Undefeated God of War - Chapter 673 – Three Steps Strike. Frost Mountains

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Chapter 673 – Three Steps Strike. Frost Mountains

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Seeing the Bullhorn Army approaching, Bradley could not help but reveal a smile, Jerome was truly outstanding. Thesilver tide rolled and rolled with their tight formation, the impressive impetus caused Bradley’s few days ofbleakness to feel much better, ~I also have grandmasters and elites in the Taurus Constellation, and I have powerfulgenerals!~

He did not realise that unknowingly, the pressure on him from the Frost Mountain Army had increased so greatly.

It was not only Bradley, even the other nobles were all pleased.

“Who can stop that momentum!”

“Too spectacular! Oh my god, that silver tide is truly too powerful!”

“Master Jerome is truly outstanding, given enough time, maybe he can create another Taurus Army!”

Discussions came up all around, making Bradley emotional. Just like the Silver Frost Mounts of the Aries Constellation, in the Taurus Constellation’s history, they once had an awe inspiring army that was prestigious in Heaven’s Road, the Taurus Army. This Taurus Army was history’s strongest heavy armor army, dressed in golden Taurus Armor, they were invincible.

That was the time when the Taurus Constellation was at its peak, 160 gold armors, something that the currentgeneration could not think of.

Gold armors, were the symbol of the Taurus Army, the gold bull horns that dazzled with light auras and cuttingedges, shook the entire Heaven’s Road.

But through the passage of time, the Taurus Constellation started to decline, The Taurus Army started to wither as days passed, and gold armors became fewer and fewer, and the once strongest heavy armor army disappeared in the river of time. To any soldier who had knowledge of the Taurus Constellation, for the Taurus Army to reappear once again was their final target.

~The Taurus Constellation has fallen for too long~ Bradley sighed once again, their position that remained stagnantcaused the Taurus Constellation to lose their desire to improve. The higher ups were addicted to enjoyment andpleasure, and this bull, became skinnier and skinnier, weaker and weaker.

Currently in the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, the one that in the most similar situation was the Aries Constellation. The AriesConstellation already had a powerful martial artist, Ling Xu. Bearing the burden as the inheritor of the Silver FrostMounts, with the Silver Frost Sheep Horn Seal in hand, although he never returned to Aries Constellation, but LingXu had become the idol that many of the Aries citizens admired.

Bradley had secretly studied the matters of the Aries Constellation, they had been secretly moving, all of thedissatisfied youths of the Black Feathers Mount were moving in the shadows, it was said that they were building upa new Silver Frost Mounts. Rumors said that the leader of the new Silver Frost Mounts, was Ling Xu!

~At least Aries Constellation has Ling Xu.~

Bradley was lost in his thoughts, but the surrounding cheers caused him to awaken.

~But, Jerome is still doing rather well.~

“We must let these recently rich people take a look at us!”

“Let them witness what are real elites!”

“Beat them down!”

The emotional crowd was already talking incoherently, Bradley understood the irritation everyone had suffered forthe past few days, and smiled. He also thought that showing off to Sai Lei and her army would be good too, suppressthe momentum that the Frost Mountain Army was showing, if not they would be underestimated and trampled allover.

Rumble rumble, the silver tide of Bullhorn Army surged frantically, the ground trembling incessantly, their speedwas extremely fast.

Bradley turned his head towards the Frost Mountain Army to look at them with elation, he wanted to see the facesof the arrogant army. His gaze landed on Ah Lun, he could not help laughing, all of their faces were tightly covered,and he could not see any expressions, ~What a pity.~

Suddenly, the smile on his face turned sluggish, because he saw that Ah Lun had suddenly retrieved out his silverbroadsword.


Before he could even react, Ah Lun’s thunderous roar exploded.

“Units behind protect the carriage, Frontlines, Follow me to assault!”


Bradley’s face turned pale white like paper, his face transformed from confusion to unlimited fear.

Before he could even make a sound, a gigantic rumble came out.

500 Frost Mountains stomped on the ground at the same time, causing a gigantic shake, causing everyone tobecome unstable, the low resounding bass sound caused their eardrums to resonate, and dust immediately filled thesky.

One after another, silver figures shot out from the dust filled area like arrows.

Rumble rumble!

The blood from the faces of the nobles had been swept clean completely, their expressions filled with fear andshock. Comparing the two armies, Bullhorn Army’s assault could cause them to feel the ground trembling, but now,they were unable to stand steadily. They plopped to the ground, and a few timid ones immediately defecated.

“They have 10 saints, do we go up to help?” Meng Ta arrived beside the carriage and asked.

(TN: Let us welcome back Meng Ta, the cunning saint that joined Tang Tian in the Ancient Cold City.)

Although they only had eight saints while the Bullhorn Army had 10, but Meng Ta was not afraid at all. For the entireperiod, by relying on Ursa Major Constellation, their strengths had soared exponentially.

“No need.” Sai Lei said lazily:” it is a good time for them to test themselves out, let us see what else the FrostMountains can improve on.”

Frost Mountains.

Ursa Major Constellation’s newest mechanical spirit weapon, made from almost all of Ursa Major Constellation’s mechanical laboratories newest techniques condensed together, Sai Lei had thrown a lot of blood and effort into it. It was even smaller in size, even stronger and far more agile, and was the strongest mechanical spirit weapon to date before she had thought about the [Saint Armor] for saints.

Just like its name, Mountain represented its mighty power, and Frost to signify its cold cutting edge.

Like her, Ah Lun had plenty of confidence towards the Frost Mountain, he was unable to understand how the [Saint Armor] depicted by Miss Sai Lei would be, he already felt that the Frost Mountains were the world’s strongest mechanical spirit weapons already.

They were the army that won against the other armies consecutively in sparring sessions internally, obtaining thefirst batch of Frost Mountains, and their army were thus hailed the Frost Mountain Army, causing the other armiesto be jealous, and it was the proudest affair of Ah Lun’s life.

In the sprint, the silver broadswords drooped down by their sides, sword tips aimed at the ground.

“Relax your wrists!”

“Relax your Shoulders!” “Watch your step!” “Control your breathing rhythm!”

Ah Lun in a state of battle was a completely different person, his roar was everywhere and filled with enthusiasm,the soldiers under him all liked his roars. Although they were long familiar with the routine, but the roars of theircommander raised their morale, and set off a flame the blazed in their chest.

And their deputy commander, was the opposite, he was invisible as though he was not there at all.

But once Chen Zi Lin was not around, the result of this difference, that was an extremely smooth and comfortablefeeling, would become like a rusty gear without oil.

The dash of 500 men with their aura blending together without any leakage, this was a true flowing liquid silver.

The distance between both parties quickly drew closer.

Jerome’s eyes constricted, he initially planned to stop at a distance of 90m away from the other party, but he did notexpect them to charge towards them as well! But following that, a sense of anger surged up, he completely believedAustin’s words now, they were truly too rampant!

~They are in the Taurus Constellation’s territory, to do such a thing, they are completely not putting us in theireyes!~

In the next moment, he made his decision, even if he were to suffer punishment, he still needed to teach the group ofpeople who have an exaggerated opinion on their own abilities a lesson.

“Full force assault!”

The anger fueled order resonated across the entire army, the Bullhorn Army suddenly increased its speed.

Ah Lun immediately sensed the the final increase in speed of the other party, he sneered, and then bellowed:“Prepare for three steps!”

The sprinting army immediately bent their waists.

“Three steps!”

Ah Lun’s roar was like a thunder that clapped above everybody’s head.

Everyone stepped out heavily at the same time, the monstrous power of the Frost Mountains were displayed to fullsaturation, it was like 500 heavy sledgehammers slamming the ground at the same time.


If one were to overlook from the sky, they would be surprised to see that the ground that Ah Lun was standing onhad sunk in by half a meter, forming a large and flattened concave depression.

A large group of silver figures suddenly shot forward from the pit like lightning, in a moment they appeared 60maway from their originally position, and they smashed the ground once again.


The ground sunk in again, and they shot forward once more, and they smashed the ground, yet again!


The third step was as fast as lightning, as heavy as thunder, the three steps sounded like one, everyone’s ear buzzed,the scene before them dazzled. The Frost Mountain Army had already appeared 300m away from their originalposition.

Jerome was deeply shocked, he only saw the scenery before him dazzle, and the other party were actually less than300m away from them!

~What sorcery is this?~

Before he could even react, the thunderous roar came up from ahead: “KILL!”

At their very last step, their power had reached the pinnacle!

500 Frost Mounts, soared into the air and appeared 30m in the sky in an instant. All 500 Frost Mountains held theirbroadswords high up in the air, all the skinny Frost Mountains, at that moment, was brimming with powerful andbeauty, like 500 lean soldiers raising their swords in anger!

Time seemed to have stop in that moment.


Ah Lun’s roar broke the silence, 500 silver broadswords, borrowing the momentum of the charge, smashed down!

500 sword auras, like a thousands of converging tributaries connecting to a large river, bringing forth dazzling lightscars, entering Ah Lun’s sword.

Ah Lun’s entire body was enveloped by a congealed substance like light aura, like a war god descending, thetyrannical and absolute aura felt like Mt. Tai was above suppressing down, causing everyone to feel choked.

Three Steps Strike. Frost Mountains!

The ones to have a change in expressions first were the Bullhorn Army’s saints, who were calm and steady unlikeJerome. Their attention were placed mostly on the eight saints around the carriage, in which gave off auras thatmade them suspicious. They initially did not plan to do anything, thinking that Jerome could handle it, but on theother side, they hoped that the eight saints would not do anything.

But Ah Lun’s technique immediately made them throw their plan away.

Their bodies suddenly disappeared, and appeared right in front of the army.

Ah Lun’s sword aura had arrived, the vast and broad 90m sword aura released a tyrannical power that seemed to beable to split Heaven and Earth in half!

Any ordinary sword aura’s whistle would be sharp, but this sword aura’s whistling through the air sounded likecountless of fragments of vibratos gathering into a rumble, inducing a crushing feeling in everybody’s heart, everyinch of their skin were shivering, and their scalp turn numb.

The 10 saints took action at the same time!

Various light auras appeared before the sword auras.


A dazzling light aura blossomed, like the sun exploding, the eye piercing light aura caused the entire place to turnwhite.

The terrifying white light seemed to even block off all sound, causing them to become open.

Ah Lun who received the counterattack felt a force that could shatter him into pieces surging towards him, andalmost at the same time, Chen Zi Lin who was beside him released light aura from his eyes, the power that surged tohis front immediately broke apart, breaking into pieces and spreading throughout the troops.

A few seconds later, Jerome who was overwhelmed with shock regained his composure, his entire unit wereswaying unsteadily from side to side. The 10 saints that took action at the same time, were able to block the sword,but the power from the aftermath was enough to tear apart the army formation, causing them to be in a terriblemess.

Suddenly, Jerome’s pupils constricted to its maximum.

In front of him, the 500 Frost Mountains held onto their swords and stood extremely straight, like 500 war godstatues, vapor rising from their bodies, releasing their passionate fighting intent.

Jerome’s eyes burnt red.