Undefeated God of War - Chapter 669 – Bradley’s Sigh

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Chapter 669 – Bradley’s Sigh

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The dazzling silver broadswords revealed cold glints.

Austin’s mouth opened up widely, he stared at the sword drawing soldiers filled with killing intent blankly, the extremely cold killing intent enveloped him, and in that moment, he felt as if he was in a snowstorm, his skin started to become numb.

Grrr grrrr grrrr.

The sound of grinding came out from Austin’s teeth, his face was distorted with fear.

Bradley sighed in his mind, it was his own territory, yet he was being threatened at sword point, and for his side to behave so clumsily, the Taurus Constellation had truly fallen. His eyes landed on the other party’s formation as he swept back and forth.

Amongst the soldiers was an important person, that was the true core of the other party.

Being extremely tight and disallowing anyone from entering, their killing intent were in unison without any flaws, they were experts!

Bradley’s heart shook, he had never heard of the Frost Mountain Army in front of him before, thinking that it must be a newly formed unit in the Ursa Major Constellation, but they were actually experts! The man in the lead had a valiant and powerful aura, which was most probably the commander of the Frost Mountain Army, and the one hidden behind should be his deputy.

Seeing the motionless unit, Bradley was fully aware of them being a problem. They were not reasonable and were continuously suppressing their enemies, their advantage would only grow larger and larger unknowingly. Such enemies were the most terrifying. Such a deputy could only be chanced upon, they played a huge role and could completely release the dauntlessness of their commander.

~This unknown army to actually be deployed so extravagantly, how overflooded are the geniuses in Ursa Major Constellation?~

Bradley did not feel upset, and his face revealed a thin smile. He raised his hands up to show no hostility, and gradually walked over to Austin’s side. He grabbed Austin whose hands were trembling. Bradley felt even worse, and spoke out loud: “Everyone, step back!”

The welcoming troops awoke from their daydreams and retreated anxiously. Their formations had become extremely terrible, like a group of scattered soldiers. Bradley could not help but look at the army in front of him that seemed to be nailed to the ground, the army that was as strict and sharp as a sword made his face heated, ~The disparity is too great.~

He involuntarily thought about the Honorable Martial Group’s army, which was one of Heaven’s Road strongest army, The Honorable Martial Group’s Army were equally strict and neat, but what was different was that their army had an aura of arrogance and overbearingness, but the Frost Mountain Army in front of him gave off an aura of an all out force ready to give it their all.

One was like nobles familiar with martial techniques, the other were like fugitives fighting for their lives.

~Who was stronger?~ Bradley did not know, but he had to admit that the Taurus Constellation’s army were not strong enough to fight either ones.

Rumble rumble.

The silver figures all started to advance quickly, the dazzling transformation which resembled liquid silver, adding the stifling atmosphere around them, they changed their formations.

Formation complete.

Behind his armor, Ah Lun revealed a look of satisfaction, no matter where the other party attacked from, they could defend against it. Although Ah Lun knew that no one would dare to, but he would definitely not make such a mistake.

Coming from the Lupus Constellation, he was born in poverty, but unexpectedly he entered the Sky Martial Wolf Academy, but he was never satisfied with himself, he cherished his life so badly, a life that he had never thought he would had in the past.

Ah Lun was one of the talented geniuses from the Sky Martial Wolf Academy, with the temperament of a potential general, although he was usually gentle and quiet on a daily basis, but when it came to battles, he would become ferocious and brave. Matched with Chen Zi Lin who was mostly quiet yet quick witted, the two of them got under the limelight competing with each other inside Ursa Major Constellation.

Tang Chou had easily given the task to them, also for them to grind themselves.

Ah Lun turned and looked to the back, nodding his head indicating that it was safe.

The Star Door became bright again, causing Bradley to look towards it. He was curious. Sai Lei’s name had passed around from family to family in Taurus Constellation, but Bradley knew more, he had even seen Sai Lei’s image before, and knew that she was a great beauty.

Just as everyone was thinking, that Sai Lei was about to appear, the ones to take the lead were a few extremely cold looking people.

Upon appearing, they looked around slowly.

Everyone’s hearts were completely shook, all of them lowered their heads, their faces revealing respect.


Every single one of them were actually saints!

The Saint Unit of Ursa Major Constellation was already well known, the number of saints they had far exceeded the Leo Constellation’s, and was only second to the Temple of Honorable Martial Group. It was just that Ursa Major Constellation’s Saint Unit were mostly Independent Saints and were not overly powerful, so it’s fighting unit was behind Leo Constellation, and was currently recognized as the third strongest.

But Independent Saints were still saints!

The suppressive pressure released by saints immediately enveloped the entire field. If we were to say that the Frost Mountain Army gave off a shocking feeling, then the power from the saints subdued them.

The accompaniment of eight saints was a huge line up, and completely intimidated everybody.

Tang Chou knew how important Sai Lei was to Ursa Major Constellation, and in truth was not supportive of Sai Lei going back to the Taurus Constellation. To him, although the Taurus Constellation was also a 12 Ecliptic Palace, but their strength was something that could not compare with Ursa Major Constellation anymore, and they could simply refuse them and not afford to make any mistakes.

But since it was Tang Tian’s decision, Tang Chou decided to give it his best.

Bradley was no longer smiling, he was already gasping for breath. He long knew of Ursa Major Constellation’s strength, but to personally witness it, he was completely stunned by the power Ursa Major Constellation was displaying.

~Aren’t they Independent Saints? Why are the auras coming off from them even more powerful than the old geezers in the Taurus Palace?~

Bradley was suspicious.

Suddenly, a bright light intruded his vision, and he could not help but look over.

Dressed in a black evening dress like a black blooming flower, her body was a perfect silhouette, her sharp chin accentuating her beautiful face. She had bright glossy lips contrasting against her flawless skin, along with her fiery wavy hair that covered her shoulders matched with a languid and heck care attitude. Under her long eyebrows, the blue eyes were so attractive, yet revealing a hard to get close to and cold attitude. The three moles beneath her left eyes increased her coldness and eroticism.

Bradley stared at Sai Lei blankly, the image could not compare to the real person, she was too beautiful.

Time seemed to have stopped a to crawl.

Everyone was stunned, they had all heard of Sai Lei’s beauty, but to personally see her, the impact was much more intense. Even Austin had forgotten about his fear, his mouth was wide opened, he looked at Sai Lei like a blockhead, drool seemingly dropping from the corner of his mouth.

Sai Lei did not even look at them, she walked ahead leisurely, with an extremely cold voice: “Is the carriage ready?”

~Wearing high heels shoes hurt~ Sai Lei scolded in her mind.

~Tang Tian you asshole, are you deliberately making me do this?~ The more she thought about it, the more plausible it was, she got even more pissed seeing the stares from Bradley and the rest. ~I haven’t even finish my work in the lab, and you want me to waste my time here….~

~Damn you Tang Tian!~

Thinking about how Tang Tian had set the direct correlation between her sleep and budget, Sai Lei became furious.

“Beautiful Grandmaster Sai Lei!” Bradley walked up and bowed and spoke respectfully: “I am Prince Bradley, we welcome Grandmaster to Taurus Constellation, the carriage is ready and is waiting for your orders.”

Behind him, a gold Taurus Monarch Carriage sat there quietly waiting.

Sai Lei ignored him, and turned to Ah Lun: “Xiao Ah Lun, where’s the carriage?”

~Xiao Ah Lun…..~

Ah Lun was a man of steel, but to be called “Xiao Ah Lun” in front of everybody, his face flushed slightly red. He secretly told himself that it was bad luck, but he was helpless against it. ~Big Sister is not one to offend~, this had become the publicly known rule in the army. Everyone saw Sai Lei as a hungry tiger, she was unreasonable and tyrannical, and whoever dared to provoke her was seen as tired of living.

Ah Lun felt that it was weird, how come the Taurus Constellation could not see it and would provoke her.

“It is already prepared.” Ah Lun said without hesitating.

A simple silver carriage came out. It was a frequently used battle carriage, mainly for transporting soldiers or supplies. Not every army had aquarius martial artists, unless they were aquarius martial artists, the aquarius vase and related treasures could be used to their best potential, if not, the carriage would only be a transport tool, never to be utilised to its potential.

Ursa Major Constellation had always tried recruiting Aquarius Martial artists, but to no avail. Their business ambience was extremely well known, and the martial artists were all well to do as well, and thus looked upon Ursa Major Constellation treatment in disdain.

Seeing the carriage that Ah Lun had prepared, Austin and the rest all revealed looks of disgust.

~Truly a group of country bumpkins!~

In front of the glorious and majestic Taurus Monarch Carriage, the battle carriage looked extremely bitter and poor. Many of them became even more arrogant, ~Ursa Major Constellation are truly people that recently got rich, in front of us aristocratic families with rich histories, they are so poor.~

In the pleased looks of these people, Sai Lei chose to board the battle carriage without hesitation.


The slamming of the carriage door shook Bradley and the rest awake, all of their faces were filled with shock and disbelief.

~Is this woman crazy?~

“Too rude! She is too rude!”

“Does she not respect us at all? Does she think that in front of our Taurus Constellation, she can be arrogant or something?”

“We actually welcomed such a brute, rude and obnoxious woman….”

“Who does she think she is?”


The remarks and angry scoldings caused Bradley to become annoyed, he roared: “Shut up!”

All the clamor stopped abruptly, everyone looked at Bradley. To them, the Prince must be infuriated by Sai Lei’s actions.

Bradley took a deep breath, he forced himself to calm down. He had long known that the mission would not be easy, the hatred between Sai Lei and the Yi Fan Family had not dwindled down, so her feelings towards the Taurus Constellation would not be good either. But in his eyes, the Taurus Constellation was still an old tyrant, and to the Ursa Major Constellation, they were also very important. If they were to truly offend the Taurus Constellation, the Ursa Major Constellation would be making a very powerful enemy without reason, and Bradley believed that Sai Lei could understand that point, so she would behave herself and not go too far.


The current him suspected that his judgement had gone wrong somewhere. Sai Lei’s bearing had completely exceeded his anticipation.

Sai Lei did not even give them any face, and completely ignored them like air.

It was illogical.

Bradley told himself that it was Sai Lei deliberately doing so, but for some reason, his heart felt that there was something else.

His gaze landed on the simple carriage.

In the next moment, he understood.

Taurus Constellation was like the extravagant Taurus Monarch Carriage, it looked to beautiful but it was brittle and weak, while the Ursa Major Constellation was like the battle carriage, with a bitter and ugly exterior, but was actually powerful and energetic.