Undefeated God of War - Chapter 667 – Do You Want To Be Friends Or Enemies?

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Chapter 667

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The 700 odd treasures had formed a humongous vortex.

It was a myriad of colors, like a rainbow vortex of dyes being mixed together. The illumination in the center became more intense and brighter, as it started to blaze to the point of being like a sun, even the treasures inside could not be clearly seen.

Inside the colorful vortex, the entire fleet was trying to escape, but they were turtles trapped in nets, it was difficult for them to escape. What was worse was that the energy barriers of the warships, under the intense attack of the energy lights, started to waver. The high speed energy light were stronger than the arrows, and being so concentrated, they could not avoid the arrows.

Bang bang bang!

The first to explode were the six frigates, which became six large regiments of flames. Dazzling flames that existed for only a second, in which the bodies of the frigates were instantly shattered and absorbed into the vortex.

The remaining two warships were also in peril.

Tang Tian was also shock by the scene before him, he had thought that the plan would be possible, but he did not expect for it to be so shocking. The scene at the Southern Islands where everyone had activated their treasures in the Southern Islands on the Black Arrow Warship had left a huge impact in him. He felt that inside the Sea of Energy, the results would be better, but he never thought that it would be so effective.

If they had not been careful and escaped, they would be trapped inside as well.

Tang Tian had lingering fears.

He had completely underestimated its power, if not for them being able to escape well, it would not be them but the disciples that would be trapped in there.

The vortex was quickly expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the warships that were struggling inside the vortices were becoming more and more sluggish, their light barriers shattered, bang, one of the warships exploded into flames, and the remains of that warship were sucked into the dazzling light of the vortex.


Bu Zi Fei stared at the gigantic energy vortex, his hands were cold, his face pale white.

Facing the terrifying energy, the powerful warships were actually not able to defend themselves in the slightest, and they could not even struggle out of the suction force. Bu Zi Fei’s mental state was struck the heaviest, his state of mind was in in a daze. He had seen energy vortices before, and he had seen countless of energy vortices much bigger than the one he was currently facing, but he had never thought there would be a day that there would be people that would use the power of the energy in battle.

A fleet consisting of three silver grade middle sized warships and six silver frigates, such a lavish match up, were actually completely destroyed, even before they could counterattack. It was a sense of helplessness, Bu Zi Fei was somewhat emotional, he knew how much manpower, wealth and time was required to build up the enemy fleet. But in the blink of an eye, everything was gone.

It was close to 1 trillion cloud coins, such a complete set of elite army to be wiped out, to any powerhouse, it was painful to the bones.

There was not resistance, no intense battle, only one perfect ambush.

~What was that just now?~

~What did big boss and the rest of them throw?~

Bu Zi Fei’s heart trembled, his complexion revealing red and his heart thumping with excitement. Such a horrifying power, it could possibly change the way of war, and to any knowledgeable general, it was too much of details that were out of the norm!

~Big Boss actually had such a powerful weapon in his hands!~

Bu Zi Fei took a deep breath, he forced himself to be steady. In the darkness, there were countless of eyes watching. He believed that the battle would spread throughout the Southern Region in the next day. No, spread throughout the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy.

Before anyone was made clear of the situation, no one would dare challenge them. Which meant, they were temporarily safe.

But one question remained in Bu Zi Fei’s mind, What was that?

“What? Energy vortex? An entire fleet destroyed? What joke are you making!”

The lords of the few continents received the reports from their scouts, and their first reaction was disbelief. They had never heard of someone being able to use energy vortices, and the laws inside the energy vortices were never very high grade laws. To destroy a fleet that had three silver middle sized warships, how big would the energy vortex be?

But when the battle recording landed in their hands, they were forced silent.


The most direct report, Bing suddenly realized, was that the number of pirates around the Pontoon Bridge had decreased. And the originally quiet continents had all sent out representatives to show interest in complying with the alliance.

Every continent’s representative, before passing through Shang Continent’s Estuary, would linger and look at the enormous energy vortex. Seeing the real thing always caused a bigger impact from the recordings, especially thinking about the gigantic energy vortex was actually man made, all of them could not help but breath in cold air.

Bing quickly rushed back from the Pontoon Bridge and saw the energy vortex, his mouth twitched, and with gritted teeth, he said: “What a waste!”

Bing’s face turned back, since Tang Tian went to the White Sands Continent, he did not learn anything but using money to smash people, and the fact being that he learned it by himself. 700 silver grade treasures were not cheap even in Heaven’s Road. If sold in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, it’s worth might not be equal to the fleet, but it was definitely only slightly cheaper.

Bing had to go through a lot of difficulty to push through the Pontoon Bridge, each step he took being extremely heavy. But for Tang TIan, he just used treasures to drown the enemy, ~that fool took it so easy, but here I am as tired as a dog.~ Bing had initially prepared himself for a bitter battle, facing the big enemies, he had garnered high morale, but in the end, he was merely sent back hurriedly just for negotiations.

~That’s right, negotiations! All of them were actually frightened by Tang Tian, that fool, truly weak people.~

Bing felt the restraint enclosing on him, he had prepared for a big battle, but someone had to tell him that the game was over. The feeling was extremely stifling.

Black faced Bing looked at the representatives with eyes that did not show any friendliness.

“We investigated, it’s the East Divergent Continent!” Richard said excitedly, he had already been promoted to the chief of intelligence, and put even more energy into his work: “Fu Dong Ku’s army had suddenly disappeared, and they publicized that he went out far to train, coincidentally they had a fleet of three middle sized silver grade warships and six silver frigates. Heh, I never thought it would be Fu Dong Ku, to die under Big Boss’ hands, he did not die in vain.”

Richard was definitely excited, East Divergent Fox Fu Dong Ku was a famed grade general, and this was a huge achievement. He was recruited by Tang Tian, and thus respected Tang Tian greatly, and thinking that the East Divergent Fox had died under Tang Tian’s hand, he thought that it was not a humiliation.

“Hahahaha, of course, to be defeated by me, that is his glory!” Tang Tian said happily, his nose pointed towards the sky.

Bing remained indifferent, he had never heard of the name Fu Dong Ku. He had no interests in such generals. Furthermore, when he saw how Richard was like, he felt disgusted, ~Humph, this guy truly bootlicks well.~

~But, East Divergent Continent…..~

A cold glint flashed past Bing’s eyes, and the smile on his face also became colder.

Inside the Sword Forest Stronghold hall.

“You guys can’t do this!” The representative of East Divergent Continent waved his arms, his face filled with rage.

The other continents’ representatives were taking in joy from the East Divergent Continent’s calamity, the situation in front of them was favourable to them. The Pontoon Bridge was a huge cake, and the fewer people sharing it, the more could be given to them. So when Bing refused East Divergent Continent, almost everyone agreed to it.

Tang Tian could not be bothered about it, to want to share the profit after attacking the Shang Continent, where on earth was there such a good thing? Bing stood by one side, smoking his cigarette and ignoring the rest. Regardless if it was Bing or Tang Tian, they were not people who returned good for evil, and they did not keep their hatred overnight.

“You will all regret it!” The representative of East Divergent Continent said spitefully: “No one will ignore the existence of the East Divergent Continent!”

He had decided, when he returned to his continent, he would find a way to stop the Shang Continent’s Alliance.

Suddenly, a subordinate barged into the hall, his complexion pale, his face filled with fear.

Everyone all looked at him, and the representative looked at him angrily and bellowed: “Who allowed you in!”

“Master, not good…..” The subordinate was trembling.

Everyone all perked up their ears, only Bing remained indifferent, continuing his smoke.

Everyone else’s ridiculing expression made this representative even angrier, pa, he smacked the subordinate and scolded: “Is the sky falling? What are you panicking for? Go back and reflect on your actions!”

“Master…..” The subordinate ignored the palm print on his face, and said: “Pirates…..there are pirates, it’s over, the East Divergent Continent is finished, The East Divergent Palace is being burned to the ground….”

Bang, the entire hall erupted, all the representatives stood up, all of them were shocked…..

The East Divergent Palace, that was the Palace of East Divergent Continent Continent Lord, being burned to the ground, meant that, East Divergent Continent…. was being destroyed!

The East Divergent Continent’s representative felt as if he was punched in the brains, his world was spinning and only regained his senses after a long time. He turned and pointed at Tang Tian, and laughed bitterly: “Y-you…..you’re so vicious….”

Tang Tian glanced at him once, and said indifferently: “You started it first, don’t blame me for returning it to you.”

The entire hall suddenly became quiet, all the representatives of their respective continents looked at Tang Tian in fear.

Even the representative of the East Divergent Continent did not expect that Tang Tian would admit it. But to this naked disregard, it made him feel even more furious, waaaa, he coughed out a mouth of blood.

“Cough cough cough!”

The intense coughing sound broke the silence. After hearing Tang Tian’s words, he swallowed the smoke that was meant to be puffed out, inducing the violent cough. He scolded in his mind while coughing, ~Idiot, how can you admit to such a thing? If I had known earlier I would never allow this idiot to speak…..~

After making sure that it was the East Divergent Continent, Bing had sent Shi Sen out, and intended to follow their enemies and disguised themselves as pirates and smash the East Divergent Continent. Who knew that Tang Tian would be even more ferocious, upon hearing Bing’s plan, without saying a word, he went to find real pirates. Contacting Lian Bo Jun through Suo Bi, he used 100 Black Gold warship weapons to purchase the Black Dragon Pirates.

Bing finally saw how the Tyrant Tang fought.

After losing Fu Dong Ku and his fleet, the East Divergent Continent were at their weakest, so how could they fight off the crafty Lian Bo Jun and Shi Sen’s powerful Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts? The East Divergent Continent’s armies quickly depleted, Lian Bo Jun and Shi Sen easily found their flaws and killed their way up to the palace.

In truth, this result far exceeded Tang Tian’s anticipation, but he did not feel the least bit guilty.

But at the moment, everyone was looking at Tang Tian in fear, as if they were looking at a demon from hell.

Tang Tian could not care, the East Divergent Continent was already an enemy in his mind. He would never be lenient to his enemies! Tang Tian who was impatient did not even bother beating about the bush, he suddenly stood up and looked at all the representatives, and immediately revealed the killing intent on his face.

“As friends, we will share the food together, enemies will just have to die, so people, do you want to be friends or enemies?”

Chapter 667 – Do You Want To Be Friends Or Enemies?