Undefeated God of War - Chapter 665 – Wu Wang Hai’s Blessings

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Chapter 665

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

After entering the undercurrent region, Tang Tian felt his vision go black.

Many figures with light regiments enveloping them appeared in his vision, all of them had looks of apprehension, the light regiments were extremely stable. But for some reason, Tang Tian wanted to laugh.

“When you guys get stronger, you guys can come here to train.”

Tang Tian suddenly said words that were out of the blue.

Little Fool flew out from Tang Tian’s body, he curiously looked around his surroundings. The last time Tang Tian had entered the undercurrent region, he was training. The energy in the undercurrent region was extremely peculiar, it was a bit similar to the Void Dark Flames , but it was more heterogenous. But to him, it was a good place to train. He drew out the Saint Sword Ocean Prison. Ocean Prison flew around in the chaotic energy like a fish in water, occasionally releasing cries.

Drunk on Saint Blood released a buzzing sound in Jing Hao’s hand, as though it was looking down on Ocean Prison Sword.

The disciples from the three families opened their eyes wide, they had never heard or seen before, a sword that seemed to have a mind of its own, as though it was alive.

The Ocean Prison Sword that received the mockery seemed to be enraged, it exploded forth with its black flames, the dense and pitch black Void Dark Flames transformed into many black fire dragons that were extremely ferocious, dancing wantonly around it.

The berserk killing intent enveloped everyone, causing the faces of the disciples to be filled with shock.

How could the black Drunk on Saint Blood be willing to submit to it? Enraged by the provocation, a row of blood red words erupted on the black sword blade, “Satisfaction from only Saint Blood”, it was alluring and bright, and at the same time the stench of blood filled the place, it was as though the black chaotic energy in the undercurrent region had been dyed a layer of blood.

The shocked filled disciples instantly became as pale as paper. They had never seen such a ferocious and intense sword! Furthermore, there were two!

Little Fool looked at Drunk on Saint Blood in Jing Hao’s hands, he knew that the sword was tyrannical, but he never thought that it would be able to suppress the Ocean Prison Sword, even after it had evolved. If looked carefully, one would realise that on the foreheads of the few black dragons flying around Ocean Prison Sword, there would be a faint rainbow-colored imprint, which was the Spirit Devouring Flame.

A savage sword worthy of contending with Drunk on Saint Blood!

Little Fool trained in the sword, and was naturally favoured by the swords, although the stench of blood on swords was not to his liking, but for a sword to evolve to such a level, it definitely had a glorious past.

But the characteristics of the energy inside the undercurrent region was extremely similar to the Void Dark Flames, and to the Ocean Prison Sword, it was extremely beneficial. Little Fool suddenly thought that maybe the Ocean Prison Sword could undergo its second evolution.

The Sword followed his thoughts, the few black dragons around Ocean Prison Sword opened their mouths.


The dangerous and powerful energy inside the undercurrent region surged into the dragons’ mouths, the dense black Void Dark Flames immediately strengthened, becoming gloomy, even the sword blade seemed to be completely engulfed by the flames.


Faraway, at the void of Ocean Prison, Wu Wang Hai opened his eyes, his face filled with shock.

The Ocean Prison that was beneath his body was formed by the Void Dark Flames, Boooom, a black column of flames appeared behind him and shot up. After that, another thick column of flames shot out of the void.

It was as though Ocean Prison was churning.

~My student, for you to reach this level…..~

Wu Wang Hai was at a loss.

The Ocean Prison Sword drew power from the boundless and boundless Ocean Prison, when Wu Wang Hai was bestowed as a saint, he used the Void Dark Flames of the Ocean Prison to form a sword, bestowing it with a soul, and his own spirit needed to stand guard inside the boundless Ocean Prison. He called it stand guard, but it was similar to imprisonment.

A few decades before, someone broke into the void and begged him for a trace of the Ocean Prison Sword concept.

He was a rather interesting person, so Wu Wang Hai agreed.

Wu Wang Hai knew that the person did not only beg him for the sword intent, because inside the palace that never saw the sun, many saint sword concepts were sealed. That quiet young man was an extremely good student adored by Wu Wang Hai. He also pitied the young man who carried the responsibility of an important mission. With this, he gave his all to impart and instruct the young man. The young man did not disappoint his expectations, and grew at godlike speed.

With such an outstanding student inheriting his legacy, his own imprisonment inside the Ocean Prison had worth.


He raised his head and looked at the Void Dark Flames that surged into the sky, and the Ocean Prison beneath his feet was faintly losing its ferocity.

He revealed a smile on his face.

~Your accomplishment, are you finally able to breakthrough my imprisonment inside Ocean Prison? That is great!~

~One thousand five hundred years of darkness, one thousand five hundred years of dullness and boredom, finally my successor is here.~

~I have waited too long, and am already impatient. You have limitless potential, and as your teacher, I am gratified, I am proud. This is the heartfelt joy of a teacher.~

~My student, let me help you with one last burst of strength.~

Wu Wang Hai opened up his arms, his black hair danced in the void, the Ocean Prison that was churning started to become even more fanatical. His body started to fall at great speed, like a sword, he dropped into Ocean Prison.

The berserk Ocean Prison immediately calmed down.


The Ocean Prison Sword was fanatically absorbing the black energy current, it was like a bottomless pit, greedily taking up all the energy around it. The dim flames enveloping around the sword blade became extremely dense, when suddenly, Little Fool’s eyes opened up as he stared intently at the sword tip.

The black flames quietly congealed, as though it was forming into another sword tip, but suddenly, the congealed sword tip disappeared.


~Something’s wrong!~

The congealed sword tip was still there, but it had become transparent, as transparent as air, so it was almost undetectable inside the undercurrent region’s energy.

A thread containing thoughts of blessings transmitted into him, causing Little Fool’s body to tremble, he was extremely familiar with this thread of thought. The years of him learning the sword flew past his eyes. In those dark and cold days, there were no joy, only stifling and chokingly bitter training, and the thread of thoughts was the only smear of warmth he had.

It was also why he learned the Ocean Prison Sword best.

He had never spoken to the thread of thoughts, he only quietly felt it and listened to it.

From the start, he had always thought that the thread of thought was Ocean Prison Sword’s sword concept.

Little Fool’s mouth trembled, he did not say a word, and only after a moment, did he quietly mutter: “Thank you, teacher.”

Jing Hao noticed the thin and delicately transparent Ocean Prison Sword that continued to form. Drunk on Saint blood continued to struggle, burning his palm, but he remained motionless as though he could not feel it. His eyes were fixated on the birth of the new sword inside the black flames, his eyes filled with admiration, he could clearly feel that the sword body’s will was going through a transformation. That was why Drunk on Saint Blood was jumping so much, because it could sense the appearance of a sword capable of rivalling it.

The Ocean Prison Sword that completed its evolution floated quietly in the air.

The berserk and chaotic energy flow inside the undercurrent region quickly calmed down, as though it was after a torrential storm and everything had become quiet.

The pressure on everyone relaxed, but no one had noticed it, everyone was fixated on the extremely thin and delicate Ocean Prison Sword. It was as the sword concept had congealed into essence and was protecting the undercurrent region.

Tang Tian looked at Little Fool, but did not say a word.

Ocean Prison Sword’s evolution was a huge leap in power, like giving a tiger wings. He could feel the exponential increase in strength of Little Fool, but Tang Tian was not the least bit happy. He and Little Fool’s minds were connected, and he felt the thread of thoughts, and could also feel Little Fool’s emotions.

He thought of Ghost Claw.

He shook his head, and threw away the yearnings in his mind. He subconsciously clenched his fists tightly, ~Ghost Claw, I am no longer a kid, I am already an adult, I have my mission, I have my responsibilities.~

~I will bring everyone to win!~

~Ghost Claw, I will definitely be even better than what you thought I would be!~

The young man’s heart was filled with determination as tough as steel.

Tang Tian did not make any sound and quietly left the undercurrent region, and looked towards the Estuary.

Over there, the battle had already begun.


Boom boom boom.

Attacks struck onto the stronghold’s light barrier like rain, causing it to tremble endlessly. Bu Zi Fei was secretly joyous, the opponent only had six sieging frigates, thus their offensive ability became extremely limited, if not, they would had been in trouble.

But he knew that even if there were no sieging frigates, it was only a matter of time before the stronghold was breached. Three silver grade warships and six silver grade frigates, this was an extravagant fleet that no pirates could have.

Bu Zi Fei guessed that the commander of the fleet was someone he knew.

But he quickly realised that the Precious Bright Village Regiment’s battle ability was far stronger than he had anticipated. After going through two difficult defensive battles in the Sword Forest Stronghold, their strength had improved tremendously.

It was not just their synchronization frequency written on paper, but the quality of the state of mind, Bu Zi Fei knew that these invisible factors pertaining to their battle ability were extremely important. The intense barrage of cannon fire from the enemy did not cause the soldiers to panic, but instead relaxingly ridicule and tease each other.

Master Bing had planned out an extremely shallow tactic for them, and under their surprising synchronization, the might produced was outstanding.

Bu Zi Fei acutely sensed that the Precious Bright Village Regiment proved to be a threat to the enemy. Especially their synchronization frequency, it was extremely high, which meant that if they could gather even more soldiers, they could definitely launch powerful attacks.

Realizing this point, Bu Zi Fei’s outstanding qualities as a silver grade general immediately flourished.

Firstly, he requested for 50 men to collaborate for attacks. This degree of attack would prove a threat to frigates but not for the warships. The frigates had no choice but to retreat, but the frigate’s attack range was not as powerful as warships, which also meant that their attack would lessen, and the threat on the enemy would lessen as well.

The opponent’s general was obviously unhappy, and quickly made a reaction. The three warships formed a meat shield and protected the six frigates.

Seeing that pressure was building up on the enemy, Bu Zi Fei sneered.

For the sake of allowing the frigates to be able to reach the stronghold, they had to drive the warships closer to the stronghold.

Under the intense attacks, the energy barrier of the stronghold was in danger, and the counterattacks of the stronghold started to become weaker.

“Their men should have run to maintain the energy barrier, if we maintain full force attacks, they can only last for 3 more minutes.” The adjutant reported.

“This is truly easy.” Fu Dong Ku chuckled, he was extremely relaxed. Victory was right in front of him, as long as he destroyed the energy barrier, it was practically opening the door to the stronghold.

Suddenly, a dry crack sound came out, the stronghold’s energy barrier shattered.

Fu Dong Ku’s expression froze, his face immediately changed: “Shit!”

Bu Zi Fei looked at the time, 22 minutes, but, he could not care anymore.

A look of determination flashed past his eyes, seeing that their synchronization were completed and that light auras had enveloped them, he shouted: “Get ready!”

Crack! The energy barrier shattered!


Chapter 665 – Wu Wang Hai’s Blessings