to turn and leave stop.

“I just wanted to see, the prestigious and famous Taurus Army of the past, if they had left a bit of seedlings, and where can I find some hope of reviving it?”

Bradley’s entire body trembled, he looked up in disbelief, and stammered: “T–taurus Army…..revive the Taurus Army…..”

Sai Lei ignored him, and continued to mumble to herself: “But, what does this have to do with me? Whether or not the Taurus Army is revived, has nothing to do with me.”

“You can revive the Taurus Army?”

Bradley walked up suddenly, he was extremely emotional, every single muscle in his body was shivering in excitement. But in just half a step, he was locked down by cold killing intent, Meng Ta and the rest looked at him unkindly.

Bradley who was excited continued to walk towards Sai Lei. Chi Chi Chi, his body suddenly had criss cross of cuts all around him, blood flew everywhere, the killing intent of Meng Ta and the rest had congealed into blades.

Bradley ignored them, his eyes only had Sai Lei, he asked while trembling: “You truly can revive the Taurus Army?”

Sai Lei was stirred, seeing Bradley’s emotional face, she was secretly moved.

~Not every person here is willing to sink into corruption.~

She raised her hand as an indication for Meng Ta and the rest to stop.

“It is just a thought of mine.” Sai Lei said honestly: “The Taurus Army has disappeared for so many years, whether or not it can be revived, I do not truly know. The most important thing for the Taurus Army is the gold armor, that I have some ideas for, but you have to know, just by having an armor does not mean…..”

“I will join you!” Bradley had already completely ignored everything else, he suddenly knelt down on the ground, and started to beseech Sai Lei, he was so excited that his speech was incoherent: “Please let me join you, regardless of any conditions, I wish to participate! I want to revive the Taurus Army, I want to revive it…..”

His incoherent speech was mixed with crying, tears falling into the soil beneath him.

Sai Lei looked at Bradley in surprise, she never expected this, just as she thought that Taurus Constellation was too corrupted beyond saving, there were still people holding on to the dream, willing to give up on everything to realise the dream, abandoning their dignity and painfully beg for it.

She had only seen such passion in the Ursa Major Constellation, and she always thought only they had such temperament.

Everyone by the side watched in surprise, watched Bradley lose control, and after that short silence, they flew into uproars. Their faces were smeared with anger, disdain, shameful expressions, some of them could not help but cover their faces with their sleeves.

“God! What has happened to the highness? Too embarrassing!”

“Revive the Taurus Army? Such nonsensical things, for his highness to truly believe it for real, he is too naive!”

“That’s right! Does the Highness thinks he is the only one that cares for the Taurus Constellation? Too rude, this should not be happening!”


Bradley who was kneeling on the ground was shivering all over, his fists were clenched to the point that his fingers were white. All those words cut him like sharp blades.

“Can you hear their words? I only have this thought, just for this thought, is it worth it doing this?”

Sai Lei’s words sounded out from above.

She stood on the carriage, looking down at Bradley.

Bradley raised his head up, the tears had already stopped. Deep inside his eyes, the profound pain and grief were still visible, but his face, had a boundless determination: “As long as there is a bit of hope, Bradley will sacrifice his life without sparing anything!”

“Not everyone will understand you, maybe you will be ridiculed, you might even lose your current position and lose everything, and with the potential result of nothing, obtain absolutely nothing.”

Bradley raised his head, and locked eyes with Sai Lei, he was like a soldier as he spoke loudly: “There are no dreams that require no sacrifice, I am willing to give up anything.”

In those eyes, flames were combusting.

Sai Lei smiled sweetly, and said meaningfully.

“Welcome aboard!”